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Looking ON THE Exploitation Of Women To Men British Literature Essay

Selden states that, Rhys reveals the idea of a woman as an imprisoned sufferer oppressed by the specifications and ideals prevailing in the patriarchal, phallogecentric society dominated by the male form of logos, words (selden139).

Rhys girl protagonist is the sufferer of domination and humiliation because of the system of patriarchal and colonial oppression which is prevalent in Britain and Jamaica. In Wide Sargasso Sea Jean Rhys shows patriarchal electric power as dominating and bad. These patriarchal power structures can be found in economical, legal, family and educational systems in Rhys's book. This patriarchal ability influences the lives of all the people in Rhys's novel because they all belong to a patriarchal culture.

This is the storyline of Antoinette's Cosway who is isolated by her Victorian husband who locked her up and drives her mad. She actually is left by itself by her husband in the patriarchal modern culture and become helpless and caught like a dispatch struck in Sargasso Sea by the Uk. Through her portrayal of feminine individuals in her book, Rhys exposes how women are legally and financially dependent on men around them. Whenever we consider the situation of Antoinette's mom, Annette, who is economically dependent after men, we can simultaneously observe that in patriarchal contemporary society economic inequality are present. When Annette's first spouse died, she believes that her second marriage is the chance for her to flee from her life at Coulibri where she is turned down by blacks because of her Creole history and may be able to retrieve position among her peers.

Maria olaussen says that, Annette signifies the gender ideology in the patriarchal financial system, since she have to be provided for by men. She uses her beauty as her only means to compete with other women in search for English protection and financial support (Olausen103). When Wide Sargasso Sea was written it was that time when marriage was considered as a mean to get economic support.

Antoinette struggles to free herself from Rochester's brutality and cruelty because she has no financial self-reliance. All the money was given to her husband, Mr. Rochester when she married him. In Victorian times, there is a law that girls could not organised property in their labels, even if they inherited that property from other parents. It was still in the guardianship of the husbands.

Patriarchal legislation prohibits women from inheriting money if there is a son in the family, the inheritance runs in the male lines. Mr. Mason's child, Richard Mason, symbolizes patriarchal legislation, since, he after his father's loss of life, become the lawful company and protector of Antoinette. He makes her decisions and arranges her relationship to Mr. Rochester, without consent (olaussen108-9).

The feminist Mary Wollstonecraft, who wrote in 1972 about patriarchal education systems in Vindications of the Privileges of women, questioned why only men were ready for professions and not women. She thought that, this was the explanation for women's needs for matrimony; that they had to marry to become economically recognized (wollstonecraft150).

But Jean Rhys in Wide Sargasso Sea denies Wollstonecraft theories in a single aspect, that marriage with Antoinette is necessary for Mr. Rochester because he'll not inherit from his dad as he's the youngest boy in the family. By marrying Antoinette, he saves her prosperity and in this manner she becomes completely economically dependent after Mr. Rochester. Inside the patriarchal family buildings of Victorian era, father has expert over his partner and his children. Women and children are officially and economically centered after their fathers or husbands. Mr. Rochester uses his patriarchal capacity to drive Antoinette crazy. She actually is dependent upon him because of the patriarchal power set ups in contemporary society (both legitimately and economically) and for that reason, it is not possible for her to leave Mr. Rochester.

In Wide Sargasso Sea, marriage increases the riches of men by allowing them capacity to own their wives inheritance. If we critically look at the condition of Annette and Antoinette womanhood is similar to a kind of child like dependence on the nearest men. Actually, it's the dependence that plays a part in the tragic end of both Annette and Antoinette. Both women marry white English men in the expectations of assuaging their fears as vulnerable outsiders, but both men betray and depart them.

As Teresa O'Connor sets it, the amount of betrayal ranges from the cultural and historical implicit in the partnership between blacks and whites to the familical and filial levels.

In Wide Sargasso Sea, it would appear that the main one quality of Antoinette that best express her through out the book is her dependency in others. From her a friendly relationship with Tia, to her marriage with Rochester, Antoinette is merely browsing for happiness. Following the using down of her house by the slaves partly one, Antoinette has no person in her life, and she actually is all alone. Her sibling Perrie dies and her mom gets mad, therefore, she marries Rochester because she needs to feel safe again. She needs you to definitely protect her from the ill-treatment that her mom experiences through out her life as an individual female. You are safe, I'd say. She'd like that-to find out you are safe. Or I'd touch her smoothly and touch her tears (pg. 78). These lines from Mr. Rochester shows that Antoinette wishes to be feel safe and sound.

Since Rhys is a West-Indian, she desires to uncover a real truth about the limit of literary expectations that supposes a shared white traditions in its audience. She attracts an unflattering picture of patriarchal society in the characterization of Mr. Mason. When Annette explains the troubles of her sister's marriage to and specially identifies her husband's oppressive and dominating tendencies to Mr. Mason, his answer to Annette was, that's her account. I don't imagine it. He successfully and unsympathetically silences the Creole women's words. Rhys wanted to give voice to this silent female and raise this silent women voice in her book Wide Sargasso Sea.

In patriarchal modern culture the man is the superior and informed being. Mr. Rochester gets annoyed by Antoinette when he attempts to instruct her about Great britain and she denies the beauty of industrialized Great britain in comparison to Western world Indies.

Is it true, she said, that Britain is like a dream? Well, I solved irritated, that is the way in which your beautiful island appears to me, quite unreal and wonderful.

But how do rivers and mountains and the sea be unreal? And how can millions of people, their residences and their streets be unreal? More easily, she said, a lot more easily. Yes a big city must end up like a fantasy (pg67)

Mr. Rochester feels embarrassment in recognizing his wife's superior understanding of the West Indies, as he is completely a Victorian, patriarchal Englishman. Antoinette attempts to instruct about the nature and life of West Indies because he's a fresh comer in her island. But Mr. Rochester is the fact kind of someone who feels that to be educated by a female is a sign of weakness and inferiority. He belongs compared to that group of men who would like to maintain their superiority over women. This is the reason that Mr. Rochester opposes his wife's principles about Great britain and Western Indies. The patriarchal educational system of the 18th century was criticized by Mary Wollstonecraft, who had written that men preserved women's innocence by keeping them ignorant (131).

If she was a child she had not been a stupid child but an obstinate one. She often questioned me about England and listened attentively to my answers, but I had been certain that little or nothing I said made much difference. Her head was already made-up. Some romantic book, a celebrity remark never ignored, a sketch, a picture, a song, a waltz, some take note of music, and her ideas were fixed. About England and about Europe. I could not change them and probably nothing would. Truth might discontent her, bewilder her, injure her, but it could not be simple fact. It would be only a blunder, a misfortune, a wrong path considered, her permanent ideas would never change.

Nothing that I told her inspired her at all (pg78).

This statement shows that Antoinette's resistance in his attempt to instruct her annoys him. He feels that he can not impact her thoughts and ideas. Thus, he's scared to accept his lack of knowledge since it would lead to his loss of control over her.

Teresa F. O' Connor points out that Mr. Rochester, who originates from the male-identified Britain, is shielded by Antoinette when he lives in her female identified Western Indies. I trust Teresa F. O' Connor that their roles are reversed which Mr. Rochester is afraid of finding himself in a female role in a lady world (148-49).

Personal tragedies which can be founded in patriarchal societies are expressed through dramatization, imagery and characterization from the opening internet pages. All the people in Wide Sargasso Sea are imprisoned in patriarchal interpersonal composition and it lead to their tragic end. In suggesting, the common working of fascism, racism and bourgeois patriarchy, the persecutory ability of the modern religion of intolerance (carr12). Rhys echoes Virginia Woolf, who argued in Three Guineas that, patriarchy, racism, pomposity, militarism, financial exploitation, autocracy and fascism are area of the same process (carr51).

Rhys shows the invisible working of patriarchy by explaining how both Antoinette and Rochester are stuck and conditioned by the prominent patriarchal laws. The matrimony of Antoinette and Rochester is defined in the patriarchal world. If we read Large Sargasso Sea on deeper level we can easily see that Rochester's relationship to Antoinette is parallel to a company contract. His affirmation that, I'll trust you if you trust me? Would appear to show that he will not want to give the unconditional security and love which she wants. However, by uttering the brand, is it a good deal? It offers us a hint that what are the true motives of Rochester for marrying Antoinette. Everyone understands that Bargain is an financial term and it does not are present in the relationship of two people. But this marriage is like a bargain for Rochester, because the guy can gain riches which he desired for and Antoinette can feel safe after all the sufferings which she faces in part one of the Wide Sargasso Sea. Rhys portrays Rochester as somebody who means the patriarchal set of regulations (sexism, colonialism, the British law and regulations which the patriarchal modern culture imposes and which creates sanity and insanity) that captured Antoinette Cosway.

Both the feminine individuals Annette and Antoinette are sexually exploited in this patriarchal world. Men in the patriarchal modern culture is seen as tyrants having every to deprive women from their innocence. They demoralized women's sexuality and innocence just as as falcon hunts its prey. As Rhys writes, the men does as they liked. The women-never. In Wide Sargasso Sea, Rhys illustrates that men consider women as a bits of sexual pleasure. They take women for granted and consider them as a life less creature, devoid of feelings and emotions such as a doll. The main show in the novel is the scene of Antoinette's mom with the dark-colored man. In addition, it provides the motifs of race and sex which can be central in the book. As Antoinette says in the written text keeping in mind the helplessness and pain of her mom,

I remember clothes she was wearing-an evening dress cut suprisingly low, and she was barefooted. There is a fat dark man with a glass of rum in his side. He said drink it and you will ignore. She drank it without halting. I saw his oral cavity fasten on hers and she proceeded to go all soft and limp in his forearms and he laughed.

This incident occurred when Annette was under the manage black couple. After the getting rid of down of her house and loss of life of her son Perrie she starts off exhibiting the signals of psychologically unbalanced woman. Therefore, Mr. Mason given black few to manage her. This scene depicts the subjugation of women by male power in a patriarchal world. This landscape has also its origins grounded in racial issues. The mother's dreadful condition is clearly the result of revenge on the owners of Coulibri by the black slaves. After the emancipation act dark-colored slaves wants for taking revenge on the ex-slaves owners due to brutal treatment which they receive from the hands of white people.

In Victorian population, men treat women cruelly. They think women are only there to allow them to provide sexual pleasures. Antoinette and Rochester's relationship can be seen in this point of view. Mr. Rochester only appreciates Antoinette on her behalf external beauty. I think about why I never recognized how beautiful she was. This affirmation implies that Mr. Rochester is only sexually fascinated towards his better half. He has only a sexual lust for her and this yearn does not show a genuine feeling of love on her behalf. Even Mr. Rochester confesses this kind of feeling on her behalf wife. He says, I did not love her. I had been thirsty on her behalf, but that is not love. I noticed hardly any tenderness for her, she was a stranger if you ask me, a stranger who didn't think or feel as I did (pg78).

According to Howells, Rochester belongs to that patriarchal world where women are luxury items to be bought, appreciated and discarded.

Through out the book, Mr. Rochester is consistently shown as being hostile, cruel and unloving towards her better half. Christophine instructs Antoinette, that he is hard as a mother board. He belongs to that patriarchal world where men substitutes love with gender and domination. He desires to break Antoinette up like an ambitious warrior. As Christophine will keep duplicating to him, all you have to is to break her up (126).

In all of Rhys's works sexuality is the main theme. It was mostly because of the proven fact that men dominate ladies in all aspects. They want control and repress women's sexually. And Rochester here is not only shown as a patriarchal hubby but he is also shown as a Victorian who is convinced that girls sexuality should be repressed. Here Rhys illustrates that men want to link women with fatality, just for the key reason why to control and control them. They wipe out women to repress them and here Rochester will the same thing to Antoinette. Die then! Die! I viewed her die often. In my way, not in hers. In natural light, in shadow, by moonlight, by candle light. Inside the long afternoons, when the home was bare. Only the sun was there to keep us company (Rhys pg. 77).

Angier suggest Rhys's idea about men and love, men rob love with sex (Angier543).

In the Victorian patriarchal culture, men think about sex equal to love. They believed that feeling of love and intimacy is equally. Therefore, when Antoinette offers herself to love her, Rochester replies her only with sexual desires because does not have any feeling of love on her behalf. He is frosty in his feelings of love for Antoinette and therefore, he is psychologically a rock. This shows Mr. Rochester's patriarchal and unloving attitude towards her which kills Antoinette emotionally and she changes into a Zombie, a full time income inactive, in Voodoo or Obeah.

In Wide Sargasso Sea, Mr. Rochester has been shown as the ultimate in patriarchal tyranny, but other male heroes in this book also display deep-rooted emotions of misogyny, including Mr. Mason and Daniel. Rhys doubtlessly laments these men who deprived every one of the female character types in this book from their organization. Standard aspects are usually associated with women, such as having propensity to mental disorder, or being illogical, frivolous, depended, attractive, subordinate, scheming, manipulative, fragile, jealous, gossiping, prone and deceitful. Matrimony of Antoinette and Rochester is marked with suspicion, betrayal and misunderstanding from the beginning of their matrimony.

When Mr. Rochester gets the notice from Antoinette's 50 percent brother, Daniel Cosway, in which Daniel has discussed Antoinette's mad mom and her drunkard dad, he is not surprised. So when he came to learn about Antoinette's love affair with her cousin Sandy, he became more extreme and cruel towards her. The feeling of jealousy can take control of him. Thus the problem of trust is play out between Rochester and Antoinette's romantic relationship.

Although Mr. Rochester is only concerned with materials success as Christophine says to Rochester, Everybody know that you marry her for her money and you take it all. And then you want to break her up, because you jealous of her (pg125). This affirmation reveals the actual fact that Rochester committed Antoinette limited to her money and will not love her. But nonetheless he desires to have her to be able showing his patriarchal vitality over her. He thinks that she belongs to him and is also therefore prohibited to leave him and love someone else. I tell you she loves no-one, anyone. I could not touch her. Planning on as the hurricane will touch that tree-and respite it. You say I did? No. that was loves fierce play. Now I'll take action. She' unwell not have a good laugh in the sun again. She'll not dress up and laugh at herself for the reason that damnable looking cup. So happy, so satisfied. Vain, foolish creature. Made for caring? Yes, but she'll haven't any fan, for I don't want her and she'll see no other (Rhys 136).

Though, Mr. Rochester feel hatred towards Antoinette, he still seems that she belongs to him. He will not want Antoinette to lead an independent life, because it would cause loosing his patriarchal vitality and dominance over his partner. Therefore, he refuses to let her leave him. Even though Mr. Rochester committed Antoinette only for her money, he still feels that he is enticed towards her wife's exotic beauty and the beauty of her island. He does not want to land because of their charms and magnificence and therefore he denies the attraction he feels into the island and his partner.

I hated the mountains and the hills, the waterways and the rains. I hated the sunsets of whatever color, I hated its beauty and its own magic and the secret I would never know. I hated its indifference and the cruelty that was part of its loveliness. Above all I hated her. For she belonged to the magic and the loveliness. She had remaining me thirsty and everything my entire life would be thirst and longing for what I acquired lost before I found it (Rhys).

This quotation describes Mr. Rochester as a colonizer. As an Englishman, he would like to colonize both his better half and her island. His tight Victorian mating and patriarchal principles makes him obsessed with control and dominance. He will not want to show up love with her better half and her island, even though he's attracted towards them, because of the reality he wants to maintain his patriarchal capacity to control and dominate them. Thus, by operating blindly to the visitors attractions he seems towards his better half and her island, he condemns Antoinette and her world and in this manner he tries to protect himself.

All the sufferings and miseries which Antoinette suffers through her life are due to the fact that in Victorian patriarchal world women were regarded as the source to bring sexual pleasures to their husbands. Men treat ladies in the same manner as someone treat the servant or an pet animal. Ladies in Victorian societies are usually weak, helpless animals that cannot think for themselves. Men thought that it was the law of bible that guys are more advanced than females, therefore they have got a right to treat them as they like.

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