Life of a prisoner in 1800's Essay

The life span of a prisoner was completely different from that of today's prisons. The criminals were remedied as pets and deemed less of the human because of the lawlessness. These were made to correct the errors that they have determined either through "physical pain utilized in degrading, often ferociously cruel techniques, and endured mutilation, or was branded, tortured, put to death; he was mulcted in fines, miserable of freedom, or adjudged as a slave" (Griffiths 157). Therefore , prisons were a product or service of the last mentioned punishment, which usually meant the accused and convicted must be deprived of his or her liberty and declared a slave to society. When in prison, lifespan of the falsely accused was not while strict because today's.

There were windows which the prisoners may look through to be able to beg to get charity from the people walking by, and "sometimes prisoners would be permitted to sell things at the prison gates" (Rodgers 91). Although there are many dissimilarities between the existence of a prison in the 1700's and the lifestyle of a hostage today, in addition there are many similarities. Each falsely accused individual was captured by police and taken to the closest holding cellular. These skin cells were in prisons called ‘local prisons. " The was then simply let free of charge or convicted of his or her crime. In the event convicted, the person was taken to the best ‘common prison. ' During the 1700's there have been only community holding prisons, common prisons, and homes of correction; later, during the 1800's prisons became even more separated and prisoners had been assigned towards the appropriate prison.

The found guilty were not stripped of their things like in today's prisons, however they were searched weapons or perhaps objects that might be used to break free. Once inside, the captive was assigned a small cell made of hard walls, floor surfaces covered in dirt and rodents, and a foundation. If the prisoner was lucky, this bed consisted of a tiny hammock associated with opposite wall surfaces, but in many cases it was made from a wood made bench and also the floor.

To get meals the prisoners had been barely provided, but if we were holding, small portion of loaf of bread and drinking water were given. Often times the prisoners died of starvation and dehydration

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