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Management In Retail Asda Information Technology Essay

The wide spread progress of business which includes several functionalities lead to the technology of Enterprise source of information planning system with better customer management system. . Also the increased use of computer systems and internet has motivated many organizations to do business online. Most of the businesses try to interact with their potential and existing customers through internet via views on sites, online discussion community forums, and consumer product review websites. Any corporation with an in depth consumer bottom like the should think how to use web 2 2. 0 applications to improve the business. Especially the large retail companies with large customer basic should use the latest systems like web 2 2. 0 to compete also to provide better customer service.

Currently many large retail organizations like many large-scale supermarkets have were able to incorporate Enterprise resource planning in to their business. Further, the client management plays an extremely critical role on the success of these businesses. The organizations, which can be providing excellent customer support, have better competitive benefits over the others who do similar businesses.

A brief intro about Enterprise Source of information Planning, Customer support management and Blogging platforms 2. 0 can help the readers to understand the research better. First of all, ERP, which can be an abbreviation for Organization Source of information Planning, which is actually an "integration of business management routines and modern tools". IT (IT) is included with the other business processes such as Human resources, Finance etc in order to achieve the business targets of the business. ERP involves three most significant components; Business Management Routines, Information Technology and Specific Business Goals. In addition, it is an enormous software architecture, which really helps to assimilate information of the practical products of large businesses that are geographically scattered. .

Customer management system aimed at improving the relationship between businesses and customers. Many companies, to learn more about the client needs and actions in order to create a strong romance with them. This technique also help those companies to assemble information about customers, sales, marketing efficiency, responsiveness and market trends which will help them to be competitive in their businesses.

This dissertation will critically analyse the impact of Customer Marriage Management in ASDA and also to analyse the ways in which it can be successfully used to gain competitive advantage. The answer is wanted through a thorough research of the retail companies such as large supermarkets that uses Information Technology and engaged in Customer Romantic relationship Management to improve their businesses. . Further, Expert ideas in regards to this subject, through interviews and questionnaires, will be searched for from those companies to suggest new ways to enhance the business enterprise opportunities by mitigating the risk by using these systems.

Problem definition

Based on the study done on current IT field, I came across that blogging platforms 2. 0 is very popular between everyone. Also to relate it to more useful scenario, I made a decision to execute a research about how this is successfully put in to practice for the improvement of information writing. Further, customer Management, which plays a key role in those companies and find a better method to enhance the customer Management through the info showing with the new technology like blogging platforms 2. 0.

Research questions

The pursuing research problems and questions can be used to analyze this issue to find an efficient way to resolve the problems.

Main Question

What will be the important areas of Customer Romance Management in a retail store and how IT may be used to enhance its operation?

(Enterprise tool planning systems and the utilization of blogging platforms 2. 0 for information writing)

Sub Questions

What is CRM and what this means to retail organizations? The usage of Information Technology in a retail store?

Opportunities and dangers of web 2 2. 0 to a retail company and the ways that it could be handled to get completive benefit over other challengers?

How can retail organisation like ASDA, can incorporate information technology into the business to improve its customer romantic relationship management?

The CRM models that can guide to build successful leading retail businesses.

Aims and Objective

Based on the study done on the retail store such as ASDA were customer romance management plays an integral role in its survival. With the existing technological advancement the Information technology plays a key role. With such requirements, I came across that blogging platforms 2. 0 is extremely popular between everyone. Also to connect it to more useful scenario, I decided to execute a research on how this is successfully put in to practice for the improvement of information sharing. Further, customer Management, which takes on a key role in those companies and also to find a much better method to increase the customer Management through the information sharing with the new technology like web 2 2. 0.

And also in this internet age everything done via web applications and then the Blogging platforms 2. 0 plays a key role in the foreseeable future development of Business like shops were customer uses internet to buy goods and services.


The related research is structured in the next way:

As a primary step of the thesis undertaken, I'd like to focus on the books review to endure a thorough analysis in the field of CRM to find out the potential risks and opportunities are present for a business to look at these popular tools to the improvement and productivity of the business.

As a secondary step, with the data gained from these studies, the review is to be carried out in two phases.

In the first period of the survey involve building and distributing study questionnaires among the friends and colleges who works or retailers at a retail outlet like ASDA with in UK.

As another phase of the survey involve follow-up interviews with the respondents to assemble more info in the relevant areas that are protected in the questionnaires.

At the end the data accumulated through these stages are analysed to create some suggestions that will help the organization to realize benefits through IT.

Gantt Chart

It is a tool developed by Henry Gantt in 1917, to provide a simple visual representation of the duty or activities that make up a research task. In this the study time size can be divided into sub periods and each main activity can be slated according a period limit.

The time we projected each job is represented by the space associated with an associated horizontal pub, whilst the task's start and finish times are represented on the tile lines. (Draw Saunders, Philip Lewis, Adrian Thornhill, 2009)

(Refer Appendix -1 -Dissertation routine)

Literature Review

2. 1 Launch about CRM.

Wikipedia defines Customer relationship management (CRM) as a "broadly recognized, widely-implemented technique for controlling and nurturing a company's connections with clients and sales potential clients" (Wiki, 2010). CRM uses the technology is employed to arrange and automate business techniques such as sales activities, marketing, customer service and technical support. But the ultimate goal of CRM is draw in new clients, keep carefully the existing clients happy and save cost in marketing and customer support. Many organizations build their own directories that describe about customer and their marriage with the organization that allow the management and sales representatives to provide products and services that suits the customer expectations.

Generally the application structures of the CRM has three important parts specifically functional CRM, Analytical CRM and collaborative CRM. Operational CRM is to take care of the front office business steps including customer support, marketing and sales, whereas the analytical CRM focus on analysing the customer segments based on the data collected within Operational CRM. Finally the collaborative CRM help the organization to interact with customers using all the available channels to find solution that bring all the entities collectively for the company to provide better service to its customers.

The new technology inventions and the use of internet have brought new ways of doing business. The business's future success and its profitability is greatly is determined by how that company snacks its customers, that is why many companies including suppliers invest heavily on improving the ways of doing business to improve customer satisfaction. Firms develop strategies and technologies for employing better customer service management to be profitable in the current intensive and vibrant market environment (Pani and Venugopal, 2008).

There are extensive current IT advancements in the retail sector that will help the retailers to get competitive advantages over its rivals. Following IT systems such as Do it yourself checkout systems, new media displays, electronic digital shelf labelling, and scam diagnosis systems,

U-Scan (the worlds trusted self checkout systems), Reduction protection software and Corema (helping retailers to produce deliver and keep tabs on devotion programs and targeted offers and promotions) are being used by many stores to gain client satisfaction. Further, the growing technology like sensible agents can be used as an instrument to attain e-CRM in internet.

2. 2 Analysis of Digital Media

The rise of the internet in 90's created a new mechanism to spread information among people. In the PC period the physical data is stored in digital form in to CDs and display drives but, with the large use of internet the "blogging platforms 2. 0 " technology surfaced to enable two way, many to numerous communication via internet in the form of responses, ideas, reviews and tips which induces the contribution of the interested parties.

The following four developments are the important milestones that the internet media has gone through before decade. The primary development can be mentioned as the development of website communities that can be regarded as an originator of the existing time wikis and websites, which is accompanied by the benefits of rich site summery (RSS) which is used to manage the frequently kept up to date contents. Another milestone of this development process was the launch of search engine marketing where the advertising campaign is came back just in time. The Google's Advertising Words is one such exemplory case of this which helps many smaller businesses to reach many clients. The final advancements was the intro of behavioural targeting which creates a profile based on the user record and other information to target the customers corresponding to their choices. (Shih, 2009)

2. 3 Web 2. 0

The web communication technology field has emerged through different inventions. The latest trend in this field is named "Blogging platforms 2. 0 ". It was considered as the first stage of web progression. This concept was initially identified throughout a conference brainstorming program between O'Reilly and MediaLive International. Blogging platforms 2. 0 doesn't have a hard identified boundary therefore, It could be simply described as "a couple of principles and routines that tie together a veritable solar system of sites that demonstrate some or all of those key points, at a varying distance from that primary" (O Reilly, 2005).

Finding a typical definition for blogging platforms 2. 0 was a tiresome task for the research workers. Therefore, we can come to a standard understanding by analysing the meanings that are given by different analysts in this field.

According to Tim O'Reilly:

"Blogging platforms 2. 0 is the business revolution in the computer industry brought on by the proceed to the internet as platform, and an attempt to understand the rules for success on that new system. Main among those guidelines is this: Build applications that funnel network results to get better the more people utilize them".

Former Vice Leader of Product Management at Google Adam Bosworth explains Blogging platforms 2. 0 as "rich intelligent clients who show information across the web and offer with richer mass media (photos, sound, video recording)".

Although differing people have different view about web 2 2. 0, most of them agree that it is a better we communication program which has the ability to harness collective intelligence, enhance the consumer participation and cooperation. Therefore, most of us agree on the fact which it brings new leading edge opportunity for the overall users.

The second phase of the web evolution is emerging which is called "Web3. 0 ". During Web 1. 0 era the material are strictly created by the companies for the users to share among them. But through the Blogging platforms 2. 0 the users have given the opportunity to participate equally in the content creation. Finally the Web 3. 0 has brought the users more directly to the machines so that both makers and users can create more interactive energetic contents. Users and designers define Web 3. 0 as "personalization of the Web". The principal focus on of web 3. 0 is attaching different set of data that is produced by different people in various places so the limitations that exist in Blogging platforms 2. 0 can be eliminated to enhance the benefits it bring to the users (Pattal et al, 2009).

2. 3. 1 Characteristics of Blogging platforms 2. 0

Web 2. 0 has created a new revolution in the field of internet technology. But still there is a large confusion can be found among the experts about the nature of web 2 2. 0. Some contain the opinion that there is no significant different between web 1. 0 and blogging platforms 2. 0 but, others believe that it is a distinctive and ground-breaking thing. By looking at the characteristics of this technology one can concur that it is different from other technology that are been around before.

Let us look at the key characteristics which evidently differentiate web 2 2. 0 services from prior systems :(Chaffey, 2009)

Network as system: Unlike web 1. 0, the net 2. 0 has the capacity to run the software program through the browsers with out setting up it locally. Here the network become a program which sponsor those applications.

Rich individual experience and open culture: Among the key great things about web 2 2. 0 is that, , it allow the reuse of the details that are contributed by others which encourage the people to show their knowledge to make an available culture. This independence in knowledge showing will encourage an individual involvement that can create a collective intelligence which may be beneficial to the business as well regarding the society all together.

Always beta: Among the key feature of blogging platforms 2. 0 is a continuing improvement. The services are constantly modified to enhance the functionalities that are available in those services.

Scalability: Wiki defines scalability as a "desirable property of a system, a network, or an activity, which shows its potential to either take care of growing levels of work in a elegant manner". It also an integral feature of web 2 2. 0 that make it better than its predecessors.

Tagging: Rather than having to rely on use of formal classification systems (which might not be meaningful to many users) tags can be created by users. The tags, which may also be meaningful with their peers, provide communal means of accessing Web resources.

Embedding: Many types of Blogging platforms 2. 0 services allow the content to be embedded in third party Web sites, websites, etc.

User interactive: Blogging platforms 2. 0 sites uses latest response technology like AJAX, CSS in their sites which will make them more user attractive and the use of these technology make the web site more energetic which can integrate more information in a given space.

Simple design: A lot of the Blogging platforms 2. 0 applications like public networking sites, photo showing sites like Flicker etc are focused on single purpose making the users to understand the machine quickly and the easy design improve the usability of the system.

2. 3. 2 Web 2. 0 Applications

Web 2. 0 contains variety of services and tools that permit the people to learn, converse, and gain access to information effectively. Below are a few of the popular tools and services that are being used to facilitate the collaboration on the list of users(Virkus, 2008):

del. icio. us: Users can bookmark their preferred sites and can promote that with other users.

RSS: RSS means " really simple syndication" feeds. RSS feed provide a typical way of updating the wide range of users with the list of headlines, notices and the most up to date information that are updated automatically by the publisher. (Myhill et al, 2009).

Open gain access to repositories: It provides a new way of publishing so that information is available for the large selection of interested audience specially it is usefull in evaluating research where in fact the researchers need high level of promotion. (Myhill et al, 2009)

Blogs: Herring et al defines the "Blog" as, "frequently customized web pages in which dated entries are posted backwards chronological order" and he specify which it can create a close connection on the list of bloggers who are linked with one another to touch upon each other's websites. Also, a blog can function as a web journal which is compiled by specific or by a group of folks, and the people who gets the common interest may use the sites as a tool to share, represent and debate concerning this common subject matter within the city of practice (Baumer et al, 2008)

Podcasts and Video blogs:

Geoghegan and Klass define podcasting as "audio tracks content available on the Internet that can be automatically delivered to your personal computer or MP3 player". The center of the podcasting is of creating sound or video items for the audience in order for them to pay attention to it whenever that is convenient on their behalf. The convenience in acquiring these details relieve the users from enough time spent on looking and downloading, plus they can utilize this time on something more good for the business. The most up to date developments in portable information like the iPod and smart mobile phones have increased the recognition of podcasting among young professionals (Ractham and Zhang, 2006).

The information highly relevant to any tasks carried out by the employees is vital to allow them to complete them effectively. Therefore accessing the information with less work will stimulate the employees to perform their job with less cost. Through podcasting the relevant information like latest conferences about the current technologies and innovations can be produced open to the IT specialists, to allow them to access the duty relevant information which will help them complete their jobs more efficiently with no rejection.

2. 4 Organization 2. 0

The enterprise interpersonal software is a very important component of business 2. 0 also called ERP 2. 0. It really is cultural software that is utilized by the organizations to control their inside and external communication. Corresponding to Carl Frappaolo and Dan Keldsen the Enterprise 2. 0 can be explained as "a system of web-based solutions that provide swift and agile cooperation, information sharing, introduction and integration capabilities in the extended enterprise". (Wiki, 2009).

Generally the Web 2. 0 identifies the technologies that are being used to share information via internet, however the term Venture 2. 0 is a professional version of Blogging platforms 2. 0 which focus "only on those programs that companies can purchase or build to make visible the procedures and outputs with their knowledge workers". The systems of Business 2. 0 such as search, links, authoring, tags and extensions provide a simple usability for the data employee and it comprise tools that can the help the knowledge work emerge from the personnel which can be an essential source for the productivity of the business. ( McAfee, 2006).

Over the years the initial novelty stage of Business 2. 0 has passed effectively by learning new things lessons through the difficulties experienced. Now the new practical focus is emerged on creating and handling of business neighborhoods, finding ways to provide measurable business value and learning best ways through collaboration and public software. Many organizations are putting into action venture 2. 0 because of their business which include the components like enterprise public networking, wikis, and communal CRM which can bring the actual benefits. (Hinchcliffe, 2009)


Research Design and Methodology

3. 1 Introduction

The research can provide different meaning to differing people. But merely research can be defined as "an activity of finding solutions to problems after a thorough study and analysis of the situational factors"( Sekaran and Bougie, 2003). Any research can be categorised as academic or business research. The educational research is performed on scholar goal which is not customer oriented whereas, the business research is conducted to investigate a specific problems in the task setting which can be client oriented.

The business research can be further classified as exploratory, descriptive and informal research based on the goal of the research. The exploratory research is conducted to determine about any business opportunities, whereas the descriptive research is to describe the characteristics of people, organizations, organizations or conditions. But the reason for everyday research is to identify the cause and effect romantic relationships. (Zikmund, 2010)

3. 2 Research process or Research methodology

The research technique or research process is inspired by the goal of the research performed. It is therefore very imperative to select an appropriate research process to realize successful results at the completion of the project. The study undertaken here comes after a cyclic research process that contains a series of highly interrelated activities.

As shown in the below number, any research is started out by selecting a research matter from the subject area related to your level. Then further information should be gathered about the topic by looking the books of earlier studies and other sources. Using the information gathered the general interest has to be narrowed down to a specific research problem you can use to define the study questions.

The next important part of the research process is the research design which starts with the study paradigm which is the construction that guides the research. After designing the research the relevant data should be collected using different data collection methods. Based on the research paradigm the gathered data should be analysed and shown in the thesis by the end of the research process.

Choose a subject and search the Literature

Review the literature and define the study problem /Research questions

Design the research and write the proposal

Collect the study data

Analyse and interpret the study data

Write the dissertation, thesis or research report

Figure 3. 1: Overview of Research process, Source: (Collis and Hussey, 2009)

3. 3 Research Approach

The research process can be in comparison to a map, because there is no right path that can be described for a journey. The road one wants to adopt depends upon where he desires to travel and the resources that are allocated. Appropriately the research process that should be followed depends on the research carried out and the resources and the time allocated to the specific job. (Zikmund, 2010)

3. 4 Data collection methods

Data collection methods are an important part of research design. The info that are accumulated through the research can be classified as primary and extra data. Most important data can be accumulated through the info collection methods like interviews and questionnaires whereas the secondary data can be obtained through catalogs, periodicals, government publications, marketing and company twelve-monthly report. The time and cost can be saved through the use of supplementary data but totally rely on the supplementary data can have a risk of being obsolete (Sekaran and Bougie, 2010).

3. 4. 1 Interviewing

Interviewing is one of the popular ways of collecting relevant data of the study undertaken. Relating to Kahn and Cannel the Interview can be defined as a "discussion between two or more people". Interviews may be used to collect valid and reliable data which can be highly relevant to the determined research questions and the targets of the job.

Interviews can be classified as structured, semi organized or unstructured. Unstructured interviews don't contain any organized set of questions to be asked from the respondents. This will bring out some primary issues to the top. Semi organised interviews are usually more flexible than the organized ones where in fact the researcher got a theme of questions which may differ in one interview to the other. Finally the organized interviews are formal interviews which have indistinguishable standardized questions.

A comprehensive research of CRM, CRM tools, Web2, ERP, and the importance of CRM in a retail outlet were carried through a literature survey. Questionnaire survey and interviews has been preferred for the research methodology to conduct the chosen research. The data that were accumulated through the questionnaires and interviews are noted and the analysed under different standards. By the end of the job time line, the conclusions of the research undertaken were offered in the ultimate dissertation.

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