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Management Essays - Food Ethics

Food Ethics

Ethics is considered as tactical management, which is most important in all areas of business decisions. Moral business should converse ethical behaviour and reasonable treatment to all its stake holders. There should be an ethical methodology balancing profitability with welfare of life and conservation of life. Using the increasing competitiveness in food industry, rampant use of technology and knowledge in the introduction of new products is increasing, so many issues occur which should be handled sensitively in food industrys do and place in modern culture is to be seen as morally satisfactory and ethically supportable. Honest issues can be found is the way food is produced and consumed especially to people who concerns about keeping and slaughtering of food animals and preservation of land for the good thing about the future generations. Food sectors are producing food products with a great nutritive principles however they also should think about about medical aspects of consumers because health is defined as circumstances of complete physical, mental and public well being not only lack of diseases. World as enormously benefited by the development of science and technology, science is value laden and more and more driven by commercial hobbies, with a less focus on ethics. Mostly idea of ethics should come into existence where in fact the addition of food ingredients can be involved because some elements may be good to health, may increase appetite, but is the fact that addition is moral. Major option frequently considered by food sectors is product reformation, replacingcostly raw materials from the cheaper recycleables although products are sold under same brand names they will vary products with different formulations and often lower features of design. Most of the times consumers cannot find the change because of brand commitment and advertising can handle preventing drift to alternative product and many consumers stay unacquainted with the level of change. This is the platform where moral principles and ethical ideals come into lime light. Regarding the procedures, various moral issues such as health and safety techniques for employees, hygiene expectations and treatment of pets or animals including, feeding and slaughtering ways of factory farming and rearing.

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Three main moral guidelines to be adopted in every food resource chains are:

  • capability t understanding the product and its own related risks
  • the choice of goods provided by competition
  • Sufficient information to judge how objectives of goods are satisfied.

Quality and safety management

Quality and safe practices aspects in the meals supply chain are very important because these finalise the quality and safety of done product before it reaches the final end user. Food basic safety and quality characteristics management in food resource chain play a very important role in food industry. Different foods will have different quality specifications. In the product life circuit quality and safety management performs pivotal role to keep its quality throughout its life routine. Quality should be managed in such a way that the quality is preserved still the merchandise reaches the maturity level and gets to the buyer. To establish quality confidence in agricultural and food business it is important to consider this characteristics of recycleables. Quality management differs from the product to product depending on raw materials, shelf life of the merchandise, storage and setting of carry. Quality management differs from industry to industry. Different sectors follow different quality and safeness management standards.

Packaging, Storage space and Transportation

Packaging adds value to the meals product. Packaging is the medium which retains the merchandise. Different foods have different product packaging medium. Packaging is employed for containment, coverage, handling, delivery and display of goods from raw materials to processed goods, from manufacturer to consumer. Packaging medium varies from product to product and from industry to industry.

Food storage is nearly the final stage of food resource string. But this is very important phase since it gives the accommodation to the finished product storage is different in entire amount of supply string such as storage at the natural material production, storage area of raw material at the manufacturer stage, storage space of completed products in the manufacturers warehouse before consignment, finally storage area at the retail selling point. If the storage area at the above points is not up to the mark total quality of the product deteriorates and causes huge loss. So storage plays very vital role in whole supply chain. Additionally storage design of all products are not same It varies from product to product with respect to the perish capacity of product. Different manufactures uses different safe-keeping at different stages of the whole supply string. Thus safe-keeping is one of quite aspects of the food supply string.

Transportation is the ultimate stage of source chain, it's the very major stage of food supply chain since it is the stage where the completed product gets to the ingestion point. Travelling of different foods demands different transport medium with respect to the nature of the merchandise. Through out the travelling of product the environment of the merchandise should be compatible to the merchandise. Carry conditions of the various products change from one another, different food business follows different vehicles medium basing on the product characteristics.


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