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Market arrange for FMCG company

I have just been appointed to manage an fast moving consumer goods brand for a big organization. Now I am going to do a record about Dove this brand of fast moving consumer goods. I will record Dove's basic information, the sole of brand, marketing mix, and the way the marketing would change because of this brand above the stages of the product life cycle. Let me report these plainly right now.

2. Introduction

Dove is engaged in the manufacture and sales of products related to human being health, such as mane, face and epidermis. 1980s Dove Beauty Bar became number one physician-recommended cleaning bar. Unscented Dove presented. Since 2004 Dove Therapeutic massage Body Clean and Cool Dampness Body Clean and Bar created.

The Company's business is split into three sections: Consumer, Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices & Diagnostics. The Consumer segment companies and markets a range of products in Singapore in the shampoos, skincare and face attention.

Dove in the beauty industry for nearly 50 years of record and more fun is the world's leading brand of women, how much fun the best value for Unilever brands. Unilever's Dove is the most effective brands. Dove respected the natural splendor is established by the women themselves actively, can bring their own self-confidence, which is distributed from the inside from the United States. Dove beauty is self-definition, pondering the United States, it is not merely exterior beauty, but also inside. For over 40 years, Dove is due to real advertisings. As the British name of Dove Dove, this is symbolic of hope, delight, tranquility and the labels of all the positive things. It's very real, with a straightforward beauty, but also securely follow their commitments. .

3. Brand History

In 1957, Dove beauty Hong block came out in the U. S. market. It claims to women, not as standard as her Dove cleaning soap have dry epidermis, and do so. Therefore, Dove brand and users began to create a very trusting relationship. In 1979, an independent clinical studies have shown that moderate Dove Hong block the major soaps have more than 17 high. Therefore, the dermatologist highly recommended, newspaper articles rushing to record, friends have i want to know. A season later, Dove in the United States started its formal medical tasks. In 1999, Dove began its promotion on the globe, and came to China in 2002. Now, Dove is among the most world's first Clean brand, sold more than 80 countries surrounding the world, with total annual sales exceeding 2. 5 billion Euros. Dove using its "beautiful simplicity and real concept of" authentic dedication to bring consumers and consistently maintain this determination. Dove has become the world's first Clean brand, sold more than 80 countries round the world, with total annual sales exceeding 2. 5 billion Euros. Dove with its "beautiful ease and real concept of" authentic determination to bring consumers and constantly maintain this determination. Dove thinks beauty shouldn't be limited by the narrow classification of the typical that every woman is a special existence packed with personality, the real beauty exists in different form, shape, age group and skin color one of the. . . . . . Dove, from products to every action, women are constantly working to stimulate the potential of profound beauty and revel in the care, family pet their own process, so that the U. S. real show. Dove 2008, Unilever sign up for hands Hunan SATELLITE TELEVISION, product keeping its brands made inspirational Hunan Tv set humor "Ugly Wudi" in to the story, so they may have arrived in the Chinese market, break into the Chinese language consumer's attention, and even more Finland is one of them.

4. The sole of brand

What is an excellent brand strategy is the introduction of the brand plan bundle to obtain a good or fairly good results in a larger economic and cultural effects can be called a good brand strategy. Since it is good, then best for is good berry, you experience what you experience melons.

One brand name, which may be called part of words expressing, such as Haier, are well-known brand; Second, the brand custom logo, this part identifies the part can't be verbalized. Such as symbols, patterns, fonts and other base-color and specifications.

Decision making also contains the brand and logo design decisions. Name of decision-making relates primarily to what seller name should be employed by many names. Choice of name may have several, should enable consumers to benefit from the name you can think of, role, characteristics, should be readable, recognizable, easy to remember, it should be unique, the main thing is not to be considered a bad associations. Brand logo is composed mainly of decision making product packaging decisions. Hallmark decisions are the pursuing: First, the utilization of trademarks, the second reason is the utilization of several trademarks, trademarks Three is how to change, as the business grows, the initial trademark might not exactly be covered by the opportunity of business ideas or, at the moment to need to make the changes. Packaging is the product of the coating, but also the brand face, so the packaging is bad and the good decision-making an essential requirement of the brand, marketing experts and even some european marketing combination will be packaged as a fifth P, we can see its significance in marketing.

So, Dove shampoo is an international brand, then let me explain below what's under the international brand and brand in the long run do?

Is the international brand reputation in the international market, high reputation, product rays global brand.

International brands generally have the next three characteristics:

A: The brand has an extended history, plus some in the country has for many years or even ages;

B: Could lead the industry in development;

C: A support tutor understanding of the brand.

4. 1. The role of the brand for business

A: Storage function. Brand can help enterprise storage space goodwill and image. "Brand is a creation, storage space, re-creation, and then stored available process. "

B: Safeguard Function. By registering patents and trademarks, brand can be covered by law, to prevent others from harming the trustworthiness of the brand or the illegal use of brands.

C: Value-added features. Brand can be an intangible asset, the value it includes, personality, quality and other features can bring significant value to the product. Even the same product, different brand brand affixed, likewise have a disparity in prices.

D: Image function. The brands are shaping the image, presence and reputation of the cornerstones of homogeneity in the merchandise today, for the enterprises and products to provide personality, culture, and a great many other special significance.

E: Cost function. Normally, it takes to win a fresh customer costs is to keep a preexisting customer costs 6 times, and the brand with the customer can build brand desire, recognition and reduce the cost of new product development.

4. 2. The role of brands for consumers

A: Identification. Brand can help consumers identify the maker of the brand, source, and other basic elements, which recognize it from similar products.

B: Shopping guide function. Brand can help consumers quickly find the required products to consumers in the search process to lessen the time and work.

C: Decrease the purchase risk function. Consumers need it their own appealing products, and also hope to get around the individuals identity. Choose a reputable brand, you can help reduce the risk of the nature of risk and money.

D: Deal features. Stableness of the brand is to provide consumers with quality products and services cover, consumer loyalty is with the purchase of long-term go back on the manufacturer, brand shaped by both sides of a contractual romantic relationship of common trust.

E: Show the function of personality. Brand after years of development, to the accumulation of unique persona and wealthy content, and consumers can purchase consistent with their brand personality and nature to show themselves.

4. 3. . Branding effect

Famous brand effect is the well-known brand or a strong brand, and its own huge role due to its famous brand result.

A: Aggregation effect. Brand-name companies or products in the resources will be recognized by the society, sociable capital, recruiting, management experience or policy will have a tendency to brand-name companies or products to allow enterprises to aggregate the individual, financial, and materials resources, form and play well plates aggregation effect.

B: Magnetic field effect. Business or product to be famous, have an increased account, especially high reputation, it will establish in the intellects of consumers very high prestige, exhibiting the extreme degree of product devotion. Business or product is a magnet to entice consumers, consumers will be produced in this attractive brand loyalty, repeat purchases, reuse, and its own continuous promotion, and other top quality products in the brand's users will Under magnetic force to start out using this product, and may also become a loyal consumer of the brand, this brand power has been further consolidated, building a virtuous routine of brand.

C: Derivative result. Brand deposition, aggregation of sufficient resources, it'll continue to go up to new products and services, the downstream ramifications of brand development of the enterprise quickly, and continue steadily to develop new markets, market share, the forming of a new brand.

D: Restrained impact. Brand name will enhance their cohesion. For example, China's Lenovo Group, the nationwide brand is named the Sichuan Changhong and "better tomorrow" Haier Group, and their good image of the life and work of employees in such corporations will have delight and honor, and can the formation of a corporate and business culture, work place, to each employee to morale, conviction and mental durability so that employees are influenced to work harder, serious work. Aggregated aftereffect of brand-name staff restrained energy, wit, intellect, physical or financial resources to enable corporations to be marketed.

E: Promotion. Brand-name form, you can use the brand reputation, reputation dissemination of corporate and business reputation and the trustworthiness of propaganda, and even promote the national image. Such as: Dove hair shampoo, for the reason that of Dove shampoo and companies understand.

F: Driven result. Effect is motivated by brand-name brand of driving a vehicle business development, brand-name companies on the metropolitan economy, regional current economic climate and even the leading role of the countrywide economy. Driving ramifications of brand as a respected effect may also be said, as the leading brand or business, like generating the development of enterprises, regional monetary growth. In addition, the make of product sales, business, business development has a driving a car impact, which is the so-called international "brand influenced theory. "

G: Stabilizing impact. When a region's financial volatility, the artist can pull the one hand, the dependable development of regional overall economy, on the other hand enjoyed a stabilizing role of morale, people, expertise, materials, and other cultural resources are not flow away. We start to see the positive aftereffect of brand name, we should also see the negative effects of the brand. You are the large numbers of counterfeit brand-name who'll be drawn to the enterprise caused great trouble, and even the famous discredited. Second, the brand famous, the amount of concern to enhance the image more challenging to maintain, if looked after properly, be negative evaluation of the reliability of the brand will be a great affect.

4. 4. Branding impact on the marketing mix

Dove has been around the high-end technology, make investments intensely in R & D Senior swift consumer products. For instance, hair shampoo, fragrances, etc. are developed their own technology, nonetheless they also failed, indicating that only the general innovation is not enough. It had been concluded, the success of Dove hair shampoo, credited to product development, the most genuine and closest to the client, innovation, different objectives, Dove hair shampoo out of fish each city, gives customers some other experience, so, Dove hair shampoo brand in the customers mind rooted profound root base, which also affected the marketing combine.

4. 5. What's the marketing mix

Marketing Combination is an enterprise marketing strategy can be an important component of the venture is the basic control measures to create a all natural marketing activities. The main reason for marketing is to meet consumer needs. This concept was presented by Harvard College or university Teacher Nier Bao Dayton first adopted in 1964. It is the basis for developing corporate and business marketing strategies, marketing combination work can do to ensure that businesses from the whole to meet consumer demand. In addition, additionally it is a powerful method of business against rivals, it is sensible allocation of costs based on corporate marketing finances.

The so-called marketing blend refers to the business enterprise needs of target market, taking into consideration the environment, capacity, competition, control of their various marketing elements (product, price, syndication, advertising, etc. ) to maximize the mixture and integration used, that of coordination, weaknesses, advantages, to achieve better economical and sMarketing blend are product, place, price and promotion.

Marketing combination are product, place, price and campaign.

Here, the merchandise is recognized as the mark market to develop appropriate products, select products, brands and packaging; Price is to consider the introduction of appropriate price; place is going to through the proper channels to set up transport storage space and other product to focus on markets, promotion is to consider the way the right product, at the right price, at the appropriate venue of the mark market, including sales promotion, advertising, training salesmen and so forth.

4. 6. Branding impact product

Dove shampoo with the growth of the brand known for his product development, planning, design, content delivery and other decision-making. The impact of factors such as product features, quality, appearance, accessories, trademarks, presentation, warranty, service and other times so a growth, thus, nearer to the consumer masses, more ideal for mass consumption. To be able to brand quality, Dove hair shampoo developed different aquatic products, aimed for the intake of different people, therefore, Dove hair shampoo and aquatic products are very popular, also increased brand consciousness, brand impact of the role of the merchandise.

Dove hair shampoo is the center concentrate on customers as the center, the execution of the marketing mix, focusing on the entire market, to obtain revenue, achieve marketing goals. Visibility. Dove shampoo brand to determine the product's objectives, specifically to develop the marketing mixture, it will need to have a clear target market, and also to ask marketing mix of the many factors surrounding the perfect combination of the prospective market.

Differentiated product & Non-price competition: Dove put in significant amount of money to identify their products through marketing activities and also to improve their technology by purchasing advanced development facilities to be able to cut down the expenses & boost the features. Product inventions like Dove "No more tears" series of kids products are inspired while price tournaments are discouraged.

4. 7. Branding impact price and place

The price of Dove hair shampoo is sold with a different point of their consumption levels according with their own local prices. His traffic is local usage levels by how big is the report to the head office of transport. In fact, the price tag on Dove shampoo and location of these two factors are handled by the brand. This implies that individuals from the different parts of the consumer brand recognition off their set, so Dove shampoo can determine costs targets, development of product rates principles, techniques, and how much traffic to attain brand understanding, changes in marketing.

The role of factors, including its brand to determine the distribution channels, local distribution, broker agents types, and various modes of carry savings conditions.

Dove shampoo brand to determine the price and location coordination, linked to the total machine, synchronization support to be combined to best match the state, to attain overall marketing goals. According to the role of combo of interrelated elements of proper tranquility.

Price of good adjustments the number demanded and variety supplied. On the market, Equilibrium Price and Equilibrium Variety happen when the worth of price and variety for which quantity supplied and volume demanded are equivalent. If the quantity demanded is less than the quantity offered you will see surplus. On the other hand, if the purchase price is set too low, then inadequate will be produced to meet demand at that price. This may cause an undersupply problem (also known as a scarcity).

According to Dove Company tends to maintain a "surplus situation" in the Singapore market (refer blow graph) where the price of a product position is above the equilibrium price (PE). In order to draw in more consumers to choose the product, the suppliers of substitutes compete against one another by trying to lessen the price in market. Thus, it can lead to the supplied of good decreases. 3. 9. Branding impact Campaigns.

Dove shampoo brand promotion strategy identifies the main opportinity for customers to buy goods on how to implement a technique to increase sales. Therefore, Dove hair shampoo to build up advertising, publicity for different customers, such as: Television set, field trials etc. Its brand effect factors, including advertising, personal advertising, publicity, sales advertising and public relations.

Barriers to entry:

First of most, Dove products have been buying marketing activities like advertising to support their sales and enhance their brand image. This increases the price tag on entry. Secondly, economies of scale allows larger organizations experiences dropping average costs of production like Dove to extend its seed size over time and allow it in an oligopoly framework, Dove is improbable to produce anyway of the ATC curve in the long run. Product differentiation helps it be unlikely for businesses to realize all the economies of scale available but there is the promise of services. Price paid by consumers is also greater than the marginal cost of producing that device, thus resources are misallocated.

4. 8. The pictures of marketing mix

5. What is the product life cycle

A:In 1965, Theodore Levitt (Theodore Levitt) in the "Harvard Business Review" (Quantity 43, 81-94 webpages) on the basic - "Development of the product life pattern" (Exploit the merchandise Life Pattern), first suggested the idea of product life routine.

B: USA Potts (Booz) and other scholars have proposed the product life pattern at differing times according to advertise changes in sales can be split into investment, expansion, maturity and decrease. After the UK and other persons hereby Ge film, a mathematical method or analogy method, the study of product life circuit and the laws of biological increasing age combine to form a quantitative description of product research, market guidelines and competitive products life cycle theory, and in the marketing strategy chosen has been widely used.

C: Product Life Routine, (referred to as PLC) is a biologically centered life cycle. For instance, a seed is planted (introduction phase); began to sprout (progress); expand into a tree, out of leaves and root land (mature); in the older period of time begins to reduce and die (recession). In theory, something which is also the same. After a period of development after a product is introduced or placed on the market; as the merchandise grew, it also earned increasingly more customers; the finish, the market stable, mature products; in a period, the product be more advantageous to develop and present competitive products have been substituted, and eventually out of the market started out to decline.

D:Product life pattern is the merchandise of the marketplace life, that is clearly a new product into the market right from the start to the whole process out of the market. Fee farm that: the product life is the life ShangXi marketing, production and individual life in the same, to go through formation, expansion, maturity, decrease such a pattern. For products, that is to endure a development, launch, growth, maturity, decrease stage. Which cycle in several countries where in fact the technical level, the timing and the procedure is not the same, there is a large gap between your period and enough time difference, it is this difference, the performance space between different countries is theoretically, it reflects the same product on the market in various countries, variations in competitive position, to determine the international trade and investment changes. To help the difference between costs of agricultural innovation to these countries subsequently divided into the united states (usually the most developed countries), the overall developed countries, producing countries.

E: Four components of the concept of product life routine:

1˜Products have a limited life.

2˜Product sales through the different stages, each stage of the sales are presented different difficulties.

3˜In different phases of product life cycle, high and low income products.

4˜In different periods of product life cycle, products require different marketing, financial, developing, purchasing and workers strategies.

5˜Product life circuit theory gets the benefit of: providing a set of product life cycle planning marketing point of view. It is divided into different strategies through the product, marketing official for the characteristics of different phases to have a different marketing combine strategies. Furthermore, sales of the product life routine and time for you to consider only two parameters, easy to understand.

Product life pattern stages have different characteristics, which requires companies develop matching online marketing strategy.

5. 1. Four periods of the merchandise life cycle

The typical product life cycle can generally be split into four phases, particularly advantages of (or introduction of), expansion, maturity and decrease.

Phase I: Introduction

Refers to the product from design into development until the market testing stage. New products into the market, will enter in the explanation (the release). At this point less product variety, customer product have no idea, aside from a few to pursue new customers, minimal one actually buy the merchandise. Producers to grow sales, have spent a great deal of promotional costs, the product promotion. The level of the creation of complex constraints, production size is small, the high processing costs, advertising costs, product selling prices high, sales are really limited, companies are not often profitable, but may be considered a loss.

Stage II: growing

When the merchandise enter the introduction period, sales success after they entered a rise period. Growth stage is the merchandise great results through test marketing, purchasers gradually accepted the product, the product foothold in the market and wide open market. This is actually the demand growth level, demand and sales increased swiftly. Significant drop in development costs, gains growing rapidly. At the same time, competitors see the profit, will have to enter the market in competition, increased way to obtain similar products, prices implemented subordinates, the growth rate is slowing corporate profits, and finally reached the highest point of the life span cycle revenue.

The third level: maturity

Means the product into mass production and stable in to the market, after a growth period, the upsurge in the amount of products with the purchase, the marketplace demand becomes saturated. At this time, the product pass on and ever more standardized, low priced and large result. Sales growth slow down until the flip, scheduled to increased competition, leading to the creation of similar products between businesses have to increase investment in product quality, color, specifications, packaging services, increase investment, to a certain extent, a rise of cost.

Phase IV: recession

Refers to the products to enter the elimination period. With all the development of technology and intake behaviors and other reasons, product sales and profits prolonged to decline, the product on the marketplace has become outdated and can not meet up with the market demand, the market has other better performance, lower prices of services, sufficient to meet consumer demand. At this point the high cost of business will be profitable to stop production after another, the life span cycle of the products been completed, and lastly completely from the marketplace.

5. 2. The marketing mix would change this brand in the levels of product life cycle

In reality, Dove shampoo in several stages of the product life routine, can be from the marketing blend, marketing mix since it is changing the brand in different stages of the product life routine.

Now, let me talk about how precisely to improve under the marketing mix of fun shampoo at different levels of product life circuit.


Introduction of the basic requirements of establishing a brandname is the enterprise itself stronger, appealing, product substitutability is high, that is, the difference between competing products is very small, logical profit-driven enough to change customer buying habit. If companies choose to develop their own brand, it could have to begin in the beginning establishing a strong brand awareness, a comprehensive brand planning, business management, administration, sales, service, maintenance and other aspects have to make brand goals, not just rely on the original tactical methods, such as company logo and communication, advertising advertising, marketing promotions, etc. , but instead give attention to the brand's long-term development. Products in the benefits of the creation of brands, in addition to other well-known brand began at the earliest opportunity, the key issue is to determine the brand's primary values, offering clients a unique buying reason, and strive to talk through effective communication with customers to know. This is actually the stage of creating the brand, of course, inseparable from online marketing strategy is important at this stage of the marketing goal ought to be to quickly broaden the acceptance and market demand. If both parameters, price and advertising levels considered jointly, there are four options for coverage makers online marketing strategy: immediate skimming strategy, sluggish skimming strategy, immediate penetration strategy and slow-moving penetration strategy.


Rapid increase in sales volume at this stage, the ongoing influx of opponents, companies in the current high market share and high revenue to select from. When the merchandise into the growth stage, the firm focused on marketing efforts to increase brand understanding, improve customer brand key ideals and brand personality of understanding to create a corporate and business brand. brand understanding is not the same as brand understanding. Brand consciousness is reflected amount of customer awareness of the brand, but do not represent the brand's understanding of the client. Customers by looking, tuning in, and feeling and thinking through the merchandise to understand the brand. Build brand acknowledgement, not limited to customers familiar with its brand, brand terms, mark, icon or design, even more is to help make the customer understand the brand individuality. To improve brand awareness, the most important way is to strengthen communication with customers. Customers through a variety of method of contact access to information, both through a variety of media, advertising, product packaging, store marketing activities, but also contact with, neighbors and friends after-sales service and reputation, therefore, businesses should use a built-in and coordinated various kinds of method of communication to develop brand recognition, mature into the future and place a good groundwork. Furthermore, the growing product brand positioning is vital. Brand placement to meet up with the specific goals of the venture customer base, and is from the product for the purpose of the unique mental needs, and build the brand in the same comparative good thing about the brand strategy. Customers through targeted, and in the brains of goal customers to establish a distinctive competitive advantages and position of differentiation, connecting brand their own characteristics and advantages of the psychological needs of target customers. Thus, once the customer with the relevant requirements, the mind will open the entranceway of storage and association, naturally, think of the brand, and to implement the related purchasing tendencies.


Products into mature, has a company foothold in the market, but because a big number of competitors to join, and the recognition of products, competition has become particularly strong. Therefore, corporations should be based on mature marketplaces, products, competitive features, enhance brand devotion, brand extension appropriate to create a public brand. customer brand devotion is a measure of the thoughts, reflecting a person to another brand to the level possible, important competitive features of businesses. It brand difficult to provide a stable copy of the client, thus making sure the brand's basic market show. Therefore, the fostering brand devotion is crucial to the business, "The very best advertising is satisfied customers", if an enterprise can be unveiled and the growing focus on the promotion of the brand, and offer to customers a whole selection of raw materials from to provide customers with a variety of obligations of service value system of the venture and harmonious relationships between your customer, then, can be used in the maturity of the brand commitment of customers to effect customer behavior. After the customer's brand loyalty will be difficult to form by the impact of competitive products. Brand loyalty is brand collateral of the most crucial part of brand equity is ultimately shown in the brand devotion, this is the fundamental business targets of the implementation of brand strategy. Brand extension of the existing successful brand for services or improved products as a strategy. Brand extension is not merely on the surface of the brand name of the borrower, but the strategic use of the brand equity is brand enterprises in the copy of intangible possessions, the introduction of an effective way. Use the brand extension, commercial investment in new products will not only ensure fast and exact decision-making, and help reduce the risk of services in the market, conserving the huge cost of new product advertising, effectively reducing the cost of services. at maturity because the influx of rivals, therefore, through the establishment of brand collection, the execution of multi-brand strategy, to seize the marketplace as much as possible, to avoid risk. Execution of multi-brand, the client can make the center of each brand occupies a unique and appropriate location, to meet the several likes of customers, to catch the attention of more customers, permitting companies to increase coverage of the marketplace have the opportunity to make competitors believe that in every segments of the prevailing brands are barriers to entry, in so doing limiting the expansion of opportunities for rivals to effectively ensure that corporations maintain a higher market talk about. . Mature stage, the product sales come to a top, but increasing competition, commercial marketing strategies are now focused on much longer maturity. Mature alternative strategy usually has three: market adjustment strategy, product improvement strategy and marketing mix technique for improvement.


Recession strategy should give attention to developing services, the withdrawal of old products. At this time, enterprises should gradually decrease the old product marketing costs, such as the advertising, sales campaign and so forth down to a minimum. Product life cycle is crucial last stage of an interval. At this stage, enterprises should turn to the near future competitiveness of products out downturn, the energy into new market segments. Enterprises can use brand repositioning, brand advancement strategy to re-enter the market. Although a product in a single market from the market, but the commercial brand can be made through services or new market development and generation.

a brand placement in the market, the first may be appropriate and successful, but later with their companies may need to relocate. In this era, the company's original product technology decline, sales dropped. Decision making re-positioning the brand, companies should first consider the brand to another section required costs, including changes in product quality, product packaging and advertising. With all the changing business environment and customer needs change. The meaning and manifestations of the brand must constantly change and development, ground breaking ideas to be able to moderate the psychological response to the buyer. Products in to the recession, scheduled to interior and exterior reasons, the organization brand on the market competition inevitable, reputation drop, sales, market share, reduce the sensation of brands such as loss, only been made to meet up with the needs of age the brand, brand vitality. Brand Advancement is a required requirement of self-development brands, is the only path to defeat the increasing age brand. In society, technological progress more quickly, some industries have become shorter and shorter product life cycles, while awareness of social utilization, changes in consumer attitudes to increase the frequency eventually, which will have an impact on the product's market life. Thus, the connotation of the brand must be constantly up to date to keep the vitality of the brand, to promote visitors to buy.

And I could use process to simple describe that:

Need recognition

Information search

Evaluation of alternatives

Purchase decision

Postpurchase behaviour

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