Major FACTORS BEHIND Inflation In Singapore


First of most, we need to learn what's inflation. Inflation is thought as a sustained upsurge in the overall degree of charges for goods and services. It really is measured as a percentage of annual development. As inflation increases, every pound you have bought a smaller ratio of goods or services. The cost of a pound does not remain continuous in the occurrence of inflation. The expense of a pound is observed in terms of purchasing power, which really is a real, tangible goods on the market. When inflation raises, a decrease in the purchasing ability of money. For instance, if the inflation rate of 2% per yr, then theoretically Ј 1 a load up gum will cost Ј 1, 02 per time. After inflation, your pound cannot buy the same goods it might beforehand.

There are several options on inflation:

Deflation is when the overall price level falls. This is actually the reverse of inflation.

Hyperinflation unusually speedy inflation. In acute cases this may lead to the collapse of the economic system of the united states. For example, one of the best examples of hyperinflation occurred in Germany in 1923, when prices increased 2500% in per month!

Stagflation is a mixture of high unemployment and economic stagnation with inflation. This happened in industrialized countries in 1970, when the bad economy, coupled with OPEC raising olive oil prices

Singapore was founded by the English trading colony in 1819. It signed up with the Malaysian Federation in 1963 but separated two years later and became independent. Singapore eventually became one of the very most successful countries with strong international trading links (its slot is one of the world's busiest in terms of tonnage treated) and per capita GDP equal to that of the key countries of Western Europe.

Singapore has an extremely developed and successful free market overall economy. It has a amazingly open and corruption-free environment, steady prices, and GDP per capita is add up to that of the four largest countries in Western Europe. The market depends heavily on exports, specifically in gadgets and information technology products. It had been hard getting into the 2001-03 global downturn, the downturn in the technology sector, as well as the outbreak of severe acute respiratory symptoms (SARS) in 2003, to suppress tourism and consumer spending. Fiscal stimulus, low interest, export growth, and internal versatility resulted in strong growth in 2004-07 real GDP growth averaged 7% per time. The government hope to establish a new growth path which will be less susceptible to global cycles of demand for information technology products - drawn a great deal of investment funds in pharmaceuticals and medical technology development - and can continue its work to determine Singapore, Southeast Asia, financial and high technology center. Annual inflation rate in Singapore was 6. 7% in March - the best since 1982 - and in the united states currently pays a high price in the establishment of a worldwide city of the nice life.

Causes of inflation:


Cost press inflation

Cost inflation occurs when companies react to the increase in production costs anticipated to higher prices to be able to keep their profits. You will find many reasons why costs may surge:

Growth of imports of raw materials costs, possibly as a result of inflation in countries that are seriously dependent on exports of those goods or therefore of falling cost of money in the foreign currency markets, increasing charges for imported goods. Among cost press inflation solution English Gas and other energy suppliers significantly raise prices for gas and electricity that charges for industrial and local consumers at various factors during 2005 and 2006.

The increase in labor costs - due to wage rises that go over any advancements in productivity. This circumstance is important in those establishments that are "labor extensive. Companies may determine not to accept these higher costs to their customers (they might be in a position to achieve some cost savings in other areas of business), but in the long term, wage inflation tends move in close contact with price inflation, because there are limitations on the degree to which any business can absorb more costs in income.

Higher indirect taxes levied by the government - for example, increased excise responsibility on liquor and cigarettes, increase in fuel duty, or possibly increase the standard rate of value added taxes or expanding the number of products that VAT is applicable. These fees are levied on makers (suppliers), which, with respect to the price elasticity of source and demand because of their products, may refuse to accept the tax burden on consumers. For example, if the federal government would choose to gather a new taxes on aviation gasoline, it will contribute to rising cost press inflation.

Cost thrust inflation can be illustrated by an interior transfer of short-term aggregate resource curve. That is shown in the figure below. A land in SRAS causes a contraction of real countrywide output as well as a rise in the overall degree of prices.

Average cash flow are basic salary + income from overtime, performance bonus products, profit-related pay and other additions to income

Productivity measures productivity performance per worker or outcome per man-hour. Increased productivity helps you to store the unit cost. However, if the income of people in work increasing faster than output, then the cost per unit of labor increased

Growth of device labour costs is a key factor in the growth of inflation in the medium term. Additional pressure on prices originates from the higher transfer prices, prices of goods (oil, copper and metal), as well as the impact of indirect taxes such as VAT and excise obligations.

Prices also surge when the company made a decision to increase their earnings. They'll likely do so during the restoration phase of the economic cycle.

The significant reasons of inflation and result in Singapore:

Singapore's inflation rate is double that of Malaysia, it is greater than Hong Kong and Australia. While inflation is normally higher round the world, Singapore's inflation is way higher than the common for many reasons, here are the main ones:

Around a million of folks added to Singapore's populace to in previous years causing the population to develop from 3. 7m to 4. 6million

An overheated overall economy grew by 7% per 12 months.

GST hike, transport, resources, hike, hike kindergarten fees, etc.

strong overheating of the market, which grew by 7% on a yearly basis over the past four years

The open-door immigration (the best inflow on the planet), which brought in millions of foreigners, and forced the population of about 4. 7 million people.

This entrance shows Singapore's the gross annual percent change in consumer prices compared with the previous year's consumer prices:

Inflation rate (consumer prices): 2. 1% (2007 est. )

Ways to diminish the Inflation:

Monetary policy

Rising rates of interest will certainly reduce the growth of aggregate demand throughout the market. Slower economic progress will certainly reduce inflation. Higher interest rates reduce consumer spending, because:

Higher interest rates increase borrowing costs, reducing spendings

Rising rates of interest make it more attractive to save lots of money

Rising interest levels reduce the throw-away income of these mortgages

Supply side policies

Supply side plan aimed at enhancing the competitiveness and long-term productivity. For example, privatization and deregulation have desire to make the business more productive. Thus, over time supply side regulations, can lessen inflationary stresses. However, supply side policy proposals of the lot in the long run. They are able to not be used to reduce the sudden increase in inflation

Fiscal policies

This is another insurance plan of demand, similar to the action of economic policy. Fiscal coverage involves an alteration of government duty and spending levels, in order to influence the amount of aggregate demand. To be able to reduce inflationary stresses, the government can increase tax and reduce authorities spending. This will certainly reduce aggregate demand.

Exchange rate policies

Policy of federal government alongs the level of the exchange rate of its currency. It could want to affect the exchange rate, which consists of platinum reserves and foreign currency from its central standard bank to trade currencies. Additionally, it may use rates of interest (monetary policy) to improve the value of the currency.

This article illustrates 2 interesting tables:

This below desk shows the rank of countries which has the most inflation. This admittance furnishes the total annual percent change in consumer prices weighed against the previous year's consumer prices.

This entry shows the gross annual percent change in consumer prices compared with the previous year's consumer prices.


In today's market, changes in aggregate demand lead to changes to changes in prices and development. In fact, because of the inflexibility of salary, prices may rise, even though the economy still has high unemployment and unused capacity.

Inflation occurs when the general price level rises (and deflation occurs when they have a tendency to show up). Today, we expect inflation using the "Price Index" weighted average prices for thousands of specific products. The main price index consumer price index, which steps the expense of consumer basket of consumer goods and services with regards to the expense of this bundle more than a base time.

Inflation affects the overall economy in two ways: through redistribution of income and wealth and by changing the scale and framework of development. Inflation and deflation are hardly ever well balanced, and the expected type


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