Marijuana Needs to be Legalized

Marijuana Should Be Legalized

I stand pretty hard on this one. And a lot of of my own peers too. The ones that don't are mostly the "serious middle age citizens", as they get pleasure from calling themselves. The grandmas and grandpas don't even know about this matter, so they are not as loud on it. Blessed us! The truth is, majority of the marijuana people are we, the young people. Why do we do it? Why not? We are aged we want to have fun. Getting substantial gets our boredom away. It is simple for the "serious middle aged citizens" to say that this is actually a poor cause but , after all, they are "serious". They did the same at the age. Great, of course , they are "sinless". What would there is a saying about those that need this drug desperately to get medical work with? Or it is good to be an anti-marijuana eager beaver as long as Tylenol and Advil do it for you personally? How selfish! There are people out there crying out for medical help. This is their last desire. Should we ignore them? Let them suffer and perish? Finally, marijuana is quite a bit less dangerous because tobacco and alcohol, although we haven't abolished them. Hundreds of thousands of deaths each year are the casualties of tobacco and alcohol consumption. But Jack Daniels and Camel ads continue to be on the back-cover of our beloved magazines. Let alone the vast amounts of dollars just US govt spends struggling with marijuana. Get up Uncle Sam, there are a few real problems you need to get rid of, and pot is not merely one of them. The fun time it provides, its medical use, and the discriminations it is just a subject of, support the concept of its legalization.

Well, what can I state, Uncle Sam is simply too busy to hear us "potheads". But , wait around Uncle Sam, even your creators "toke that up" from time to time. Apparently, intended for President Clinton Lewinsky wasn't a scandal big enough, so he stepped into the spotlight and stated, "I used to smoke (marijuana), nevertheless I didn't inhale". It's like 1 saying, "Yeah, I consumed some ale, but I didn't swallow". Let's deal with reality. Weed is component to people's lives and we are unable to ignore that. People need joys, and pot seems to be our- young people's, favorite one. So why don't you let all of us enjoy it? Excessive is each of our association of fun. In fact it is so because of a reason.

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