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Marketing Audit Survey Of Burger Ruler Marketing Essay

This paper; Marketing Audit Article; is designed to explore the fundamental area of the marketing planning process, which has been conducted and applied by Burger King. The marketing audit record considers both inner and external affects on marketing planning, concentrating on Burger King's marketing beliefs, marketing environment, segmentation, concentrating on and positioning in practice and marketing mixture strategies. As well as a review of their Marketing Plan itself.


This article is conducted by utilizing the available resources that can provide information about Burger King such as tv advertisements, print advertising, pr announcements, company annual record, and articles from major business periodicals. However, scheduled to certain limitation such as access to principal data such as surveys, focus group conversations and observational research, the report does not mirror the most exact representations of the market.

Corporate overview


Burger King is the name of fast-food string restaurants often abbreviated as BK, headquartered in Miami, Florida, U. S. It uses the Burger Ruler Holdings Company brand internationally, the parent company of company Burger Ruler in the U. S. Since its first restaurant opened up, in 1953 in Miami by Adam McLamore and David Edgerton, numerous others opened later predicated on variety of franchising contracts. Three investment companies; TPG Capital, Bain Capital, & Goldman Sachs Capital Companions; each owns 25% of the business, despite being a publicly exchanged company. (Wikipedia Encyclopedia, 2010).

BK declared its 12, 000'Th restaurant in Q4 of 2009. Those are in 73 countries 34% outside the U. S and only 10% are managed by BKC. To offering about 11. 4 million customers daily, the business has above 37, 000 employees.

Franchises are different to be either by region or by store fastened with special trends rights for each. "These local franchises are known a Get better at Franchises, and are in charge of starting new restaurants, licensing new third party operators, and executing standards oversight of most restaurant locations in these countries"; one key get good at franchise is Hungry Jack's, which own, operate and license more than 300 restaurants in Australia. (Wikipedia Encyclopedia, 2010)

Vision, objective and objectives


"We proudly serve the best burgers available, and also a variety of real, genuine foodsall freshly preparedjust how you want to buy" (Burger King, 2008).

As they always say "Have it your own way" the slogan that shows the company's customer focus as a result on its mission, concentrate on & its marketing plan.


"We will prepare and sell quick service food to fulfill our guest's needs more effectively, quickly, courteously, and in a cleaner environment than our challengers. We will perform all our business affairs ethically, and with the best employees on the globe. We will continue to grow profitably and responsibly, and provide a better job opportunities for each and every willing member of our company. " (Burger Ruler, 2010)

Many elements are missing in the mission statement and its effect can be further better as explained in (Site23).


The company does not have a specific written objective, however the CEO of Burger Ruler Organization once said: "Our goals are extremely clear and are aligned with this guiding ideals and overall perspective for the BURGER Ruler business. We take pride in portion our guests the best burgers and a variety of other great tasting healthy foods grilled over an open up hearth. That's what we're all about. " (Burger King Corporation, 2003)

BK aims are so much ambiguous and wide-ranging in its so this means, and missing major components of its current practices.

Industry Analysis

"Quick Service or Fast Food Restaurant is the term directed at food that may be prepared and dished up rapidly" (Wikipedia Encyclopedia, 2008). The consumer expenditure on junk food jumped from US$6 billion in 1970 to $102. 4 billion in 2000 & in the United States alone. Junk food restaurants sales augmented 4. 8% in 2006 above 2005 to access $142 billion in the U. S while $173 billion has been produced in the full-service restaurant section. A growth of 40% has been in the fast-food industry in a few countries like India. Allocated in 130 countries, North american fast food chains are the leading fast food industry in the world. (Wikipedia Encyclopedia, 2008)

As for Burger Ruler which; in its 2010 Q2 financial article; it provided some factual statements about the last quarter's performance: (QSR) traffic in the U. S. dropped 3. 0 % in Q3 2009, Sales were - 2. 0 % in comparison to + 2. 9 % in the same period this past year, Restaurant margin increased to 13. 8 % from 13. 6 % in the same period this past year, Earnings per show were $0. 37 likened $0. 33 in the same period this past year; up 12 %, Revenues for Q2 of fiscal 2010 were up 2 % at $645. 4 million, in comparison to $634. 1 million in the same 1 / 4 last year, Profits were aided by a worldwide net restaurant progress rate of 2. 7 %. (Burger King, 2010)

To appeal to consumers, fast-food restaurants try to set up a clear and unique image of their brand. For instance, KFC is the expert in American-style rooster, and McDonald's assists the American hamburger. In contrast, Burger King's has difficulty of its insufficient an obvious differentiated image that will be the best burger!

Looking forwards, the industry competition soon won't be about the variety of company's products, price, or swiftness. Additionally it is about the quality of the products and the service is been offered, which eventually results into do it again customers.




Operating Income

Operating Margin

Burger King

11, 565

$2. 5 B

$354 M

14. 42%


31, 967

$23. 5 B

$6. 4 B

27. 39%


6, 338

$1. 8 B

$(410) M

(22. 5)%

Yum! Brands

36, 000

$11. 3 B

$1. 5 B

13. 45%Competitors Analysis

Figure 1 demonstrate how BK dropped next being among the most visited brands monthly in 2008Burger Ruler has always retarded after its major competition McDonald's. BK strives to have the best burger and fries on the planet. McDonald's focuses on the worthiness of its food, nutritive value and overall flexibility in its menus, the same concern are for BK especially in its Flame-grilled burgers, like the signature burger Whopper, which is its area of expertise. However, people choose McDonald over BK because of a "more appealing and promising" notion. Whereas there is nothing at all incorrect with the flavour of BK's products, the rundown appearance of its food is a sober flaw BK must put right. As how Eric Schlosser sets it, "between a dazzling and dull-colored food that flavor similarly, the shiny will usually look tastier".

While Burger King Employees are always friendly, joyful, positive and well-mannered with clients and others at work, McDonald's is known for its inviting service, as well as the value & esteem to its employees. Both companies noticed the value of offering customers in the best way to secure them "to return". (Ivythesis. com, 2009)

To maintain sanitation fast-food chains have put certain requirements. Inside a press convention, Burger Ruler CEO has said "that they are to close their restaurants if indeed they disobey the insurance plan of providing high standard service, food protection and sanitation". In an assessment of fast-food chains in the U. S, McDonald's ranked 9th, whereas Burger King positioned 1st in being the dirtiest. All fast-food restaurants have to put into practice stringent guidelines and policies to promote cleanliness, especially for BK, if it certainly needs to be the first before McDonald. (Ivythesis. com, 2009)

Similarly BK is facing further indirect problem with other fast food chains like the Yum! Brands (Pizza Hut, Taco Bell and KFC). Plus the competition of other restaurants and food retail stores. (Ivythesis. com, 2009).


Heavily concentrated in america: about 65% of operations.

Not enough corporately owned stores signify it relies heavily on franchisees to implement its brand promise.


Changing consumer habits towards better food selections.

Away-from home ingestion declines in the US due to tougher consumer environment.

Intense competition from McDonald's, other restaurants and even merchants.

Increasing labor costs adding pressure on important thing margins.


Second largest fast food hamburger restaurant (FFHR) on the planet.

Strong brand collateral.

Growth model not capital extensive: 90% of its restaurants are possessed by franchisees.

Strong financial performance.


New product development, specifically around breakfast.

Keep building its brand through advertisement campaign, such as the Whopper Virgin's Expansion into emerging market segments.

SWOT Analysis

Marketing Approach

Marketing Philosophy

BKC say: "There's a very important factor we know for certain: If you are not something to somebody, you will be little or nothing to everybody". (Burger King Corporation, 2007) That's why BKC main attention is to create a brand experience somewhat than just focusing on it products, by speaking out through different stations to assure that the brand vision and image is noticeable to all of its stakeholders.

Burger King placed its marketing research after evidently characterizing the needs of its customers. Following its online marketing strategy, it must constantly change, upgrade and change its creation lines and service to match demand, thus it will bring success and growth to the business.

Marketing Strategies & Planning

Objectives :

BKC goals are created from the company vision and objective statement, where the company long-term, medium-term and short-term targets would be drawn, whereas the standard corporate-level aims is the company value and the pace of go back on shareholders' ventures.

BKC ultimate aims are to capture market show, acquiring then keeping those customers, which eventually translates into sales. Whether Burger Ruler aims to task McDonald's to eventually record the lead position on the market or maybe increase its talk about in the local or global market that might be only the beginning of the target development for the business.

Strategies development :

As regards tactical development, Burger Ruler is crafting its strategy predicated on the opportunities in the market. One way to spot these opportunities is by doing an industry research, and looking at the neglected sections of the market. Where McDonald's hasn't dominated yet, Burger Ruler chooses to capture it to be able to enlarge its customer platform without having to incur costs from head-to-head battle with McDonald's. Thus, BKC has established first its most important and secondary target market.

By determining the demographics and psychographics of both its primary and extra market, BKC grasped of what they want that they can subsequently provide. By knowing precisely what aspects impact a consumer to buy in its company, it focuses on those aspects and contains them in the Burger Ruler brand.

Tactical planning:

Considered as a very essential stage in which BK strategies are impressed on its products lines, costs and location; to mention a few. Furthermore it is to formulate its required communication work to talk the brand image and the with what channels, after deciding the prospective percentage of retained customers versus acquiring a new ones.


Burger Ruler implements the required strategies and practices including its employees and other stakeholders within its market to whom the concept will be communicated. The business needs the co-operation of the employees to carry with them what the company stands for in regards to the brand because they are shown by their connection with customers. Putting into action new strategies include change management and other employees in partnership with the human resource function of the business, which is essential in order for Burger Ruler to make its employees adopt the new position quo.


Because goals are place by quantifying them, Burger King monitor the performance of the company's marketing efforts if the goal is being achieved by the strategy that is employed. BK agility controls its people for whom the power and responsibility is given over certain responsibilities, in order to be sure they match the company objective, appropriately the company will either pay back them for their good job or continue to inspire them, or make sure they are accountable for some shortcomings.


Justification is very important to Burger King to make correct decisions over its investment. The marketing plan is not the sole financial commitment BKC is making, and to be able to convince other people that the project is worthwhile, and it'll contribute to the company's long-term targets, justification is important.

Marketing Channels

The company's included marketing communication has been extreme through different channels over the years, under their "Have it your own way" slogan. The business's ads emphasize independence of preference.

In a television advertisement entitled 'Are you man enough?' that was made to connect to men, the product emphasizes the calorie consumption that the merchandise has and linking it to manliness, as men are recognized to be more patronizing of more indulgent food as they burn off it through their lively lifestyles.

Figure 2 Face E book as one test of the non-traditional marketing channels utilized by Burger KingThe company depends on non-traditional media for its marketing communications such as the internet through viral marketing. The business has utilized sponsorship of some superstars, incidents and scholarships, as well as product placement on videos.

Supply Chain

Delivering quick dishes at realistic prices within an ever-changing marketplace is not a small billing, especially as chains prep against soaring fuel prices, product quality concerns, and healthy mandates.

"As a worldwide brand Burger King Corporation is focused on preserving a diverse profile of suppliers, " said Cirabel Lardizabal Olson, director, diversity and multicultural relations in BKC. (Burger Ruler Corporation, 2010)

Clipper Firm as an integral provider of the U. S. major hospitality company, including Burger King Corporation, began by supplying hats and visors to the revamped company's standard, then expanded to further include items, such as knit and woven tops, supervisor ties, scarves, plastic gloves as well as regular and personalized plastic and material small-wares as part of BKC promotional promotions. (buyer. com, 2010)

Restaurant Services, Inc. (RSI), "as the exclusive purchasing agent for the vast majority of products and services used by BK restaurants, RSI works tightly with restaurant owners, Burger Ruler Organization, food and product packaging suppliers, marketing companies, equipment vendors, marketers, and information systems providers to streamline and improve the supply-chain efficiency of the system, ensuring a continuous and reliable way to obtain products and services to restaurants at the best cost with founded performance standards". (buyer. com, 2010)

Burger King Corporation and RSI look for suppliers who match BKC view thus they have to be ( Produce high quality goods and services, Sell their products at the best sensible cost, Deliver their goods on time, every time, are appropriately professional as minority, girl, or LGBT-owned businesses). (trader. com, 2010)

Integrated Marketing

Marketing Mix

Burger Ruler; the "OWN IT YOUR WAY" brand guarantee; assures that offering choice is what its restaurants are certain of and therefore they give you a fusion of 11 global items and a great many other locals.

Inasmuch Koftegen is dished up in Turkey, whereas Korean guests have Shrimp Burgers. Similarly BK built-up its own pipeline in the U. S. In addition, it added items at both breakfast and lunch like CHEESY TOTS and effective trimmings like Mocha BK JOE, which will be for the tasteful SuperFans who would like a sweeter, conventional taste, rather than the coffee aficionado. (Wikipedia Encyclopedia, 2010)


Burger Ruler offers a number of product, listed below are on its menu: Whopper sandwiches, other fire-grilled burgers, slim and greens, hen and fish, breakfast, treats, sides and drinks, kid's meal. BK's product line is principally comprised by its personal burger which is made of authentic beef and ingredients. Over the years, the business has progressed and included healthier options and alternative to beef such as fowl and seafood, as well as lean and renewable products such as salads. Recently, the company in addition has offered kids meals.

From all these we can imply how BK selection of products is part of their market satisfaction.


Burger Ruler positions itself at reduced over its most significant competitor, McDonald's by charging a higher price on its products. Matching for some customer reviews, some other clients perceive Burger Ruler as more costly than its competition McDonald's, which eventually another task BK brand must overcome.


Burger King utilizes the distribution strategy that is most common for the fast food-the most frequented locations. Among its requirements include, as indicated in its "Optimal BURGER KING site characteristics: 20, 000 - 40, 000 square legs; corner or nook cover location; high traffic matters on two major avenues; excellent awareness for signage and building; convenience of 1, 900-4, 000 rectangular ft. building; space for car parking and drive-through that meets all applicable code (Bk. com, 2008). "

Much more health care should be considered in choosing a restaurant location like the neighborhood profession, walkability, service gain access to disturbance of a nearby.


Every company seek to best serve its customers needs, thus BK make a decision its marketing companions to supplicate different customers/market sections, hence BK launched with Microsoft three XBOX sporting game titles, action and trip with the King; in the same way a NASCAR sponsorship had taken advantage of one of the very most popular activities in the U. S. (Burger King Firm, 2007).

BK created a Web site called simpsonizeme. com as part of sponsorship for The Simpsons Movie. Which; in one moth only; documented half of a million hit and modified 25 million of digital photographs into Simpsonized versions of the consumers themselves.

The secret, unconventional and, some say, relatively scary King is still the heart and soul of BK brand. The King has re-mystified the brand. A pop-culture icon whose creepiness makes him cool, he's acquired people talking all over from YouTube to late-night Tv set. (Burger King Corporation, 2007).

BK diverse mass media approaches and means of communication with their customers


Children BK has a menu that specifically focuses on children "THE YOUNGSTERS Club Meals". Within the UNITED STATES market its children's menu is divided into three sections: "Toddler", "Kids" and "Tween". The sole difference between the first two groupings is the prize offering.

Adult To charm to the adult market, BK offers several sandwiches and other products made out of higher quality elements such as whole-breast fowl fillets, Angus meat, and other "superior" elements. Products including the BK Veggie, a meatless burger initially released in 2002, target the female plus more health focused demographic. While another sub-market in this group is on-the-go parents and commuters; the company's "Chicken Fries" is specifically geared to this section.

The "SuperFans" The SuperFans is a demographic group which includes people that are 18 to 49 yrs. old, mainly male, visits an easy food restaurant five times a month and eats fast food 16 times a month.

Analysts have explained that by centering its advertising programs towards men has alienated women, children and other customers. To greatly help counter the recognized male bias, the company is adding newer calorie-conscious "Positive Steps" combo foods that'll be advertised in woman oriented media and a continuing mix promotional tie-in with the female-oriented Twilight film series.


"Over the course of a month, one Burger King in the USA produces 34227 sandwiches. This implies, that for an average hour, Burger King produces 198 sandwiches per hour during normal time!!!" (Wikipedia Encyclopedia, 2010)

Focusing on procedure excellence never to satisfy customer needs and expectation only but to considerably go over them is BKC ultimate goal that Burger King Restaurant worldwide basics are:

Figure 3 illustrate the procedure been accompanied by Burger King Employees to attain the operation excellence in food deliveryTeach & Instructor is to guarantee a trained employees deliver a better guest experience, that happen to be also willing to stay and develop.

Clean & Safe is a committed action by BKC to teach their employees on best cleaning procedures, and efficient safe practices methods designed to drive operational trustworthiness.

Hot & Fresh is to technologically assist BK restaurants improving its food quality and consistency and move forward to new levels of superiority, like the Kitchen Minder; an robotic product management system; which displays BKC commitment for technology as well. (Burger Ruler Corporation, 2008)

Friendly & Fast: because of its inviting, quick and correct delivery, BK obtained the best on Guest Trac SM ratings.

Cost & Adjustments is just how BK Restaurants' the manager get recommendations, based on stored data, on how to arrange their employees causes and their logistics on daily bases. Managers thus have the ability to alter on the operation matching to different factors like building type, location or even the environment.

The correct, resilient, and superior operation management of BK is an integral with their success recognized by technical advancement, continuous PEST research, and demanding quality control steps.

Physical Evidence

Where is the service being supplied? Physical Data is the factor of the service that allows the consumer again to make judgments on the business. If you walk into a Burger Ruler restaurant you can view the cleanness, environment-friendly, and inviting staff are a simple elements of Burger King Restaurants' experience. Thus BKC always adapt its perceptual intend to match the consumers' belief of Burger King Brand with BKC vision and aims.

Marketing Environment

Micro Environment

The inner environment:

The organizational structure of BKC largely dictates the potency of the business in its management systems. It offers an impetus for work coordination efficiency. Herein, the organizational celebrities and functions are inserted in a larger organizational system with original structural descriptions which eventually recognize most junk food companies. All work together toward achieving the corporate quest and goals.

The exterior environment:

BKC monitor its suppliers, marketing intermediaries, customers, rivals and publics, as well as clear categories such as shareholders by sustaining stations of communication to use effectively, improve its value, go over its competitors offering and assess its customer's satisfaction.

Macro Environment


The international functions of Burger Ruler are highly affected by the average person express and country plans enforced by each federal government. For instance, there are specific groups in European countries and america that clamour for talk about actions regarding the health implications of eating junk food. They have mentioned that dangerous elements like cholesterol and adverse effects like obesity are attributable to consuming junk food products.


Organisations in the junk food industry are not excused from any disputes and troubles. Specifically, they actually have their specific concerns involving economical factors. Branches and franchises of BK experience hardship in occasions where the current economic climate of the individual express or country is hit by inflation or a downturn. The clients consequently are faced with a stalemate of exceeding their individual costs whether or not they should consume more on these international junk food chains. In regarding the operations of the business, food chains like Burger Ruler tend to import much of their raw materials into a particular territory if there is a dearth of source. Exchange rate fluctuations will also play a significant role in the operations of the company.


The company's key tool for marketing is through television advertisements. You will discover similarly some claims that Burger Ruler is inclined to interest the younger populations more. The life of play areas as well as gadgets in meals made available from the company shows this actuality. Other demonstration of such a marketing strategy is apparent in the commercials of they use. They make use of animated depictions of these characters or/and utilize popular celebrities to promote their products.

Moreover, the operations of Burger Ruler have significantly been infused with new technology. Elements like the inventory system and the management of the worthiness chain of the business permits easy payments because of their suppliers and other sellers which the individual stores in respected markets package with.


The social duties of Burger King are important to the businesses of the business. These entail accusations of environmental destruction. Among why they are billed with such claims is the hire of non-biodegradable chemicals for their beverages glasses and Styrofoam coffers for the foodstuffs. Several civic organizations in Hong Kong have made activities to make the Burger Ruler franchises in Hong Kong aware of the rather copious use of Styrofoam containers and the resultant abuse of the surroundings. further suggested that in 1995, Burger Ruler Hong Kong went on the Styrofoam used by both Australia and the United States combined.


"Throughout the world, consumers want it their way". (Burger King Corporation, 2008)

Throughout the earth customers seek cool features and individuals of something; hence the guests' require a quick and ease of service in North America, Europe guests enjoy the time with a sophisticated & valuable product in a lovely restaurant. While in Latin America, restaurants are for get-togethers and sociable activities gathering many people in an enormous enclosed room. Likewise, in Asia, the spot culture formulates the menu items.

Taking under consideration the vast enlargement of BK during the last decade, BKC have been doing wonderfully in adopting their products & service to complement with the different interpersonal & cultural aspects trying always to comprehend people needs and concerns by using the concepts of consumer behavior product personality and purchasing decisions to its edge.


The demographical variations force BK and other Fast-Food restaurants to adopt their market offering and service delivery to suite the expectation of each market.

While BKC withstand to have a franchised business which supply the same degree of service and uniformity at every location, their thought process locally and react globally offers them the advantage of field groups who understand the neighborhood perspective, while ramping up their worldwide change toward standardized functional platforms, keeping the assurance of "HAVE IT YOUR WAY" brand. (Burger King Corporation, 2007).


There has been the recurrent bellowing in opposition to the junk food industry. This has in the same way made Burger King apply a far more careful consideration on its commercial social responsibilities. The business has provided their customers the relevant data that they need with reference to the nutritional substances with their products. This is to wait to the quarrels of obesity costed against the merchandise of the business. In the same way, the consumers provided flexibility in choosing whether or not they want to acquire their meals.

Customer Relationship Marketing

CRM has been a revolution not every industry has been influenced by. Fast-food industry is a seamless example. With an extended and effective background of brand understanding advertising it's easy to understand its reluctance. As well as the difficult data capturing, as the emphasis on swiftness of service, means opportunities to assemble information are limited.

Burger King, however, is clear about its CRM intentions. Last spring and coil, it announced strategies to create its first complete data source of UK consumers by taking details such as age, gender, address and e-mail from its website, www. burgerking. co. uk.

Although the business had always ruled out direct marketing as being very costly and exclusive because of its large market audience, this responses was a first step to the development of an online CRM strategy. The website offers e-mail postcards to remind its users of BK quickly before meal.

Another good exemplory case of BK CRM applications is confirmed by its calling centers, where each contact number is allocated with a customer or group of users for whom a profile is created to add the client address, contact number and last time order (tastes).

Despite the actual fact that BK excels in its service and delivery process, it has also to work on its visitors to orient them in to the organization's customer marriage culture and define key communication skills, while emphasizing on effective the service delivery processes, or well-trained the service deliverers.

BKC many initiatives to further develop its CRM is not yet enough to first raise its customer retention rate, and then to acquire a few of its competitor's customers (Site23).

Social Responsibility Marketing

BKC initiated The Positive Steps on 2009 a forward-looking claims which includes their:

Commitment to PEOPLE

BKC emphasize of its support and investment to Burger Ruler widespread category of employees, franchisees, suppliers, and more than 11million restaurant friends, ensuring that BK is making an optimistic influence in it. (Burger King Organization, 2009)

Commitment to FOOD

Over the last amount of 50 years and till now BKC is constantly on the fascinate its customers with affordable, amazing tasting and high quality food. (Burger Ruler Corporation, 2009)

Commitment to Corporate Governance

BKC simple philosophy of "integrity, genuine, and conformity with regulations" has been clearly demonstrated in its complete corporate governance and compliance program. Where BKC demonstrate how it will work hand in hand to contribute to "prosperity and interpersonal responsibility". (Burger King Corporation, 2009)

Commitment to the environment

BKC talk about people around the world their interest in the future or our planet and safety measures and action by which we have to protect our natural resources especially the endangered ones, having said that, BKC claims to reduce its carbon foot print while serving an affordable great testing food. (Burger Ruler Corporation, 2009)

BKC Positive Steps and their strategies in the regions of childhood diet, the intention to continue to aid minority- and women-owned suppliers, and the objective to keep their work and relationships with certain coalitions and organizations on a number of philanthropicetc, all need to be a global concentrate on whereas its current communication and implementation curbed to certain parts of the planet like the U. S. & Canada, BKC must consider to boost the effectiveness and need for such stride, by world-wide application. Which will be a great gain to the brand image and folks conception of BKC brand.



BK works in many countries and cites through which it changes its marketing strategies and approaches, therefore it defines every marketplace by region, country or even a city in line with the diversity of customers and their needs for the reason that specific location, doing so BK shape different local profiles including its marketing channels, marketing combinationetc, keeping close relation and maximum knowledge of its customers.


Among the variety of demographical factors, it's clear that BK targets: gender, get older, and race, to design its products and market offering, which eventually is having a poor effect on its potential markets.

BK must understand the importance of most other important demographical factors which have to be reflected on its marketing elements.


Figure 4 shows different fast-food mental health segmentsPeople value brands and products by different life styles, personal ideals and traits. As an easy food brand, BK must consider the psychographic sets of its market, and extensively analysis them before it can target any segment which really is a major weakness of several fast-food brands.

Targeting - Consumer's heart

Children: BK has, as all other fast-food brands, a menu that distinctively focuses on children. In the UNITED STATES market its children's menu is split into 3 sections: "Toddler", "Kids" and "Tween" in addition to a special advertising program called "The Kids Club Meal". Really the only difference between your first two categories is the award offering. Although BK children's' dishes varied in content and its own offering, they didn't do well globally, especially of the health concerns of the parents.

Adults: a further challenging section, which calls for much valuable foods to be appealed. Therefore BK has submit an increased quality substances products' like "whole-breast chicken breast fillets, Angus meat, and other premium ingredients". Feminine focused products were initiated in 2002 with a BK Veggie, a meatless burger, which is considered for more healthy people as well. In the same way "On-the-go Parents and commuters" have been targeted by; the company's "Chicken Fries".

The "SuperFans": The frequently people to BK restaurant are 18 to 49 years old; mostly man; are called The SuperFans, those used to have fast food 16 times per month.

This lead to a focus on guy, which estranged women, children and other customers, thus The "Positive Steps" a calorie-conscious combo foods, become mainly for feminine, travelled parallel with an ongoing cross promotional tie-in with the female-oriented Twilight film series.

Positioning-Strategic Canvas

Figure 5 shows the fast food market sharesAccording to find 6Figure 6Figure 2Error: Guide source not found, most people eat at McDonald's, accompanied by a Wendy's with a huge difference, and then Burger Ruler behind.

Figure 6 shows the junk food industry Market Shares'Burger Ruler stands on the top only once it involves burger, so that Burger Ruler has the best, followed soon by Wendy's, departing McDonald's burger far behind. On the other hand, about which among the three possess the best fries, contributes to having McDonald's leading a lot much beyond Burger Ruler, with Wendy's shortly behind.

Whereas for the best service and facilities McDonald's scores the highest, accompanied by Wendy's shortly, leaving Burger King very far in back of.

As for variety, Wendy's business lead the battle, followed by McDonald's, and followed by Burger Ruler.

The best communications belong to McDonald's, leaving Burger King and Wendy's way behind.

The numbers show where Burger Ruler excels, and where it is fragile. The good tips for Burger Ruler is the style of its burgers-that is where it excels as in line with the review. Its weaknesses rest in its facilities and customer service, variety and its communications campaigns. These could be areas to improve on.

Materials and Method

The marketing data of the Burger Ruler is followed through research with the mostly secondary data, and some primary data to be able to gather facts and offer for the research. However, anticipated to restrictions such as access to hard market data through formal quantitative and qualitative studies, the analysis might not exactly be the most exact representation of the marketplace.

Results of Image Surveys and Customer Satisfaction Surveys.




First of all, Burger Ruler must check their strategies first if it is supportive of its aims before it can opt to change. As clear in the inability of many ad campaigns during the previous years, the business's failure to establish a clear brand construction to communicate with their marketplace is tracked by their less tactical approach to marketing. Furthermore, the inconsistencies between your franchisers widen the distance and make it a whole lot worse in some neglected locations.

Reflections and recommendations

The Company Objective & goals:

Although The company mission assertion emphases on the company goals, long-term view, their core ideals, and the continuous growth for his or her stake holders has to clarify BK central competition when it comes to its products, and it must go through the obstacle to make it as brief as to be memorable.

As has been talked about in the business objectives, its concentrate points are just on the best burger, healthy food choices and the alignment with their worth and eye-sight, while other goals (like Sociable responsibility, environmental friendlyetc) would have enhanced their target.

Growth & Enlargement:

Analyzing the company distribution through the globe will show a great growing potential market segments are yet to be found out by BK like (Pakistan and other Parts of asia, some of the EU countriesetc) where they can get a higher margin by avoid battling face to face with its absent challengers'.

Marketing Mix:

Product: BK should provide some more options to be able to facilitate development by changing the mixture of the elements in the marketing mix, and produce a competitive advantage designed to its chosen target market and target more on breakfast dishes and other healthier food options.

Price: Regardless of the entire successful marketing blend applied by BK it has to work on the high rates notion by customers, place selection conditions especially in residential areas.

Marketing Channels & Communication:

Using different non-traditional marketing stations, the company must make its attempts integrated by causing all the brand messages that the business delivers whether through the internet, television ad, or press releases under one major brand message, that your brand is about. If it's "Have your own way, " as it has been its slogan for years, then the rest of the brand text messages will revolve around there, which will make the message stickier for customers to keep in mind and relate to the Burger King brand.

BK marketing campaigns need to be more careful never to alienate certain band of customers by extremely concentrate on others like (men vs. women, Men and women vs. childrenetc.

Since BKC must face the possible eventual confrontation with general public opinions, it must work directly with an area legal consultant to deal with the legal conflicts in each individual markets which the company may face that could iron out certain creases on the operations before having to confront them.

Segmenting, Targeting & placement:

Analyzing the company positioning map, and despite of the business strenuous undertaking of improving its businesses and marketing promotions, adequate room of improvement can be found to emulate its competitors like its (variety of products, service and facilities), having said that it offers sustain its position having the best Burger on earth.

The company shall communicate its efforts in operation excellence, social responsibility dedication and the business philanthropy, using their customers globally; in any other case its current limited work to certain market segments, like the U. S, Canada, won't introduce the business's easy opportunities in other important market segments.

Although some initiatives have been imparted for creativity and creativity nothing at all much have been achieved, other than "your kitchen minder" lately.

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