Market Penetration Prices Strategy

FollowMe Establishments Sdn Bhd. founded in 1983. FollowMe is the maker of personal good care, toiletry products, and cosmetics distributed and sold under the trademarks "Follow Me personally", "Key", "Everyday" and "Can Can" exclusively by its distributor Tohtonku Sdn Bhd. Tohtonku Sdn Bhd. established in 1964. The business has a distinctive audio and a Japanese flavour to indicate the company's roots. When Tohtonku was first founded in 60's, its main business was the sales of Japanese medicines and related products. Over time, Tohtonku grew from advertising just medicine to offering a variety of products that are crucial for daily living. Today, Tohtonku market a whole range of personal health care and household products that cater to the needs of Malaysia's basic population. The business also offers made its draw in the market with popular brand names. Tohtonku Sdn. Bhd. being a trading company has more than 40 years' experience in international export and import trade. Tohtonku has 932 suitable employees and 19 brands of which are FollowMe Nutox Oxyfusion, Nanowhite, Key, Ubermen, A'laisyah, Can Can, Everday, Koolfever, Ammeltz, Sawaday, Saniplast, Seirogan, Breathpop, ARS, You&Me, Rainna and Ruler Kong. Tohtonku has advanced from a homegrown name into a multinational brand. Its products are benchmarked against international criteria that bring them into close competition with other established international brands. You will find 6 offices in Malaysia and currently the main office is located in Penang as the Sales & Marketing office is in Kuala Lumpur. Tohtonku started with a wish to make every people looking good and sense assurance of who they are. Hence, their products are ever changing to meet every consumers demand. Now, Tohtonku is preparing its places on a new dream. To overcome the South East Asian market and emerge as the region's most popular purchasers' choice in the approaching years. The business will focus on the customer's needs and play on the advantages of the management team and its own labor force, Tohtonku will be at the forefront of product development with a variety of great products being developed for the marketplace in years to come.

Tohtonku have been granted under following categories:-

Nutox Oxyfusion Moisture content Emulsion SPF25++ gained CLEO "Beauty Hall of Fame 2009"

Nutox Oxyfusion Place Away gained Women's Regular "Best Beauty Buys Award"

nanowhite Intensive De-Pigmentor triumphed in "Spot Corrector Terbaik" for Cosmopolitan

A'laisyah Gel Pengelupas triumphed in "Gel Pengelupasan Terbaik" for Cosmopolitan

2. The Marketing Combine Strategies

2. 1 Product Strategy

Product Classification

In the product strategy, FollowMe products are believed as consumer product since it is bought by final consumers for personal use. You will find four types of consumer products and FollowMe products are believed as convenience products. Convenience products are products that frequently and immediately purchase by customers. Customers won't plan much when they want to buy the convenience product and also little comparability is made. Besides, FollowMe Products can be easily found in many locations such as hypermarket, convenience store, groceries etc. Many deals also done by FollowMe to market its product such as advertisements, sales promotion etc.

Product Mix

For the merchandise blend width, FollowMe has a product line of personal care and attention product such as Haircare, Bodycare, Skincare, Oralcare and Wecare. Predicated on the product range, FollowMe turn out using its product mix period. FollowMe has different kind of product for every of the product line. For instance, the product line of Haircare; FollowMe has Kids Range which is the shampoo that is ideal for children to make use of, Styling Range that is used to comb the hairstyle and Men Range is designed for men. FollowMe also has its product combine depth. The Men Range can be dividing into three types to meet the needs of differing people. The three types are Men Wild hair Cream to keep hair tightly styled, Men High grade Hair Cream to avoid break up ends and coarse wild hair and Men Scalp Liquid to make the hair better to manage.


Product Blend Width

Product Combination Length

Product Combination Depth



Kids Range

Styling Range

Men Range

( Men Range )

Men Wild hair Cream

Men Premium Locks Cream

Men Head of hair Liquid



Nature's Path

Kids Range


( Rainna )

Rainna Moisture Affluent Spa

Rainna Botanic Relaxing Spa

Rainna Aroma Therapy



Oil Control



UBER-MEN Age-Defense Treatment Essence

UBER-MEN Oil Away Power Cleanser + Toner



Men Range




UBER-MEN Attrax Body Spray

UBER-MEN Pozess Body Spray

UBER-MEN Indulge Body Spray


The brand name FollowMe is a brand name that is own by way of a maker called Tohtonku Sdn Bhd. According to Jasper Lim, a director of Tohtonku and a third-generation Lim at the business, FollowMe was taken from an English language program that his mother went to in 1980s. FollowMe is a brand name as there are just words that form the brand name. The FollowMe is a brandname which has a combination of Japan and English words. FollowMe is used by the Jasper Lim father as his dad think that FollowMe is a unique name that could be a brand.

FollowMe is recognized as a manufacturer's brand. FollowMe is own by the Tohtonku Sdn Bhd that is clearly a maker. Besides, Tohtonku Sdn Bhd has its own manufacturing plant in Malaysia. Tohtonku Sdn Bhd also using the brand name FollowMe to sell its products.

Packaging and Labelling

Normally, FollowMe bundle its product with a plastic material container but there will vary product packaging design and colour scheme for each range of product. There are different sizes of plastic bottle according to its amount. Bu using vinyl bottle, the merchandise of FollowMe is more protective, it will not break easily or drip easily as many of the FollowMe products are come by means of liquid or cream. Besides, cover is also available in order to prevent the product being contaminated.

The presentation is labelled with the recognition of the products such as trademarks, serial quantity, and registration quantity the product itself. The consumption instructions and content descriptions also branded on the presentation. Barcode is published on the offer to make repayment easier. Besides that, expired night out also branded to let consumer know the life usage of the merchandise.

2. 2 Prices Strategy

Market-Penetration Costs Strategy

FollowMe is using market penetration costs technique for its new product rates strategies. FollowMe is using this plan because there are way too many competitors in the market and the marketplace is highly price delicate. So, they placed a low preliminary price for the brand to penetrate in to the market quickly and deeply, like this they can entice a large variety of purchasers quickly and gain a big market share in short time frame. The high sales volume level will result in reducing of development and distribution cost and allowing FollowMe to slice their prices even further. FollowMe has the superiority to use this strategy because Follow Me is a local company and its product is locally made and distributed. FollowMe has less cost of creation in comparison to other overseas company as transfer tax is not required. For example, the STRAIGHT & SILKY Hair shampoo 750ML only cost for RM23. 90. The purchase price is economical and quality can be warranty because Follow Me personally products are benchmarked against international benchmarks and this permits them to contend with other founded international brands.

Product Line Rates Strategies

FollowMe is using products charges strategies in its product mixture costing strategies. FollowMe is offering variety of personal care products with different features and functions, so FollowMe apply this costs strategies to differentiate its products. By using this strategy, it can catch the attention of customers' attention towards the product because customer will feel curious when they see same products with different prices. Customers surely will find out why when they feel curious, and automatically the customers' attention should go towards the merchandise. For instance, FollowMe sell GREEN TEA EXTRACT Scalp REVITALIZER SHP 750ML for RM24. 90 but GREEN TEA SCALP Attention SHP 750ML for RM27. 90. It implies that Follow Me will placed different prices for different function of shampoo. Besides, FollowMe also place price in line with the size of the packaging. For example, GREEN TEA Wild hair VOLUMIZER SHP 750ML is RM24. 90 but GREEN TEA Scalp VOLUMIZER SHP 400ML is RM14. 60.

Promotional Pricing Strategy

FollowMe is using promotional charges strategy in price adjustment strategies. They give you a lower price within a specified the perfect time to get more customers to produce excitement and a feeling of urgent to boost their sales. For example, when ten time anniversary of the company they will do sales like the price tag on FollowMe product will lower compare to off sales. FollowMe will also reduce the price in order to reduce stock.

2. 3 Campaign Strategy

Promotion is vital to every company and their products. Promotion is to provide latest information to consumers. Besides, it can make the company differentiated from other competitors and so improve the demand from consumer toward the merchandise.

First factor of built-in marketing communication is advertising. FollowMe is recently launched, they advertise it to promote and build-up the primary demand for the product. Information is provided about the merchandise to the consumers. The main marketing of advertising for FollowMe is through internet. There are very amounts of links and web pages that are promoting the product, for example like FollowMe Green Tea Shampoo ad at a bus stop in Pulau TIkus, Penang and FollowMe Happy Shampoo advertisement on a billboard in Gurney Drive, Penang and so forth. Besides, there are numerous videos that talking about and promoting the merchandise are submitted to the internet such as Youtube, Facebook yet others. The mags are also one of the marketing for FollowMe to market their products.

Personal offering is a primary communication between the retailer and consumer. FollowMe got used this advertising strategy in advertising of these products also. Atlanta divorce attorneys store shop of FollowMe hired sales assistants to provide personal advertising service. The primary purpose of this is to add the new products to the consumers and also provide messages about the merchandise to them.

Third factor is sales advertising. FollowMe is giving promotion or freebies for purchasing the merchandise. That is to energize the purchasing of the merchandise at the adult stage. In 2005, shops achieved a value show of almost 17. 5% of total makeup and toiletries sales. In cases like this, this can induce the retailer to get more for store. And the tag out for the purchase price can be lowered down for sales.

Next aspect for designed marketing communication is followed by pr. FollowMe acquired used pr to promote their brand and also products. That they had become one of the sponsorship for a numbers of activities such as sports activities, Olympics, talks among others. FollowMe also promote their products by using mass media mass, this will help them to market the product indirectly and consumers will interested to the merchandise and hence raise the demand.

Last however, not least is direct marketing. FollowMe used immediate marketing to promote all the products. The methods used by FollowMe are via internet and direct email, for example, they have Green Tea Shampoo and Happy Hair shampoo on TVC. A web page for online purchasing and order for products are produced in the official website of FollowMe. Consumers can buy or order the merchandise via the webpage. By promoting the merchandise with the mixture of these promotional strategies, information of the products can be easily reach every consumers all around the world.

2. 4 Place Strategy

FollowMe group use information key route to collecting and disseminating general market trends and intelligence information about stars and causes. Field research have been used by FollowMe Group to identify their target market and the merchandise features sought by the public.

Besides, FollowMe group also use contact key route. By using the feedback from the web, FollowMe group can communicate with the prospective potential buyers. Moreover, complementing key channel have been used by FollowMe group. The group provided the customers with different needs of hair shampoo, for example customers with itchy brain may use anti-dandruff and so on, so that everyone can purchase it with different needs. Besides that, Negotiation key route also used by FollowMe group to reach an agreement on price and other terms of the offer so that ownership can be moved.

In addition, the group used physical syndication key channel to transporting and storing goods. For example, FollowMe group used ocean freight and air freight to transport their goods to the client who live in oversea. FollowMe group also apply funding key route to acquiring and using cash to cover the expenses of the route work. Risk taking key route also have been utilized by the group to presuming the risks of undertaking the route.

FollowMe group has two channels for consumer products that happen to be retailer programs and wholesaler channel. Both of the channels are under indirect channel which mean the goods need to go through intermediaries before the goods entrance to the ultimate users.

Retailing includes all the actions involved in offering products or services directly to final consumers for their personal or business use. A couple of five category of products that is specialty stores, department stores, supermarkets, convenience stores and superstores. FollowMe group is under the product line school of supermarkets, convenience stores and shops only.

Wholesaling is all activities that involved in offering goods and services to the people buying for resale or business use. Wholesaler also contributes value for companies by performing a number of channel functions. The main markets for FollowMe Firm are over South East Asia including Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Myanmar, Brunei, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. You will discover 6 office buildings in Malaysia and presently the primary office is situated in Penang as the Sales & Marketing office in Kuala Lumpur. FollowMe group use shipping and delivery method to travel out all the goods that were ordered. Product owner wholesaler means they own the merchandise they sell. They buy the good from maker then have ownership and offering procedure. Both main categories are full-service wholesalers and limited service wholesalers.

3. 0 Market opportunities

For the FollowMe products, it is variety. They have shampoo, scalp color, hair-styling, shower foam and body care. Besides that, FollowMe experienced produce some products which is specify to certain customers. For instance, some products are suitable for man who is teen or adult. Some of the products are suitable for baby and kids only. However, FollowMe acquired overlooked one specific product still not yet develop. The product is specifying limited to woman who's teen or adult.

During our research, we found that the rival of FollowMe - Dove experienced produced this kind of product which is designed for woman only. The product is concentrate on those feminine customers who are in the problem of high-involvement purchase decision. Those customers do not ready to take any risk to their goods. Therefore, they'll end up buying a high quality and price products which reduce the risk likelihood.

For prevent this market had fully taken by their rivals, FollowMe should undertake this market by doing research and development about the merchandise which is specify to woman only. It can expand the FollowMe market foundation and also can increase the commitment of female customer. It is because those dedicated customers are utilizing a FollowMe compound hair shampoo, finally they can purchase a pure hair shampoo for his or her own after the specify product had been manufactured. For the market base, it will entice those customers who are prepared to buy those high quality products for their daily use.

In calendar year 2011, Dove acquired promoted a free of charge test of Dove shampoo and surprise hampers. By receive this advertising, the first 50, 000 customers who order their free sample in Dove website will have a chance to win this prize. Although it is a good type of campaign, but it will get a bad comment from those customer who have no idea how to use computer. Therefore, FollowMe should think about about the lifestyle of the client. To making a campaign for the merchandise, FollowMe should create a fairly easy way to let customer enjoy the promotion. Since this product is slow being developed, FollowMe need to boost the consciousness and adaption of customer to extend the market of this product as fast as possible.

In other way, we found that the products of FollowMe had distributed to numerous country. For example that are Brunei, China, Indonesia, Pakistan, Singapore, Vietnam and Malaysia. We noticed that FollowMe products don't have distributed to North America, THE UNITED STATES and also European countries.

FollowMe had become a popular hair shampoo product in Malaysia. This is because FollowMe had done an extremely successful business during the 45years export and import in Malaysia. The primary market of FollowMe is South East Asia. Nowadays, almost all the customer moving into South East Asia also comprehends this brand. However, the person who is out of South East Asia still treats this brand as mysterious. Associated with because FollowMe never disperse their product out from the South East Asia.

By measuring the marketplace basic of FollowMe, FollowMe is holding 1 / 3 of the whole world only. To broaden the marketplace become larger, the only way is try to make the business become globalization. The globalization business is meaning to distribute the products to South East Asia and also out of South East Asia. Since FollowMe possessed developed their market bottom part in South East Asia about 45years, the market of FollowMe in South East Asia was very stable nowadays. So that, FollowMe can attempts to start out their new market entrance which has gone out of South East Asia.

Although keep up with the stabilization of market in South East Asia is important, but create a fresh market is the only path to expand the business enterprise. In South East Asia, FollowMe is facing a great deal of competitor. The primary market of competitors is mostly same as FollowMe which is in the South East Asia. During our research, we discovered that Dove Company is under U. S which the main market is European countries. It means that Dove Company is trying to increase their market to global.

Therefore, FollowMe should begin to create a fresh market for out of South East Asia. It still acquired half range of the people living in this world is know nothing at all relating to this product, so FollowMe should enter into this new market as soon as possible. It is because it can just a bit increase the rate of understanding and adaption of customer because of their products. Besides that, they can get a loyalty customer as quickly as possible in the new market.

4. 0 Recommendations

Competitive environment is interactive process occurring available on the market among marketers of straight competitive products, marketers of products that can be substituted for one another, and marketers fighting for the consumer's purchasing electric power. FollowMe need to always heavy focus on development a new aesthetic product because serious opponents can emerge quickly from what seems to be out of nowhere. A corporation need to develop competitive benefit to sustains earnings and attract more customers. Competitive edge is an benefits over competitors in some measure cost, quality or rate which lead to control of market and increase its performance and production.

There a wide range of way to get a competitive benefits which is important to build up competitive strategies to have a long-term competitive advantage. The company can remain competitive on price, time, experience, service and reputation to get competitors gain. FollowMe will extend into international markets by believe that it could achieve competitive gain abroad by applying its combo of technology, logistics and recruiting with its greater buying power with multinational consumer goods suppliers. Technology is request to marketing such as knowledge based on discoveries in science, inventions, and improvements. Technology contributes to services and increased existing products to attract the new consumers as well as existing consumers benefiting from growth in earnings.

Furthermore, FollowMe is in the end being in charge of providing product advertising and advertising. The main purpose to provide advertising and promotion is to launch or re-launch FollowMe's product in order to draw in new customer and gain more revenue. Even thought FollowMe product 's been around searching for many years, but FollowMe still needs some advertising and promotion in order to ensure the products can remain recognized by the customer to acquisitions it to be able to raise the sales and the earnings.

Currently, we have been facing high cost of marketing due to high advertising cost especially Television advertising. In prior year, we put in more in TV advertising as it was the best option and considered the most effective mass-market advertising format at that time. It includes us the most considerable coverage and highest reach to the followers. Thus, in response with this, we produce a cost lowering program with the objective to lessen the advertising cost. FollowMe has to sacrifice one of the, it should be reach. Target the audience very carefully and ensure they hear from you over the plan period. Targeted advertising is merely one of the ways that advertisers try to earn consumer's hearts. Therefore the advertising campaign no need duplicate and repeat per day, avoid wasting cost, can save the amount of money increase its earnings.

Nowadays, many competitive of the kind of products are present available on the market. FollowMe also cannot be exempted. So FollowMe need to take more focus on the challenge. FollowMe need for examining their competitiveness in the market to boost and develop ways of boost its competitive advantage that impact competitive benefit in their industry. FollowMe trying to create a new market is the only way to expand the business to global. The push is the risk of admittance of new competition. This is of force is that lots of new organizations may enter and exit the marketplace as rival. FollowMe would has to create entry barriers because the need to decrease the threat of access of new rivals. The business has focus on market research in what types of product and services are satisfied by customers. The company always improves the quality of products and services from the challengers. Thus, new companies are difficult to type in to the marketplace.

FollowMe has a great operation's size; brand, financial capital, and remarkable circulation systems for fight other competitors. The new competitors and visible companies have difficult time matching the costs and costs provided by FollowMe. From an efficient distribution system, the price good thing about the FollowMe occur which requires great size and capital investment. The business always has an absolute cost gain over many competitors. However, the obstacles to access are low if the FollowMe competes with an increase of diversity of specialized merchants in specific types of products. FollowMe products concentrate going forward is to combine the gains manufactured in its FollowMe business and broaden the circulation of the riches management offering. Business design positions the group to adapt and ensures it is well located to reap the benefits of a noticable difference in market conditions.

Lastly, a customer orientation strategy is a way that a company focuses on its product or services to consumers and concentrates making them happy. FollowMe use an aesthetician who customized in FollowMe products to administer customer scans. FollowMe provide professional expert to consumer if they have any question about the products, let consumers more self-assurance with the products, in general that orient a product to consumers is by aiming at price delicate customers, aiming at quality sensitive customers and also aiming at specific niche market customers. FollowMe own many faithful customers due to the strong brand images and has successfully sustains a great reputation in the marketplace. FollowMe has opened up tremendous opportunities for further profitable sales development abroad. There have some of the new hubs were built out of South East Asia. FallowMe must invest in marketing to make their brand are more famous out of South East Asia sure will strike our sale concentrate on and earn much more profit.

5. 0 Conclusion

In realization, FollowMe products are design for a head of hair care, skin care and body care products. It includes several functions that are whitening, resilient and moisturizer. In our assignment, we at first segment the full total market into smaller homogenous group, and then from the segmented market we examine and select the potential group of people to focus on. Finally, we developed profundity image and position our brand in the potential buyers' mind. Besides, we come out with this marketing combination strategy calls "4Ps" that happen to be product, price, place and advertising. On this 4Ps, we choose some suitable ways of assist us producing, costing, putting and promoting our new product efficiently.

Lastly, in this task, we had learned many useful marketing skills. Besides, we found out that cooperative is very important in teamwork and we have to tolerate with one another as well. Along the way of doing assignment, we learnt how to split our task fairly of course, if one folks experienced problems, we discuss together and turn out with a consensus solution. After this assignment, our a friendly relationship become stronger and we had known the other person deeply.


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