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Task One

Introduction to legal funding

In 1951 legal aid was released to help those who could not find the money for legal assistance. It quickly became very popular and benefited those who had been less lucky and in need to legal help, however, it hugely afflicted the governments budget.

In 2000-20001 the financial strain on the federal government became too much and changes were needed. The first change in 2000 was the creation of The Community Legal Service (CLS), this sector handled all civil matters such as family breakdown, debt and casing. In 2001 The Lawbreaker Defence Service (CDS) was introduced, this was to deal with all criminal matters such as individuals who are under police investigation or facing unlawful charges.

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Both the CLS and CDS are overseen by the Legal Services Payment. The brand new system was put in place so that sole individuals would be assessed and categorised to see if indeed they be eligible for any form of legal aid.

There are now many different general public funding schemes, and each scheme has different rules, eligibility standards and application techniques, this has helped to lower the budget and see who really required legal help.

The Legal Services Commission

The LSC deal with legal aid in Great britain and Wales, they is there to ensure that individuals have the best information, advice and legal help that they need to package with the vast amount of legal problems, both civil and legal.

They aim to help clients addresses their problems and get them the help that they want. Each year 2 million people get assist through the Legal Services Fee.

The legal help scheme is in spot to help societies most venerable and disadvantaged people. The legal aid program provides high quality advice, information and representation to the people who wouldnt people able to manage it without legal aid.

The legal defence service

The legal defence service is been able by the Legal Services Commission; they guarantee that criminal offenders under research get advice, representation, and assistance. The CDS also offer help police stations and courts, to help them operate efficiently and quite.

Duty Solicitor Schemes

This plan is provided by the legal Defence service. A responsibility solicitor is based in police channels and magistrates courts. They are there to inform the detainee of these rights they have. The service is free and is also usually provided by private practice lawyers. For minor offences the detainee will most likely be informed of the rights via a telephone talk, unless on the off chance the work solicitor is in the station, which then they may ask face-to-face advice. They are also eligible for face-to-face advice when there is to be an interview organised, or if the detainee I sunder the age of 18 or classed as venerable.

Voluntary Sectors

There are many other retailers of advice that you can get that you dont need to pay for such as;

  • Citizens Advice Bureaux

There a wide range of CAB outlets throughout Britain and Wales supplying free legal services. They are simply mainly located in high avenues and other locations that are easy to access such as clinics and health centres. CAB advice is free, impartial, 3rd party, and confidential and provided by trained volunteers.

The CAB offer with around 6 million enquiries per annum which is estimated to be one-third of legalities. The main 5 issues that the CAB deals with are Benefits, Arrears, Employment, Cover and Legal.

  • Law Centers

There are roughly 60 regulation centres throughout the united kingdom providing free legal, unbiased advice to the most disadvantages individuals in our society. Legislations Centers provide help in solving day-to-day problems, such as getting good housing, working with discrimination, or obtaining the correct benefits.

  • Trade Unions

Trade unions can offer advice regarding career law issues. They may be increasingly being able to provide a further range of other advice.

  • Charities

Many charities offer advice that relates to their region of work.

Private Funding

Private money is another way of spending money on solicitor fees. If you opt to use a method of private funding, you are essentially spending money on it yourself and you must pay out for the entire cost incurred. A solicitor will charge a set hourly payment for the task they do, and they may require a deposit before they undertake any work.

In civil concerns there are other options such as conditional payment preparations, but these do not apply in criminal matters.

Public Money eligibility Testing

If the lawyer feels that he circumstance and financial situation of your client may warrant open public funding they must undergo some test to see if they're qualified to receive free legal aid.

Means Test

If your client receives any form of benefits or income support then your process differs. To analyze the eligibility the full total income is computed with the total outgoings of your client deducted. That is then used to see if they're eligible for free legal financing.

Merits Test

This is the next test in the process. It determines the value and mother nature of the case. It considers all the factors and a conclusion are created on whether the case has a reasonable chance of success.

The reasonableness test

Having passed these two test, the average person must take one last test to be eligible for free legal financing. This test is compulsory and the commission assesses the cost of the promise and whether the price of the money will exceed the expense of the promise gained. When the funding is awarded there will be terms and conditions drawn up as to how much money will be spent on the work permitted.

To conclude the option of criminal legal money, there are wide-ranging ranges of assistance and they're strictly supervised to ensure that individuals have the right assistance, advice and representation that they want and are entitled to.

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