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Market combine and designed marketing communication

'Marketing is the management process responsible for determining, anticipating and fulfilling customer's requirements by the end of your day and also seeking a revenue' Marketing or marketing combination is traditionally grouped in to the 4P's, namely Place, Product, promotion and price. Each of the 4P's comes with an important role that can be played and each contribution help an enterprise to advertise its service or product.

1. 1 Elements of marketing mix, the 4P's

1. 1. 1 Place

This factor needs to be considered before or how the product can reach in the side of the consumer. In cases like this, there are different ways to get this to possible, like maker outlet stores, wholesalers and retails retailers.

1. 1. 2 Promotion

Promotion is vital for creating awareness in regards to a specific service or product. Traditionally promotion is performed in order to see the general population in regards to a particular product, in conditions of its features, quality, and benefits and so on. Above the series and below the lines promotional methods can be employed. However, promotions require plenty of funding.

1. 1. 3 Product

Among the other 4P's, it is the main one, as it's the one that can satisfy the needs and desires of the consumers. Product can help a firm to distinguish its current range of product from those of other competition. Brand loyalty can be obtained by the merchandise itself as well as market show and consumers commitment.

1. 1. 4 Price

This P will determine the degree of value added by the firm to a specific product. Price will inspired revenue and income degrees of the organization. Price should be occur order to appeal to both the mass market and the niche market.

1. 2 Evidences

Referring to the situation itself, the article is dependant on ECOWASH and the several marketing mix which have been applied are Product and Promotion.

Evidence from the case in encouraging the arguments; a fresh formulation of the washing up liquid\detergent is being produced, that is completely biodegrable. Credited that, we can see that the idea of Product is being applied. This well describe the product of the article thus other fact is that, with the growing concerns of the consumers community about the ecology and the surroundings, Ecowash is the perfect someone to choose. The product itself is environmentally friendly by using blooms and rainbows to symbolize dynamics. In this manner, it is completely suitable to aid Ecowash.

Furthermore, product s not only the main one apply in this article, promotion is also applied. As we realize without promotion nothing can be possible. Therefore in order to make the public aware of the product, Ecowash, the marketing manager had advertised its product to the targeted market. Performing a packaging which is totally legal is a good for the business.

Task Two - 25 marks

(a)Explain in your own words what is meant by the use of 'included marketing marketing communications'. (10 markings)

2. 0 Launch of Integrated marketing communication

"Integrated marketing (IM) is a management strategy and meta-discipline centered on the organisation-wide optimisation of unique value for stakeholders. Although meticulously linked to involved marketing communications (IMC), it should not be lost with it. Integrated marketing and sales communications (IMC) is the integration of all marketing tools, approaches and resources within the company which maximizes impact on consumer brain and which results into maximum earnings at a minimum cost. The aim behind IMC is to ensure consistency of subject matter and the complementary use of multimedia. Whereas IMC seeks to ensure consistency of meaning and the complementary use of press, integrated marketing can be involved with the alignment and concentrate of the whole organization".

2. 1 Benefits of IMC

Integrated Marketing Communications

Media advertising to multiple kinds of communication

Limited Access to the internet to 24/7 Internet availability and usage of goods and services

General-focus marketing and advertising to data-based marketing

A manufacturer-dominated market to a retailer-dominated, consumer-controlled market

Increased sales or benefits to the company

Low agency accountability to better agency accountability, especially in advertising

Mass press to more specialized media, that happen to be centered on specific target audiences

Table 1: shows the benefits associated with IMC

2. 2 The two kinds of IMC

2. 2. 1 Internet marketing channels handles the various facilities available in conditions of technological facilities for different purposes. In cases like this some ideal forms can be internet search engine, ppc, emails, banners and so forth.

2. 2. 2 Offline marketing programs is the original way of promoting a concern or communicating something to the public. Some examples may include the original printing, newspapers, mags, mail order, public relations, radios and television and other conventional methods.

2. 3 Views

A company can create his involved marketing communication program by using all the components of the marketing blend, like place, product, advertising and price.

In order to know well the topic, an example can be form, "Belch and Belch (2007)". The idea of IMC experienced a great effect for them, simply the discuss the must establish communication and sales objective along, the way how sales aim have its regards to the corporate aim is at term of getting a certain money sales volume, product sold, market show and profile level. Together with the sales objective it provides a quantifiable and measurable benchmark for the promotional campaign. Alternatively, promotional efforts are not really the only factor that affects sales.

Critically evaluate the benefits to the marketing supervisor and their firm of using an 'built-in marketing communications combine'. (15 grades)

3. 0 Integrated Marketing Communications

"Integrated Marketing Communications is a term used to describe a holistic approach to marketing communication. It aims to ensure uniformity of note and the complementary use of press. The idea includes online and offline marketing channels. Online marketing programs include any e-marketing campaigns or programs, from search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click, and affiliate marketing, and email, banner to latest web related channels for webinar, blog, micro-blogging, RSS, podcast, and Internet Television set. Offline marketing programs are traditional print out (newspaper, mag), email order, public relations, industry relationships, billboard, radio, and television. A company develops its involved marketing communication program using all the elements of the marketing combine (product, price, place, and advertising)".

3. 1 The benefits associated with IMC to the marketing director and the organization are as follows:

In order to get all the great things about IMC, it has a positive effect on the organization and its image. To start with it can create a lot of benefits like competitive benefit, supercharge up sales revenue as well as profits level, maintained money for future investments, time factor and release the individuals of all his stress at work.

In the corporate world communication is very essential to become touching all different phases of productions. IMC wraps his communication principal with his customers, in order to help them in a position to move along the many stages concerning the buying process. This way does mean that it'll be able to promote the image of the business and the relationship with the customers.

IMC could also act as a human reference manager, as he'll enable to maintain good relationship with its market. Doing so will be a way to bond customer devotion on both a brief term and an extended term. The ability to keep a person forever is a robust tool as it'll effect into a competitive gain for the business enterprise.

Increased the success factor is also in the hands of IMC, and therefore in order to be profitable the business enterprise should effective. That's it will have a clear way to do communication. This should be done in such a way that it will not be distorted as one information may be communicated into other ways.

At another level, original research shows that images distributed in advertising and direct mail boost both advertising consciousness and mail shot reactions. So IMC can boost sales by extending announcements across several communications tools to generate more avenues for customers to become aware, aroused, and finally, to make a purchase.

Finally, IMC will save you money as it eradicates duplication in areas such as graphics and photography since they can be distributed and found in say, advertising, exhibitions and sales books. Organization fees are reduced by using a single agency for any marketing communications and even if there are several agencies, time is preserved when meetings bring all the companies mutually - for briefings, creative periods, tactical or tactical planning. This reduces workload and following stress levels.

3. 2 Possible drawbacks of IMC

Despite its benefits, Integrated MARKETING AND SALES COMMUNICATIONS, or IMC, has many barriers.

Functional Silos

Stifled Creativity

Time Range Conflicts

Lack of Management know-how

Drawbacks of IMC

Table 2: downsides of IMC

3. 3 Fantastic rules of IMC

Senior Management Support

Integrate At Different Levels of management

Ensure the look Manual

Focus on the clear marketing and sales communications strategy

Start with a No Budget

Think Customers First

Build Associations and Brand Values

Good Marketing Information System


search for the optimum communications mix

Task 3 - 25 marks

In your own words, make clear what is recommended by "social marketing". (10 marks)

4. 0 Launch of Social Marketing

"Cultural marketing is the systematic application of marketing, along with other concepts and techniques, to achieve specific behavioral goals for a cultural good. Social marketing can be employed to market merit goods, or to make a society avoid demerit goods and therefore to market society's wellbeing as a whole. For example, this might include requesting people never to smoke in public areas, asking those to use seats belts, or prompting to make sure they are follow speed restrictions.

Although "social marketing" may also be seen only as using standard commercial marketing procedures to achieve non-commercial goals, this can be an over-simplification.

The primary aim of sociable marketing is "social good", while in "commercial marketing" desire to is primarily "financial". This does not imply that commercial marketers can not contribute to achievement of social good.

Increasingly, communal marketing has been described as having "two parents"-a "friendly parent or guardian" = social sciences and sociable coverage, and a "marketing father or mother" = commercial and open public sector marketing methods.

Beginning in the 1970s, it includes in the last ten years matured into a more integrative and inclusive discipline that draws on the full range of interpersonal sciences and public policy approaches as well as marketing.

Social marketing must not be confused with social media marketing. "

4. 1 History of cultural marketing

Social marketing commenced as a formal self-control in 1971, with the publication of "Public Marketing: A procedure for Planned Social Change" in the Journal of Marketing by marketing experts Philip Kotler and Gerald Zaltman. However, earlier, social marketing got recently been used as an instrument for birth control in India, in which a persuasion based procedure was favored over the legislative approach.

4. 2 The different parts of social marketing

Components of interpersonal marketing

Consumer orientation to realize organizational (communal) goals

Voluntary exchanges of goods and services between providers and consumers

Research in audience analysis and segmentation strategies

Management process which involves problem evaluation, planning, execution and feedback functions

Use of formative research in product and message design and the pretesting of these materials

Use of the marketing mix

Analysis of circulation (or communication) channels

Integrative and control functions

Table 3: the different parts of social marketing

4. 3 Views of sociable marketing

Social marketing uses the benefits and of doing public goods to secure and keep maintaining customer engagement. Distinguishing top features of social marketing is the fact "primary focus on communal good but supplementary is false". Interpersonal marketing also means that it isn't all public sectors and not-for-profit marketing does social marketing. Public marketing can used standard marketing ways to promote their relevant services and group goals. This is very important but should not be confused with interpersonal marketing where in fact the latter is concentrating on attaining specific goals with the specific audiences with regards to different topics relevant to sociable good, for example: health, sustainability, recycling etc. Community marketing applies a "customer oriented" approach and uses the principles and tools employed by commercial marketers in pursuit of social goals like Anti-Smoking-Campaigns or fund raising for NGOs.

Is 'Ecowash' among social marketing? Fully justify your answer. (15marks)

5. 0 Advantages of Community marketing

"Social marketing is the organized request of marketing, and also other ideas and techniques, to attain specific behavioral goals for a public good. [1] Communal marketing can be applied to promote merit goods, or to make a society avoid demerit goods and so to market society's physical condition as a whole. For example, this may include asking people never to smoke in public areas areas, asking those to use couch belts, or prompting to make them follow speed limitations.

Although "social marketing" may also be seen only as using standard commercial marketing practices to accomplish non-commercial goals, this is an over-simplification.

The primary aim of cultural marketing is "social good"; while in "commercial marketing" the aim is generally "financial". This does not mean that commercial marketers cannot contribute to accomplishment of interpersonal good.

Increasingly, sociable marketing has been described as having "two parents"-a "public mother or father" = communal sciences and communal policy, and a "marketing mother or father" = commercial and general population sector marketing approaches.

Beginning in the 1970s, they have within the last decade matured into a more integrative and inclusive willpower that draws on the entire range of interpersonal sciences and sociable policy solutions as well as marketing".

5. 1Referring to the case

Ecowash is not an eco-friendly product. The reason why in saying so can be as follows: it isn't environmentally friendly, and therefore the Anglo-French company trends will affect the future generation. Doing so indicates to disrespect the nature. Nowadays the globe is producing at a rapid speed meaning that the rate of pollution is also expanding at a rapid speed causing some natural problems like air pollution, water air pollution and deforestation. To avoid it, it is better to be green.

Referring to the situation it is stated that "high-profile experts in the relevant field to execute research to back-up their says that "Ecowash" was a classic biodegradable, eco-friendly washing-up liquid/detergent" this brief statement means that it is truly ecology but this isn't the case. High sum of money was used to get this to product eco-friendly. Corresponding to Advertising Requirements Authority(ASA) he speak about that Anglo-French never have been able to prove, show or support his boasts that truly ecowash is a bridgeable product that could not affect the environment. The ASA explained in their article that Anglo-French were unable showing that their product was less harmful to the type.

Processing on the product packaging of the merchandise, it is said to be environmentally friendly but it isn't the case. The reason is such that both the consumer association and nationwide consumer council portrayed concerns in their reports. He is said that the business enterprise needs to review its rules about the product packaging. in order to be environmentally friendly the businesses should choose ht e idea of characteristics logos like bouquets, rainbows and so forth.

Task 4 - 30 marks

(a) You may have been asked because of your marketing manager to create a brief briefing doc for him/her, explaining the variations between "regulations" in terms of the various codes of practice, and "legislation" in conditions of legal 'functions of regulation' as they affects marketers and marketing today. (15 grades)

6. 0 Regulation and Legislation

"Rules is "controlling real human or societal tendencies by rules or limitations. " Regulation may take many forms: legal constraints promulgated by the government power, self-regulation by an industry such as by having a trade association, cultural regulation (e. g. norms), co-regulation and market legislation. One can consider legislation as activities of do imposing sanctions (such as a fine). This action of administrative laws, or putting into action regulatory laws, may be contrasted with statutory or case law. "

Regulations are requirements that can come in many varieties. They might be industry specific rules including the Health Information Portability and Accountability Take action (HIPAA), which addresses health care organizations. Regulations may also be wider in opportunity for example, the National Information Security Management Action (FISMA). Regulations are the formal requirements an organization are required to follow. Laws can be either internally or externally generated, supervised, or enforced. Legislation refers to a particular requirement that can take on various varieties, such as industry specific rules or restrictions that are much broader in opportunity. They will be the way the legislation is enforced by regulators and they support the requirements of the legislation. In industry, they specify this formal (legal) requirements that require to be followed by organizations, employees and employers likewise to create a level taking part in field within the competitive environment of the organizations as well as within a specific organization. This is so because restrictions address product basic safety, consumer coverage and other factors in public interest. Finished. with regulations is that they could either be internally or externally developed so as a means of compliance, they might be developed through technical specifications or may be through some standards in the private sector.

"Legislation may be thought as the various rules of safety that must be applied to a particular product or services which will be delivering to everyone. Legislation is carried out to ensure the buyer or people that the product is fully useable and fully been produced in line with the procedures that the company have talk about in his given instructions on the specific service or product. Legislation is categorized into various ways according to laws of different countries about the world. In other words, legislation identifies all the placed laws of the federal government about the world of trading". Legislation can be an external directive that places specific requirements on a specific industry. It must be met for the business to be legitimately compliant. Legislation is placed into place by the government. Legislation is typically an external drivers, unless, of course, you are area of the government business creating the legislation. Legislation is a directive located by a administration or governing body on either a business, a section of community or located on people of a country which must be complied with in order to stay within the legal boundaries of that particular country, community or industry. In industry, legislation works as an external drivers which must be attained by all players in order to be compliant.

Legislation is handed as laws with a parliament of an country or various other legislative arm of an federal government. After legislation is handed down, there will be regulators, usually government bodies, who will take a look at the laws handed and workout the details that need to be enforced so that they are followed. For instance a parliament may pass a legislation that enforces a standard interconnection fee for telecommunication service providers in a country, and then a government division (regulator) of marketing communications will detail the nitty-gritty of the legislation and enforce it. Sometimes before a part of legislation becomes a regulation, it may be referred to as a charge. Some countries require legislation to be validated by the professional (usually Chief executive) before maybe it's enforced as rules.

Commonly an associate of the regulating body or legislature will propose legislation or by the exec, which in turn becomes open up for controversy by legislators. Amendments are usually created before it is finally handed. Administration legislative priorities often determine whether a given bill is suggested and enforced as laws.

Critically examine "regulation" against "legislation" in term of its positive and negative effects after marketing. (15 markings)

7. 0 Intro of regulation

"Regulation mandated by a state attempts to produce outcomes which might not otherwise arise, produce or prevent effects in different places to what might otherwise arise, or produce or prevent final results in different timescales than would usually occur. In this way, regulations is seen as implementation artifacts of coverage statements. Common types of regulation include adjustments on market entries, prices, wages, Development approvals, pollution effects, employment for certain people in certain industries, benchmarks of production for certain goods, the military causes and services. The economics of imposing or taking away regulations relating to markets is examined in regulatory economics".

7. 1 Release of legislation

"Legislation is a directive located by a federal or governing body on either a business, a portion of community or positioned on people of a country which must be complied with to be able to remain within the legal limitations of that particular country, community or industry. In industry, legislation operates as an exterior driver which must be met by all players to become compliant. Legislation is passed as laws by way of a parliament of any country or some other legislative arm of an administration. After legislation is transferred, you will see regulators, usually specialists, who will look at the laws handed down and work out the details that require to be enforced so that they are followed".

7. 2 Benefits of legislation

A group of different laws is defined by the federal government in order to safeguard the fight of the product as well as the right of the buyer and other associated people. It contains a range of laws and regulations such the business names react 1985 - trading brands. Under this function, it is says that it's important to let your costumer know in what the business is specialize.

Consumer Protection Act 1987 - If the trader identifies a pricing error during sale, they do not have to provide the customer. If the merchandise is sold to the client, it must be at the purchase price the client has seen. It is against the law to overcharge or use deceptive or unfair price comparisons.

Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Legislation 2008 - The Restrictions introduces an over-all duty not to trade unfairly and seek to ensure that professionals act frankly and fairly towards their customers. They apply mainly to business to consumer practices (but elements of business to business methods are also covered where they impact, or will probably have an impact on, consumers).

7. 2 Disadvantages of legislation

Certain regulations may be biased as nowadays regulations will change at a rapid speed. Some individuals may not know how they might be help with these laws and regulations. Some companies do not follow those rules to the letter as they have got the propensity to mislead their products to be able to improve up sales and also to get yourself a part of talk about on the market. Being a decision taken by the government, sometime it could be wrong and we may see its bring about the longer term.

7. 3 Advantages of regulation

It is laws that the government have put in order to give a good jogging of the country. Common examples are in term of price, wages, development approvals, pollution effects, career, goods and services that will have a direct effect on the economic of the united states.

7. 4 Drawbacks of regulation

It will have a direct impact on the customers; if ever the firm does indeed so then it has impacts like market failures, population, endogenous preferences etc.

7. 5 Views

It is way better to move forward with the idea of regulation.

Task 5 - 10 marks

Do you believe a code of practice for packaging would work and become honored by producers? From what has been explained to you choose to do you think that all three celebrations; manufactures, consumers systems and authorities could agree upon a workable code of practice for product packaging. Justify your own views?

8. 0 Benefits of Packaging

Packaging is the technology, art and technology of enclosing or safeguarding products for circulation, storage, sales, and use. Packaging also refers to the process of design, evaluation, and development of plans. Packaging can be described as a coordinated system of setting up goods for transport, warehousing, logistics, sale, and end use. Packaging contains, protects, preserves, transports, informs, and markets. In many countries it is totally integrated into federal, business, and institutional, industrial, and personal use.

8. 1 How packaging will be honored the three parties

In an enterprise term, these three people is discussing the concept of stakeholders, as we realize stakeholders is a person or several folks that will inspired or is affected by the functioning of the business enterprise.

8. 1. 1 Manufacturers

This party will be able to think ecologically for his business, meaning that he'll need to apply environmentally packages to be able to reduce its impact in the nature. The waste products management system should in terms of lowering both quantitative and qualitative protection, re-use, recycling, energy restoration and disposal.

8. 1. 2 Consumers bodies

He should be able to buy in large as customers loves to buy in small quantity which results into lot of plastic items. It should be environmentally useable, thus the buyer might be able to reuse this ditto again and again.

8. 1. 3 Government

He needs to put strong guidelines and legislation regarding this matter. He should encourage firms to start implementing eco-packaging. This can have less impact on the nature and on the other hand it will act as ways to do ecological development for future years generation.

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