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Managing changes in the Uk Airways organization

This report is the part of examination of the managing changes in organisation and on-going research and opportunities designed for the different changes in the strategies. For this assessment I have chosen the British Airways as my company for the foreseen of the management of the organisational changes and how they could be effectively implemented within an organisation. This report covers all the key aspects for the execution of the changes within as organisation and also suggests some implications for his or her successful going.

"Good organisation structure does not alone produce good performance. But a poor organisation framework makes good performance impossible, no matter how good the individual managers may be". (Drucker in Mullins (2005) p597)

Task 1:

Explore the backdrop to change impacting the current organisation

Discuss the background to improve that exists in today's economy that determined your company to consider Change.


In today's period we are lining in the organisational world and this world is tending to be change continually. Organisations in the population are the most crucial part as they provide many vital and necessary needs and requirements of the modern culture and even individuals.


Changes are usually taken as the worries and uneasiness of the unidentified. The changes of organisation within a company or company are subjected to activate by the need and necessity to respond over the new opportunities, innovative kind of difficulties and the responses to the government regulations. There are the external pushes that bring the changes are effected by the many factors like impressive technologies, policies, framework of taxes, legislation policies and coming opportunities with different market forces.

Organisational changes for the sectors of private area are vital as you can find pressure from the several environments over them. There are a few kinds of pressures that are because of the changes in the habits of the work and referred to the place of work or workforce, customers' needs and their conflicts regarding the services provided to them.

So, here in this competitive environment only those organisations can achieve success that are modified to the changes and allow the changes. They must be able to change themselves according to the environment otherwise they might be unsuccessful in future. Then they have the chance to takeover and become stagnant. To be able to change or change they need to be clear to determine the following in accordance to the changing environment.

The aspect of almost any change proposed

The origins for the necessity of changes.

According to the Decent Home Criteria set by the Government in July 2000 "ensure that social housing meets set expectations of decency by 2010, by reducing the number of households in communal housing that will not meet these standards by a third between 2001 and 2004, with the majority of the improvement occurring in the most deprived local expert areas"

"http://www. bankofgoodpractice. org/contentmanagement/documents/pdfhtmlfiles/FD7DF6AA-20ED-3428-8A3B720FC2698940. htm"

Introduction to the company English airways and reason for the implementation of changes

British airways

BA is well known and UK's biggest flight at international level. This airway used to transport a huge number of travellers from the many countries and at the international level. The corporation isn't just accepted in UK as well as in the world as the largest airline. The locations covered by this airline to the worldwide routes are 550 around across the world globe.

British Airways is the world's biggest international airline, carrying a vast number of people from various countries to some other. Also the company is one of all recognised airlines in the world. English Airways' worldwide option network addresses around 550 spots across the globe. This company has mainly two bases in the London one it Heathrow airport terminals and the other some may be Gatwick airport terminal. Without doubt that BA is recognized as the most significant international services in airlines though it has to face the high competition using its rival US as they tend to pick and drop the more passengers at the local level flights. Time it has to be attempting to keep ahead in the competition. Following entitled some of the problems that have to be encountered by the BA.

Problems experienced by BA:

"British Airways have faced threats and because of the long standing arguments using its unions, and a possible expensive affect ahead, as the organisation has cut thousands of jobs as part of its restructuring programme".

"British Airways are currently struggling with personnel shortages as the amount of absenteeism for the business's employees are high above the common and unacceptable information for the industry".

"Employees are said to be unmotivated and morale is low, as increase in pay is low and the restructuring of the business have resulted in 13000 job deficits, for the reason that the drop of the overall economy i. e. some solution prices lowered to appeal to consumers, thus lowering staff bonuses, wages, redundancies etc. , or some prices increased due to maintenance, visiting cost".

"Failures with BA's 4. 3 billion Terminal 5 (Heathrow) at releasing level, BA blamed the glitches on problems with "staff familiarisation", which possessed a knock-on effect on bags and flights. Technical complications also designed major delays in reclaiming baggage, trip cancellations, and suspension of check in service. "

"Anti-airport expansion organizations holding protests. It is because these groups are concerned with the amount of pollution and harm already triggered to the surroundings".

Factors accountable for change in BA:

The issues that are outline above are quite simply because of the internal affects. However, here it's very necessary to remember that there will vary environmental factors which have their influence on the strategies of the United kingdom airways and even their image, framework and means of operating. As the high-quality process for delineation of the political, social, cultural cost-effective and technological factors usually impact the changes in the organisations in the form of pest evaluation for the English airways and demonstrate these factors and how they intend to change in the environment.

Political factors

Upsurges in the prices of the energy that will drive up expenses of traveling an airplane.

Firmer EU rules and regulations related to the noises pollution have influence in the airlines.

As there may be involvement of Britain in the difficulties in the regions of Eastern nations and Iraq ends up with the unwilling to go with the company.

Preferences of Britain regarding never to introduce the Euro has resulted in the decline in the percentage of the tourists to UK.

Economic factors

Due to increase in the rates of interest there is fantastic impact over the clients and they intend to save their money. They don't want to invest their money which brings the reduction in the demand of getaway flights.

Also you can find increase in the taxes of and the flights become expensive.

Socio-cultural factors

At the moment it is very popular to visit from the country, nevertheless attitude and style of the clients changes very quickly.

"Threats of terrorist attack may reduce people's aspire to take a flight i. e. 9/11 NY, USA"

Due to the insecurity and upsurge in the amount of airline crashes you can find reduction in the percentage of the individuals travel through the airlines.

Most of the British isles airways flights are non-smoking and stop the smoking individuals to choose these airlines.

Technological factors

Technology is proceeding in culture so quickly that in the arriving future traveling by aeroplane may well not necessary or even outdate.

British Airways clienteles are slowly but surely discontinuing the use of cell phones to reserve their travel documents or tickets.

Having looked at the PEST examination, it is clear that there surely is a large threat of the luxury airlines to the Uk Airways. For this there must be opt for the choosing the tactical management changes and marketing resources available and also to follow-up the promotional activities for the BA.

Theoretically evaluate the talents and weaknesses of bureaucratic organizations


SWOT examination is very helpful tool for analysing the changes and the positioning of the company. It makes the company to understand the power and weakness of the company with the opportunities and threats for the market. It really is an assessment procedure for the company to find its talents, and weaknesses and compared these with the opportunities and threats that can be confronted in the competitive market (Fry et al, 2004). The strength of the company as well the weakness is related to days gone by and present, which is used as the internally controlled factors within an organisation. On the other hand the hazards and opportunities are related to indicate today's and future of the company and for the taking of more outward looking for the trends (Brassington and Pettitt, 2003).



The skills, resources and other kind of benefits of a company are defined as the strength of an organisation relative to its competitors on the market (Griffin, 2002). Accordingly the talents of organisation British isles Airways (www. britishairways. co. uk) is often as follow:

"it is constantly on the dominate London's major international airports"

"it contains the latest check-in technology"

"it's communication between professionals and staff is very good"

"It is still being regarded as the national airline. "



Weakness as the name implies are the deficiencies or downsides or we can say that shortcoming of the resources, skills and other kind of factors that induce hindrance to receive the competitive advantages form the market (Griffin, 2002). Consequently the downsides and weaknesses of the British Airways (www. britishairways. co. uk) are as follow:-


It contains of great labour numbers, particularly in britain;

It has a dragging again aptitude.






The opportunities obtain data about financial, financial, political, legal, cultural and competitive changes in various markets the firm serves or should serve (Griffin, 2002). The opportunities of United kingdom Airways (www. britishairways. co. uk) could be that:-


Expedition in the economic segment of the organization.

Perception of the airlines as the nationwide airlines.



The threats of the organisation are defined as the "shrinking marketplaces, increased competition, and the potential for new government legislation, politics instability in key marketplaces and the introduction of new systems that will make the firm products outdated" (Griffin, 2002). Consequently the hazards for the organisation British Airways are as follow (www. britishairways. co. uk)


'It has ferocious opposition from low fare airlines e. g. Easy Jet'

'Its current economic climate is on downturn;'

'Its companies are committing largely to be able to improve their services;'

'Its technology offers a short-term advantage'

Task 2:

Develop systems for understanding and relating others along the way of change

Identify the key Stakeholders in your company and Develop systems to involve those stakeholders in the benefits of change.


Every company needs the change so that they can meet their customers, because the view of totally of the stakeholders is the top to establish the success of the company. British Airways wishes to comprehend its stakeholders (customers, opinion market leaders and employees) for the easier to inform the many decisions to be taken. Consequently, thorough and systematic dimensions of dimension and research are fundamentally placed to give the important info.

Following are the primary stakeholders in the company to bring the changes and effect the procedure of the company.






The brief description of the stakeholders is as follow for the better knowledge of their role:


The customers are the key factor for the organisation and there has to be changes based on the desires and needs of the clients. Customer satisfaction is vital as the satisfied customers become dedicated and retained for the very long time with the company by retain in mind the necessity and expectations of the clients there has to be implementation of the changes in a organisation. This is essential for the organisation to be forward in the completion. Here it is also discovered that it is straightforward to keep the existing customer while endeavoring to attract the new customers even these faithful customers attend to bring more customer as each goes through the term to mouth procedure and if they are happy and satisfied they'll promote the culture of company and that will be result in the more customers, so there must be strategies and change by getting the customers in mind first. The monitoring of the reviews on the main element stages of flights is usually implemented each month. They screen customer's opinions on key periods of their flights each month, utilizing a sample of people seated in particular positions throughout the aeroplanes.


The shareholders are also very critical for the organisation as they are the shareholders and sources of fund for the company. The change must happen in the organisation have greater influences over them as they may have their investment in the company. so the changes are usually put through the shareholders.


Employees are incredibly very important to an organisation. Because they provide the interface between your services and the customers. The positioning of the organisation has affect over the employees if they would not happy that they can provide the good services to customers and

Community: the city within an organisation includes the working environment with the managers from other countries, employees and the relevant community and also make reference to the organisation that are non-government that enable to manage the procedures at the local level and fro mentioning the changes for the considerable advantages for the concerned neighborhoods, British Airways is specialized in reality a good fellow, apprehensive for the city and surroundings. They repeatedly endeavour to build up the social and green presentation, by the aim of guaranteeing that the activities enhance the supportable development of the neighborhoods where company perform their function.

The government: "Her Majesty's Prison Service ('the Service') is area of the wider OFFICE AT HOME. Since 1993, the Service has been an Exec Agency of the house Office which remains the truth. Since June 2004, the Service has also been area of the National Offender Management Service (NOMS). NOMS is a huge organization spanning several organizations and around 70, 000 staff. "

Analyse and consider these systems which you possessed used to require the key stakeholder in change process.

Change process

There is a substantial quarrels related to the best option procedure for change for the organisation being having a wide range of literature within the writings regarding management of change and even there are extensive tools and devices for the implication of the changes into the management. But consequently change is a domineering for all the organisations in order to maintain in this competitive environment organisation to support in a competitive environment, the organisation follow-up the planned procedure for the changes management in the organisational environment. Initially Kurt Lewin has coined this term for the distinguishing the changes that was consciously boarded after and scheduled by an company. (Burnes 2000, p. 264) "The organized method of change is most tightly associated with the practice of Company Development (OD) and even sits at its primary. "

There are some apparent values that surfaced as given as follow (Hurley et al 1992)

"Empowering employees to do something"

"Creating openness in communications"

"Facilitating ownership of the change process and its own outcomes"

"The promotion of the culture of collaboration"

"The advertising of ongoing learning"(Burnes 2000, p. 265)

These are those prices that are integrated in the Uk Airways and needs to incorporate into the social change for the successful execution of the foster of the new culture in the organisation.


Task 3:

Plan to put into action models for guaranteeing ongoing change

Identify volume of appropriate models for change that suites your organisation.

Models for the changes in Uk Airways

At present the BA is pursuing that permit changes for the long term advantages in the organisation. These models are used in the three steps as follow:

Lewin's 3 Step-Model:

1. Unfreezing:

"This generally entails minimizing those current routines and cultural norms that keep up with the organisation's behavior". Chances are to taken as the "shake-up" level for subdivisions related in the management of the organisational changes. The processes of BA consist of the following:

Decrease in quantity of phases in the organisational order.

Economizing of labor force of the English Airways.

Start of superior programs for working out for the staff, so that they become in a position to avoid such kind of situations in order to avoid such situations, so the employees do not have to face the issues with the new solutions i. e. Terminal 5 event.

Modifications in the constructions and systems of the British Airways.

Amendment in the budgeting process.

2. Moving to a fresh level

This provides the actions taken by the Uk Airways about the results of the aforementioned step. In this technique first there may be analyse of the situation and then possible steps are taken up to solve that particular problem and also to put into action the changes by choosing the most likely way and course for the action to be studied. After that there may be collection of necessary move considered regarding the changes to put into action. This step helps to ensure that "the new ways aren't done for simply a short period, and staffs aren't regressing back to the old ways", consequently the following responsibilities are carried out by BA:

3. Refreezing

This is the last step of the model and this relates to stabilising the changes in the organisation. Out of this step it comes to ensure about the appropriateness of new methods that working carefully and in an effective way. This phase does indeed by completely supportive and strengthening the new means of effort, like system of rewards induction and recruitment and even the building up of the culture for the British Airways.

Furthermore other big changes that BA has carried out in its company are it's high-level of IT (I. T). That is becuase information systems and managemenet takes on an integral role in the air travel industry. I. T helps almost every process in BA which most imporatntly underpins the delivery of quality service. Also BA have chosen to intergate better technolgy i. e. personal check-in service, and recently an underground lost baggage collection team, which is just about a mile long and straight underneath the airport terminal itself. That is is another path for success in uncertain times. By effectively applicating technology it will definately deliver BA's objectives and goals. On top of that Information Management aims regarding I. T in BA includes:

Supporting the development of the BA's labor force, I. T and associates relations, such that it can deliver really faultless customer service across their own option network and their associates.

Improve efficiency of functions and reduce costs as a result of standardised and simplified I. T.

Utilize BA's capacity and knowledge of the airline's industry procedures, in order to deliver the tactical systems, customer support, thus gaining reputation that will assist the airline in the future.

There are other requirements that are necessary for the changes in the British airways are to have outsourcing in the form of subcontracting, like production of the designs and use another party. This has been utilized by the English Airways because of their business at most for the main aspects of the business. The outsourcing is utilized to reduce the expense of the expenditures of the organisation.

In addition to this you can find use of strong proper alliances by the BA. This alliance includes the joining of "American Airlines, Cathay Pacific, Finnair, Iberia, Japan Airlines, Lan Airlines, Malv, Qantas and Royal Jordanian". By third, there's a selection of opportunities for the cooperative alternatives that were created in order to give a world that is smooth. Furthermore BA also involved in the implementing to spent the cash for the advertising of the company as it is going to support and sponsor the sports event that will be placed in London i. e. "London Olympic 2012 under cultural and charitable activities (BACC structure) throughout the world i. e. 2012 Olympics is proudly sponsored by BA".

There are various other aims and targets that have been establish by the organisation to be able to meet in the coming future are as follow:

"Encourage 10% of customers to offset their carbon on ba. com by 2012"

"Audit 100% of the tactical suppliers for moral practices by 2012"

"75% of corporate customers use corporate responsibility as a decision standards by 2010"

In adding there are some key issues of the environmental preservation to that your organisation is committed. These aims are as follow:

"Zero waste materials to landfill in the united kingdom by 2010"

"Reduce the average sound per trip by 15% by 2015"

"50% decrease in our world wide web CO2 emissions by 2050"

"How might you go ahead in implementing a number of model(s) in your selected organisation and what improvements do you anticipate to attain by implementing your chosen model(s)".

Implementing Change Models

"Planned Change - Change which involves actions predicated on a carefully thought-out process that anticipates future troubles, dangers and opportunities"

"Reactive Change - Change that occurs when one can take action in response to identified problems, dangers and opportunities"

(Management, Bartol & Martin, 1994, Page 208)

The management of the changes in a organisation in a powerful way is considered as the main issue of the development of the organisation. Within this there is involvement of the Lewin's three stage model as mentioned above.

Unfreezing - "recognition of the need for change and reducing the forces that maintain the current form"

Movement - "development of new behaviour or behavior and implementation of change (new insurance policies etc. )"

Refreezing - "stabilising change (are training, set ups, new insurance policies and types of procedures working?). Check, review and re-examine how changes are being put in place".

Additional model implementation

Mobilising Change:

"Change is the drumbeat in any organisation". It really is unavoidable and that's why it's very vital for the success of the success for an organisation.

Demystify - "lack of clarity can create a 'fog' around your organisation's purpose, position and philosophy".

Think 'outside in' - "check the position to external environment and scrutinise capability to meet the needs of most stakeholders".

Map the system - "study the command team to identify interdependencies between teams and expose where development may be needed".

Communicate and participate - "explain any change that is occurring. Do this in a manner that engages stakeholders and it is emotionally convincing, to provoke thoughts and action from your audience" (Inside Cover, Paul Oliver, Director, Conduco Consulting, Page 32, 9th Dec 2005).


Overall conclusion from the above article, we have investigated the various aspects of the Uk Airways' management of changes, composition and performances and also reviewed the processes where these changes are transferred into the company. What's additional through observing in to the several conceivable solutions to management change, I must remained able to summary change strategies that require and can be employed by the Uk Airways, for the effective implementations. Nonetheless it has to consider here that if all programs for the execution of changes operating in a clean way. In addition to all it is essential for the British Airways to effectively transfer their changes to the organisation so that there must be significant results. You will find recommended some key areas where there is need of investment for the BA are as follow:

Development in the bonuses and appraisal strategies etc.

For professionals and employees there must be provision of training.

Different franchising actions.

Outsourcing of the peripheral activities


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