Management OF INDIVIDUALS At Innodis Limited

This report is an analysis of the management of men and women at Innodis, an organization in Mauritius. We want to understand the functions of HR at different level within the organisation and essential how these functions are link to its overall strategy and mission and values. We will also address to the way the company values its human capital to accomplish its goals and at exactly the same time ensure that people are given career progression.


We have chosen to do our assignment on Innodis simply because it is one of the most famous organizations in Mauritius. Innodis handles consumer goods. At this time, Innodis has over of 1100 employees.

The vision of Innodis is to keep to thrive as an enterprise over the next ten years and beyond. As well as its strategic partners, Innodis has drawn a road-map to guides every part of its business by describing what the necessity to accomplish to be able to continue reaching sustainable, quality and growth and so become the preferred choice in all the marketplace it operates.

The mission statement of Innodis is the commitment to provide its customer and customers with the finest high- quality products and also to lead the industry nutrition research and education. Innodis Ltd supports these goals with a corporate philosophy of adhering to the highest ethical conduct in all its business dealings, treatment of its employees, and social and environmental policies.

At Innodis, they have got their human resource department at the Head Office which is found in Port Louis. Following that, they monitor the overall human resource procedures by their human resource manager and with the administrative employees. Innodis has many branches and has a human resource officer and an assistant human resource officer at each branch. These human resource officers are accountable to the human resource manager about everything dealing with employees. The actual fact that the company aims profit making, they ensure that the human resource operations go smoothly and do not impact on the quantitative results that is final output the qualitative results that will be the outcomes.

As ethics can be an important part of the welfare of an organization, Innodis gets the motto of ethics. However Innodis rather talks about the business case that is profit maximization. There is the intrusion of the trade unions concerning the welfare of employees. This is why why the company has to be sure that their workers are safe.

Mission, Vision And Values


"To continuously work towards offering to our consumers selected products of the best quality at affordable prices. "


"For being the most well-liked choice in all markets that we operate. "


"To treasure the human capital and the non-public development of all of our people indiscriminately of these position or social stratum. "

"To comply strictly with food and environmental health insurance and safety regulation and also to continue to embrace sustainable development principle. "

"Desire to be the forerunners of innovation, particularly when it involves meeting consumer' growing demand for healthier food alternatives. "

Innodis has been adhering to its mission and values closely and their has been considerable closing in on their vision. How Innodis has been staying focused on its vision will be discussed in this report progressively.

Corporate Structure and Brief History

Chairman: Sir Rene Seevaye Kt. , CBE (Non Executive Director and founder of Innodis)

Executive Director: Jean How Hong (CEO)

Other Non-Executive Directors: Maurice de Marasse Enouf, Gil de Sornay.

Innodis started as Mauritius Farms limited in 1973 as a family group business for chicken production.

In 1986, they became the exclusive supplier for the Laughing Cow from Fromageries Bel, France plus some other Unilever products.

They later changed their name in 1995 to Happy World Foods Limited and in 1996 they listed themselves on the STOCK MARKET of Mauritius.

They received their first ISO 9001 documentation in 1999 another one later in '09 2009.

They diversified in yoghurt production under their own brand name Dairyvale.

They again changed their name to Innodis Limited in 2006.

In 2010, they expanded to Nigeria and Vietnam in the consultancy and management business.

People at Innodis

Innodis has been a leader in Human Resource functions in Mauritius and in 2010 2010 these were awarded the "Employer Brand" and were also highlighted as the " Best People Management Practices". Innodis values its human capital very highly by encouraging free expression of idea and talent in diverse fields which is noticeably see to own very loyal employees who have been dealing with Innodis for over twenty years. This contribution of knowledge, skills and experience from loyal employees soon add up to create value for Innodis and therefore this overall factor becomes a fundamental competitive advantage for Innodis. (Make reference to Exhibit 1, 2 and 3 for the types of training given at different management levels)

Recruitment at Innodis

Innodis stick to a simple idea of recruitment which is to acquire at minimum cost the number and quality of employees required to meet the human needs of the company.

The recruiting functions also aims to:

Obtain a pool of suitable applicants for vacant post.

Use a generally accepted and fair process.

Ensure that all recruitment activities donate to company goals and an appealing corporate image.

Conduct a recruitment activities in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

Innodis recruitment is based on an Advertise-Appointment-Interview policy. Normally appointments must be produced relative to this policy and must, therefore, be at the mercy of advertisement and interview. However there are exceptions to the application of this policy as it pertains to grant awarding bodies. The Human Resources Department must approve any exceptions before formal appointment, for example in which a grant awarding body approves funding for a named individual to focus on a particular little bit of research and the grant would depend on that individual's contribution.

Innodis has a very practical recruiting culture. They basically tap into the business's culture to secure a steady way to obtain job applicants. Basically it recruits people mostly by referrals from existent employees but this concept is mostly applied at bottom management levels. This regular way to obtain job applicants brings about a pipeline approach for Innodis to acquire recruits at a very low cost and therefore obtaining its main objective to get employees at low priced. They will have many applications stored for numerous kinds of jobs.

For middle management and top management levels, vacancies are mostly filled from internal sources by promotions and transfers. Innodis ensure that appropriate prospects have the required skills and knowledge to be able to get promotions. Most employees at Innodis receive appropriate training opportunities to be able to market their own development. This is also an essential strengthening factor to the culture at Innodis as it forms part with their core values. Nevertheless, training is a long process of course, if Innodis need an urgent replacement at those management level they are really compelled to look from external recruitment sources with are mostly through advertising. (Make reference to Exhibit 1, 2 and 3 for the types of promotions given at different management levels)

Selection at Innodis

At Innodis, selection is on the basis of appropriate standards and merit, an archive of the procedure and decision is kept and the monitoring information returned to the HR Department. When a vacancy arises, consideration must be given to staff whose posts are being made redundant and then for whom redeployment has been sought. The HR department takes into consideration that recruiting a redeployed can reduce both time and the cost incurred in filling a vacancy.

The basis of selection process is to accumulate maximum possible information about the prospects to ascertain their suitability for employment and it involves the next steps:

Screening of information

Selection Tests


Checking of References

Physical Examination

Approval by Appropriate Authority


Ethics of Recruitment at Innodis

While processing the applicants, the Heads of Departments at Innodis make their employees aware that when dealing with enquiries about vacancies it is unlawful to convey or imply that applications in one sex or from a particular racial group would be preferred.

Care is also considered when initiating contacts with candidates that are treated just as, for example with regard to invitations to visit the department, informal meetings to go over the vacancy, and provision of information. The confidentiality of applications must be respected by all those mixed up in selection process.

The company means that it is willing and in a position to attend all interviews for the duration of the recruitment process, to keep consistency and also to ensure fair treatment of most candidates.

Short listing decisions should be based on evidence that the applicant has met certain requirements of the person specification. Short listing panel members should avoid dismissing candidates who look like over-qualified.

At Innodis, staffs conducting interviews should be aware that, although questions asked may not in themselves be discriminatory, the interpretation of answers by the panel could exhibit prejudice. For example, if indications of ambition were to be seen as a worthy characteristic in people of 1 sex or ethnic group however, not in another. Information regarding personal circumstances which is situated in a CV or at interview must not be taken into account in reaching a range decision. For example, the fact a male prospect shares information on his domestic circumstances with the panel but a female candidate chooses never to (or vice versa), shouldn't be considered.

Effective Induction at Innodis

It has been seen that new employees often experience an induction crisis. The new working environment is often perceived by the new recruit as "frightening". This can lead to high labor turnover. Innodis tries to lessen uncertainty in the new employee by presenting them with lots of information concerning: -

History of organization

Mission statement and objectives

Company and personnel ethics

Structure of organization

Terms of employments

Payment systems and benefits

Holidays and sickness arrangements

Rules and regulations of the organization

Innodis find that it is important to show what sort of certain job is from the overall goals of a business unit and that of the organisation. The role of all individuals are from the vision and mission of Innodis. Individuals are shown their part in the whole mechanism of obtaining the objectives of Innodis and through this they create a sense of belongingness to Innodis by bringing around positive attitudes and increased motivations and performance.

Training and Development

It is in the core values of Innodis to treasure human capital and the development of their staffs indiscriminately. They offer a number of trainings to employees based on their management hierarchy. These trainings mainly aim at increasing the work knowledge and skills of employees at different level that may lead to increased productivity, quality of work and work life.

Innodis uses training as a platform to develop a confident culture to manage the process of change within the organisation. Employees are trained mostly for future promotions at Innodis, however, they also conduct training so that employees have the ability to handle changes in design, process and technology in their actual position.

Innodis has many ties up with several educational institutions, notably the University of Mauritius and the Industrial and Vocational Training Board (IVTB), where its employees can benefit from good quality trainings at competitive costs with some partners. The HR department doesn't have a fixed budget assigned to training for now but past expenditure have been which range from INR1500000 to INR 4000000. Different types are training receive to employees based on their current position at Innodis. (Make reference to Exhibit 1, 2 and 3 for the types of training given at different management levels)

Performance Management

According to Armstrong and Baron (1998), performance management is both a strategic and a method of delivering successful ends in organisations by improving the performance and developing the capabilities of teams and the individuals.

At Innodis, the organization's values are defined. The vision statement communicates both the purpose and the values. Innodis Ltd supports its goals with a corporate philosophy of sticking with the highest ethical conduct in all its business dealings, treatment of its employees, social and environmental policies.

Several ISO quality certifications and government awards attest to the commitment of Innodis of attaining its mission statement. They are also driving impressive and healthier product to the Mauritian market and are the actual leaders in those areas.

Performance Appraisal

Performance appraisal is the actual procedure for evaluation of the task of employees and aims at analyzing the gap between actual performance and the expected performance.

It is a systematic and formal approach to staff assessment. Performance appraisal also involves providing feedback to the employees with the aim of motivating see your face to remove performance deficiencies at par.

At Innodis the performance appraisal differs for jobs at different management levels. Different assessment methods will differentiate between past and present performance predicated on skills improvement and knowledge gain. Some benefits associated with Performance Appraisal at Innodis are :

Performance appraisal helps in identifying problems at Innodis, that your staff may raise regarding their work environment. For instance, they could have insufficient space to execute their work. The staff may feel that they aren't well equipped as they have got insufficient and outdated equipments. Therefore, by identifying these issues earlier through performance appraisal, the organization may overcome losses that might have occurred.

It identifies potential issues with individual staff members and takes actions to deal with those problems. For example, it analyses the poor performances of the employees as well as their absenteeism and lack of motivation among them. Through performance appraisal, these individualistic problems are believed and corrective measures are taken at Innodis Ltd.

Performance appraisal also identifies future training needs within the company. This is done so the employee's skills are improved. It is therefore planned systematically in order to promote the organization's products.

It equally identifies those members of staff who are suited to promotion and career progression.

Human Resource Policies at Innodis associated to Performance Appraisal

Some of the entire policies that are associated with performance appraisal are the following:


As performance appraisal's aim is to provide opportunities to managers and the subordinates similarly, equity is approximately treating its employees fairly as well as providing them with equal opportunities to execute tasks.

Considerations, working conditions and quality of working life

Performance appraisal also considers employees work-situation, security, working environment, safety related to equipments, their performances according with their work performed and the career prospects that they can have. In the same way, the consideration, working environment and the quality of working life in line with the policies are in a way that they look at individual circumstances, its prospects, security, and employee's self-respect and a nice working environment. It as well talks about the improvement of the grade of working life constantly and it increases a sense of satisfaction for the employees.

Performance through people

Performance appraisal is focused on rating employees' performance and identifying problems that can become obstacles in their jobs. Similarly, performance through people is such that it develops a fair culture in the sense that it leads to a continuing improvement.

Reward Management

At Innodis Limited, the reward system is both financial and non-financial which are believed by the end of its financial year in July. You will find intrinsic rewards like basic pay, employee benefits and compensation and extrinsic rewards like feedback, recognition, praise, promotion to higher position. As a private company, it also provides merit pay to bolster the performance trend. The pay structure of the company is essential for quality performance and competitiveness and also recruiting and retaining a good labour force. At Innodis, the reward system is consistent and an integral driver for both the human resource functions and the company strategy.

At managerial level, the employers have provision for fringe benefits and allowances such as company car its allowances or company health dividends while the lower level personnel are granted using their basic pay and transport facilities. There also the merit pay which helps in performance which reinforces the culture in the organisation. Also there may be increment in pay predicated on the number of years worked in the business. That is why the pay structure at Innodis Limited, are specifically used as tool in bringing innovation and change to the human resource operations which also establishes a corporate reputation in working with people. (Make reference to Exhibit 1, 2 and 3 for the types of rewards given at different management levels)

A well designed HR policy can be beneficial to Innodis as it ensures employees understand their tasks and how they should deal with various situations. It also provides a framework to help managers resolve problems fairly and consistently.

Reward Procedures

The annual pay review of the gross annual report of Innodis Limited enables its reward system to use efficiently and flexible. It offers enabled much commitment and innovation in the business. The policies and procedures are regularly reviewed by assistant managers at Innodis Limited which tends to be very useful for the organisation's decision-making or if to provide one month's notice of any policy change.

At Innodis, there are guidelines for decision making which sets the degrees of pay as opposed to competitors' rates. A couple of formalised policy being found in training and induction of new applicants. Equity and proper working conditions are also implemented to obtain equal opportunities and impact after productivity when dealing with people. Standards policies has been set at Innodis Ltd as it is essential in working with people matters, inculcating values and offer framework within which decisions are being made. Being truly a private organisation, it facilitates empowerment and delegation through corporate culture.

Conflict in the Human Resource Contribution

No matter the human resource procedures contribute to the potency of the organisation, there are conflicts that could arise in the following ways:

A clash of values where the line managers simply regard their staff as factors of production to be exploited and dispensed within accordance with organizational imperatives

Different priorities which involve eliminating people. It ought to be noted that employees are an important asset for an organization.

Disputes may arise from the interference of trade unions.

Conflict can be creative if an integrative approach is utilized to settle clarifying priorities, policies and roles, using agreed procedures to deal with grievances and disputes and attaining consensus through a remedy that recognizes the interests of both parties.

If these conflicts can be handled, Innodis can become more productive and the welfare of its employees will improve a lot more and this will lead to employees` commitment and thus the goals and objectives can be easily achieved.


To conclude, managing people within an organisation whether it is of large size or small size is very important since human resource functions help the organisation to realize its goals and objectives if they are well integrated and perform. They help in the day to day running of the organisation plus they are extremely important. If human resource functions are well carried out in an organisation, they will help in making certain there is a good relationship between employees and the management as the employees will be well taken care of.

At Innodis, they have developed an extremely strategic approach at every step in HR operations and at every turn, they strengthen their organisational culture and commitment to their mission and values.

Exhibit 1

Below is an example of a job description for a high management position at Innodis as well as some information with possible trainings, performance appraisal and potential rewards associated compared to that job.

Job Title: Director of Administration

Purpose: A director of administration manages the entire daily office operations. Implement organisational strategies and policies, plan the use of materials and recruiting and manage the administrative staff.

Responsibilities: Negotiates contracts, manages vendor relationships, primary liaison to building landlord and oversees office operating procedures.

Qualifications: For your director of administration position typically contain a bachelor's degree in business administration or other related field with least a decade of experience.

Skills: This position could also require additional skills including the ability to recognize and implement best practices, work independently, think strategically, arrange for the long-term success.

Salary(Approximate): INR 120000+ /month

Potential Training Areas: MBA programs at the University of Mauritius, Courses in Resources Management, Diplomas in Statistics and Economics.

Innodis offers some training to its top management staffs in fields where they are most likely to expand. Recently they experienced much desire for expanding beyond the Mauritian shores and want forward to develop talents in international business laws and cross border business coordination. These courses are limited in numbers and usually are incredibly expensive and are mostly proposed to permanent employees and the ones who've some knowledge and experience in related positions. Including the master level courses at the University of Mauritius ranges from INR150000 to INR400000 The potency of such training are usually measured by means of new mechanisms earned by the individuals in the organisation to improve existing systems. Better management and businesses would have a primary effect on the turnover on several business units that a top manager would have influence on. People at these level are generally rewarded with company cars and drivers and depending on the effectiveness end of year bonuses are given. However, in some cases, shares receive to top level employees in the strategic aim to retain their loyalty to the company.

Exhibit 2

Below can be an example of a job description for a Sales Manager at Innodis together with some information with potential trainings, performance appraisal and potential rewards associated to that job.

Job Title: Sales Manager

Purpose: Develops and maintains a high performance sales culture within the branch and it is responsible for staff management functions. The Sales Manager pursues sales excellence, works to attain shareholder/stakeholder benefit also to increase the long-term value of the business enterprise by maintaining high levels of individual and team performance.

Responsibilities: Personally develop and keep maintaining relationships with key customers and possible customers across the branch/location market area. Maintain a solid understanding of the market trends across the branch/location market area, like the competition. Promote a positive and professional sales attitude. Report daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly activities and sales results, using the company's standardized processes and tools.

Qualifications: 5-7 years of experience in sales management. Strong knowledge of customer and market dynamics and requirements. Willingness to visit and work in a worldwide team of professionals. Proven leadership and ability to operate a vehicle sales teams.

Skills: Selecting and developing the right people. Motivating people. Communication. Integrity

Salary(Approximate): INR 80000+ /month

Potential Training Areas: Diploma in Marketing, Certification courses in retailing.

Sales managers are fundamental positions within Innodis because much of their business depends on good customer relationships and retailing. Sales managers are generally given highly competitive salaries. An integral factor that enhances their recruitment chances at Innodis are their team leading and management skills and also past sales records. A lot of people at middle management levels are those who were once area of the bottom management and were promoted. They already possess a concept of the organisation cultures and goals and for that reason their integration with their new positions are rendered easier. Innodis provides middle management people with training for mainly two reason. Is to sharpen their skills in appropriate and possible domains and second is to get ready them for promotions. However, the promotion from a middle management to a high management require the prospect to truly have a good performance record over several year and normally takes quite a while. Employees may commence to feel the stagnancy at this level and Innodis tried to counter that effect with a good reward system for the coffee lover. They, generally, reap the benefits of good commission on sales and flexible holidays and work days, company cars plus some reduced tariffs at a few of company's facilities.

At the center management, the performance is generally measured as a team performance. That's, the overall productivity change of a sales force for example would reflect the performance of the responsible sales manager. Increase in new accounts, sales turnover and decreased sales expenses are a few of the main element performance areas.

Exhibit 3

Job Title: Sales Representative

Purpose: Sales Representative should attend daily routine activities related to selling and keep maintaining good relationship with current and possible customers.

Responsibilities: Sell products to customers and potential prospects and maintain a database using their purchases and also renew inventories.

Qualifications: Must to get above 21, Standard 10 + 2 with focus on some courses like marketing, promotions, communications and finance.

Skills: Sales Representative should be confident, energetic, organised and resilient. They have to have strong written and verbal communication skills, and become experts in customer service. Sales officers should also own at least a basic knowledge of maths, as they often times deal with prices, deals and commissions.

Salary(Approximate): INR 50000+ /month

Potential Training Areas: Vocational courses related to marketing and negotiation, Seminars for teamwork techniques and new technologies.

At the bottom levels, most recruit are brought in through referrals from existing employees. They submit their applications and are usually short listed according to their past activities and communication skills. The induction work must be achieved here because the new recruits remain to adjust to a fresh environment and know the culture of the organisation. They are provided with an on the job training period because of their new job among existing employees that they usually learn from the knowledge of others and take advantage of tips from more experienced individuals.

Most employees undergo training whenever there are changes in design, processes or technology in their present jobs. Employee's showing potential and good performance in terms of high sales records, good customer feedbacks and low absenteeism receive additional trained in diverse fields to increase their skills and knowledge. For example, more technical knowledge of some products are imparted for some sales representative who are interested. Job rotation is also a crucial aspect which prepares a person for promotion over time.

Employees as of this level are usually provided transport facilities to and from the task place and usually have varied incentives. Sales representatives receive reduced tariffs on certain company products and also reap the benefits of refundable medical bills to a certain amount. Loyalty of long-term employees are rewarded by company awards and occasional gifts. At retirement, such employees receive some shares in the company as well as a severance package.

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