Korean language History: Korean language Buddhism Composition

The most fascinating aspect in Korean history before the 1500's is a introduction and influence of Buddhism. Although Buddhism was introduced into the Korean world in early years, it was not accepted till many years afterwards. After popularity, Korean Yoga began to grow, develop and spread throughout the country. With Buddhism, came up many unique aspects. These kinds of very unique Buddhist characteristics have influenced Korean tradition throughout the different time periods in several ways such as art, architecture, spiritual civilization, and Korean world as a whole.

Buddhism was first introduced into Korean society by simply China through the Three Kingdoms period (Overview). Chinese Monk-emissaries had a huge role for making Buddhism the key religion of Korea (Lee). The Three Kingdoms of Korea consisted of 3 different kingdoms, the Koguryo in the north part of Korea (37 BC-668AD), the Paekche in the south west peninsula (18BC-660AD), and the Jamuga (57BC-935AD). The first to adopt Yoga was Koguryo in 372 AD, who have then sent Buddhist Monks the Paekche the pass on the religious beliefs. Paekche then simply adopted Buddhism in 384 AD (Korean History). The southern express of Reclinatorio did not choose the religion until 528 AD. Although Buddhism was viewed as the main religion in Korea, that did not have precedence above the local religion. In fact , the Koreans got their gods and put together it with all the Buddhist religion, making the prior gods the "protectors" of Buddha. The coexistence of Buddhism as well as the local religious beliefs is also referred to as Shamanism (Koo). Korean rulers also implemented China by creating hypotheses to make themselves equals to Buddha or sanctioned by Yoga to have personal authority (Koo). In 668 AD the Silla kingdom conquer...

... ate the tea lifestyle in Korea. Buddhist etiqueta tea was first brought to Korea by the monks who had revisit from China to get Buddhist traditions to Korea. Although it had been used in our ancestors ceremonies, it then became widely used in Buddhist ceremonies. It remained this way until Confucianism took over in the 14th 100 years and tea became prohibited (Overview).

Not only do Buddhism alter Korea, but Korea as well changed Yoga. Although Korea adopted Yoga from China, Korea used it in respect to their individual culture and spirit. When Buddhism initial came to Korea, it not just accepted the Korean traditions, but also created fresh meaning to the culture. Yoga more or less adjusted to Korean language culture instead of Korea adapting to Buddhism. Sculptures, paintings, and entire Temples converted to create a fresh Korean culture associated with Yoga.

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