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Latin America Foreign Policy Essay

Latin America can not be categorized jointly homogenous prevent. In spite of writing multiple aspects—culture, language, and history—there is not a single standard lifestyle that differentiates the region. One aspect of Latin American tradition, regarding international policy, is known as a prevalent esteem for the norm of sovereignty and nonintervention. There exists a good disposition to follow along with international legislation as a means to prevent war or at the very least ward-off potential input by extraregional powers. Consequently, the component of self-interests and self-preservation creates a divergent spectrum of foreign plans within these countries. Hence, there is a one of a kind propensity of domestic politics—primarily from individuals leaders in power—playing a serious role in the development of international policy. These kinds of polices change from balancing, bandwagoning, to omnibalancing be careful introducing terms without defining.

Within this strong respect for standard of sovereignty, a security dilemma starts to arise in the region. International recognition is critical for these countries, for it is within this construct that sovereignty is built upon—it gives specific countries a sense of independence. Since the region does share an Ibero/Luso patrimony of colonialism, their comarcal disputes never have been immune system to discord. In essence, Latin American actions are indifferent to how the rest of the international community behaves together. Drawing by Kenneth Waltz' neorealism theory where he establishes the belief in a self-help approach to international governmental policies, states must rely on their particular resources and capabilities guard itself by external pushes. From this realist perspective all of us start to see a foundation for the region's to get...

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