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Kingfisher Airlines Marketing and Management Strategies

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Kingfisher Airlines based in Bangalore India at Bengaluru AIRPORT TERMINAL, is one of the key airlines in its portion of the entire world and has more than 400 plane tickets each day. Kingfisher Airlines has a five star score from Skytrax, which is one of only six airlines on the globe to acquire such a score is regarded as to be the most adored airline in the Asia-Pacific region. During February of 2009 there were 904, 000 passengers who flew on Kingfisher, giving it the highest market talk about in India. Kingfisher Airlines has 74 domestic destinations and 8 international locations across Asia and European countries till day and gradually expanding.

This first part of the report symbolizes Kingfisher Airlines various textbook research, current marketing strategies and management procedures. Whereas the second part of the survey sheds light using one with their classes "Kingfisher First", and discusses a comprehensive marketing plan in order to increase their share in the international air.

Table of Contents

Introduction 2

Mission Assertion and Goals of Kingfisher Airlines 4


Current Marketing Strategies of KFA

Marketing Mix of Kingfisher FIRST

Internal and External Evaluation of KFA


Integrated Marketing Plan for "Kingfisher FIRST"

Financial Profile of KFA




Kingfisher Airlines is a private airline located in Bangalore, India. The flight is held by Vijay Mallya of United Drinks Group. Kingfisher Airlines started its operations on May 9, 2005 with a fleet of 4 Airbus A320 aircrafts. Emirates followed with 10. 3% air traffic talk about, with third highest aircraft movement. Aircraft, which had the second highest aircraft activity, is third on the passenger motion list with 9% market talk about. Kingfisher, which started international businesses from the finish of 2008, information at quantity 46. The air travel currently operates on 8 international destinations and almost all the major cities in India. The vacation spots covered by Kingfisher Airlines internationally are London, Hong Kong, Dubai, Bangkok, Kathmandu, Colombo, Dhaka and Singapore.

In a short span of the time Kingfisher Flight has carved a niche for itself. Kingfisher Airlines has a 5 star score from Skytrax, and is one of only six airlines in the world to have such a ranking is regarded as to be the most admired air travel in the Asia-Pacific region. During February of 2009 there were 904, 000 individuals who flew on Kingfisher, presenting it the best market show in India. The air travel offers several unique services to its customers. Included in these are; personal valet at the airport to assist in baggage handling and boarding, accompanied with refreshments and music at the airport terminal, audio and video on-demand, with extra-wide customized screens in the plane and three- course premium cuisine.

Kingfisher Airlines currently operates with a brand new fleet of 8 Airbus A320 aircraft, 3 Airbus A319-100 aircraft and 4 ATR-72 plane. It had been the first airline in India to operate with new aircrafts. Kingfisher Airlines is also the first Indian air travel to order the Airbus A380. UB holdings Ltd, has obtained 26% stake in the budget air travel Air Deccan and has option to buy further of 20% stake from the secondary market.

Brief History on Kingfisher Airlines

Kingfisher Airlines is a subsidiary of the UB Group, one of the largest beverage companies on the globe. The branding of the airline is associated with that of Kingfisher Beer, India's most significant brewery. The flight initially operated a single class service but consequently introduced a highly acclaimed HIGH GRADE, and can compete with Plane Airways for the high yield corporate market.

In just over 2 yrs, Kingfisher Airlines has achieved market share of 10% and has one of the very most aggressive expansion plans of most Indian providers during 2007. In Jun-07, it dramatically increased its influence on the market with the acquisition of a 26% shareholding in India's greatest LCC, Air Deccan, for approximately USD130 million. The combined Kingfisher/Deccan group has a domestic market show of just over 30% and something range spanning from the price-sensitive, first-time flyer, to the high yield business traveler, so that it is a dynamic flight industry.

Mission Declaration and Aim of the Company

Kingfisher Airlines passion is to provide a world-class experience to its flyers. And since work and play can go hand-in-hand, they want to be sure that guests get some good a chance to relax in the skies after several pressing commitments and demanding work responsibilities.

Their objective is to be personally engaged and ensure that every Kingfisher aircraft fits the global requirements that I've set in terms of safety. They have also introduced a brand-new fleet which comes with the latest technology available and regardless of the customized entertainment system for personal browsing and being attentive pleasure, they deal with a unique category price between low priced carrier and modern day competitor's course. Creating a host that feels high grade but is in the budget.


Current Marketing Strategies of KFA

KFA has always located themselves as a budget carrier and not as Low Cost Carrier (LCC). Till this year they have created their recognition through very affordable yet classy services both domestically and internationally. They have followed distinctively fun marketing strategies to make it one of the leading airlines in Asia.

It developed a very interesting promotional range "Fly the good times" and it reflected in the knowledge the company wanted to its individuals.

KFA is also launched Kingfisher RED to be able to utilize the growing Low Cost Carrier (LCC) segment.

The company offered best services to its customers which were like providing top notch interiors, and in-flight entertainment systems.

The company developed only one category airlines by incorporating combine Business Category experiences and Market Class experiences in a single rather than other airlines that got Business Class; Market Class.

Having a single school freed up more leg space for passengers when compared to normal economy school flights.

The company started out responding to its customers as "GUEST" rather than travellers.

KFA's promotional strategy team showcased the air travel as "the new traveling experience".

Advertisements hoardings at airports depicted the stylish interiors of the "Funliners", which conveyed younger, fun-filled, and top notch image.

KFA used various fashion shows, celebrity golf suits, New Year gatherings all to make its "Kingfisher" brand.

The UB group's regular monthly mag called "Pegasus" publicized information about KFA and also other information related to UB group.

KFA launched many attractive offers to market its sales like the "King Card" in association with ICICI Standard bank, in August 2005. This was designed to create faithful customers for KFA by providing benefits like privileged access to lounges, restaurants, free refreshments at international airports, access to 180 clubs across India, special invites for lifestyle shows.

KFA targeted the recurrent fliers business traveller portion, that was dominated by Aircraft Airways. By supplying a "King Saver Booklet", This booklet covered six free airfare tickets and was presented as a free of charge surprise if the traveler bought two such booklets each worth Rs. 26, 999. Passengers could avail off this offer if indeed they showed there Jet Privilege Member (Platinum or Platinum) cards.

Marketing Mix


Kingfisher Airlines offers unmatched service to its guests. The success of the airline in a very short time period can be attributed to the novel services introduced because of it e. g.

Roving agents: A roving agent is a check-in counter-top on the road. The guests with hand baggage are not required to stand in the queue at the check-in counters. The roving providers come to the customers and assist them.

Different check-in options: The air travel allows it customers to do a web check-in from its website apart from the option of the airport check-in.

Special care for unaccompanied minors, senior citizens and those with minimal freedom: The air travel takes the duty of escorting the children safely with their destination. The bottom crew helps in check-in and boarding process. Visitor with disabilities can get a personalized and caring treatment. An escort with a wheel chair can be allocated to the Visitor. Assist in check-in, boarding and disembarkation may also be availed by guests.

In-flight entertainment: Every couch is treated to an individual Television set with Live TV as well as well as pre recorded in-flight entertainment channels and Radio.


Connectivity: Kingfisher Airlines flies to 38 areas across India. These 38 locations cover a broad geography of the united states and hook up all the metros and the major metropolitan areas.

Booking of tickets: The clients have a choice of booking seat tickets at the international airport, by calling the client care, through travel agents and by logging to their website.


Kingfisher Airlines has been referred to as the "first full frills-true value carrier. " The air travel has a very well defined target audience which is the Sec A and Sec B+ of the Indian market and that comes within the age group of 25-45 years with high disposable incomes. This portion of the population is modern, trendy and upwardly mobile searching for a great soaring experience. They have traveled extensively and are aware if the international flying trends. This segment really doesn't head shelling out the funds so long as they get the experience they want for.


Kingfisher Airlines has used a well round approach to reach out to their customers. Their goal is to make a put in place the minds with their customers because of their brand and ensure that the meaning gets across effectively. Kingfisher Airlines has a 360 level promotion strategy set up. They get in touch with their customers through all multimedia of communication such as tv, radio, print out, outdoor, malls and multiplexes, golf clubs and pubs and their in-flight publication. They ensure that they talk to their customers at multiple touch points.

King Membership is the airline's loyalty program. As an associate of King Golf club, customers enjoy a selection of exclusive privileges and benefits for each membership level. The greater a person flies with Kingfisher Airlines a lot more he will be rewarded.


Kingfisher Airline's cabin and earth crew is the sign of their services. The real earning factor for Kingfisher Airlines is the quality of personnel service being provided to customers. The staff undergoes demanding training programs. Kingfisher Airlines has also instituted the Kingfisher Training Academy to cater to the growing demand for trained Service oriented pros. The academy provides intensive training on Airlines Orientation covering Flight Rules & Polices, Cabin Familiarization and Announcement Delivery.


Following will be the processes that enhance the satisfaction experienced by Kingfisher individuals:

Kingfisher Airlines helps easy scheduling of tickets. The people can book their seating by contacting their 24/7 customer support, by logging to their website, designated travel agents and at the international airports.

Personalized valet service at all airports across the country. The valet service personnel assists the travellers' right from enough time they reach at the air-port till they check-in and also after appearance at the vacation spot they provide advice about their baggage.

Physical Evidence

Fleet: The air travel has a whole new fleet of aircraft comprising of 18 ATR 72s, 4 A 319s, 13 A 320s, 8 A 321s, 2 A 330s.

Interiors of the aeroplanes: All the aircrafts of Kingfisher airlines have custom interiors. As soon as a passenger enters the aircraft, what attacks him is the bold use of red color and leather. Including the advanced GPS monitor fastened in the front every seat with their entertainment gizmos.

Cleanliness inside the airplane: All of the aircrafts are well looked after for cleanliness and a nice experience.

Internal Evaluation of Kingfisher Airlines

SWOT Analysis


Operating in a distinct segment market: home luxury segment

"Kingfisher" itself is a well established brand

The customer service provided is personalised and exceptional

Highly trained and attractive staff.


Unable to create expected comes back on the investments

Investments are more than turnovers, high break-even point

Loads are less than that of its biggest rival Jet Airways


Aviation industry is a growing industry

Large amount of international untapped routes

Growth in the disposable income


Fierce competition from well established intl. airlines

Major go up in fuel prices

Cost cutting has become a leading need in the aviation industry due to the preference of low priced carriers

Drawbacks of recession

External Research of Kingfisher Airlines

PEST Analysis


India's politics environment - Tension with Pakistan, Government's failure to regulate issues (riots etc)

September 11th - huge drop in air traffic anticipated to safety and security concerns

Trade relations with other countries have to be good


Recession- airlines are believed as a luxury

High operation costs due to low demand

Resulted in laying off employees


People from varied income groups need to be catered

Destination, kinds of food offered need to be chosen carefully


Use of Internet- online solution booking, updated airfare information & handling of customer claims.

Restructuring the existing airports to world class appeal

Integrated Marketing Plan for "Kingfisher FIRST"

Kingfisher Airlines introduced Kingfisher First in 2006 offering high grade service at business category fares. It experienced its personal valet service on the ground to aid the First class passengers from baggage controlling to boarding, exclusive lounges with private space, accompanies with refreshments and music. In Kingfisher First each and every service has been made to perfection. Culinary artwork with a special three course menu complete with a kingfisher sparkling pleasant drink, personal dessert and freshly brewed coffee up to speed, world-class service experience as a result of a superbly trained and hand-picked cabin team/models.

Kingfisher First cabins includes a social area comprising a full-fledged bar staffed with a bartender, a break-out seating area just local fixed with two couches and stools, a full-fledged chef up to speed the aircraft and any-time dinner. A turn-down service includes the change of the seat into a fully-flat foundation. Despite the fact that Kingfisher First can be an impressive mixture of remarkable marketing combine, there continues to be one major disadvantage the overall air travel is posed to, which is their recent entrance in to the international market. Despite the fact that Kingfisher Airlines has been dominating their domestic air for a while, with their cutting-edge technology and services, in the international market they have to produce much effective marketing and functional strategies against similar competitors in order to increase sales and gain market share.

Kingfisher Airlines programs to determine itself as a niche player in the long-haul market of business travel. Here are a few of the marketing strategies that may lead to successful recognition of the air travel internationally:

1) Sales and Marketing Strategy

Corporates: Kingfisher First is a small business to business air travel. It should focus its efforts on targeting corporate travel managers immediately through a solid sales team, partnerships with credit card issuers, or other entities which have access to corporate and business clients. Kingfisher First should offer adaptable pricing to match companies' travel requirements.

End-users: To be able to entice the traveller straight, Kingfisher First' marketing strategy should focus on the approach to life and convenience alternatively than price because in many cases price is not the primary issue for the business enterprise traveller. Kingfisher First should only use electronic digital tickets that ought to be distributed through agents, the web, and our call centre. Kingfisher First should also distribute through travel agents as they still have a substantial position in the corporate market.

Other suggested strategies include:-

2) Management and Culture

Blending experienced airline professionals with a young creative management team should be considered a successful combination which should continuously look for development while maintaining a high level of professionalism and reliability. Obtaining the right combination should be the key in executing this venture successfully. The company should also focus on building a strong corporate culture which should help to differentiate itself from the competition and sustain a higher level of inspiration while maintaining cost control.

3) Strong Sales team

Kingfisher First should market its services to companies immediately. Its ability to acquire corporate clients should be extremely important to the success of the endeavor. Kingfisher First should offer discounts for amount travel and should also partner with selected hotels in order to offer all-in deals.

4) LOW PRICED Operation (Reducing their selection of fleet)

As a new air travel, Kingfisher First must have a significant cost benefits over the prevailing airlines that have large overhead bills. By concentrating on a single kind of aircraft, an individual school of travel, and in the beginning a single route, systems should be simple and costs should be stored to a minimum.

5) Low Break-Even Point

By operating a Boeing B757, Kingfisher First should have lower operating costs and a low break-even point (50 individuals/50 percent insert factor) significantly reducing the risks associated with traditional airlines. Focusing on a single aeroplanes type enables this company to minimize the costs of training and maintenance. With such a low break-even point, Kingfisher First can make it through monetary downturns with less pain than its competition. It should also enable Kingfisher First to consider medium and low density routes on the long-haul basis offering more point to point services.

6) The Internet

Maximizing the potential of the Internet should be the best tool in keeping low syndication and administrative costs. Kingfisher First must have a strong Internet presence and really should use the Internet for customer connections as well as inner functions.


In finish Kingfisher Airlines is one of the largest and most leading edge airlines not only within its country but internationally as well. It includes strong alliance with a great many other airlines in aviation sector. Kingfisher Airlines offers top notch services to the client at a nominal rate. The countrywide carrier takes enormous satisfaction in having effectively played out a pivotal role to make various areas of India popular with the folks of the planet and operating as the country's social ambassador. The flight uses the assistance of one of the advanced ideas been operated on the globe. Last but not least, Kingfisher Airlines is providing its customer in an valued way and going to be in the set of best services providers in approaching years.



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