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Marketing ARRANGE FOR Colgate Sensitive Pro Relief

Colgate-Palmolive Company can be an American diversifies Multinational Company which is founded in yr 1806. The business targets the production, syndication and provision of home, healthcare and personal products, such as oral hygiene products, soaps and detergents. However, in this assignment, we will be focused about how is the consumer behavior toward one of its products, Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief toothpaste.

Based on the Colgate Malaysia Omnibus Analysis, 14 per cent of Malaysians are having tooth sensitivity problem which is affecting up to 57 per cent of dental patients worldwide, and they are Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief marketplace. Tooth sensitivity have an effect on patients' daily lives especially on the choices of food whereby they cannot take cold, hot, sour and great food as well as beverages.

In order to alleviate teeth pain, Colgate, the leading and respected brand for dental care introduces Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief, it is the first and the only real toothpaste that is clinically-proven to deliver instant and lasting sensitivity alleviation. Regular brushing with this toothpaste builds a long-lasting defensive barrier that serves like a seal against sensitivity.


In order to alleviate teeth pain, Colgate, the leading and trusted brand for dental hygiene introduces Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief, using its Pro-Argin Technology, it is the first and the one toothpaste that is clinically-proven to provide instant and long lasting sensitivity pain relief. Regular brushing with this toothpaste builds a long-lasting defensive barrier that works like a seal against sensitivity.


In Malaysia, Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief are available easily in the market such as food markets, supermarkets, hypermarket, convenient stores and pharmacies. These places are high traffic and folks normally go to the people places to buy their household, health care and personal products.


The price for Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief in Guardian Pharmacy at Centre Point, Bandar Utama is RM12. 80. It is slightly more costly than the other Colgate toothpastes as it includes specific function that to give lasting relief for individuals who is having sensitive teeth.


Colgate do ad is television, journals and newspaper to grab customers' attention. Colgate normally provides 50g toothpaste samples to let visitors to have a try on their products. Besides that, price discount rates are given using shops when they are doing campaign.

Consumer Decision Process

There are six stages showing how consumers make decision for goods and services:

Need Recognition

Search for information

Pre-purchase analysis of alternatives



Post utilization evaluation

Need recognition

After consumers recognise their needs and requirements, they'll buy a product that they believe that has the capacity to solve their issues that they may be facing. Marketers got to know consumers' need to be able to turn out with answers to overcome the issues. Manufacturers and stores on the other side must keep an eye on changes in consumer fads as it brings about new marketing opportunities. For example, Mary is experiencing toothache when she actually is eating ice cream. Hence, she needs something to solve her tooth sensitivity problem.

Search for information

Once need is identified, consumers search for information to meet their need. You will find two types of information searching: inside and exterior. Internal information search is where consumers use their stored information after the merchandise while external information search is where the information is gathered from other people. Hence, marketers must provide sufficient information about the products so that consumers can get and understand the information easily. Negative information about the merchandise should be avoided as consumer will not to choose the products although they never try the product before. Mary has discovered that her sensitive tooth can actually be alleviated by using teeth sensitive toothpaste. From there, Mary runs online search information about the sensitive toothpastes.

Pre-purchase evaluation of alternatives

After the info search process, consumers assess for alternatives, make assessment and choose which product and brand are the best. Consumer choice may be damaged by the product amount, size, quality and price. Marketers must definitely provide the best deal to the consumers so that they will be attracted to choose the product.

Besides Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief, there are other brands of sensitive toothpastes available for sale such as Sensodyne Super fast Alleviation, Oral-B Sensitive, Darlie Sensitive, etc. However, almost all of the sensitive toothpastes only work by numbing toothache at the stopping of the nerves which do not provide long lasting effect while Colgate Pro-Relief toothpaste which has been its copyrighted Pro-Argin solution, it aims to offer instant relief to people who have problems with teeth sensitivity. The technology works by plugging dentine tubules that actually lead to sensitive tooth nerves as well as blocking the transmission of heat, cold, air and pressure that stimulate pain receptors within teeth.

The table below shows the multi-attribute model for various brands sensitive toothpastes:

Multi-attribute Model for Various Brands Toothpastes

The table implies that Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief gives the highest attribute, follow by Sensodyne, Oral-B and Darlie sensitive toothpastes.

Perceptual Mapping

The perceptual mapping implies that the way the marketers position their products and the notion of consumers toward the features of the merchandise. Perceptual mapping above shows the various brands sensitive toothpastes.


After consumers make their decision, they'll go to stores to consider the merchandise. First, consumers will choose one shop over another founded the conditions of the store, for example, sanitation of the store, consumer traffic within the store, etc. Hence, merchants must provide the best attributes and image of their stores. After that, in-store alternatives may be affected by salespersons, product shows and electronic marketing.

With more than half of purchase decisions now being made in the store, Colgate's online marketing strategy is to convert shoppers into clients in the store. Colgate Pro-Relief toothpastes can easily be within the market such as grocery stores, supermarkets, pharmacies and it may also be purchased online too.

Mary chooses to buy it in pharmacy as she can check with the pharmacist there for better understanding of the toothpaste. Besides that, sometimes there may be Colgate salesperson in the pharmacy who does demonstration how Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief provides instant relief for individuals having sensitive teeth problem.


After the product is purchased, consumer will use it. Mary bought Colgate Pro-Relief and used it for 14 days.

Post usage evaluation

In this stage, the satisfaction after using the product will determine whether the consumers will repurchase the product or brand in the future. After two weeks, Mary feels painless when she eats snow cream and she is very satisfied with Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief. Besides that, she also introduces Colgate Pro-Relief to her friend, Anne, who is also having tooth sensitive problem.

Psychological core


Perception involved three stages that happen to be visibility, attention and interpretation.


Exposure is created when customers start to see the advertisements either when they are observing television or flipping through the newspaper. However, customers often have a tendency to ignore the advertising campaign. Hence, Colgate marketers should make the advertisement more interesting in order to seize customer's attention.


The picture above is one of the Colgate Sensitive Pro Relief advertisements which is situated in television set commercial in Malaysia. The clip is span is 1. 01 minutes long which is gotten from YouTube with the name of "III Cant't Consider It!". The images is minimize out from the clip. First, the dental practitioner hands over one glass of normal water full with ice to customers and have them to have a sip. The customers feel toothache and soreness after they sip the freezing cold water. At the second image, the dental office asks the clients to have a try of Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief by rubbing the toothpaste on the sensitive pearly whites. The dentist clarifies to the customers that with one software of Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief in one minute for instant comfort in the fourth image. Following the request, in the fifth image, the dental professional hands over another cup of freezing cold water to the clients and ask these to have another sip. Another image implies that the customers are happy that they can drink the freezing cool water easily as the always required and they do not feel tooth pain any longer. Within the seventh and eighth image, the dental practitioners explain what causes sensitive teeth and how Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief uses its Pro-Argin technology to give instant alleviation, and with daily brushing, customers will get lasting comfort. Image 9 shows the look and packaging of Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief and image 10 demonstrates Colgate is the main brand suggested by dental practitioners.


After the visibility, Mary who is experiencing sensitive teeth problem will be aware of this ad and she gets a lot of product information from the advert.


This stage is where in fact the understanding of the buyer toward the advert and how they behave toward it. Marketers must make the announcements that they want to deliver to the consumers to be cleared and easy to be understood. Mary is enthusiastic about Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief and made a decision to have a try on the product as she feels that the advert holds true and the product can helps her to alleviate her sensitive teeth problem.


Under short-term ram, there are elaborative activities and maintenance rehearsal. Elaborative activities are previously stored encounters and beliefs. It's approved by the North american Dental Relationship that experts recommend Colgate more regularly than another toothpaste. Hence, customers' belief that Colgate is everyone's trusted brand. Maintenance rehearsal is the constant repetition of the same information and transform into long-term storage. Every once in awhile, Colgate is doing the same advert which is with the dentists recommend their patients to use Colgate to protect their pearly whites. In consumers' mind set, they will automatically belief that Colgate's toothpaste is the foremost among the rest of the brands, same would go to Colgate delicate toothpaste.

Colgate normally gives out small product test to kids to remind them to consider good care with their teeth after eating candies. However, marketers believe that it is inadequate to give the meaning to the consumers by using this way. Hence, instead product sample, marketers give out snow cream and cotton candy to children. The sticks that holding the snow cream and cotton candy are actually carry a hidden meaning. Once consumers finish off eating, the subject matter printed on the end of the stick shaped such as a toothbrush shows "Don't Forget" with the Colgate logo. This simple concept effectively reminded consumers to brush their pearly whites.


Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs

Toothpaste is truly a physiological need for consumers as it keep daily freshness and hygiene of oral. Besides that, toothpaste may also be placed in safety level, where consumers do not have the confidence if indeed they do not brush their pearly whites and they have a tendency to close their mouth area when speaking with somebody else as they scare your partner can smell their bad breath. Follow by love and owed level, toothpaste is also important for consumers to socialise with people without bad breath and consume food and refreshments that they love using their friends without being concerned that they can get toothache.

McGuire's Psychological Motives

Colgate uses dependence on self-expression. Colgate is different from others as its dental care products are corporate with the dentists and having dentists as their ambassadors for their adverts. So, it is an expertise's recommended brand which is different from other brands' toothpaste. And its own slogan is Colgate is the number brand recommended by dentists.

Need for cues can be used too. To make customers assume that Colgate is dentists' choice and will continually be their number 1 choice too when comes to toothpastes.

Colgate uses dependence on consistency, where there will always be a dental practitioner in its adverts to make the customers believe that Colgate is actually a dependable brand that is preferred by expertises where Colgate toothpastes can reduce plaque for healthy easy and clean pearly whites. Besides that, Colgate always uses red and white colors because of its brand logo where people will think of Colgate when they start to see the both colors. For Colgate Private Pro-Relief advertising, there will always have one glass of water that with ices cubes that actually remind the customers who are experiencing sensitive teeth problem how their tooth hurts when they drink very cold water. The advertisement emphasizes on the toothpaste provides instant sensitivity comfort.

Need to attribute causation can be used. From the advertising campaign, customers know that drinking alcohol ice water will lead to tooth pain if they're having sensitive tooth. To alleviate their teeth sensitivity problem, by using Colgate Private Pro-Relief will give them lasting alleviation plus they can drink glaciers water openly.

Colgate uses need to categorize. The price for Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief is defined at RM12. 80 to avoid being grouped at RM13. 00.


Learning occurs when a person has truly gone through some changes in life scheduled to experiences. For instance, Mary has been using Toothpaste X before this, she is unhappy with the product and she will not buy the same product again in the future. Mary feels of using Colgate Private Pro-Relief, if the toothpaste can provide her lasting relief with regular brushing, she will never change to other brand any further.

Colgate Private Pro-Relief is considered as a high involvement product as not everyone uses delicate toothpaste and people tends to buy common toothpaste as the feel that every one of the toothpastes will be the same and they are in cheaper prices.


Attitude involves three components: cognitive, affective and behavioural. The three components affect one another and then respond toward an object.

Cognitive Component

Affective Component

Behavioral Component

Cognitive Component

It is one's perception toward an object. Marketers must make consumers believes that the products can help them in their daily life. There is always a dental professional in Colgate toothpaste adverts, consumers tend to believe Colgate toothpaste is the better as it is developed with dental practitioners, whereby dentists will be the experts of oral treatment. Besides that, the price of Colgate toothpaste is slightly higher compared to the other brands toothpaste, and consumer beliefs that higher price means top quality.

Affective Component

It is one's emotions or psychological reactions toward an subject. Marketers have to connect the merchandise to consumers' daily exercises so the consumers will feel that they need the merchandise. Mary who is having tooth hypersensitive problem feels that she's an urge to work with Colgate Sensitive Expert Relieve to alleviate her tooth delicate problem.

Behavioural Component

It is one's respond toward an subject. Marketers must definitely provide positive information about the merchandise and the merchandise can do to help the consumers. Mary is someone who does not really value the price of a product, what she cares about is the outcome after using the merchandise. After she has searched for so much information about the delicate toothpastes, she finally decided to give a try on Colgate Private Pro-Relief.

Consumer Environment


Since 1965, as well as Ministry of Education of Malaysia, Colgate University Program premiered to educate university children on proper oral hygiene patterns in their early age in the classroom by educators and dental nurses who are from Ministry of Health. To greatly help to attain the goal, government teeth nurses give free dental checkups and brushing drills too. Colgate has sent out Dental Health Products consisting Colgate toothbrush and toothpaste to more than 12 million key institution students over 41 years. Hence, people start to use Colgate toothpastes since their early age, most of the individuals will continue to use the same product if they find out that the product is suited to them. From here, Colgate has generated a whole lot of dedicated customers who starts to use its products being that they are small.


Colgate Pro-Relief toothpaste is with its patented Pro-Argin method which is aspires to provide instant comfort to the people who have problems with tooth sensitivity. The technology functions by plugging dentine tubules that actually lead to very sensitive tooth nerves as well as blocking the transmitting of heat, cool, air and pressure that stimulate pain receptors within pearly whites. With the most advanced technology, consumers have a tendency to believe the toothpaste can help them to solve their tooth sensitivity problem.

Culture and Subculture

Malaysia is a multi-ethnic country, hence, the merchandise information which is printed out on Colgate Sensitive Pro-relief uses three languages: British, Malay and China, for customers to read any languages that they prefer.

http://www. colgate. com. my/app/Colgate/MY/OC/Halal. cvsp

In calendar year 2009, Malaysia populace is 28. 3 million, out of 65% of the population are Malays. Colgate have obtained the Malaysian Halal Qualification because of its toothpaste and mouthwash products sold for consumers. Colgate toothpaste which is sold in Malaysia is Halal which is more preferred by the Muslim consumers as they may use Colgate's products without worrying that they can break their Islamic law.

In Malaysia, people tend to call toothpastes as Colgate regardless of what is the make of the toothpaste. It is just like people call instant noodle as Maggi which is one of the moment noodle's brand names. Hence, people will think of Colgate first every time they will buy toothpastes.


Consumers' decision is inspired by cultural too. For instance, if people around them do not like a certain brand, they tend to avoid buying the brand and it works the other way too. In Mary case, her family have been using Colgate at all times and they have never modified their toothpaste brand, so Mary has more confident to buy Colgate hypersensitive toothpaste compare to the others.

Lifestyles influences

Mary like to make friends and socialize with others, she often chit communicating with her friends at restaurant or cafe while eating snacks. However, her very sensitive teeth bother her a lot as she actually is hurting toothache when eating her goodies. So, Mary urges to make use of Colgate Sensitive Expert Relief to solve her problem so that she can enjoy eating her preferred goodies when outing with her friends.


As the final outcome, marketers have to make a lot of work to make certain that their products are able to meet the highest sales. In order to achieve the prospective, advertising is the simplest way among others as it influences consumer behaviour toward the particular product the most. Hence, the advertisement must be creative and attractive to get consumers' attention. Besides that, marketers must always do research and research about the subconscious primary of consumers to comprehend the needs of consumers and discover ways to fulfil them.

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