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Make the most of lord of the flies essay topic s

You might have already read William Golding’s «Lord of the Flies». That’s a legendary allegorical novel, which involves objects and characters directly representing the novel’s ideas and themes. The central point of this novel is a fierce conflict between the impulse towards civilization and an extremely powerful passion towards savagery rages typical to any human individual. Each of the major characters stands for a certain aspect or idea of this spectrum between savagery and civilization.

Some worthy statements and lord of the flies essay topics

Here below we offer you several thesis statements for your essay for lord of the flies. You can utilize any of them as essay topics for lord of the flies or starters for your essay for lord of the flies. We hope it won’t be difficult for you to pick up the right lord of the flies essay topic for your essay.

The first topic uncovers the role of adults in the novel. The vast majority of the novel’s events occur without adults. Despite the absence of adults, the boys associate themselves with adults. Moreover, they try to build up their own adult world. In your analytic essay you can write about the sacred importance of adults for these boys. Make a strong emphasis on the fact that due to some evident reasons, they are emotionally, cognitively and developmentally unable to handle adult challenges. In other words, they’re bound to fail. Right to this point it would be a good thing to pay attention to the formation as well as dissolution of their government and tentative society.

Then next promising topic for your essay on this subject is the process of society building. When they found themselves trapped on that island they quickly started their project of creating rather an approximate resemblance of human society. To be exact their outcome was a classical utopia. You can analyze their unique island society sing a systematic approach. Well, at first, you see that for the first time, at the initial stage of building there’s so much hope and extreme excitement. Unfortunately, soon everything goes to its end. In you essay you may try find an answer why they weren’t able to overcome the first obstacles on their way to the goal. Did they have a chance to save their promising project from such a shameful finale.

Another interesting essay topic on this theme is the dynamics of power in their island society. As you know, they rapidly started their society-building project and came up with establishing a sort of hierarchy with a leader expected to inspire and guide his followers. Frankly speaking, apart Ralf there’s another nominal leader in their island society. Sure, that’s Jack. It’s no wonder they’re used to clashing with each other as no one of them wants to be deprived of power. Explore how their hierarchy developed over time and make an emphasis on the role of «little-uns» in that ersatz society. If there a definite connection between the power dynamics and almost invisible backdrop of the story – a longstanding war between the boys.

Devolving into violence can also be explored in your essay. For a relatively simple society, it’s quite simple to declare that no one would ever engaged in any kind of violence typical to other societies. Unfortunately, in the novel we’re observing the opposite thing. As a reader, you might have been shocked by the way they are getting violent. No one understand how that sweet boys could rapidly transform into such wild creatures. Offer your arguments regarding how and why this scaring devolution into extreme violence occurred. Perhaps, to support your point it makes sense to use corresponding theories from sociology and psychology. Pay special attention to the everlasting insistence on the significance of rules as well as their inability to protect the inhabitants of that island from their own violence. Offer a couple of references to animals and savages.

If you haven’t found the topics illustrated above worth your precious attention, you may try sticking to the final one. In this case, we’re talking about indeterminate endings in this Golding’s novel. By the end of the novel, all the boys are successfully rescued and their unique social experiment comes to its end. However, there’s something really indeterminate in this ending. We actually want to know what will happen to these boys when they get back home. Is it possible for them to reintegrate to a traditional, normal human society they lived in before. So, here a big deal of guesswork is required. You’re expected to explain your readers your position regarding their probable future among civilized people. Finally, you can offer an exclusive suggestion why Golding picked up exactly this idea for the novel’s plot.

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