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Leadership And Change Management At Mcdonalds Business Essay

"McDonalds started his business in 1940 with 1st restaurant opened up in San Bernardino, California by Richard. It had been the consequence of the thoughts of two young brothers, Mac McDonald's and Dick who created a new cutting edge restaurant "Speedee Service System" in 1948 that was established on key points of the present day fast-food restaurant. Speedee completely replaced with Ronald McDonald's by 1967. McDonald's as Trade Tag is time used on May 4, 1961, with the information of "Drive In Restaurant Services" and still proceeds until end of June, 2010. The company logo "M" with double arched overlapping as hallmark was presented in Sep 13 1961. The dual overlapped as trade draw symbol "M" as logo temporarily disfavoured by September 6, 1962. The present day double arched "M" mark were only available in November 18, 1968. "(McDonalds, 25 August, 2010, http://www. mcdonalds. co. uk )

"Big Mac were only available in 1968, Egg McMuffin started in 1973, Happy Meals for children were only available in 1979 and Fowl McNuggets were only available in 1983. At the present time, McDonald's have more than 31, 000 restaurants in 119 different countries of the world of which a great deal are franchised". (www. mcdonals. com. uk)

"McDonald's perspective is to become world's best and quick service experience restaurant for this purpose McDonald's delivering exceptional quality, service, sanitation, and value, so that we make every customer in every restaurant teeth. In mission claims includes best workplace or our people in each community around the world, excellent operational for delivery to customers and enduring profitable growth by extending the brand and leveraging power of McDonald's through development and technology" McDonald Company, 2010)

Change and Amount of resistance to improve:

"Regarding to Rev Sharon Patterson whatever people want to changes are babies who have damp diapers. We are able to be explained that change is the pain full processes in the place of work towards real literally changes are consists fascinating incentives. " (Bernerth, 2004)

Change Process Model

"Though we all know and think that success is change so everyone want and need success because everyone want earning earnings and want to carry this success but on the other hands we don't forget that every change have some resistances and level of resistance only in the response of change. (Duck, 1993)" Regarding to Duck (1993) bluntly he pointed out that "Changes are highly personal". "According to Petersen (2002) many people consider that change in essence factor of "Fear and uncertainly and some Doubts". (Peterson, 2002)"

"As change broadly accepted all over the world as typical from top management to down management and its also brings high management and those folks who are in the capability of manage by any management they always show resistances contrary to the change before software of change or before onward change its responsibility of manager to produce a such type platform that ought to be overcome over-all resistance before execution". (Peterson, 2002)

"Resistance to change can be defined as it's an evident attitude of firm employees or people who are declined to say any change within firm". (Cheng and Petro Vic Lazar Vic, 2004). "James Hunt says Resistance isn't a sign that something is wrong with what you want to change. It really is an indication that something is going on". "Ansoff described Amount of resistance as its only reason behind creation surprising delays and different types of costs or loss which create instabilities in to the procedure for costs and instabilities in to the process of organized change" (Ansoff, 1988) "Resistance is any staff behaviour trying to stop or delay in any change". (Bemmels and Reshef 1991)

Real example of the change process and its implementation.

British Airways.

"Past in 1981, British Airways hired on board of Directors a fresh chairperson. When this chairperson joined, he pointed out that the company was very unproductive and was spending a lot of valuable resources in unproductive activities. To make the group efficient and increasing the income ratio he made a decision to restructure the whole organization. He became aware that Change Technique Management Plan is the best way to provide that purpose". (Jean Scheid, 2010)

"Systematically, the English airways started lowering labor force. But, before began this, through his change management command, the chairman offered the all reasons for the restructuring and privatization of the business in order to get ready them for the future change. He directed his company through a hard time that might have been bad without effective change management amount of resistance communication just only through his Control & Communication" (Jean Scheid, 2010)

Scope of the Change at McDonald's.

Every organisation has different departments using their own value and importance. These departments have their own specific purpose. Marketing is one of these division which is most significant part of and company and organisation. So in McDonalds built in market campaign has played vital role in development of business. This marketing campaign has important goal is implementing latest rules and legislation of health insurance and safety. That's latest styled of awareness about health insurance and safety for the children by focusing the market. Through this IMC, McDonalds has launched new low fat healthy meal offer menu for children and make an effort to give answer of dreadful advertising of the McDonalds.

Moreover, McDonalds have basic aim to make customer happy and demonstrating good nutritious diet which is beneficial for the children's and mother or father as well. McDonalds have offered new meals offer for children's that are "McKids" deal especially for the balanced diet of kids.

In addition, for improvement of business, McDonald has started out new integrated marketing and sales communications which includes helped out in the advert and for convey the communication to the client. This new system has fascinated the Childers more than parents. For adopting and accepting the tasks McDonalds has make team which will be handle the change as well.

This kind of strategies provides change not only in marketing blend and will increase in sale and advertising campaign as well which can only help to achieve their gaols, goal and success. McDonalds has encountered many bad reactions in the menu of children which is mainly issues were related to nourishment. So IMC has turned the McDonalds position in eye of the customers. IMC is a developed way to focus on the aim and in progress of company. IMC has helped to market the advertisements level.

Basically goal or opportunity of change in McDonald's is program of the integrated "Integrated Communication (IMC) as essential area of the strategy of the marketing in McDonald's. In this manner of change, very important area where we should attention is the advertisement and promotional activities of the McDonald's. Generally promotional activities and advertisements campaign concerned with offering new services or any services through any setting of communication. For this function there is whole lot of options which are being used to because of this type ad or plan by company. "Basic purpose of this new change to concentrate on sales activities and promotional activities and try to increase sale of the company and this change supply the important of Integration Marketing system as important area of the online marketing strategy of the company. (McDonald's Firm 2009)

"Relating to Forgeson and Green In essence there are three major categories of change resistances are organizational, group and individual". "The following are resistance or issues encountered by McDonald's during execution of this change: McDonald's personnel, customers, culture and behavior. " (Mabin, Forgeson & Green, 2001)

Resistances and Issues to change at McDonald's:

1st resistances anticipated to reactions of the McDonald's staff and customers of the business, some employees are towards this new change and some are from this new change signify using the Integrated Marketing communication. Managers and some employees only from this change credited to dread, they think might be this change rather than resolving problem it will improve the problems of the company.

There are not only employees have negative response towards this change but also customers are not showing positive response towards this campaign so it lead o another discord in the form of not positive attitude of customers towards this new change in this manner McDonald's cant achieve reap the benefits of this change as whole of the business.

One more level of resistance against this new change of the business the scarcity of qualified personnel in company who assigned the preserving these responsibilities to maintaining crew and application of the new marketing change but they aren't much professional which means this is the conflict in the way of new change.

"The fear of stakeholders of McDonald's for inadequate budget and inadequate use of different mass communication for this new change and potential for failure of the new change is also conflict and amount of resistance in the form of this new change.

The difference in culture between the several employees of the business is another interior conflict. Because of difference in civilizations in McDonald in various members of the company so in this manner they unable to do work in pleasant environment and in good way and also this cultural brings about create difficulties in the form of implementation of new change in company. "According to Wilkins & Dyer the management of the McDonald's and main administration of the McDonald must explain empowerment of the culture of the organization suggest the empowerment culture of the McDonald's and really should also identify the connection between the empowerment of the culture and planed system of the McDonald's and also relationship between both empowerment and culture" (Wilkins & Dyer, 1988).


In restaurant industry managers play vital role in virtually any change so in this way what McDonald's professionals pay specific attention at the time of implementation and initiating change towards reducing possible resistances and achieve better firm performance.

Manager is the person who initiating and start the change and employees have to simply accept and choose it. Through Effective communication, knowing of manager actions, employee's frame of mind and harmonious working situation can be beat resistances to improve and also play important role in attaining better organizational performance.

Process for change implementation in Restaurant Industry

Effective communication is the most crucial components in restaurant industry and performed a essential role in the success of organizational procedures. Effective communication is vital among the managers and employees and on the list of employees to employees. Good hearing skills will be the essential for a successful manager of any organization especially in fast growing fast food industry. Before, after and during the change process professionals should carefully listen to the employee's thoughts and opinions and should modify the new change based on the opinion of the employee.

For execution of successful change in firm it is compulsory for director he should always warn regarding employees reaction towards change. McDonald's Managers should realize that if employees against that change and do not want to cooperate with them so in this manner customer service delivery will get worse. Discord may arise between colleagues and managers when employees resist change. In this way employees may well not succeed which directly effecting reputation of restaurant and may be it will become reason behind resignation of employees. So before implementation of new change McDonald's professionals listen meticulously quarrels of employees and change the problem according enough time need and should all the create bad environment where employees demonstrated poor environment for work and end all go for resignation. In addition but also they need to encourage the employees for better service and development of performance of the company as well as the employees.

"There should be a proper action of aircraft for development of or improvement of different customer services and development in working environment within the organization. This strategy or procedure will usually encourage to managers as well employees to sure things are done well. We should understand that improvement is with only change. If there is no improvement, it means no change in this way restaurant become slow due to not improvement and other reason like taking place unforeseen and unexpected circumstances in the restaurant and this way it will very difficult to maintain that position in market and compete the competitors. Professionals should also give you a enjoyable environment to employee for keeping pleased to personnel and happy workers are great part of high performance and great determination. Well motivated personnel is within this position to do work in good manners and in good pleasurable way and strong relationships with their acquaintances. It's obligation of managers to provide and keep very good and enjoyable environment for work and we well know a good pleasant environment always get good result and a poor and uninteresting environment always get a poor result and this the negative effect on the repute of the restaurant" (A Paton, R. and Maccalman, J. , 2008)

Further more, the success of the new change continues to be under process and difficult to convert the children attitude towards healthy junk food dishes. But at the other side, there are very strong opportunity for this success anticipated to strong advertising campaign and campaign activates for prompting the characteristics of the this new change. Furthermore, McDonald's should assure the communication has been come to to every child in 119 countries where McDonalds is serving for this purpose help from every type media is best strategy. There should be a new theme for new advertisement "I really like it even more!" and maybe this new theme and way of advertisements will motivate the parents and also encourage the children's towards healthy food choices. This campaign should be long lasting, strong concerned on healthy characteristics of the new change and should maintain friendly way like 'kiddie-friendly way.

If McDonald's carefully make plan and use best strategy and good and effective method for implementation of the new change so there are bright chance of the success of this new change and in this manner company can perform very easily mission and objectives of the company. The most worried of this company to give image of health mindful which is good match with the latest trend of health conscious measures because of this world and also for the future world.


"Matching to Beverage the management change leaders must be willing to keep their fingers on the pulse of the organization, by monitoring what's working and what is not working and in the change process. It really is duty of professionals to reassure, support and take dedication before application of the new change and so you can get positively and good result of this new change. The managers should make a strong strategy and should make strong strategies of activities regarding this change before execution of this change and for making this successful. " (Drink (2003)

Therefore, we can be concluded now that changes of management is not bad until they enhance the competitiveness and vitality of an industry. If any change implicated through proper planning and inspection so it will be very effective and can also boost the performance of the business. So organizations should impose the any change at the right time when studies demonstrated that virtually no time of change. Because we don's your investment change management system not only critical and sophisticated but also very hypersensitive so only 1 wrong decision of any business in virtually any change might whether it is thrust company to in under clouds and establish harmful for corporation profit and inspite providing development instead company feel difficult to make it through in perfect market.

This is firmly suggestion for McDonald's that must see and again and again ensure that future changes are well very planned there implication is very carefully because these changes will be cause of the success /or failing of any company.

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