Looking into the Elements that Affect the Price of a Second Hand Car

Investigating the Factors that Affect the Price of the Second Hand Car


Let me test which factors impact the price of a second hand car

using a various different record techniques. From what I

discover using these kinds of techniques Let me conclude which factors are the

most important.

Let me examine only cars in the reach of any normal relatives, i. electronic. not

extravagance cars. I will also banish classic automobiles as these will be unlikely to

perform just like normal used cars.

By using a given pair of data around the prices taken care of second hand cars, I

chose ten of the factors and did a survey from the class' parents to

generate initial assumptions of which elements they were most influenced by

when shopping for a second hand car. The review asked them to choose the several

most important and 3 least important coming from a list of eight. Using the

effects of this info, shown on-page , We selected three hypotheses to

test. Let me test these using a offered data established. If I require more

selections to test the hypotheses more conclusively, Let me obtain info

from other resources.

The types of data in the steering column represent the factors which can

easily always be defined picking out a car, although there may be various other

ones that affect a person purchasing a car, even if they cannot always be

measured. A good example is their opinion of the person offering them the

car, because this will have an effect on them a whole lot even though it is not possible to

use this together with the data test.

Hypothesis 1

The greater the original price of the car more suitable its second-hand

price will be.

I that there will be the link between those two factors since the

original price of the car will be a expression of the advantages of

the car, therefore the second hand price should only change in price as a

result of what has took place to that since it was new (e. g. age group, mileage

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