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The Kite Runner Essay: Writing an essay

The analytical essay has been duly considered as a part of the academic session in recent times; however, the case study format differs on dissimilar formats and topics as well. In general, it can be noted that the apa essay format is being used in almost all the analytical essays for deriving favorable outcomes. The essay writing is a difficult task, especially in a dissertation format. Arguably, the dissertation writing services play an important role in this perspective, through which the service of the academic life has become much easier, as the students get perfect dissertation through the companies. In this context, it can be stated that it is very important to have knowledge about < a href="/critique-an-article/">How to critique an article? while writing an essay or performing a critical evaluation of the same.

The best-selling novel written by Khaled Hosseini was first published in the year 2003 and thus became popular within few years due to the theme used within the same. The kite runner essay analyzes the story of it, which has been focused on the love between a father and a son, guilt and redemption. However, while writing the kite runner essays, these attributes have been considered as core areas to be focused upon. Additionally, the kite runner essay topics have become important due to their plots or themes. The theme of the novel has been concluded on the experience of the author based on Kabul.

In order to critically evaluate the kite runner essays, it can be affirmed that the story is based on a Muslim boy named Amir, who tries to find a place, which can be considered as his own. Additionally, it also includes a childhood experience in a parent home. However, the political system of Afghan during the period of 1970 was identified to be unstable in nature and due to the conflicts, the boy has been forced to leave Afghanistan.

From the kite runner essay, it has been evident that the political and the religion factors play a major role in order to determine the direction of the nations. However, after the departure of Amir and his father, the fighting in the country did not stop. In the kite runner essay, it has been evident that the author portrayed a historical realism, as the plot include the changing of reign in Afghanistan. Happy childhood of the Muslim boy has been disrupted by the changed President of the nation. The details of 1981 era have been included in the novel, wherein the invasion of Russia converted Kabul into the war zone. Additionally, the Soviet military has forced several families including the boy and his father to leave the nation.

Critical Analysis

This essay of Kite Runner can be critically analyzed by the consideration of complicated plots wherein conflicts take place, stimulating sympathy towards the characters, which have been unjustifiably victimized. Another factor has been highlighted in the essay regarding the huge gap persisting amid the government system and human rights. Through the kite runner essay, the intention can also be considered as highlighting the importance of implementing human rights in the international boundaries. As the character Sohrab committed suicide, this indicated unjust torture to the innocent especially the orphanages. In this context, it can be stated that through the human rights approach, innocent people can be saved, as Amir has adopted Sohrab to protect him from the torture. Therefore, the essay in this perspective can also be considered as the kite runner redemption essay through which the author has passed a message of saving innocents from being victims in such events.

On the other hand, the author has also elaborated the transformation of Amir’s character, where he was ready to take life risk for the orphan boy Sohrab. In contrast, other antagonist characters in the novel Assef showed similar feature. However, the author has introduced one-dimensional characterization for Assef. The whole novel has been narrated as in a first person i.e. from the viewpoints of Amir and Rahim khan.

From the above detailed evaluation of this very well organized essay, it can be affirmed that the era of Kabul during the period of 1970 to 1981, wherein the conflict took place between Taliban and the system has converted a peaceful place to War Zone, forced the innocent people to leave the resident and escape to Pakistan. In the whole concept of the story, the focus was basically based on the friendship of two boys, which became a threat to culture barriers and all legal boundaries. And thus, they found their way of life through their friendship and led their respective lives towards the best they could do.

Additionally, it has also been mentioned in the story that Amir and his father has tried to get shifted in the US and move the past memories from the mind. However, the memories were terrific and hard to forget, which finally made them return back to their own nation. Thus, it is clear that the kite runner essay has highlighted different aspects of life such as love, friendship, betrayal, war and death that eventually changes the individuals’ heart as well as the mind. These aspects emerge on different parts of our life and the decisions we take then decide the direction of the life; where are we going. We all should analyze our life and understand what is wrong and what is wrong and only then decide our future acts. This essay is essentially a critically acclaimed one as it has everything that belongs to our life.


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