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Like and Marital life in Pleasure and Prejudice Essay

Explore all of the attitudes toward love and marriage in relation to

chapters one, nineteen, thirty-four and fifty-eight in Take great pride in and Misjudgment.

Pride and Prejudice


Jane Austen was born in 1755. She was the 7th of 8-10 children.

The family was well educated and affectionate. Her father was obviously a

clergyman and they lived with the rectory in the parish of Steventon in

Hampshire. She wrote a number of novels certainly one of which was Pride and

Prejudice'. It is full of romance, theatre and humour. The new was established

in pre 1914 within a society were women experienced no political election, were unable to voice

their opinion and had no cash flow of their own therefore they had to rely on

their husbands.

Pride and Prejudice' stands upon the allegations of love and

marriage. Jane Austin thought that the perfect relationship existed

between two people who respectable and liked each other. The lady illustrates

the idea of a perfect marriage and also shows how a few

relationships are not ideal.

Let me explore the range of attitudes toward love and

marriage in regards to chapters one, nineteen, thirty-four and


Chapter One particular

The beginning sentence right away links money and relationship without

talking about love.

"It is a fact universally acknowledged, that a single man in

possession of a large fortune, must be in need of a better half. "

It is a very striking statement and incredibly presumptuous. Just

people were more worried about with status and money rather than take pleasure in

that's how that society operated. In the event that you where married to somebody

of your high class who good links then persons would admire you

and respect you. This is what Mrs Bennet presumed. Attitudes to

love depend on material riches not na...

... wide open and the simple truth is known. Darcy explained

his actions and Elizabeth now understood him.

This is Her Austen's portrayal of the suitable marriage.


Jane Austen has created a variety of relationships therefore show us that it

is important to marry intended for love, admiration and prevalent interest. Beauty

fades so don't choose physical sights and money is not

everything, though it is important it is far from necessary. Darcy and

At the, Jane and Bingley will probably be happy together because they love

the other person and that's enough for these people but people like Mr Bennet and

Mrs Bennet will never be happy because that they don't know each other and

neither one of them makes an effort to make this work. Anne Austin was

trying to get the point across that things change. Not everything

starts off of best but with a little bit of love one can get there in the end

and things will be ideal.

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