Management strategy structure considering all stakeholders parcipitation

www. businessdictionary broadly defined strategy as a solution which is chose to make happen desired future results, such as achievement of goal or solution of problem.

In other words fine art and knowledge of planning different recourse for most effective and efficient use. So firm must achive goal to get strategy do well. Accordingly management expert peter Drucker, strategy objectives falls directly into 8 groups.

Human resources: selection and development of people/staff

Innovation: development of services, methods and skills

Market located: desired distributed of new and present market

Physical resources: facilities and equipments

Social responsibility: awareness towards shareholder and community

Profit: measurable financial well being

Financial resources: identification of capital

Productivity: in other term output

Principal activities

British Airways Plc and its subsidiaries' main operation are international and domestic appointed air services for the passengers, freight and email and the provision of ancillary services.


Select three well-known organizations in any industry.

Provide a detailed investigating of the company and management strategies.

Investigate the Participation of the Stakeholders - figuring out each type of stakeholder.

Produce a display of the Company you decide on that you think is battling.

Propose the right framework and solution for the condition for the business selected. The Display should involve opinions from all the Stakeholders


British Airways plc is the one of the key air travel in UK. It got headquater in waterside near main London Heathrow Airport. It is greatest airline of uk having international trip with different international vacation spot. Second main hub is Gatwick international airport. Presently BA discontinued all its journey from all other UK airports.

On 12 November 2009, Uk Airways confirmed which it had reached an initial agreement to merge with Iberia. The merger between the two carriers will create the world's third-largest flight in conditions of annual earnings and the second largest air travel group in European countries. The merger was proved on 8 April 2010, which is likely to be completed by the finish of the year.

From ('British isles Airways' 2006a company website)


BA stakeholders are as under:

Management and shareholders

Debtors and creditors

Passengers / customers



Airline industry




The mission affirmation of Uk Airways is 'To be the undisputed leader in world travel for the next millennium'.

(www. britishairways. com)

(http://www. jyanet. com/cap/0614fe0. htm)


The vision affirmation reads 'To become the world's most accountable air travel'.

(www. britishairways. com)


British airways purpose which status `Be the airline of preference for long haul superior customer so that individuals want to fly with us every time they can`

In an incredible difficult trading environment BA have to focus on pulling their selves through the immediate problems, while getting ready business for better future in this economical time. Their objective is to visit towards world's leading global airline.

They try to expose great products like new business course seats, restyling of first cabin. Its also planning to develop NY JFK in other term to complement its home terminal Heathrow. So above is the main aim of BA.

It also provides top notch service to customer by providing proper training with their fellow workers, doing hospitality in the air and on ground too. Customer can check in online by mobile or PDA. Which constantly improve BA.

(Source:http://www. britishairways. com)


Strategies is basically combination of drafting, employing and evaluation of cross-functional decision to achieve long term targets. To channelize any organization's perspective, mission and aims by expanding different plans and plans.

Balance score cards is used to evaluate performance of business overall improvement towards aims.

According to Arieu (2007), "there may be strategic steadiness when the actions of a business are steady with the prospects of management, and these subsequently are with the market and the framework. " (http://www. britishairways. com/cms/global/microsites/ba_reports0809/pdfs/Our_business)

Below will be the few strategy of British Airways which followed by company at different level to make major changes. They are simply as under:


To manage the serious competition with other airlines BA follow below strategies of customer support:

Be the air travel of choice for long term premier customer

Deliver an outstanding service for customer at every point

Meet customer needs and improve margin through income stream

Grow occurrence in global cities


In merger two companies decided to proceed and exist as a totally new company, which can be similar or unequals. Volume of alliance increased by 25% in last decade. BA used this strategy well as in '09 2009 BA acquired preliminary arrangement with Iberia which bring about world third largest air-line in term of income and second biggest in Europe, which confirmed in 2010 2010.


To deal with your competition with other airlines BA increases some main facilities and amenities to improve airline service. This is done by benefits of new information system and likewise compared to that BA take initiative in pursuing area:

First in offering jet passenger service

First in weather conquering auto landing

Online check in

Offer fully even beds(2006)

In addition to all or any that BA thinks in important global cultural system, which does not limited by environmental, political, cost-effective or cultural things.

Diversity is the unique aspect in BA which does not associate with faith, time, gender, culture, and ethnicity. Thus they follow this plan for staff as well as passangers.



A stakeholder examination is the technique used to recognize and investigate the drive field by stakeholders or its activity, which make a difference the accomplishment of goal of any firm.

The romance between stakeholder and organization concerns in term of result to the company.

Mendalow's matrix show stakeholder romantic relationship with company and its own effect to it.

Stakeholder group with----------------Level of importance

High interest and high ability ---------------High importance

Low interest and high electricity ---------------Medium importance

Low interest and low electric power ----------------Low importance

High interest and low vitality ----------------Medium importance

on the base of above matrix below is stakeholder relationship with BA is as under.


Passengers - customers:

Customers of British Airways are primary stakeholders without whom there is no existence of this aviation industry. no customer no industry and thus no business by the end. So individuals satisfaction should be BA's main strategy which they are rewarding with satisfaction and comfort with the motto of affordability. They offer service as per required and guaranteed. Then only consequently getting dedicated customers. So individuals categorized in high interest high vitality category and deserve high importance as their decision ability have an effect on the industry the most.

The shareholders and management:

Shareholders will be the people who spent major talk about of money in the business. They will be the person who design vision, objective and objectives by which company get the best way to get along. These band of investor recruit collection of people who manage the company according to eyesight and achieve place goals and earn earnings to company. This group of people is as important as first group as without investment company creation is not possible thus this show up directly into high: higher level too.

The customers of staff:

These set of people live the vision, mission and purpose of company arranged by invester using their skills, knowledge, hard work and intelligence. They can be employee of the company and normally they will be the people who normally take decision to make it work.

The Administration:

Government is principally interested in public benefit which can be done by tax regulation. When organization pay right amount of tax which is generally used by government in the advantage of infrastructure. On the other hand it also concerned about environment disaster so are there certain rules and regulation created by government to prevent damage to environment.

The much larger community:

Here the larger community is the modern culture which is actually host of the company. Which take care of how company is carring its interpersonal responsibility to community. Sometimes few decision of company which can make adverce effect on community face oppose of the city.

Creditors and debtors as well:

They are the financer of the company so from both area decision directly influence the organization. This can be either financial or nonfinancial too. This group can creat a huge problem to company.

The aviation industry:

Other competitor and power falls under this group. And all the airlines must follow rules arranged by the aviation power so expansion of BA will depend on those rules which set the restrictions for BA to how far they go.

Various rivals:

Presence of these group make industry competitive. Time the stronger one put down weaker company by launch of promotions. They are incredibly strong as stake holders as they promote earnings of the same industry. BA acquired competition such as air france, Lufthansa, Canada airways and many more.

Low + Low: Small customers, Small Shareholders

Low + High: Employees, Environmental Teams, Local Community

High + High: Institutional Investors, Local Planning Authority

High + Low: Major Customers, Central Administration, Media


According to the business website jetairways. com Jet Airways has come quite a distance since its first airline flight in 1993. It's one of the speediest growing airlines in the world, and now it's all set to change how you fly - for the better!

Jet Airways manages flights to 24 international areas and 43 places within India, thus proclaiming to offer you a better choice in the skies.

With 67 vacation spots, we connect a place every five minutes.


To be the most preferred domestic flight in India.


To be the first choice of carrier for the venturing public and collection standards which still other opponents are trying to match by offering high quality of service and reliable, comfortable and reliable operations simultaneously guaranteeing consistent profitability, reaching healthy comes back on long basic for their shareholders and healthy environment for the staff too.

Jet Airways would be the most preferred domestic flight in India. It will be the automatic first choice carrier for the going public and place requirements, which other contending airlines will seek to match.

( http://www. jetairways. com/EN/GB/AboutUs/OurMissionStatement. aspx)


According to the business website www. canadianairline. com/aircanada. com, in the Canadian market Air Canada is most significant flight and flag carrier founded in 1936 provide cargo and traveler to 178 destination worldwide. Toronto Pear kid International Airport in Ontario is the major hub. Montreal-Pierre Elliott Trudeau AIRPORT TERMINAL in Quebec is the key base. It really is world's 7th greatest passenger air travel.


The mission statement of this flight is 'attaching Canada and the world'


The vision declaration of this air travel is 'building devotion through interest and innovation'


Mission and eye-sight statement give guideline to follow the target.

Safety first and last: 100% constantly protection is company's concern.

Working together: with customer, community and employee

Customer is valuable: all customer cured just as with values

Employee is valuable: we value we hear we act

Drive for brilliance: with new skill and technology, motivation



Strategic management is a art of planning your business at the best level done by company's leader. It builds a solid underlying structure by application of commercial strategy. The idea came up in 1970s. It brings changes in firm structure and corporate culture by any means the level directors to employee.

It is dependent mainly after 3 questions.

What is the objective?

How to achieve it?

What must achieve it?


Identification of the Stakeholders for the business and Problem.

List and Identify the Resources required making the Strategy Successful.

Extend the Strategy Presented in the Display.

Report the Outcome to the Management.


The following are the stakeholders for English Airways:

The stakeholders in English Airways include:

Passengers - customers

The shareholders and management

The users of staff

The Government

The much larger community

Creditors and debtors as well

The aviation industry

Various competitors

Each of the afore-mentioned stakeholders is involved with solving the task to British Airways the following:

Passengers - customers:

Passengers are BA's principal stakeholder. You will see no business without Customers of Uk Airways. Thus client satisfaction should be BA's main strategy. So best service specifications will be the key to business. Once they are satisfied and patronize/loyal to airline then only they'll recommend friend and family which in long-term help the BA.

The shareholders and management:

Shareholders are the people who are major investor available. They help the business enterprise by providing account, introducing right issue, buying shares as IPO. Whereas the management coordinate the issue accordingly in challenging time and present away bonus items and ready to work extra mile.

The members of personnel:

They are the main work force of company who are the main part in realization of perspective, mission and objictives. It be based upon management skill how administrator deal with work force as though they aren't satisfied they rebel and do strike and go wrong to put forward their requirements but if they're managed properly they also prepare yourself to focus on half pay rate duing tough time for company.

The Federal:

The best example of that is assistance provided by government to banking sector credited to which recession result will there be. Thus here Federal play important role as with normal time industry pay to federal in form of taxes but in troubles government offer help industry too.

The bigger community:

Here community serves as a bunch to the business. In other words it keep eye on company's function if company is effective to society then society offers full support but any negative step by company which is creating damage to encompassing is challenged by community.

Creditors and debtors as well:

Creditor lend money to company and other form of money. And company perform business with the help. Arrears forgiveness or extension of due date can save the business's reputation quite simply it can help company a whole lot.

The aviation industry:

Here mainly aviation power performs an important role as though they change some laws then some competitior who are loosing their business can again appear in market that can be biggest menace to BA. Challengers like easy jet, ryanair have suprisingly low fare which may also be threat to company and have an effect on company's progress.


The following two options would be looked into:

PEST Analysis

Pest analysis stands for political, economical, public and technological evaluation. It is useful for company's present and future which recognizes company's strength and market position.


This factor effect when the government changes, at the time of war, disaster, or budget. It can be tax changes, rules changes, or inter governmental issues.


There are so many economical factors which will make effect on business. Such as economical development, change in labor cost, globalization, inflation, recession and many more.


This factor depends on social issues like health, education, inhabitants, employment, other public issues.

Technological Environment:

Impact of rising solutions, impact of Internet, decrease in communications costs and increased remote working, research and development activity, impact of technology copy are issues attended to under the technological environment.

Human resources Management

Human resources in group is used to explain workforce hierarchy and its capacity to attain target corresponding to strategy

Human resources management assume to look after following criteria.

Regular review of staff benefit.

Proper recruitment and training

Structured and regulated pay

Strategic pay rise


Human Resources:

In previous few decades recruiting is classified among one of the most valued asset in group. It's a very simple strategic procedure which concludes people working for corporation and their specific and collective role in the business. Term used for coordination and effective management solution to mange a job team. This include whole team of BA such as ground staff, air based staff and top level management.

Market segmentation:

Market segmentation means department of market into different group regarding to customer or product or service to meet up with the need of the customer. In other conditions dividing large homogenous market into segments. Market segmentation completed mainly on four basic factors.

Identification of segment

Measurability of segment

Accecibility through promotional offers

Appropriateness in conditions of guidelines and

http://www. thetimes100. co. uk/theory/theory--segmentation--246. php#ixzz15DBl4vlr

: http://www. businessdictionary. com/definition/market-segmentation. html#ixzz15DB9MkJw

BA can achieve gain with strategy in terms of merger with American airline, Indian air travel, Canadian airline plus some more which they are already planning.



Merger is the blend of several company, where one company offer the stakeholder of other company show in the acquiring company in trade of surrendering their stock, and property. BA is doing talk to different flight such as Canadian and American air travel which might help BA in this struggling condition.

Additional capital Investment:

This term mentioned purchase of new asset to endure or broaden the progress by capital investment.

Cost reduction

This refers to cost cutting, which means to make such a structure work of activities where one can check up on all areas to reduce the expense and reduce the cost.

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