ManuScript is a simple, music-based programming terminology developed to write plug-ins intended for the Sibelius music cpu.

It is depending on Simkin, an embedded scripting language developed by Simon Whiteside (, and has been prolonged by him and Graham Westlake. (Simkin is a spooky pet term for Claire sometimes present in Victorian novels. )


In adding a plug-in language to Sibelius we were trying to treat several different problems:

Music notation is complex and definitely extensible, so some users will occasionally want to boost a music notation software to make that cope with these new extensions.

It is helpful to allow usually repeated functions (e. g. opening a MIDI document and conserving it as a score) being automated, utilizing a system of piece or macros.

Certain more complicated techniques used in composing or arranging music can be partly automated, yet there are lots of to include because standard features in Sibelius.

There were several conditions that people wanted to meet in determining what vocabulary to use:

The chinese language had to be simple, as we want normal users (not merely seasoned programmers) to be able to make use of it.

We wanted plug-ins to get usable on any pc or laptop, as the use of PC? s, Macs and other platforms can be widespread in the music universe.

We desired the tools to program in chinese to be supplied with Sibelius.

All of us wanted audio concepts (pitch, notes, bars) to be conveniently expressed in the language.

We all wanted applications to be able to talk to Sibelius very easily (to put in and get information via scores).

We wanted simple dialog packing containers and other user interface elements being easily set.

C/C++, the earth? s? regular? programming language(s), were unsuitable as they are difficult for the non-specialist to work with, they would desire a separate compiler, and you would have to recompile for every different platform you planned to support (and thus make multiple editions of each plug-in).

The language Java was even more promising as it is relatively simple and may run on any kind of platform without recompilation. Yet , we would nonetheless need to source a compiler for people to use, and we could hardly express audio concepts in Java while directly as we could with a new language.

And so we chose to create our very own language which can be interpreted so it can managed with different programs; is integrated into Sibelius without the need for separate tools, and is extended with new music concepts at any time.

The ManuScript language that resulted really is easy.

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