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Lost World Of Tambun: Theme Parks In Malaysia

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Lost World of TambunTheme Parks in Malaysia

The latest fascination from Sunway City Ipoh in Tambun, the Lost World is a fresh water theme recreation area in Perak set to provide you a fun-filled experience for friends and family! Nestled among lush greenery and limestone hillsides, the Lost World has a bunch of exciting activities to keep you returning to get more.

Question 1:

Your role:

You must decide on a theme area of your decision. You are required to determine their organizational framework, products, market segments, and rivals.


As part of your research, you will need to establish the framework of the franchise and the merchandise that is being offered to the buyer.


You are required to analyze:

Their market strength

Their area of natural expansion

Brand placement and marketability of these brand

Suggest steps to improve their sales and profits

Suggest the way they can take their business to a worldwide scale


Conclude your research by summarizing all the above and provide your final solution on how the theme playground may prosper in a completion market.

All cost for the event and profile must be self financing. Olympia College will not be in charge of any cost or any unforeseen circumstances occurred during this event.

Answer Q1

As part of our assignment, I've find the Lost World of Tambun theme playground as my choice for doing my project. From my very own research, there is five main elements which will make up this world of escapades which is as explained in the structure below

Jungle Influx Bay


Tiger Valley

Water park

Hot Springs & Spa


Water Park

An exquisitely beautiful Waterfall Beach Garden & exhilarating normal water rides in the theme area for everybody at this inflatable water park and where the drinking water beach garden were the largest wave pool in Malaysia where the waves could swell up to 3 ft high. At there, you could find a absolutely perfect landscaped beach which surrounded by 20 foot twin waterfalls with two rivers flowing into the pool. There is also a musical body rinse as a refreshment before to the caption of Sandy Bay.

Explorabay, a kids - only zone which is specially designed for kids while Cliff Racer are intend for a adult and youngsters. And undoubtedly, the longest inflatable pipe ride in Malaysia, Tube Raiders which is the family - preferred huge slides while Excitement River is more on calming water trip.

Cliff Racer

Sail through the jungle canopy in an old mine cart after having a drop from dizzying levels; exactly like in the old Outdoors Wild West movies! The park is simply perfect for those family escapades. Make sure to bring extra clothes for a change after a complete day's fun on the numerous drinking water slides and normal water games. The park also plays variety to a few tigers and albino tiger cubs and site visitors can witness the tiger feeding times between 11. 30am to 5pm every day. The area is open everyday except Tuesdays (school/public vacations excluded) from 11am - 6pm. You can have a cocktail at the Rum Jungle Pub between 6pm - 9pm every evening. Entrance seat tickets start at about RM25 per adult and RM 19 per child (children under 90cm gets free access). The playground also offers special food, entrance and rides packages.

As the latest health supplement for the people to enjoy the inimitable feel of the hot spring and coil, water in the hot springtime come from a natural source, which is a sanctuary for the visitors to relax and revel in and also to experience hygienic and rejuvenating hot water. Besides, there are many other elements which can be catered for the visitors presenting the ultimate relaxation experience

Tiger Valley

There are feeding tigers show and their handles at play in the tiger valley. You can learn abit about how the tigers are cared through the valley's educational program where you'll be able to get close and personal with one of these superb tigers.

Lost World Petting Zoo

Visitors may take a walk on the wild side and The Petting Zoo allows the public to touch, feel, feed and play with the family pets; giving those buying a more personal encounter, a closer point of view.


Market Strength

So many words packed into one, the Lost World of Tambun, where providing an action - filled with exciting adventures with the most sensational rides and glamour in Ipoh, Malaysia. A 60 million Ringgit theme park which positioned in this historical town of Ipoh, in the center of the North - Southern corridor in Perak; and is defined in the inborn panoramas of Ipoh, surrounded by exquisitely breath - taking limestone features.

The Lost World of Tambun has its own market strength similar to the other theme playground as well. As my research around these theme parks, The Lost World of Tambun is a good theme parks if compared to all the opponents around within the northern region in Ipoh example like Bukit Merah. They has providing an assortment services which provides leisure, relaxation, excitement as well as entertainment. In addition, the price are quite reasonable for the assistance they are really providing.

As another market power, Lost world of Tambun is really the only theme playground with natural hot spring and this inflatable water come from natural source and the thermal water in the pool aren't recycled. Furthermore, they acquired a formation of the stand alone rock development - 10 storey building within the theme recreation area. Predicated on the 4Ps, place, people, promotion and products, Lost World of Tambun acquired provides each one of these 4Ps if in comparison to other opponents as their market strength.


800 parking places provided

Good transportation

Natural & nice landscape


Good services

Caring from staffs

Friendliness from staffs


Invite international performance during gatherings; beach party

Promote online through hot websites; facebook, etc

Promote through travel and tour businesses for packages


Water Park

Amusement Park

Lost World Hot Springs & Spa

Tiger Valley

Lost World Petting Zoo

Zone of Expansion

For your information, Lost World are exposed to the nature. Therefore, it has enough of natural resources around and within the park. As for the future expansion, they have to take this advantages to make more because of its area of natural growth usage from the natural sources. Currently, they can be creating a hotel of themselves that happen to be graded as 4 - 5 superstar grades; visitors like foreign tourists do not need to look for other accommodations and can just stay inside the Lost World of Tambun's Hotel that are surrounded by natural source. Besides, also, they are improving the hot spring and coil & spa section. As their future enlargement, it could build-up a monorail system for the entire accessibility within the theme recreation area itself; visitors have the ability to travel from the theme playground back again to the hotel after explorer.

Moreover, extensive natural resources in their theme recreation area which enable those to have their own cave which creates jungle tracking and cave discovering experience for customers. They should grow more on dry rides in did of only concentrate in wet rides as there is already a lot of wet trips. This will enable the visitors to have more choices during their explorer and can not feel uninteresting.

Brand placement and marketability of their brand

A great theme park which have its nature and provided us a refreshing feeling if you are living in a busy lifestyle; a way to expose you to ultimately the nature. Besides, it is a period for each and every member in a family to invest their time alongside one another and also have fun in Lost World of Tambun. That is a means for family bonding to occur. Additionally, we can spend our time with our friends during trip at there for entertainment and leisure. And undoubtedly, it is an excellent place for a few to truly have a great day.

What are they famous for? Their natural resources and it located in a historical place in Ipoh with natural thermal water sources. They are also considered as 'under the umbrella of Sunway Teams' which cause them to success because Sunway group got prove themselves in Sunway Lagoon.

Steps to boost their sales and profit

In order to boost their sales and earnings, they should depend on the economy level which is reduce their cost to be able to get more people. Besides, it is also depends on the way they generate their earnings through the prevailing products. They can also provide more new family deals and teenage deals. Another step to boost their sales and revenue is to extend business hour for dried parks and more situations should be organize example like beach party. International shows should be invite example like ultra junior, wonder young ladies and big bang in order to appeal to more visitors. And of course, special rates for senior should be apply and playthings should get to kids to show that the management is nurturing enough even to every single matter.

How they can take their business to a global scale

Extend their business to global level, they can deal with the travel and tour regencies for plans and brings the travel and leisure to Lost World of Tambun and let them understand it and bring back this information back again to the country. Furthermore, they can have a deal with a country ambassador to promote their theme playground in their own country also to attract foreign investment example as an big organization and this will cause them to develop another branch in their country by the assist in modal from the business; targeting hot weather country like india. Besides, it should have a offer with large group to have a major retreat ( international meeting ). And of course, the lost world management also needs to advertise their theme area through hot websites example like facebook. com, youtube. com, twitter. com and etc


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