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When do you need free resume templates?

Free resume templates are aimed to help you as an applicant forthe job position. Each of the templates is designed especiallyfor the specific job. For example, it can be a photographer,architect, programmer and etcetera. Surely, some of the jobs willhave similar templates. Resume templates can help you tounderstand the structure of the resume, its main features and thebig picture of it. However, you should be very careful withtemplates to still save your originality and your identity. Yourresume is your business passport, your first introduction to theemployer or recruiter.

Many applicants think a lot about what kind of resume should beto make a proper impression on the employer. What you shouldunderstand first that it should be done due to the specialrequirements. However, there is no standard form of the resume.The general rule of writing a resume is clarity: the resumeshould not be too big and the data in it should be informativeand truthful. Recruiters note that there are two main criteria bywhich they evaluate the resume: the content of it and how it isshown to the reader. What you should always remember when youwrite the resume:

  • Brevity - the absence of unnecessary words, incomprehensibleabbreviations and terms
  • Concreteness and purposefulness - the lack of informationthat does not directly relate to the vacancy
  • Activity - the need to use active verbs that show the activeposition
  • Accuracy and clarity of the presentation
  • Selectivity - involves careful selection of information(don’t try to put everything in one resume and remember that theresume should fully correspond to the position you are applyingfor)
  • Honesty (no unreliable information);
  • Good grammar.

The structure of the resume

The most optimal resume structure consists of six blocks:

  • Personal information about the applicant. Here you shouldwrite your full name and the contact information (address,telephone, e-mail). Nowadays it also makes sense to show yourprofiles on social networks, because the recruiter will find themfor sure. You will see it in free resume templates
  • Wishes for the future work. Write the name of the jobposition you are applying for (it should be the same as it namedby the employer). You can write the desired salary here too. Ifyou are applying for several vacancies, write a resume and coverletter for each of it
  • Experience. Describe in the resume only the experience thatis useful for the vacancy. Place the workplaces in the reversechronological order (last place at the beginning of the list).Indicate the period of work, the name of the company and the listof your activities there. You should also write about your mainfunctional duties, job tasks, the number of subordinates andetcetera. Employers are also always looking for the practicalresults achieved in each company. However, avoid too detaileddescription, especially if you moved from one job position toanother in the same company
  • Education. First of all, name the education that allows youto apply for a position. Information about the additionaleducation (courses, pieces of training) is relevant only if it isrelated to the vacancy
  • Professional skills. Skills and knowledge that will be usefulin a position. The block "Skills" sums up what you learned duringyour work or college. Degree of computer skills, languages andetcetera should be noted here
  • Additional information. Here you should mention thepossibility of moving to another city. If it is appropriate,write about the driver's license, car, passport, marital status,and hobbies. In most of the free resume templates, thisinformation takes a significant place
  • Recommendations. If you have some recommendations fromreputable leaders from previous places of work – use them forsure. If you quit your job because of the reduction, you can askfor a recommendation from the employer - this can be a pass tothe future job.

Graphical templates for the resume

Graphical templates for the resume can be very useful becausethey change an image of the whole resume for better. There areplenty interesting templates for different kinds of jobpositions, so you can always find the best one for you. Here arefive most popular creative templates that you can use for yourresume in PDF:

  • Creative modern resume template
  • Graphic designer resume template
  • Material cv/resume design set template
  • Structured creative resume template
  • Job resume template set (with logos)
  • Blair - a set of templates for minimal branding
  • Photographer resume template
  • Clean template of the resume
  • Creative template – good or bad

The modern resume template will be an excellent choice. It has aminimalistic design, with clean frames and daring lines. Suchtemplate focuses attention on your work experience andprofessional skills. This template also includes a page where youcan show your work. One other useful thing that it is equippedwith font styles, easily editable elements.

Resume template for the Graphic designer

It is distinguished by a noticeable modern design. A good thinghere is that the visual theme is well shown. It uses a noticeablecover, a resume template a portfolio displays options and evenmore. You can choose a light or dark version, depending on theposition. It is enough to add information about your career,portfolio pages, and you can print it or export.

Material resume template

If you work with the digital design, this template is usefulbecause of the clean modern look. It will stylishly introduce aprofessional who works online. Perfect for marketingprofessionals. This template creates a good brand that willrepresent you while you are searching for a job position.

Structured template for the resume

This one of the free resume templates is characterized by a puredesign that will profitably highlight the necessary informationabout the experience, which it is easy to read. The presentationof your work will have an attractive look and intuitive design.All information about your career can be seen in a strict manner,with elegant design elements and infographics.

Blair - a set of templates for minimal branding

This minimalist CV template uses the strict grid that allows youto effectively use fonts and white fields. Submit your resumewith professionalism, and also with little visual details andicons to choose from. This clean and modern template can help alot in your job search.

Photographer resume template

If you want to use the opportunities available in this templateto show a detailed portfolio, then this resume template can drawattention to your creative personality. You can work with 10pages, such as a dedicated quote, different resume pages, aportfolio. This minimalistic concept with a clean design will beuseful to help you get creative work and raise your career to anew level.

Clean template of the resume

This template, which includes a professional resume, coverletter, and portfolio, is created in a pure minimalist design.You can use the set of several color schemes, infographics,paragraph styles. Beautiful modern design resume is what manyrecruiters love. It is made in a flat style with slightlyhighlighted white frames on a gray background of averagesaturation. If you are a marketer, a digital creator or a webprofessional, you should pay attention to this resume template.

The resume editing – what you should do first

Check, double check and again check the resume. It should bewritten competently, clear and make a good impression on therecruiter or employer. Enable the spell check feature in the MSWord and ask someone to proofread the resume. You can also usesome of the online checking services. Mistakes immediately struckthe eye of the employer and he will have not the best opinion ofyou.

There are certain rules that can help you to:

  • All dates in the resume should be listed in reversechronological order
  • The resume should be one-two pages long. HR-managersespecially appreciate the ability to briefly formulate thoughts.The text should be broken into short paragraphs, the font - TimesNew Roman or Arial, font size - 12-14 points
  • The resume should be checked for the absence of spellingmistakes. By making mistakes the candidate spoils the reputationin advance. If you are not sure about your literacy, use thespelling checker in MS Word, or some on-line spelling checkingservices
  • Having a successful business photo on the free resumetemplates is always a plus - the employer sees the person withwhom he will communicate, and this forms a credit of trust. Thereare certain rules for the photo – it should be strict, withoutsunglasses and clear.

Use photo only if it is appropriate

Many HR managers agree that adding photos to the resume isnecessary only if your appearance is directly related to thefunctional duties. For example, if you are applying for aposition that is considered as s "person of the company" orwhether the work implies certain publicity (for example, PRmanagers, sales consultants, office managers, promoters). Inaddition, experts advise adding photos by candidates only if thisgive themselves an advantage. For example, if you look muchyounger your age, and you are afraid that your age can be thereason for the refusal, it makes sense to add the photo to theresume.

Education in the resume

Particular attention should be paid to education because it isvery important for many job positions. It should be highlighted,but not the way how most of the yesterday's students do. Do notlist all the courses that you managed to go. Courses in imagemanaging, massage, advertising and other stuff are onlyinteresting for the recruiter if they are directly related to thejob position you want to get. It doesn’t make sense to write thatyou were an old man of the class and sang in the choir. However,it is worth mentioning the additional education: courses,seminars, pieces of training, internships, and etcetera.

Take the big picture in your mind

How a resume looks for the first sight is very important for theright impression. It is important to make your resume easy toread. Use typical business-style fonts and do not overdo withhighlighting and underscores. If you still want to highlight someelements or names, then make sure that the selection is the samethroughout the text. Family status and your children interestemployer sometimes, but not too strong. Your task in the resumeis to in a laconic form show your advantages as a specialist, notto tell your life story.

Use the same business language that the employer uses

This is also one of the important things in writing a resume. Usethe keywords from the job position description to make a goodimpression. To do this carefully read the requirements for thevacancy and select for yourself the basic terms that are used bythe employer. "Fill" your resume with the same vocabulary even ifearlier you have used a different terminology. After that, yourresume will convincingly demonstrate that your skills andabilities are suitable for the company and you meet theirrequirements.

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