Leadership Has Significant Role In Organizations Management Essay

Leadership performs an important and significant role in the organization's procedure today. Leadership sometimes appears as the capability of a innovator to organize and form a group of people in order to interact towards the way that achieves a shared eyesight and goal (Rudd, 2000; Kouzes and Posner, 1995, p. 30). In terms of the meaning of leadership, it could be shown in different situations, and become expressed in different form (Rudd, 2000). The discourse of management can be derived from the behavior of market leaders and followers which between the relationship of those who is in a position to inspire others to check out their instruction and the ones who is inclined to be led (Kouzes & Posner, 1993).

A leader that is able to encourage the organizational determination of his or her followers sometimes appears as an efficient innovator. Besides that, an effective leader is able and willing to talk about the vision, objectives, and plan to the employees. A competence head can set an achievable goal and lead the fans toward the target together. An organization that is able to develop to retain the effective leaders will achieve a good lead to the production and employees' determination to the jobs. Matching to Kouzes (1999, p. 64), without the helper, encouragement and determination from others, one will never be able to reach a fascinating achievement. Thus, management is a substantial determinant of the organization's success.

For several generations, the literature research of leadership had been participating in an important role for the area of organizational behavior. An excellent practice of command with the supported of top management in the organization will encourage the employees' job satisfaction, motivation and positive thinking. This may cause organizational dedication of the employees. According to Kouzes (1999, p. 64), employees will feel confidence about themselves and also have a better performance when they utilize a innovator that always inspire, encourage, and value their dignity. Employees that have fully commitment are prepared to contribute their effort to the organization. They are willing to stay still with the business even though at that time when company meet crisis or difficult time. Besides that, employees which have their determination to the business tend to lead to good performance and this will generate a win-win situation for the organization as well as the work forces.

In the globalization world of today, the execution of leadership tactics in organizations gets more difficult because of the change in the organization's intricacy and their advanced technology and procedures. The variety of current business environment will influent the employees' perceptions, expectation and responsibilities towards the business (Hyatt, 2007; Drucker, 1997; Kickul & Liao-Troth, 2003). Today's organizations are going through downsizing, merging, and restructuring in many ways. Therefore, employees may believe that their organizations are not living up to their expectation. The partnership among the employees within an organization is the primary factor to determine the achievement of the organization. Leader's potential to affect, and identify the contribution of the employees is vital to form a good understanding of the employees towards leaders and organization (Hyatt, 2007; Weber, 1946).

Leadership is reported to be successful when its meet up with the expectation of the employees. Relating to Kouzes and Porner (1990), command is an activity that involves two parties of people which are leaders and enthusiasts that treat each other in an similarly way and prepared to talk about the ideas within each other selflessly. A successful leadership depends upon the employees' notion and trust on the leader's ability. Therefore, the methods of authority is a program of winning the trust of the fans and thus ends up with organizational commitment. The five management practices recommended by Kouzes & Posner (2009) are (a) Challenging the procedure, the extent of an head that is prepare to handle the risks and challenges; (b) Inspiring a Shared Perspective, the degree of your leader to share a future plan and perspective; (c) Enabling Others to do something, the extent of a leaders to influent others to do something; (d) Modelling the Way, the ability of an leader to apply his or her values and be the role model of the followers; and (e) Encouraging the Heart, the amount of a head to show the gratitude and recognise of employees' contribution (Carless, 2001).

Leadership can be an essential aspect in the relationship of head and followers. Market leaders play an important role in traveling and controlling the subordinates. Hence, command can be identified as a process of knowledge, skill and cultural exchange between market leaders and enthusiasts (Weinberger, 2009). Professionals are seen as leaders with their subordinate in an business. Therefore, the conception of the followers towards their leaders will link to their belief of the company as well as the management process. On this study, leadership methods were evaluated in the framework of organizational determination.

Problem Statement

Leadership practices are essential elements in fostering organization's culture and building organizational commitment for the sustainability of the business performance. Professionals play a substantial role to influent the conception of subordinates to the organization through effective leadership practices. Leaders have an effect on their followers immediately through their relationships with the enthusiasts. However, there's a difference of current managers' behaviour. Many of them claim they care about employees' expectations, obligation, and wellness. Yet, there are professionals of some organizations today always put into practice projects with words and make clear offers to the employees (Hyatt, 2007; Kouzes and Posner, 1993). In such situation, professionals can be said that they are not facilitating their responsibilities, thus the trust and organizational commitment of the employees towards managers will decrease.

There are studies found that 68% of employees do not have any confidence on the professionals' words and behaviour. On the other hand, 43% of employees think their managers always deceive them (Connel, Ferres & Travaglione, 2003; Davis and Landa, 1999). Shaw (1997) argues that employees nowadays are receiving selfish in terms of knowledge posting and willingness to donate to the organization due to the erosion of trust towards their leaders. Consequently, employees reduce their self-assurance in work and also their organizational determination. The management literature tends to emphasise the importance of the trust and dedication of employees towards their professionals. It is assumed that a successful leadership procedures in workplace promotes greater productivity and dedication among employees (Connel, Ferres & Travaglione, 2003).

The nurturing of romance between managers and employees is vital. This is because a marriage that form with mutual trust and esteem within all the customers in an business will prepare the organization to confront with challenges and at the same time create a harmony situation (Kouzes & Posner, 2009). A good leadership techniques by the professionals in the company will boosts employees' organizational dedication. This can lead to desired workforce behaviour. Therefore, it requires to be identified when there is a correlation between five leadership methods and organizational commitment among managers in Malaysia.

Objectives of Study

Generally, this study attempts to research the influence of every of five control procedures on organizational determination. Specifically, this analysis aims to:

Examine the influence of challenge the procedure authority practice on organizational commitment.

2) Examine the influence of inspire a shared vision management practice on organizational commitment.

3) Examine the affect of permit others to act control practice on organizational dedication.

4) Examine the influence of model just how command practice on organizational commitment.

5) Examine the affect of encourage the heart leadership practice on organizational commitment.

Today, the movement and swiftness of the organization in conditions of composition, systems, and techniques change quickly. This scenario has increases the need for the business to teach their managers to be better market leaders and better (Skipton and Fred, 2010). This review focused on the effectiveness of the leadership procedures executed by the managers in the attempt to influence organizational dedication of these subordinates. Leaders are the group of people that have the capability to lead the subordinates towards desired aims even in a diverse situation. This review is conducted among managers in different business and workplace and aims to determine the degrees of organizational dedication and leadership procedures among director.

Research Question

This review will be guided by the following research questions for the intended purpose of answer the study objectives above.

To what magnitude command practice of "Challenge the procedure" impact organizational dedication?

To what degree control practice of "Inspire a distributed vision" impact organizational determination?

To what degree command practice of "Enable others to do something" affect organizational dedication?

To what extent control practice of "Model the way" influence organizational commitment?

To what amount control practice of "Encourage the heart" impact organizational commitment?


H1: Leadership practice of "Task the process" has a positive significant impact on organizational determination.

H2: Leadership practice of "Inspire a shared eyesight" has a confident significant affect on organizational determination.

H3: Leadership practice of "Enable others to do something" has a confident significant affect on organizational determination.

H4: Leadership practice of "Model the way" has an optimistic significant affect on organizational commitment.

H5: Leadership practice of "Encourage the heart and soul" has a good significant affect on organizational commitment.

Conceptual Framework

The research of Kouzes and Posner (2003) shown that authority was a couple of practices that may be mastered by leaders through constant training. In theory, the Leadership Techniques Inventory was created in order to have a constant research on all levels of market leaders (Kouzes and Posner, 2006). The purpose of this review is to determine if 5 types of leadership practices relates to the degrees of organizational determination among managers in Malaysia. The self-employed variables of this study are leadership practices of (a) Obstacle the procedure, (b) Motivate a Shared Perspective, (c) Enable Others to Act, (d) Model the Way, and (e) Encourage the Heart and soul, while the based mostly variable will be organizational determination. The moderating variable of the research is the demographic details of respondents include gender, years, marital status, contest, occupation, regular income, education levels and working experience. Physique 1 shows the study framework of this study.

Leadership Practices


Challenge the Process H1


Inspire a shared vision H2


Enable others to do something H3 Organizational Commitment

Q4 Dependent Variable

Model just how H4


Encourage the heart and soul H5

Independent Variable

Figure 1: Research Framework

Significance of Study

Leadership is not something that is difficult and impossible to explain, and it could be understood by typical people (Kouzes & Posner, 2003). This review will be good for all professionals and market leaders of different organizations in Malaysia. Through this study, managers get to design leadership programs bottom part on 5 control practices. Leadership methods can provide a proper and understandable model for the managers in executing their leadership program. Besides that, market leaders that fully recognized the 5 management methods will lead to a good performance with their team in the organizations. It is because leadership routines conducted by the leaders will receive opinions of the employees in the long run of the assignments which will improve their behaviour and behaviours to become better.

Leadership practices recommended 5 types of methods should be posses by professionals. Professionals can improve and foster the partnership with their employees by implementing the leadership practices efficiently. In addition, it increases the confidence of the professionals while confront any turmoil. Furthermore, leadership techniques provide a platform and groundwork in creating organizational determination.

Many teenagers that took authority course for the first time curently have more control experience they realize (Kouzes & Posner, 2006). So, this study also helps the in your free time students of Grasp Business Administration to obtain more information about management practices. It is because they are people from executive levels and have some experience in workplace. They may have the opportunity to become a innovator or manager in the foreseeable future. Therefore, they will have the opportunity to demonstrate the command practices in their jobs as a group or team. Through these methods, the staff at professional levels or taking the lessons of MBA will be able to enhance their performance in work place and building their confidence especially in enough time that need to own decision making.

1. 7 Definition of Terms

Following are some important terms used throughout this review:

Leaders: The term leaders refer the body of folks who lead an organization of men and women in the business. Market leaders is the individuals who in control or in command of others.

Leadership: Authority is an organization of individuals of a specific organization. It is the ability to be always a head or the features a good leader should have.

Leadership Tactics: For the purpose of this research, Command Practices can be regarded as the tasks of division managers, head of team or supervisor concerning in one of the next: (a) Challenging the procedure, (b) Inspiring a shared perspective, (c) Enabling others to do something, (d) Modelling just how, (e) Encouraging the center.

Challenging the procedure: The process that leaders venture out into an unknown world or situation. Leaders constantly look for new and progressive products, processes, and services. Leaders also encourage their employees to concern the past ways and attitude in doing their work.

Inspire a shared vision: The ability of leaders to encourage a shared eye-sight within the enthusiasts and spur out their commitment. It's the desire of market leaders to change the way things are and create something new.

Enable others to act: It's the ability of leaders enables others to act not by coercive vitality but by their sincerity to have an effect on others. They reinforce follower's capacity to deliver on the pledges that they make and promote collaboration in the organization.

Model the way: The power of leaders to guide and lead the follows by establishing a good example and role model. Leaders model the frame of mind and behaviour expected by their subordinates to be able to achieve high standard of organizational performance. Market leaders' behaviours and behaviour are far more important than their words (Kouzes and Posner, 2006). The employees would prefer to believe the person first than the program.

Encourage the heart: The ability of leader to recognize and appreciate the contribution of the employees. Market leaders build a culture of cherish the contribution of the followers and incentive them for their achievement in order to wthhold the good employees.

Organizational determination: It is the willingness and sense of tasks of the employees to work hard and add their energy and time to a quest or a task in the organization.

Managers: A Manager is the person in charge of planning and directing the work of several individuals, monitoring their work, and taking corrective action when necessary.

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