Lack Of Cultural Appreciation Of Others Education Essay

The circumstance shows how students have the lack of cultural appreciation of others. The school and instructors need to create a program which ensures that students understand the difference in civilizations and how people need to work and stay in harmony. It is important that university take initiative and educate students about different cultures and how they are crucial to Australian survival. The scenario highlights how some students believe that others are substandard because they participate in different religions.

The school has developed an integrated planning matrix. It includes guaranteed that planning functions from macro to micro levels from university to school room or program to lesson. Thus, the circumstance shows that the college needs to apply the rules of intercultural understanding through the design of lessons. The school has designed five lessons, two British, one maths, one biology and one history lesson. Each lessons contains principles about social understanding, for students to understand other cultures.

Intercultural understanding attracts on studentss growing knowledge, understanding and critical awareness of their own among others perspective(Intercultural, 2012). In the scenario, it can be seen how students are not aware of one another culture and how some are stereotyping against other for no valid and simply reason. The five lessons are aimed to increase the intercultural knowledge of the students. Thus, the main target is to avoid students discriminating against each other and to boost a permanent harmony included in this. Furthermore, the key aim is to make the students remember the fruits of multiculturalism among themselves. It really is worth talking about that the intercultural understanding is more clear in some learning areas than others(Intercultural, 2012). However the school has decided to include intercultural understanding components in every the learning areas.

One of the causes of racism in the scenario can be due to the fact that the curriculum will not reflect the nature of multiculturalism and intercultural understanding among students(Calder, 2000). It is vital that the Australian curriculum does contain information about others cultures, often NESB students will be left out in the dark. Students in Australia are entitled to to be cared for with justice and integrity. Thus, it is unacceptable to disregard the new composition of Australian people. It is important that the Australian curriculum take up some of the proposed curriculum in this project for the sake of correcting the inbalance in the current curriculum. It really is worth mentioning that each student needs to know that he / she has to to discriminate against anyone based on race or religion.

The lessons plan is developed according to the hypothetical circumstance about students discriminating against the other person which was predicated on religions. It is worth mentioning that the matrix used NSW mother board of studies curriculum for British for year 3 and 4(British, 2012) and the Australian curriculum that is recognized as acara(acara, 2012)

Lesson 1

The key concern from the lessons is to familiarize students with Christianity and Hindu religions. Thus; students need to know comprehensive about others religions to be able to understand it. The primary goal of the lessons is to promote intercultural understanding among students in the classrooms, in order for them to behave better when they leave their universities. The lesson aims to make the students to value their own culture, their languages and beliefs. Furthermore, the lesson has targeted to value the culture and religions of others. Students provide an opportunity to find out about two of the major religions on the globe, such as Christianity and Hinduism. If students find out about other religions, they will learn to appreciate each one religion and culture. The lessons aims for students to attain the following targets:

To understand the Australian culture.

To appreciate the successes of Australian pioneers and migrants.

To value the English language.

To practice the terminology with NESB classmates.

Understand the culture and values of Religious and Hindu.

The activities for the lessons are directed to expose students to the other person religions, in order to avoid the occasions in the scenario. The class room is should be free from racism and discrimination.

Lesson 2

The key concern from the lesson is to familiarize students with the Islamic religions. Thus many Islamic students are populating many institutions. Furthermore, the Islamic community is normally facing discrimination. It's important that students learn about all religions rather than to belief any rumour about any faith. The aim of the lessons is to promote intercultural understanding between all cultures in the classrooms, in order to prevent friction between students as the case in the circumstance. The lesson has aimed to attain the following targets:

To understand the Muslim culture.

To appreciate the coaching of Islam.

To value the British terms in the framework of Islam.

To understand the culture and beliefs of Islam.

It is so important that the activities educate students about major religions as Islam making up about 2% of the Australian human population. The students have an opportunity to view a video tutorial about Islam which contradict the wrongful myth that Islam foster terrorism on earth. It is good to notice that one of the activities ask Muslim students to match with non-Muslim students in order to make clear their own vocabulary, religious beliefs and culture. The happenings in the scenario could be prevented if students are briefed about each other religions

Lesson 3

The key concern from the lesson is to familiarize students with the fact that Mathematics is basically the same. It's important that students know about the actual fact that Maths is not made only by Anglo-Saxon scholars but by other scholars from other ethnicities. The curriculum has to turn into a tool to promote the intercultural understanding in the class. The aims of the lessons are as follow:

To show that Maths is common in most culture.

To show that all measurement units means the same but in different language.

To show that similarity in Maths eases intercultural differences.

The activities of the lesson are structured in the manner that students need to compare items of measurements in both English and their indigenous language. The primary goal of the lesson is showing that Maths has been to explain to students that in every subjects that they do at school highlight the importance of intercultural understanding and the need to appreciate the other person culture. It is worth talking about that intercultural understanding in mathematics can be improved when students are exposed to a variety of cultural practices. Thus, students need to comprehend that mathematical expressions use universal symbols, while numerical knowledge has its origin in many cultures(Curriculum, 2012).

Lesson 4

The key concern from the lessons is to familiarize students with the fact that there are kinds of different patterns and functions. Furthermore, it highlights the fact that folks are of different skin area and color and religions nevertheless they all show this earth as leaders total living varieties from pet to fruit and vegetables. The targets of the lessons are as follow:

To show that varieties are different but they do need to live with each other.

To show that our body is same for each and every male and feminine counterpart even though they have different skin coloring and different social backgrounds.

To show that everyone need to stay in tranquility even if we all have been of different kinds.

The activities of this lesson is so interesting where one of the actions is about how students are given an opportunity to take a look at one dark-colored and one white pet cat to be able to confirm that even they have different colour nevertheless they do have the same functions. Thus, the students will learn to live together in harmony with each other in the class and in the outer classroom. It really is worth observing that we now have opportunities in the science learning area to develop intercultural understanding. Thus, the students are given an possibility to appreciate the contribution that diverse ethnic perspectives have made to the development and variety of technology knowledge and application(Variety, 2012).

Lesson 5

The key issue from the lessons is to familiarize students with the fact that Australian record is a variety of white settlers, Aboriginals and the migrants who come from different countries. The history lesson is targeted to teach students about the value of learning about how precisely all cultures functioned together to create this new talk about of Australia which is no longer just an Anglo-Saxon community but a community which embraces many ethnicities. This lesson is established to help students to avoid teasing the other person and to boost harmony between all students. The targets of the lessons are as follow:

To understand the creation of Australian condition.

To recognise the Aboriginals as the local Australians.

To understand the contribution of Chinese and Africans in Australia.

To understanding the idea of multiculturism in the class room.

To appreciate the annals of the addition of several food from different cuisine throughout the world.

One of the actions of the lessons is the fact that students are to watch a Disc about the history of migration in Australia. Furthermore, the students are given a task to write a brief letter with their friends about the history of multiculturalism in Australia. It really is worth mentioning that each lessons accompany a flowchart of the look process and a built-in planning matrix. Nearly all activities in all lessons try to highlight the importance of intercultural understanding in the class.

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