Man Is definitely Our Authentic Enemy

Once someone explained Man is our accurate enemy. And this person was right. In the present00 time (now) the word enemy means: A hostile power or pressure such as a nation. As an example let's take the Middle section East nations around the world suck as Iraq. We can also be our enemy. How? By assessment nuclear devises or remove hazardous materials in the environment suck as potation.

Why are we recently been our own adversary? By looking to develop each of our selves all of us extract unwanted effects out of your positive attempts. Example all of us make fire to warm our selves and to kook our food to be able to make it through but in the same time frame we are getting rid of our planet by CO2 which is drown out of the fire and which enhances the green house result which is currently above regular.

Another reason is that it is in man's nature to wants more in economical and territorial means. For example a president of a certain country gives order to generate weapons away mass distraction, which explode at an imaginary force. And he would utilize them to slather millions of harmless individuals simply to achieve his goal. This is proven to us in the Hiroshima and Nagasaki nuclear bombing.

Were also each of our enemy within our awry working day lives. Example Transportation including unsafe automobiles likes cars, motorcycles and airplanes. In reality 40% of all unnatural deaths occur in automobile accidents.

We also harm each of our self in nourishment by consuming unhealthy items, which have unnatural color and flavor, which usually result in heart diseases and strokes.

Another reason we are our enemy is because we made our selves weak and entirely dependent on technology. For example when the Y2K may come we will to absolutely unprepared. Water filtration, electrical power, gazes, striking, and traditional bank machines probably would not work. This means on January 1 2150 we will be left in darker, cold, thirsty and famished. We would be unable to receive money because computer does the paychecks, and could not have money from our account since the bank machine would not work.

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