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Leadership Strategies in Bear in mind the Titans






Name: Prithi Chand

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Remember the Titans have different management styles. Both the leaders in the movie make an effort to encourage the players in their own ways. A good leader motivates others to develop qualities and coach them to do better. This movie shows how Mentors and team players proved their leadership characteristics, strengths as a head. The contribution of every player helped to accomplish in their triumph. The players forget their racism dissimilarities and played out as a team. Through the football match on the field, no blacks and whites were differentiated plus they played all as you.

My First leader is Herman Boone. He previously a dictative authority style. Boone assumed that through cooperation of the whole team will lead to a gain. He also presumed that every player has to understand each other culture. He had a very clear perspective as how to achieve success with the team and exactly how to truly have a strong team to work hard with full determination and courage. He also experienced transactional business lead where he punishes the players if indeed they were doing something amiss immediately or indirectly which helped him to control the team through his forces. He knew very well that players possessed enjoyed for the sports game and he had trust in his players that's they will definitely going to win the overall game if every player corporate and business. He previously a good leadership quality as he contacted Yoast to be his assistance mentor.

He wished to have a strong team and earn. His team to reach your goals he previously to ensure that all the associates interact and respect one another. It was very important to the team to work hard and become committed whatsoever the changing times. Through his electricity he could have a transactional business lead and whenever the players were incorrect he punishes them and he had the control over them to boost and bring a typical in the team. He knew very well that the players experienced adored for the football game and he can make the team to work together and used their love as a motivator to make certain they cooperate and they don't struggle with each other so far as racist is concerned.

My Second leader in Keep in mind the Titans is Mentor Bill Yoast. Trainer Yoast used democratic authority styles. Coach Yoast, meet students individually. He discuss the problems and personally make an effort to solve the condition rather than before other team members.

In Keep in mind the Titans Trainer Yoast display his qualities in such a way that he completed each difficult situation easily. He used to keep his players cool so that he can have control over them and he is able to help them separately if need arises. He was a quiet Coach. He had not been that rigorous and self-explanatory as Mentor Boone as a head.

Effectiveness as a leader

Team members respected him a whole lot since he could bring all players as well as different competition through pairing black and white players along. He had self-assured and courage by which he was able to make his team get. Mentor Boone was a effective innovator he was as being a leader who is given birth to with so more powerful in his words.

He was a effective leader with comfortable and courage by which his team gained. He was individually and stubbornly as often see in the movie which wins the win. He was quite definitely concerned with the players and exactly how they feel. He had strengthen, confidence, passion and unity of player.

Type of power

Coach Boone kept expert ability which is "power that results from leader's special knowledge or skill regarding duties performed by enthusiasts"(Daft, 2008). He was a true expert of basketball with superior knowledge of training the team. He previously full control over his team. He also kept referent power since he had ability to convey a feeling of personal approval. Mentor Boone highly influences his team member through his power.

How he used his power

He used his vitality in a good way but sometimes he was so hard on players during training period. But through his difficult training and rigorous on players he could make his team get. He used his power as Head coach to attain his goals also to promote interracial connection in anticipation of bettering the team. Since he was black with power some white players didn't want to simply accept his power but through his vitality he makes the players to tolerate with the other person until racial turmoil is solved. By the finish of training camp players started respecting his management more and don't take a look at his vitality as unlawful and hurtful. He achieved his aims through strong sense of skill skills responsibility and commitment of team.

Type of Power

Coach Yoast also organised expert electric power he was a true expert and real man of football. He was coach for quite some time but scheduled to his name nominated for hall of fame he become associate coach. He also had referent electricity that is leaders personality characteristics that order follower's recognition and esteem to emulate the market leaders. Players were admire his power and strengthen.

How he used his power

He used his electric power in good way towards his team and player. During one of the game when he found that referee was biased into the team he talk to referee and was quite irritated on it. Due to this action he lost his hall of popularity nominee and he didn't service of it because corresponding to him he thinks that team and succeed of the game is more important. In the beginning of the movie he said that he's taking break for just one year from football and everything his players said there are also leaving the overall game and there will be boycott. After taking into consideration the pupil he step back to take assistant mentor position.


A situation in a movie was through the game a player was damaged with a broken wrist and was changed by Ronnie. This short conversation between Coach Boone and Ronnie in which Boones says to Ronnie that he is the colonel and he must command his soldiers. Coach Boone dialogue speech was supportive however he feels in the team because of degree of competence, self-assurance and commitment in them. One player from the team stands ups and gives a small speak to the entire team, demanding and wanting more than Instructor Boone. This landscape tells us direct that the team doesn't need much more support or innovator. Discipline Boone realises this and gives responsibility to the players. Another situation where Instructor Yoast tries to place Ronnie in the overall game but Ronnie declines that he can't play that position and he recommended Petey to experiment with rather than him as Ronnie considers Petey is a better player than him. Coach Yoast allows Ronnie to help make the choice to play or never to play.


This movie Bear in mind the Titan's has his own theory which is called the fantastic man theory. The Great man theory: it shows at camp, Coach Boone exercises his players again and again. These pep- talks motivated the players do better also to study from their mistakes. Instructor Boone was directive and his helpful behavior was a key to success. One occurrence was when early on in the morning Coach Boone tells both teams to perform on the areas of Gettysburg. That shows that he contains the great man theory as he also went for the run with everyone in the team. Mentor Boone had this theory to success in his games.

Another command theory revealed was the Trait theory. Mentor Yoast is convinced in trait control of styles. As from his point of view to be rigid plus more disciplined to the players the team can't succeed the game. At the beginning he was racist and he didn't like black people and he didn't recognize the offer at first from the Mentor Boone and later he accepted the offer because his players didn't wanted to report to Coach Boone directly. So he became the Helper coach.

Individual culture and its own effect.

Remember the titans is a tale of two colleges one white and one dark-colored are required to combine in Virginia"(wikimedia, 2014). Coach Boone is a dark-colored and he gets head position and Mentor Yoast who's white becomes his associate. Coach Boone was a black and he increase up in dark community where people say them as a low class whereas Instructor Yoast was a white and he grown up in various community. The team put aside their racial variations and play as you team. This movie was a true story based on reality. When Trainer Boone takes over from Trainer Yoast things were getting very tenses therefore he travelled in person to him to go over the situation of new training status but as a consequence to his arrogant and overbearing it cause rift between your coaching staff and had taken time to get respect for one another. Also the team captains Gerry Bertier and Julius Campbell who weren't getting together scheduled to race decided to defeat stigma between them and established example for the team. Through practice both contest get together and also celebrate the success and recognize that races should not be any issues. Thus giving a good example of methods to conquer the racial issue. "It also shows how people can beat racial concern when there may be strong leadership, willpower, acceptance and can to achieve success" (Wikimedia, 2014).


This command situation in the movie is an integral part of T. C. Williams High School Northern Virginia City of Alexandria in 1971. This movie is all about black and white that time period in 1971. The amount of seniority he had his own personal pleasure in himself. He always needed the team to achieve success and perform above requirements as he had high prospects from the players. He also trained by quitting, it will not solve any problems for anyone. Mentor Boone also go away a message to us that if life doesn't treat us fairly, you must try your level best until you achieve your own goals and don't lose hope easily. This eyesight, ideas and hopes made the Titans earn to a success.


I would just say, this movie shows us the control theory to a very clear perspective and in a wide way. Coach Boone was not blessed as a innovator but he became a good head and he was even successful in his shows to be always a leader. His quality as a head instructor, and he proved the whites as well that dark-colored people can also be a head mentor and may lead the team to a triumph while white people presumed they can only do the coaching for the football team. Previously racism was a major impacts on the people especially color of body; dark-colored and white. White people were always given first personal preferences before dark-colored people. Black individuals were always looked down upon. In this movie at the end the dark-colored player becomes the captain when the white player captain got paralyzed. The black coach overran the white instructor. So these things demonstrated in the movie that dark people can also lead to a triumph or win and can have unity and friendly atmosphere between two colors of individuals and to stop racisms.

Other leadership principles and ideologies that was identify in the movie ?

Other leadership concepts and ideologies that was identify in this movie remember the titans was responsibility and integrity. Both instructors and players recognized their responsibility towards their team. Their main aim was to get the event through fair game. Other responsibility was to stop discrimination towards dark-colored and white and bring tranquility in the team. Coach Boone was integrity and he had solid principle to stop discrimination.

Shared goal is by making others realize what you can achieved having same vision. Mentor Boone and Coach Yoast both acquired same goal but their used different command style. At the beginning of the movie Mentor Boone was the only person with the goal to win and integrate the team whereas all the associates had their own personal goal to get the positioning there wanted. But later through Coach Boone training and socialisation of associates with one another make all players to share same goal of winning the competition and accepting each other.

Motivation is by motivating people leader gets the ability and capacity to inspire, encourage and energize. Coach Boone had capability to stimulate and motivate the team also Discipline Yoast stimulate the team. The team could win the game through motivation from coaches and one another.

Good communicator is the other theory it is how innovator speaks in public and gain attention to his listener. Coach Boone was classified as a good communicate he communicates so well with his team. Lots of talk and group discourse occurred which bring succeed to the team. Also Discipline Yoast and captain Gerry experienced a good communication skills.


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