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Lesbian Gay Bisexual And Transgender Marketing Essay

Most of the respondents are found to possess at least just a little knowledge about the LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender) group as it's been found in the study questionnaire data that a lot of respondents observed and know about life of LGBT.

Majority of the respondents way and expose to advertising daily, according to the data collected from the study questionnaires. Which means that they have an improved understanding of what is the content of media much better than those who expose less to multimedia. When there is any information or news about the LGBT group, this group of folks would be the first to learn and the group who'll discuss the most as they approach to the multimedia daily. This made the trustworthiness of respondents and the info gathered from them are higher because they recognizes and tackle more to the mass media, as this study about the perception gained from media.

Among the many kinds of advertising, a greater number of respondents approach more to the new mass media. As the internet is not fully controlled by the federal government unlike other multimedia, the information gained from internet is different from local multimedia. LGBT related information and information can be found more on the internet, as individuals can access to various LGBT related internet sites. In the event the individuals want to know more about the LGBT group, the internet is obviously a much better choice compare to the local media. A big part of respondents know about the LGBT portrayal are also thought to obtain related information more from the new mass media, as it can be seen rarely on the local media.

Most respondents think that the marketing in Malaysia will not portray and expose the LGBT group sufficiently as they could not see the related information and article on the neighborhood advertising often. The LGBT related news can be seen from time to time, but rarely. When there are reports about the group, most respondents feels that it's negative portrayal towards LGBT group. It might be caused by the news shown are usually not happy reports, like these are attacked, robbed or failed a law case.

Although almost all of the time LGBT are being portrayed not favorably by the marketing, more than half respondents still seems neutral about LGBT group after the exposure of advertising. It is assumed that the respondents already have some information about the LGBT even before publicity of media, and also have their own impression and impression on the group. Their perceptions are still not improved by the advertising even after negative portrayal of LGBT group in marketing.

A majority amount of total respondents find that the portrayal of LGBT group in mass media is not similar to the reality. Among the reasons might be the respondents curently have friends or know someone from the LGBT group in true to life, when they starts off to understand about them, they find the marketing portrayal is different to reality.

5. 2 Discussion

Throughout the research data collection process, it has been found that the data accumulated from respondents aren't quite similar to the articles and information gathered in literature review. However the articles collected so far talks about about the discrimination issues of LGBT in Malaysia, it's been found that the info will vary from information gained from respondents who right answers the questionnaires. Through the articles that contain been collected, it can be seen that LGBT is suffering from problems and robbery due to the discrimination concern. However from the data collected from survey, it could be seen that the the majority of respondents do not view the LGBT group adversely. Actually, they view the group as neutral and view them evenly.

Other than that, the info gathered in the review questionnaires are seen to be similar with the articles that were discussed. In the neighborhood Malaysian press, the mass media portrayal is very little enough, resulting in the audiences insufficient understanding of LGBT related information, and frequently causes misunderstanding towards group. The respondents who participate in the info collection also, consent about this. A lot of the respondents considers that media does not expose the LGBT group sufficiently.

In the prior articles, additionally it is discovered that the multimedia portrays the LGBT group in a different way. It is seen to be more negative as all the news headlines is being attacked, robbed or rules suits. Positive reports about the LGBT related subject can hardly be seen on the press, causing most of the public belief to be more negative to the group. In the data collection study, the results are also similar. Large numbers of respondents agree that the advertising portrayal is negative to the LGBT related information, and it is different compare to the reality.

5. 3 Conclusion

As conclusion, even though the LGBT information can rarely be seen in the local media, the general public seems to possess some knowledge about the group. It could be someone they know in true to life, their peer group or colleague. Which explains why, what and the way the media portray will not impact much about the respondents because they curently have their own conception about the term LGBT.

The press, although did not portray the group in a very negative way, did not portray the group in positive manner either. The news and articles that may be seen on the mass media are usually robbed, attacked and other similar reports. The news headlines about positive LGBT attitude is not observed in the media, creating the info about LGBT to be a tiny bit stereotypes on the mainstream press. Many respondents also agrees the fact that what exactly are the marketing portraying about the LGBT group are not like the reality, as they are not like what are being portrayed and said on the multimedia.

A very high ratio of respondents generally feel natural to the LGBT issues before and after vulnerability of multimedia. Some agree that it is human rights that should be respected, and some state that they must be accepted as they are, because they're also human being.

5. 4 Limitation

One of the restriction is the matter discussed is still a very delicate issue all around the globe, not to mention that Malaysia is an Islamic country that will not approve gay rights. The matter, if discussed in public, will surely mix up a huge commotion among the list of society.

Some respondents also didn't answers the question open mindedly because of their religious view. Some are extremely bias towards LGBT group and does not like the thought of the group exposing themselves in the general public, and thinks that it's not moral.

Although most of the respondents think neutrally about the matter, there are still a small band of respondents who carry bias and think that the matter can be an issue which should not be mentioned in public.

5. 5 Advice for future research

It is advised that for future research, the opportunity may be narrowed right down to different kinds of advertising (eg. Printed press, broadcast media). Although it is more difficult in data collecting process and looking for things, it will allow the data accumulated to be more precise and in depth.

The research can even be done to a particular band of respondents, for example only focus on on homosexuals, and to see if the research carry what consequence compare to standard audience.

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