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Managing Information Communication Knowledge

Tesco is Britain's leading dealer. These are one of the very best three retailers in the world, operating over 2, 711 stores globally and employing 366, 000 people. Tesco operates in 11 countries beyond your UK - Republic of Ireland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Turkey and Poland in Europe; China, Japan, Malaysia, South Korea and Thailand in Asia.

Everyday life maintains changing and the Tesco team excels at responding to those changes. Tesco has grown from a market stall, create by Jack Cohen in 1919. The name Tesco first came out above a shop in Edgware in 1929 and since then the company has grown and developed, responding to new opportunities and pioneering many innovations.

Tesco is the biggest private sector company in the UK. The company has more than 360, 000 employees worldwide. In the UK, Tesco stores range from small local Tesco Exhibit sites to large Tesco Extras and superstores. Around 86% of all sales are from the united kingdom.

Tesco also manages in 12 countries outside the UK, including China, Japan and Turkey. The business has recently opened stores in america. This international extension is part of Tesco's strategy to diversify and expand the business enterprise.

What role Information, Communication and knowledge play in attaining competitive benefit for a business?

The role of Information

Information is the very important fact in a business it is takes on a large role to achieve the organizations vision. Within this competition world information is provide competitive part to get successful business.

The understanding of information will help to explore the role of information.


Information is subset of data that means something to the individual receiving it, that they judge to be useful, significant, and immediate and so on. it originates from data that has been processed such that it has meaning and value for the recipient - by linking it to other bits of data showing a comparison, a comparison, a collection of events, or a craze. the info so provided continues to be subjective since what one individual considers as valuable, another could see as insignificant data they could interpret ways, depending on their background and interests.

In order for businesses to operate properly information is necessary. They can be classified as follows





Decision making


In this task information help get a concept about the available resources, present market and rivals of a business.


The information which use in recording really helps to manage the business properly because using recording historical details can be found easily.


Once a plan is carried out; its real performance must be handled. Therefore information requires checking whether activities are proceeding as organized or whether there is certainly unexpected deviation from plan.


In this task information can be used to measure performances of business. This is analyzed by collecting home elevators costs, revenues, size, time scales and profitability.


Information is very much important to make decisions in a firm. Good information must have following attributes;

It should relevance to a user's needs.

It should be correct.

The information should be easily available within the period of time.

It should inspire the user's assurance.

It should communicate to the user clearly

It must have effective cost

Tesco is today a Hyper-Market, diversifying into a number of products, achieving customer needs and satisfaction through various comments from customers carried out exclusively to boost customer requirements. As a result Tesco is improving its information structure about its product suppliers through an Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) system. The system assures an alliance between your retailer and supplier thus making it cost-effective. Hyper -market

"Our aim is to on-board our suppliers as efficiently as you can and streamline the day to day EDI traffic benefitting both customers and suppliers, " said job manager of circulation support at Tesco, Nikki Pearson


Communication in the main element part of human being and it is playing a big role in variety. On this modern world all businesses training diversity because of globalization and malty ethnical revolution. The knowledge of communication will explore the role of communication.


Communication happens when people reveal information to attain the understanding. Managing depends on conveying and interpreting emails clearly so that folks can work collectively. While speaking writing are easy, attaining one common understanding is not. different backgrounds and personal needs influence our ability to absorb messages from people that have different histories. But until those mixed up in exchange a understanding communication has not taken place.

Usually when Tesco must implement a system or make a decision on something pertaining to its organization in most cases taken up on a board meeting and is spoken of, considered and so finally approved or turned down.

If a choice is approved, usually it's the CEO or the Managing Director which makes the ultimate decision which must be handed down to the employees thus it is very necessary for the info to be passed to all employees depending on the extent of the decision. usually if it is a big change of rule within an organization, it is very essential which information flows to the low level employees too from the CEO or Managing Director as they have to be aware too.

Hence the movement will be as follows:

CEO/Managing Director ' Professionals ' Supervisor ' Staff


Encoding Decoding





Decoding Encoding


The transmitter is the sender he/she/they will start the communication, which initially exists as information in the sender's (senders') head (s)


Transmission is the form of communication itself - written, oral non-verbal


The receiver is clearly the individual or even to whom the communication is directed. Note though, that there may be unintended recipients

Ways of communicating

Board meetings

Meetings with suppliers




Communication tools used Tesco

Tele phone

Company website


Notice on the notice board


sms (Texting)

Leaflets & broachers

Annual report

The role of KNOWLEDGE

Knowledge is the collection of earlier experience that interdicted one technology to another. Knowledge is another key area of the business.

Some firm using the term CEO (Ceo) as CKO (Chief Knowledge official)

Understanding about the knowledge will help to identify the essentially of Role of knowledge,


Knowledge develops on information that is extracted from data (boisot, 1998, p. 12 ). While data is a Property of things ( size, price, ets ) knowledge is a property of individuals. knowledge embodies previous understanding, experience and learning, and is also either verified or modified as people get new information.

Knowledge has become a direct competitive edge for companies selling ideas and interactions. " (Ulrich, 1998)

Jeffrey Tan (2000) argues that taking care of knowledge is currently the issue for business in the 21st Century. He suggests that;

"An effective company is an understanding -creating company; that is one which is able constantly to create new knowledge, to disseminate it throughout the business and embody it into services or services quickly. "

It is vital that the personnel have an intensive knowledge of the merchandise that's available,

Tacit knowledge

The implicit knowledge utilized by organizational members to perform their work and also to make sense with their worlds. This can't be articulated.

Tacit knowledge is hard to verbalize since it is expressed through action-based skills and cannot be reduced to guidelines and dishes.

Explicit knowledge

Knowledge which is easily communicated, quantified and organized (ie info necessary for an IT system or a fresh product)

Tacit - wisdom which is comprehended but rarely detailed.

Other types of explicit knowledge include recorded guidelines, the formalized standards where an insurance claim is judged and the state prospects for performance set forth in written work objectives. e. g. Books reading, reports written etc.

Nonaka is convinced both explicit and tacit knowledge have to be used by the organisation.

Quality of information






People expect information to indicate accurately the situation it describes that a sales report is an accurate bank account of sales made.


Information is only useful if it is available with time. a supervisor who must keep expenditure within the budget requires cost information frequently enough to be able to work on any unfavorable developments.


most managers are affected information overload, in the sense that they are unable to use and process everything they acquire - there is just too big much.

2. What managers are doing to boost decision making by using information and knowledge internally and externally to boost decision making and taking?

When managers at Tesco wished to increase the company's show of the retail market, that they had to choose witch of several possible product to launch. that choose is a decision but it is merely part of an wider procedure for decision making which include determining problems, opportunities and possible solutions. it involves effort both before and following the real choice.

On this decision making they must collect correct information and Knowledge otherwise the manager will neglect to achieve the goal. A number of the example as follows

Identify the necessity for a new person in staff

Perhaps persuade his / her boss to authorize the budget

Decide where you can advertise the post

Interview candidates

Select the preferred candidate

Decide if to agree to their request for a better deal, and

Arrange their induction in to the job in order that they work effectively.

Decision-making are essential skill for business and life.

Decision-making is especially impotent for management and authority.

There are techniques and techniques to improve decision - making and the quality of decisions.

Decision-making is more natural to certain personalities, so these folks should focus more on improving the quality of their decisions.

People that are less natural decision-makers are often in a position to make quality assessments, but then have to be more decisive in acting upon the assessments m

. What are the strategies to increase personal networking to widen Employees' Involvement in the decision-making process?

Decision - making maxims will help to reinforce the above mentioned decision -making process whether related to problem OR not for exam ''we know very well what happens to people who stay static in the middle of street. they get run down''. ( Aneuri bevan)In virtually any point in time of decision a very important thing you can right,

''In any moment of decision finished. you can do is the right thing, another most sensible thing is the wrong thing, and the worst thing, and you could do is nothing ''

Characterize and make clear the issue should it warrant action? if so now is the matter urgent important or both.

Gather all the reality and understand or their triggers.

Think about or brainstorm possible options and alternatives.

Consider and compare the pros and cons of every option - check with if required - it probably will be

Select the best option - avoid vagueness or foot in both camps' compromise

Explain your final decision to those included and influenced and affected and follow-up to ensure proper and effective

Every men and women have different ideas and cause of action to resolve the particular problem or situation because everyone have different experience in their life. If the professionals encourage the employees to require in the decision making process it will be give more innovative ideas to from them.

It will generate following positive factors

It will generate an possession mentality and boost the productivity

Bring different ideas

Good marriage and teamwork among the list of employees

Good diversity practice

Personal networks can guide the home decided person as they solve problems and support them when important decisions are made.

People will instruct new skills as goals are achieved.

It will provide increasingly more opportunities for the home determined specific to make decisions and find out new skills independently.

It can help discovering people in careers that you can speak to and make enquiries of. Find out more about types of jobs/sectors/career histories.

You can gain further experience and develop connections- everyone you meet is a potential contact and way to obtain further contacts.

Talk to people of the organization in various professions and assignments- even ones that not interest you

Always Tesco is planning on new ideas from their staff. Also When Tesco makes decision they lessen to all older level employees.

4. Develop a communication process to improve the decision making and organizational knowledge for your chosen organization.

We communicate if we send a message to someone so when we thing about what he or she say in exchange. it sounds a simple process, but is subtle and complex, with great scope for mailing and receiving the wrong concept. whenever someone makes a comment such as that's not what I designed ' or I described it clearly, plus they still got it wrong they indicating a communication inability. we spend your time when misunderstand way, or cause offence by saying something that the listener misinterprets.

We infer meaning form words and gestures and then form the individuals reply to our message

For a example Tesco comes after following way to recruit an employee.

Accurate coding

Relevancy make the note significant and significant carefully selecting the words

Simplicity place the message in the simplest possible terms

Organization set up the communication as a series of points to help understanding.

Repetition restate key points of the meaning at least double. repetition is specially important in spoken communication because words might not be clearly heard of fully understood the very first time.

Focus concentrate on the essential aspects of the note. make the meaning clear and steer clear of unnecessary fine detail.

5. What role Knowledge Management takes on in managing business strategically?

When professionals at Tesco wished to improve the company's show of the retail market, they had to choose witch of several possible product to start. that choose is a decision but it is only part of any wider procedure for management which include figuring out problems, opportunities and possible alternatives. it involves effort both before and after the genuine choice.

In order to put into action the strategies against the information and data those are collected by the organization, knowledge should be applied. Knowledge management takes on an important role in connecting and network (choosing communication tools, prioritizing the connections). Knowledge management influences the HRM as the professionals have to choose the right person to the right task.

In this step Management help to get a concept about the available resources, present market and competitors of an organization.

The Management designed to use in recording really helps to manage the business enterprise properly because using tracking historical details are available easily.

Once an idea is integrated; its actual performance must be managed. Therefore requires looking at whether activities are proceeding as planned or whether there may be unexpected deviation from plan.

In this task Management may be used to measure performances of business. This is examined by collecting income, quantity, time scales and profitability

Management is very much important to make decisions within an corporation. Good information must have following features;





Decision making

Handling employees (HRM)

Tesco is today a Hyper-Market, diversifying into a variety of products, reaching customer needs and satisfaction through various comments from customers carried out solely to boost customer requirements. As a result Tesco is improving its management composition about its product suppliers through an Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) system. The system guarantees an alliance between your retailer and dealer thus rendering it economical. Hyper -market

Boddy D. 2005 Management: an Benefits, 3rd edn. , Foot Prentice Hall

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