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Market and business analysis of camille bloch

Camille Bloch is one of the most visionary and creative delicious chocolate manufacturers in Switzerland. It only are available in European countries such as Canada, Denmark, France, Austria and Italy, etc. There is absolutely no market show in Parts of asia. Therefore, Camille Bloch must lengthen new market for his or her product, such as Singapore. Through examining exterior environment, company detects that Singapore is a potential market. The government welcomes any legal business to purchase Singapore. Besides, Singapore is a free port for brought in confectionery and snacks. Relating to World Bank or investment company 2010 report, Singapore overall economy is easy and simple to do business and has been granted the best country in Asia. Facing many opponents, this company can use its competitive benefit to boost its growth probable. Because Singapore is a relatively niche market which have only one city, Camille Bloch can make market segmentation based on the demographic of Singapore and decide to choose 13-29 years of age customers as target market. They are reported as one of the most powerful customers in the market. And teenagers with discretionary spending electricity, they can pick any type of product they need without affects from the parents. Camille Bloch will choose direct exporting to let Singaporean marketers put services in the forex market. Company will choose to export straight through importer located in Singapore. It gives a chance for company to learn Singapore markets before trading and reduces the potential dangers of operating abroad, increasing the sales probable of existing products and gain information about foreign competition. At the same time, MOUSSES is current product in Camille Bloch. If it want to develop new market, company need to make use of market development strategy as market extension strategy. Through the process of development, Camille Bloch must use marketing combination technique to make MOUSSES popularized. For product strategy, company will choose unbiased little piece packaging to produce and put in Singapore market while its price strategy is making combo with three sorts of rates strategies. The lower limit of the price is marginal cost while the upper limit of this price is demand price. From then on, Camille Bloch will set up good co-operation with Fairprice, Cold Storage area Group, Sheng Siong, Carrefour and Large supermarkets through choosing good vendors possessed high reputation and abundant experience. Once getting into Singapore market, company will continually propagandize this product to enlarge its popularity and obtain market shares through sales campaign, advertising and retail terminal inputs POP. Through these strategies to expose this brand, we think that company will have good foreground in Singapore market.

2. Introduction

Camille Bloch is one of the very most visionary and creative chocolates manufacturers in Switzerland. Camille Bloch can be an self-employed family business. Together with the rapidly development of epoch, they have a ideal challenge is the total amount between the set up and the modern. They must hook up their recipes and advanced technology. Besides, they try their new product ideas. However, Camille Bloch products can't be found all over the world. It only can be found in some Europe such as Canada, Denmark, France, Austria and Italy, etc. There is absolutely no market share in a few Asian country. Therefore, Camille Bloch should export their product to some Parts of asia such as Singapore.

3. Exterior Environmental Analysis

Environment is most significant part for a business that is in any industry. For the company, they must put a great deal focus on this part. First of all, a corporation should examine the macro-environment and it can be examined from many areas. There are some main elements can be impacted organization such as politics, economical, social, technological, environment and legal, etc. Singapore is one of the better business environment countries on the globe. There are plenty of affects can impact chocolate product import such as administration political, importer taxes or huge demand, etc. However, some of them are positive and the others may negative.

3. 1. Political and Legal Environment

Government affects nearly every facet of business life atlanta divorce attorneys one country. Singapore is an enterprise friendly country. The government welcomes any legal business to purchase Singapore. Besides, Singapore is a free of charge port for brought in confectionery and appetizers. Although, there are 7% duty of goods and service will be recharged by the importer before imported products but no import obligations are levied on brought in confectionery and goodies. This politic can help delicious chocolate company which export to Singapore to reduce cost. However, Chocolate maker who would like to sale the products in Singapore should has high product quality standard because their product should be subject to inspection.

3. 2. Economy environment

The Singapore current economic climate is active free-market market and the per-capita income of Singapore is the best in ASEAN. Relating to survey, Singapore's economic growth was rapidly slowing down than before since third 1 / 4 2008 due to international financial meltdown. However, Singapore's economic still quite strong. Relating to World Bank or investment company 2010 report, Singapore overall economy is easy and simple to conduct business. Also, Singapore has been honored the best country in Asia.

3. 3. Public Cultural

Singapore is multi-culture country. It also can be an eastern country which still has traditional family prices, but the young technology has designed to traditional western culture and worth. Currently, the population of Singapore is more than 4 million. Singapore cultural mix is Chinese language (75. 2%), Malays (13. 6%), and Indians (8. 8%). Singaporean are incredibly hard working, therefore, they get a whole lot of work strains. So, they want chocolate or candy to reduce pressure.

3. 4. Technological Factors

With the swiftly development of technology, it can impact many kind of things such as circulation strategies, mass media strategies, etc. When a brand would go to a overseas country as a fresh brand, the company must use some solution to bring in their product. Advertising is ideal tool can help them to accomplish their goals. In Singapore, there are many advertising tools can be accessible such as MRT, bus, taxi cab, TV or magazines, etc. Also, syndication channels are extremely important tool for a company. There are many distribution channels can be utilized. For instance, Convenience store is important route for confectionery. Because, these places always are frequented by more youthful Singaporeans but it is difficult to increase brand consciousness. Therefore, the business can pick some major retailers to sale their products such as Fairprice, ShengSiong and Carrefour, etc or some niche confectionery shops such as The Cocoa Trees and shrubs or Umeya chains of outlets

4. Competitor Analysis

Competitor research is important to an organization. It can impact marketing strategies when the company wants to establish the product in the market. In this way the company will get regions of potential competitive edge and disadvantage. We are able to use many solutions to analyze competition, first identifying rivals and assessing competition and then selecting which opponents can become attacker and which competitor can be avoided.

4. 1. Main competitor

For Camille Bloch chocolates company, there are many immediate and indirect competitors in Singapore. A lot more than 30 countries source confectionery to Singapore such as USA, UK, Netherlands, and Switzerland, etc. Also, there are various brands can be found in the marketplace such as Nestle, Ferrero, Lindt, Hershey and Haagen-Dazs, etc. However, many brands are direct competitors and a few of them are indirect. For instance, Haagen-Dazs is a famous confectionery company. Their major product is ice-cream. Although, Haagen-Dazs is indirect rival for Camille Bloch, however, they still can get some market share in confectionery market of Singapore. Also, it make a difference the online marketing strategy when Camille Bloch products enter into market.

Direct rival is most important part that ought to put more focus. In Singapore confectionery market, Nestle, Ferrero, Cadbury, KitKat, Cacao, etc are fundamental competitors. These competitors have different products and also have different concentrate on customer. These competitors' products are quite traditional.

4. 2. Competitive advantage

Singapore chocolates market needs some new product may bring some activities. Therefore, Camille Bloch has a fresh product is called Mousse mixture can give a fresh filling up to Singapore market. The Mousse combination from Camille Bloch has always been smooth and light. And there are three different flavours can be chose such as Lait Extra for light-coloured, milky extravagance; Lait for traditional connoisseurs and Noir for gourmets who prefer the bittersweet tastes of plain chocolates.

4. 3. Development potential

Singapore confectionery market is a producing market. There are numerous opportunities can make company successful. Camille Bloch can use Mousse mixture to enter to market and increase their brand recognition. When the product can get some market talk about, Camille Bloch can kick off some other products into Singapore market. Matching to Singaporean's behavior, Camille Bloch can also do other product except chocolate such as coffee or ice-cream. It is because many Singaporean love both of these things. Some Singaporean is espresso drinker, they may drink much more than eight cup of coffee per day. So, they are the growth prospect of Camille Bloch in Singapore market.

5. Market segmentation and focus on marketing

There is no single way to portion a market. Market segmentation is the procedure of dividing a market into smaller groups of buyers with distinctive needs, characteristics or manners who might require different products. Market segmentation shows the firm's market portion opportunities. After assessing different market sections, companies must choose target market to conduct business strategies. A target market consists of a couple of buyers who talk about common needs or characteristics that the company decides to serve. Because of the demographic of Singapore, marketplace of our product is teenager and young adult years from 13 to 29 year old. Chocolate is a part of the each day consumers' lives and be a favorite product of Singaporean individuals and children. They can be reported among the most strong customers on the market. Teenagers with discretionary spending ability, they can pick any sort of product they want without influences from the parents because they already have their own allowance. For young adults, they have careers and income so they can decide for their consumer action. They buy chocolate for themselves or they use chocolates as surprise item at other party such as birthdays, weddings. It has created a predicament in the market where there is seasonal demand, with a higher proportion of sales being made between November and April. This period includes the majority of Singapore's major festivals or activities like Deepavali, Thanksgiving, Holiday, Calendar New Year, Chinese New Year, and ROMANTIC DAYS CELEBRATION. In this era there is quite a advanced of spending.

6. Market accessibility and growth strategies

6. 1. Market entry strategies

There are numerous ways for company to create products into foreign markets such as Exporting, Licensing, Franchising, Joint Ventures, Strategic Alliances, Acquisition or Greenfield Procedure. Selection method will depend on costs, risk and the degree of control that can be exercised over them. The easiest form of admittance strategy is exporting since it requires bare minimum resources while allowing high flexibility and offers significant financial, marketing, technological and other benefit to the company. Exporting methods include indirect or immediate export. Indirect exporting will involve the utilization of unbiased intermediaries or agencies to advertise the firm's product overseas. These brokers, known as export representatives, believe responsibility for marketing the firm's product through their network of international distributors and their own sales force. On the other hand, direct exporting occurs when a produces or exporter markets right to an importer or buyer positioned in a overseas market.

In Singapore, people can be bought chocolate from hypermarkets, supermarkets, convenience stores, petrol train station stores, minimarts, procedures/grocery retailers and kiosk-type retailers or stalls found in shopping centre, entertainment complexes, vacationer locations, airport shops and even at traditional street-side paper stalls. There are also some specialty retailers, which operate in chains or as single site outlets. Because this is the first time company introduce product into Singapore, we select only mousse chocolate; it's the latest information product blend from Camille Bloch is definitely soft and light. Company cannot sell products directly to consumers so company will choose to export directly through importer located in Singapore. It gives an opportunity for company to learn Singapore marketplaces before investing and reduces the potential dangers of operating abroad, lengthen the sales probable of existing products and gain information about foreign competition. Some companies focus on importing Singapore's Confectioneries are Hong Yi Hao Trading Pte Ltd, Kaimay Trading Pte Ltd, Sing Long Foodstuff Trading Company Pte Ltd, Diethelm Singapore Pte Ltd and etc. Most importers have their own syndication networks, collect cargoes, re-pack in warehouses and deliver to consumers through stores such as Fairprice, Freezing Safe-keeping Group, Sheng Siong, Carrefour and Large.

6. 2. Market growth strategies

Current Product

New Products

Current Market

1. Market Penetration Strategy

3. Product Development Strategy

New Market

2. Market Development Strategy

4. Diversification


Figure 6. 2. 1: The product/ market expansion grid

Company has decided to developed new market (Singapore market) for the prevailing company product (mousse chocolates). It is called market development strategy. Finding new market for the new customer helps company to increase performance by increasing sales and income. After the company approached the new market, companies must conduct the strategy to expand market therefore the company to be able to survive long-term. The first one is to adding more products to the marketplace, that way you'll be able to get multiple new customer bases. Company is able to establish all kind of Camille Bloch's product like Ragusa chocolate, Torino delicious chocolate, Liqueur delicious chocolate and Napolitains delicious chocolate. Since then company can find the best- selling product and focus marketing effort on that product as well as use this bestseller product to gain multiple profits. The next one is to include segment to grow company's market. One way to do so is to choose to target a fresh portion such as children get older from 3 to 12 calendar year old or family consumers.

7. International marketing mix

7. 1. Product strategy

Camille Bloch emits many kinds of products in Switzerland. Especially, MOSSUE have its special feature. So company will opt to choose it to broaden Singapore market, boosting delicious chocolate categories. Camille Bloch places MOUSSE into Singapore market in order to generate differentiation with challengers. According to the study for Singapore retail markets, most of chocolates being sold in Singapore market are imported brand or joint venture brand, their product packaging are mainly row stop packaging. However, indie little piece packaging is seldom employed by chocolate company. Desk 7. 1. 1 shows packaging features of major opponents.


Row block

Gift packaging


50k, 70k, 100k

180k, 220k

Berly, s

46k, 50k, 70k, 85k

130k, 250k


40k, 60k

200k, 300k, 375k


50k, 100k


Table 7. 1. 1: The evaluation of packaging specifications of major competitors

Through analyzing two varieties of product packaging, traditional row block packaging have some clear shortcomings, such as incommodiousness, insanitation and so forth. While the characterization of independent little piece presentation is that each piece of delicious chocolate have its own packaging. Consumers can rip wrapping paper to eat out every part. This sort of packaging is ideally used and health for consumers. And the production volume of independent little piece packaging can ideally be adjusted matching to advertise needs or they can be put into bulk packaging.

So Camille Bloch should establish independent little piece packaging of MOUSSES in Singapore market in order to obtain more competitive gain.

7. 2. Price strategy

The level of market show in enterprises, speed of market popularity for new products, the image of businesses and their products in the market have close romantic relationship with price strategy. Beneath the fierce competitive environment of chocolate industry, we have to make combo with three sorts of costing strategies. The lower limit of the price is marginal cost as the upper limit of this price is demand price. Aside from it, company also needs to refer the competitive situation of Singapore market to make the realistic price.

Camille Bloch should adopt invasive prices strategy. When MOUSSES products moved into into Singapore market, the rates for this product is leaner than joint ventures and wholly-owned international competition. Through this costing strategy, company hopes Singapore customers to know that MOUSSES chocolate is cheap but good Switzerland imported chocolate. Then your position of MOUSSES delicious chocolate can be clear through prices and brand image like "imported products, acceptable price" can be evidently established.

Through inspecting the retail price of main competitive brands, we have the percentage of price competition from main competition brands and have developed suggested retail price of MOUSSES



Retail price (the smallest unit)



SGD $1. 55 per piece (50k)


Berly, s

SGD $3. 15 per piece (46k)



SGD $2. 7 per part (40k)



SGD $2per piece (50k)



SGD $2. 8 per bag (45k)

Table 7. 2. 1: The research of chocolates retail price

Notes: the costs of retail prices will lower 5%-10% than competitors, which can provide customers adequate impulsion of aesthetic, psychological and the worthiness. But the selection of price is not greater than 10% of international rivals. Its selling price is lower than Berly's delicious chocolate, about 6%. If intrusive pricing appears income loss, company can compensate this through the size sales. Once the product get a foothold in Singapore market, its retail price will call-back.

7. 3. Place strategy

7. 3. 1. The decision of channels

Singapore is a comparatively niche market that have only 1 city. So the choice of syndication route doesn't consider the differentiation between metropolitan areas. Camille Bloch first of all cooperates with supermarkets to directly provide the product into Singapore market. At the same time, Camille Bloch should build good cooperation with Fairprice, Cold Storage area Group, Sheng Siong, Carrefour and Large supermarkets. Additionally, this brand finally pass on all over feature of the country in the right of countrywide network of supermarkets. For instance, hypermarkets, convenience stores, procedures/grocery outlets and kiosk-type outlets or stalls situated in shopping centre, entertainment complexes, tourist locations and airport terminal shops.

7. 3. 2. The choice of distributors

For MOUSSES, utilizing dealers to deliver is an financial and effective way. Dealers send MOUSSES of Camille Bloch to customers, the speed of move and service quality immediately affect the sale of product and market image. So company will choose local distributor possessed high reputation and abundant experience, such as Hong Yi Hao Trading Pte Ltd, Kaimay Trading Pte Ltd, Sing Long Foodstuff Trading Company Pte Ltd.

7. 4. Advertising strategy

The promotion combine for stretching MOUSSES as follow:

7. 4. 1. Sales promotion

Promotion persons will send free trial in large person flow and high-end commercial network. The main goal customer is 13-29 years old persons. Sales people strive for making target consumers taste. Using novel style and good quality attract customers to buy MOUSSES chocolates.

7. 4. 2. Retail terminal inputs POP

This part contains some means such as posters, flags, special shelves, arranging professional tallymen to tally. They unified the standard of screen in the store and make use of cool, orderly and beautiful display to cause the impulsion of customers, inspiring purchasing desire.

7. 4. 3. Advertising

During the period of Singaporean important celebration, company should type some advert through TV press and make outdoor advertisements adding air-conditioned vehicle to determine the brand image, cultivating aim for consumer group loyalty and attracting clients.

8. Conclusion

Through the examination of exterior environment and competition, Camille Bloch can make market segmentation based on the demographic of Singapore and decide to choose 13-29 years old customers as target market. The corporation will choose direct exporting to let Singaporean marketers put new products in this market. Market development strategy as market growth strategy will be used for MOUSSES. Apart from that, marketing mix strategy also will be made to efficiently put this new product into Singapore market. Company hopes that product can be lengthened at the earliest opportunity.

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