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Management of Indian Restaurant

Shivani restaurant can be an Indian restaurant. It really is handled by an Indian family. It offers 2 branches in Auckland. One is located in Papatoetoe, Auckland and other is in mount roskil, Auckland. The staff of the restaurant is very friendly and experienced. This information is collected to facilitate the overall performance of the restaurant.


The reason for these details is to assist in the working of management of the restaurant. Although the restaurant is running very good, still management wishes to consider any loop where they can improve the service. This information will help the management to work in better way plus more positivity in the work. Less the problems better the quality of the merchandise.


The main opportunity of the information report will be:

  • Management
  • Supervisors
  • Subordinates


The whole group structure should come under this information. All of the departments will get benefit from these details. This is actually the flow chart will clarify the structure of the business.


General Manager

Assitant Manager

Kitchen Administrator ( Main Chef)


Delivery boy

Line cook

Dishwasher, pantry

Resources available

  • Restaurant building
  • Parking area
  • Heating and air conditioning system
  • Event hall
  • Security system
  • Sitting design for customers like dining tables and chairs
  • Sign board of the restaurants
  • Kitchen utensils which includes microwave, oven, refrigerators, chillers and other stuff
  • Disposable spectacles, plates
  • Cash counter

Budget Source of information requirements

The financial requirement of Shivani restaurant is just about $60000 per month. It includes all the expenses, expanses and salary of the personnel.

Electricity, internet and all the bills - $2000 per month

Salary to workers - around $35000 per month

Lease repayment for the building - $15000 per month

Miscellaneous expanses - $5000 - $15000 per month

Authorization, circulation, filing and archiving

In the restaurant the info is under full security. There are just management is certified to check the info about the business enterprise. To store information company has:

  • E-book
  • Excel sheets
  • Drop box
  • Hard copy

Due to the policy of the company, only staff members can access to the departments like kitchen, cash counter. The customers are definitely not allowed to enter into these areas unless it's important for some exceptions. For this they need to get authorization from management and indication into reserve for documents.

The usage of different division is also limited for the workers. They need to do their own job. They aren't allowed to enter other department credited to work and protection. For instance: the drivers who works for delivery, are not allowed to enter into kitchen.

To circulate any information circulars, notices, emails and files are being used in the restaurant. Filling system is not much required in the restaurant but we use expression document, excel bed linens, power point to archive the information.

Security, integrity and confidentiality

The security of the restaurant is very essential for the management and staff. The business never provides any information about company or personnel to anybody. Management practices the privacy take action 1993. Within the restaurant we've:

  • Security system
  • CC Tv set cameras
  • Scanning system
  • Passwords to gain access to information
  • The business is devoted and legal in every aspect. Management is very concern about:
  • Pay tax
  • Good wage to employees
  • Always pay on time
  • Work under the law
  • Hygienic material

All the information about the company, employees, customers keep private. It is never being disclosed to anyone.


Although the restaurant has reached to a higher level however the management still want to work more on the progress of the restaurant. Milestones are one of the most crucial step in the business. It sets the plan into practical, concrete conditions, with real finances, deadlines, and management responsibilities. It helps you focus as you are writing your business plan, and then, the Milestones desk and plan-vs. -actual management analysis helps you apply your plan as you grow your business. There are 3 periods on attaining the millstones:

  • Planning stage
  • Building Stage
  • Completion stage

Management want to market the business enterprise. They are working hard to start more branches at other locations in Auckland

External sources

The external sources are very ideal for the expansion of the business. These sources play an important role to achieve the goals of the business. To run an enterprise the exterior links are extremely important. Included in these are the shareholders and others. Shivani restaurant has very good relations with other companies which are helping the management to get quality products. For example the buy mil from the Fonterra which is leading milk suppliers of NZ. Restaurant management has very warm human relationships with Fonterra. All of the suppliers, dealers, investors are comes under the external sources of the business.

Industry options: industries are the basic pieces of any business. Market sectors provide grounds for the business enterprise as musical instruments, tools found in various business are produced in the industries. Establishments supply the organic material to the business enterprise. Industry options help us to go with the period by meeting the level of desires using their company clients. Shivani restaurant also has good interactions with establishments like farming.

Information system: information system helps the business enterprise to assemble data about the existing top and low items in the business sector. When the management has more connections in the market, the business will develop more rapidly. Restaurant has a good information system. Management have specialist to discuss about the developments on the market.

Inner data sources within the restaurant: the Shivani restaurant has some certain data options to keep an eye on every moment occurring in the business. Management installed the cameras in the restaurant that happen to be linked to mobiles, pc of the higher management. This can help the management to know very well what is going on in the restaurant even when they aren't present in the restaurant.

Internal sources

There are some interior sources of the restaurant which the success of the organization is depends. These are:

  • Investment
  • Surplus cash
  • Surplus assets
  • Operating efficiency
  • Cash stream efficiency
  • Operating assets
  • Employees hard work


We would appreciate you taking the time to complete

the following reviews form. Please group selections.

Name of Location: _________________________________


Portion size

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Needs Improvement Average Good Excellent


Needs Improvement Average Good Excellent

Value for money

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Needs Improvement Average Good Excellent


Needs Improvement Average Good Excellent

Explanation of menu

Needs Improvement Average Good Excellent

Time taken up to be served

Needs Improvement Average Good Excellent

Account settlement

Needs Improvement Average Good Excellent



Needs Improvement Average Good Excellent

Cleanliness of Venue

Needs Improvement Average Good Excellent

Staff presentation

Needs Improvement Average Good Excellent

Other comments:







Your name:. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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We use customer feedback form to get responses from the customers. Most of the customers are satisfied from the entire performance of the restaurant. Inside the responses Form Company use 3 servings:




Food: in food there are 6 attributes in which demonstration, food part size is excellent. Customer feels the food is value your money can buy. The freshness must improve as customers offers best for this.

Services: the service needs special attention as the clients said that it's good not excellent. Time, justification about menu and professionalism and reliability in service is good.

Venue: venue is excellent according the customer. Customers are incredibly happy about the surroundings of the restaurant.

Interpretation: efficiency of the restaurant is good. The place of the restaurant is 100% excellent. Around 60% of customers says good about the Service and food and 40% customers says it is great.

Recommendation: Food freshness is vital for a restaurant. In Shivani we used fresh food always still customer did not give excellent. Thus management needs to consider this area. Presentation of food must also be advanced. Time used too served is good. Management need to arrange an exercise workshop to improve the skills of the staff member.

Kitchen hygiene

Company appreciates about the health of the meals. Thus company has checklist for the kitchen health. Kitchen of the restaurant is cleaned and tidy. Management has checklist for cleaning your kitchen. They divided it into 3 parts.

  • Daily or after use cleaning
  • Weekly cleaning
  • Monthly cleaning

Daily or after use cleaning: all the laundry, freezer, small instruments are cleaned daily. This can help to improve health in the food.

Weekly cleaning: dishwasher, cabinets, other storage machines, ovens and surfaces under the sinks should be cleaned on each week basis. Employees clean all these items on regular basis

Monthly cleaning: big machines, accessories like ice cream machine, followers are cleaned every month. Pest control also done every month. Baseboards, exhaust vents are cleaned out every month. Drain covers also cleaned every month.

Interpretation: kitchen of the restaurant is clean and tidy. Food is very health.

Recommendation: there is no fix flip for the employees to clean the kitchen. Some of the employees aren't interested to cleaning. Management should retain a special solution for the restaurant. They are able to hire a person on part time.

http://www. djj. state. ga. us/Policies/DJJPolicies/Chapter09/Attachments/DJJ9. 3AttachmentC. pdf

Food premises grade

Auckland council provided A grading to Shivani restaurant for food premises level. Inspection was done at 15/09/2017.

(auckland council, 2017)

The grading was presented with based on:

  • The standard of the food premises
  • Maintenance of the restaurant
  • Cleaning of the place
  • Staff habit and certification, training
  • Rubbish removal system

(auckland council, 2017)

Interpretations: Shivani restaurant is best in every these aspect. Management is very much indeed worried about the health of the restaurant. Cleaning is usually performed on regular basis. This is the reason council gave grade A.

Recommendation: To maintain the grade for future, management needs to work hard. They need to keep all these aspects best. Management need to concentrate on the food health to keep level A for future.

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Shivani Restaurant. (2017). Retrieved 03 16, 2017, from www. shivani. co. nz: http://www. shivani. co. nz/about-us/

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