Learning And Development On The Job Training Management Essay

When you are going to perform any process in your projects or personal life, you'll need to teach at the best you can and try to gain the knowledge that will allow you to take care of the task or the task properly. Training will help to make your performance and get ready to handle something you were not aware the way to handle but in this case you will have to choose the appropriate technique and way for your training.

Human Resources Management includes different pursuits like, planning how to recruit the staff that you'll require as per what your company needs, interviewing and selecting them, ensuring they have got the right skills and the knowledge to perform the job they are determined for with the best they can so they raise the work's performance and meet with the company goals and goals, handling their benefits and compensation, planning for their bonuses and motivations occasionally, handling and keeping their documents, and the main aspect which how to train them using all the training methods and techniques to allow them to capture the correct information, knowledge and skills related with their new job that will lead to growing the personnel who will be employed in the company therefore developing the organization. We will speak into depth on one of the most effective and most commonly used types of training "On the job training". On the job training does have so many advantages that helps meet up with the expectations of the training, but it can also have few cons if it is not properly organized and carried out.

"The bottom-line: You need to train people, you need to train them quickly, and you need to discover a low-cost, yet effective way to achieve that. Additionally you need to improve morale and develop dependable, dedicated, high-performing employees. And, you understand that the old way of training people on-the-job - i. e. , the degenerating pal system, "follow Joe around", or unstructured OJT - simply will not work" (Team OJT, HPA, 2008)

On the job training is among the best methods of training. For almost all of the employees, Face to face training forms the most important part of these learning and development when they first join the company. It'll keep them in a detailed contact with their colleagues and that will assist forming a strong spirit among the list of team.

Usually, this kind of training is planned by the supervisor or administrator, it's their responsibility to work with the available resources and benefit from their finest existing staff experience and skills to build up their new employees. To successfully organize it, they need to assign one the best doing employees to be the instructor for the new joiner. The trainee will be using the same equipments, materials and tools that he'll use when carrying out his real job. It's a powerful way where the trainee acquires the knowledge and skills at the real workplace. The trainee will learn by observing and observing someone perfectly experienced performing in the real work location. Most of the trainees find it more sensible and far better when learning immediately from their colleagues instead of learning through materials in training classes.

This training works well as it is supplied before the new employee starts performing the real and real job at work like that, the trainee can practice the true job at work he'll be employed in and he/she will be having an immediate reviews on the obstacles that he/she will be facing. Also, when one of the co-workers is coaching the participant this can help him integrate into the team.

On the job training is also an advantage for the business as it is generally cost effective given that they need not organize a special and separate training for the new joiners. The new worker will be subscribing to the team and using the various tools and tools they are employing no extra equipments will be needed. It works perfectly for the business as the On the job training will be presented in the same working hours no training intervals is dedicated for training the new employees and that usually have an exercise allowance which may be lower than the regular pay size for the work. Along with the trainee might possibly not have to travel to another location for the training. She or he will maintain the same workplace as the director and that will permit the manager to give an instant reviews leading the new staff to expand faster in the job.

"OJT is regularly low-cost as no particular tools will be required other than from what's usually applied on the job" (Gubman, 1998)

The new employees will have significantly more self-confidence when they are being been trained in their genuine work location among their colleagues or team members, they'll live and feel the real work environment, getting to know more people they will be dealing with and the supervisor they'll be working with, building targets and getting determined by how fast they can confirm themselves and create a good relationship and trust. They will feel convenient and at ease when they are trained with people they know somewhat than strangers who are holding and teaching a training course and don't know much about the task troubles more than an acquaintances carrying out and facing real challenges every working day. It's an user interface between the learning and work place, like a change from college or university to work. Face to face training is productive as the employees will be working while they are learning and they will allow them to have significantly more confidence hence focusing on a higher standard.

On the other hand, when the On the job training is not designed properly, It could not be carried out properly. As well as the trainee will get a obscure picture of the company as he will be receiving lacking or incorrect information. It could sometimes overload the trainee with so much information when too much information is provided in the training session.

The trainer must have the knowledge and experience to teach another person. Providing the new comer with the data that he/she will make reference to when they are actually working is very important and critical. The trainer should have the coaching and training skills to provide the correct & most exact information to the new joiner and stop providing any misleading information or negative traits. Having someone from the prevailing employees coaching a new worker is very critical as the supervisor or manager who designated this person because of this activity should ensure that this assignee does not have negative traits to avoid transferring it to the trainee. The trainer may provide instructions based how they feel and what's important to them. But what is important to them, it may well not be important to another or for the work of the organization. Also, if the trainer does not have a structured plan, he/she might miss or neglect to cover some important tips which may lead the trainee to imperfect information.

While attending Face to face training, sometimes the trainer will miss out covering in details and accuracy some theories of the procedure and the trainee will be missing very important info. As the new worker is having a absence in his knowledge platform that may lead to a poor decision making and it will be difficult for him facing some daily challenges when things are not going exactly as they learned.

If the trainer had not been the right person for the job, he could lead the trainee to bad habits and attitudes as the new employee will be implementing the same behaviors in work, security, customer service, and even his marriage with the management or acquaintances.

One of the major problems the trainer will be facing while keeping the training, will be able to control his job and duties properly and at the same time having the ability to give the appropriate the perfect time to the trainee and presenting him the interest he/she must be able to attend his concerns and provide him/her with good knowledge foundation and experience as required, it is rather difficult to acquire the right person among the list of team to execute both the duties equally and assigning the right time they want for each activity, they should be really careful never to move the bad work patterns and teach the learner exact, relevant information and methods.

"Each staff requires more learning in order to boost his /her skills, no matter how best a candidate is, he/she can't be 100% percent qualified" (North american World, 2007) "Thus, OJT is important both to the organization and the trainees who are being trained. OJT is beneficial to the organization in the way that it provides cheap to carry out as the primary resources required is time only. After which it provides the organizations with trained employees who comprehends well the business culture aims and goals. And thus in a position to achieve the much required high development and effective working. For the trainees, OJT offers them a functional and easy way of learning while they are working giving them a unique possibility to practice what you have learnt. Relating to many scholars this is the easiest way of learning since supplies the right tools and environment for learning" (Ruffini, F et al. 2000).

The trainer may not have sufficient knowledge or skills then On the job training may be incorrect and whether it's not done effectively, it can harm the work objectives. It's about discovering the right person to execute this task. Departing aside these disadvantages, On the job training can give benefit for both the company and the new worker. Since On-The Job Training is performed at the task place, the trainee will be centered on doing real job jobs and gaining real experience. Although On-The Job Training is usually the most useful training method when you only need to teach several employees at the same time but another training methods and techniques will be complementary to provide the new staff all the required skills and knowledge base about the products, services and systems in the business.

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