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Managing And Organizing Junction Hotel Business Essay

Due to the recent drop of the world current economic climate, Junction hotels are facing further deterioration in growth. This article will discuss that rationalization is no optional technique for managing and managing Junction Hotel in the current economic recession, with a give attention to early theories of logical organizations from Henry Ford, F. W. Taylor, Henri Fayol and Potential Weber. Furthermore, this essay will also make clear how Junction Hotel manage to increase its efficiency and control through the use of itself to both logical organizations and modern organizations, with a compare to McDonald's and Travelodge. Finally, this essay will analyze both the benefits and disadvantages when Junction Hotel uses ideas of logical organizations.

According to Senior and Morphew(1990), a huge amount of Junction Hotel have been struggling to meet customer's objectives which mainly as a result of large amount of financial needs when high quality products and services are needed. By analyzing theories of rational organizations, Junction Hotel may discover different solutions to enhance their efficiency and control. Alajloni et al (2010) argued that organizations are facing competitive situations which may bottom part on good management-labor relations in order to improve efficiency and control but ignored the fundamental element of scientific management. The introduction of mass assembly lines work, which is the so-called Fordism, was created by Henry Ford in 1913 and made a major impact on Traditional western economies by linking this technique to rational organizations. Furthermore, corresponding to F. W. Taylor, Taylor (1911) believed that in a similar way that there would be a much better machine for every job, so there would be a better working method by which people should embark on their careers.

Based on the theory of Taylorism, it advised that staff were thought to be rational, economic beings motivated immediately by monetary incentives from the degree of work output to be able to boost efficiency and control. According to the above statement, an identical method of work design would also within traditional forms of assembly line making and in creation process that are fundamentally supervised and monitored by computer technology, that could also be found within food creation in Junction Hotel. In order to minimize the cost during the production process, Morgan (2006) decided that Taylor aims to form the stock into an efficient mechanism operating through standardized opponents. Furthermore, relating to Ritzer(2008), through the job process, employees might discover micro-methods to help them operate the duty better, and in modern organizations, those employees are encouraged to report information with their supervisors so that all employees could perform the given activity a bit more proficiently. By using the above methods, Junction Hotel may improve efficiency and control, and minimize the cost during the process. But on the other hand, Junction Hotel could not apply to Taylorism because people cannot be machines and the Hotel business could not function as creation line in manufacturing plant.

In accordance with the idea of Henry Fayol (1929), management should be considered as a skill like any other the one which could be educated once its main principles were grasped. Compare logical organizations to modern-day organizations, predicated on the study by Morgan(2006), most organizations are bureaucratized somewhat, for the mechanistic form of procedures has shaped most basic idea of what organization is approximately. Morgan (2006) also arranged Utmost Weber's theory, it mentioned that the "bureaucratic form routinizes the procedure of administration exactly as the device routinizes production. " For example, the management in McDonald's junk food restaurants use observation checklist to supervise employee's performance, which shows a simple activity like serving a customer could be mechanized, witnessed, and assessed in a mechanical way. Many franchising systems such as McDonalds and Burger Ruler have used the same Tayloristic techniques with positive impact, centralizing the look and development of products, and decentralizing execution in highly handled way. Furthermore, in hotel business such as Travelodge, the hotel company often use standard recipes and performance standard guides, and it is common to train housekeeping personnel the prescribed structure for each room which is dependant on detailed procedures. On the other hand, for Junction Hotel, methodical management could function in some area and improve efficiency or control, but it might only connect with specific part of these classic ideas in logical organizations so as to optimize the positive influences that rationalization could bring to the business enterprise.

On the main one hand, methodical management in 1800s still have a positive impact on modern organizations, that could still improve efficiency and control, minimize cost during the development process, perform in an obvious chain of command line so that standardized strategies and programs of communication could set up. The rules of clinical management looked at organizations as finished system where the majority of the organizational factors were under the control of management. On the other hand, modern management operates in a active environment where changes are constantly adopted to match the changes in the environment. According to Alajloni et al(2010), " the original bureaucratic organization with its hierarchical system of management and an over concerned manager who attempts to pressure performance out of employees is no more needed. " The ideas of rational organizations dismissed certain areas of human habit within the organizations and furthermore, concepts like job satisfaction, participative management, and the work itself have played an important role in increasing productivity. Based on the aforementioned analysis, rationalization may well not be ideal to Junction Hotel because the positive impact of cultural aspects and individual factors may outweigh the logical point of view, in which employees are cared for like machines.

In conclusion, hotel business belongs to hospitality industry, in which hotel employees' deal with customers in a daily-basis. Regardless of the positive effect within rational organizations, rationalization might not exactly be a appealing strategic method of implement in Junction Hotel through the current economic recession. Classic theories of organization were fundamentally targeted and emphasized single minded to make organizations effective and efficient in terms of earning income. However, modern competitive organizations have realized that modern organizations have different motivations to perform apart from making revenue, thus Junction Hotel may have to incorporate different perspectives of social and monetary factors related to productivity and satisfaction of human needs.

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