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Key Concepts In Corporate Communication

  1. Chapter 1: Introduction
  2. Problem Statement
  3. Aim of the study
  4. Objectives of the study
  1. Outline of the study
  2. Chapter 1-Introduction
  3. Chapter 2-Literature Review
  4. Chapter 3-Company Background
  5. Chapter 4-Research Methodology
  6. Chapter 5-Examination and Findings
  7. Chapter 6-Suggestion and Conclusion
  8. Chapter 2: Literature Review
  9. Introduction
  10. Communication
  11. Communication in advertising
  12. 2. 6 The stages in the communication process:
  13. Corporate Communication
  14. 2. 9. 1 Goals of Corporate and business communication
  15. 2. 9. 2 Key concepts in commercial communication
  16. 2. 9. 3 THE ORGANIZATION Communication System
  17. Marketing
  18. Marketing Mix
  19. Product
  20. Price
  21. Promotion
  22. place
  23. 2. 1 Services Marketing
  24. 2. 2 Explanation of service
  25. 2. 3 Characteristics of service
  26. Advertising
  27. 2. 7 Types of advertising
  28. 2. 8 Advertising media
  29. 2. 0. 1 Marketing orientation
  30. 2. 2. 1 Customer Retention
  31. Chapter 3: Company Background
  32. 3. 1 Air Mauritius
  33. 3. 1. 1 Background Information
  34. 3. 1. 2 Mission and Perspective of Air Mauritius
  35. 3. 1. 3 Structure of Air Mauritius
  36. Other Shareholders
  37. 49%
  38. Air Mauritius
  39. Holding Ltd 51%
  41. Figure 1 - Organizational Structure of Air Mauritius
  42. 3. 1. 4 Some services and accomplishment by Air Mauritius.
  43. 3. 2 Strategic Marketing
  44. 3. 2. 1 Marketing Communication - Advertising
  45. 3. 2. 3 Customer Research
  46. 3. 2. 4 Devotion Programme
  47. 3. 2. 5 Product Design
  48. 3. 2. 6 Overview of the primary competitors
  49. British Airways
  50. Air France
  51. Emirates Airlines
  52. 3. 3 Air Mauritius SWOT Analysis
  53. Strengths
  54. Weaknesses
  55. Opportunities
  56. Chapter 4: Research Methodology
  57. 4. 1-Introduction
  58. 4. 2-Research Design
  59. 4. 3-Research Type: Qualitative Research
  60. 4. 4-Questionnaire Design
  61. 4. 5-Sampling Techniques
  62. 4. 6-Ethics
  63. 4. 7-Test Size
  64. 4. 8-Data Collection
  65. 4. 9-Data Analysis
  66. 4. 0. 1-Restriction of the study
  67. 4. 0. 2-Summary
  68. Chapter 5-Evaluation and Findings
  69. 5. 0-Introduction
  70. 5. 1-Demographic
  71. 5. 2-Members' views
  72. 5. 3-Efficiency of corporate communication at MK
  73. 5. 4-Conclusion
  74. Chapter 6- Suggestion and Conclusion
  75. 6. 0-Introduction

Air Mauritius, facing fierce competition and therefore constantly is aimed at acquiring new customers as well as strengthening its existing customer bottom part. Promotional efforts made in that direction derive from promotion schemes of differing natures that are conducted by the aviation company. Promotional campaigns of Air Mauritius goal primarily leisure tourism, further supplemented but on a minor basis, by business travel and leisure as well, both which are strengthened by the tourist leisure destinations and the business facilities of the united states respectively.

Corporate communication is becoming an increasingly important purpose in business organizations. Yet little has been released on the role and function of communication professionals. This dissertation accounts on empirical study conducted at Air Mauritius with a concentrate on the Corporate Communications Strategy and the marketing strategies adopted to communicate its products and services. There are very few products that are unique and with increasing competition on the market place, firms have to find ways to differentiate their products of their competitors. To achieve this, firms have to use several techniques to have competitive advantage. Firms increasingly need to be centered on quality, competition prices, creative imagination and innovative products between others. To be able to get and or maintain a talk about of the market, firms are increasingly more making use of advertising.

This analysis was carried out to demonstrate that how effectively Air Mauritius (MK) communicates its products and services to its customers and customer platform in a ecological manner. Derived from the constant expansion of the National Aviation Company relevant options, a set of appropriate hypotheses was chosen to research the communicating attempts of Air Mauritius, which is referred to as 'The Performance of Conversing at Air Mauritius'.

As an attempt to benchmarking, the effective indications were also put on three other aviation companies, specifically, Air France, Uk Airways and Emirates Airlines that can be much like the National Carrier Company in a few ways.

Chapter 1: Introduction

Communication is very crucial in this age. All companies, whether manufacturer or company, whether it is profitable or non-profitable company, has the process of interacting their respective audience. Advertising continues to grow in importance nowadays, among the means to communicate a message to people, to see them about their product or service, or even to persuade them to try the merchandise or service. There are several main factors that have contributed to the change, namely, improvement in technology, advertising of communication available, consumer perceptions and consumer action.

As an outcome, with the aid of advertising companies, companies are totally focused on seeking to gratify their clients, in providing them with constant innovative and well-timed better product and service for customers. Therefore, they are well versed about the factors that may eventually appeal to more customers, so they are simply focusing more and more on creativeness and design packages and plan campaigns.

The purpose of the study includes the value of customer retention in the airline company because of competition and the growing airlines like EK as well as others. So that it laid emphasis on the marketing tools and corporate and business strategies which airline company need to adopt in order to have a competitive border.

To get the idea how effectively companies connect their products and services, an interview was conducted with some of the stakeholders of Air Mauritius Air travel Company which is the national carrier of Mauritius.

Problem Statement

An old adage says, "Issues well described is half resolved". Only once the problem is precisely identified that research can be made to provide to provide relevant information. The task presented in this dissertation is identified and situated in the framework of the potency of communicating at the Country wide Aviation Company, Air Mauritius, in view of building a solid customer platform for the organization that will also favour economic expansion on the national scale.

In an effort to keep company growth, Air Mauritius endeavors earnestly to provide quality products and services to its customers at an affordable price. However, with a active market, it is demanded of the firm to be flexible enough to constantly adjust to changing customer needs.

Yet, what is more important for any company's success is to have the necessary customers and meet their unfilled needs. And these customers have to be up to date of the occurrence of the potential fulfiller with their requirements that demand to be satisfied. Precisely the same applies to the Country wide Aviation Company as well. Hence, is revealed the importance of advertising. However, the potency of advertising should be in a way that desired email address details are obtained. The ultimate goal being that progressively more gratifying present and forthcoming needs, so as to ensure survival and promote company development.

Aim of the study

The goal of the analysis is to determine Mk's performance of interacting its products and services to its customers.

Objectives of the study

- To recognize the marketing tools found in the business.

- To identify the major problems encountered by MK air travel and its customers.

- To identify the organization communication strategies and evaluate its success.

- To make recommendation on how MK could better compete with other airlines.

Outline of the study

Chapter 1-Introduction

This chapter outlines the purpose of at Air Mauritius (MK) and the layout of the dissertation. The seeks and goals of the study and the problem statement why there's a need for the study.

Chapter 2-Literature Review

In this section, the books review deals with the theoretical track record of this issue of study. Meanings, assertions, facts and other representative theoretical data are grouped under the proceeding of books review to help in the better knowledge of the topic accessible. The books review provides evidences and all the necessary information about how precisely Air Mauritius communicates its products and services to its customers. Moreover, it also focuses on the potency of commercial communication at Air Mauritius.

Chapter 3-Company Background

Chapter 3 describes the backdrop of the business's profile following a mission, vision and framework of Air Mauritius. It also depicts the overview of its competitors.

Chapter 4-Research Methodology

This part includes the sort of technique that was used for doing the survey and how information was gathered. It also features the restriction of the review.

Chapter 5-Examination and Findings

This part shows the effect obtained from the interview conducted with different people working in the aviation sector and customer. Data has been examined taking extensive records during the interview.

Chapter 6-Suggestion and Conclusion

The last section recognizes the possible solutions for the problems encountered with the shareholders and complains recorded from customers and also what problems the business encountered about commercial communication, leading to a concluding take note of of the task.

Chapter 2: Literature Review


A literature review in the framework of Travel and Tourism exposes very few empirical investigations on the potency of communication. This section discusses what effective communication means from point of views and what are the marketing tools that are used by the flight companies in order to promote their products and services. Furthermore it also lays focus on the notion of customer's satisfaction of the merchandise and services provided by air travel companies.

Lastly this chapter will lead to a knowledge of how effective communication can improve corporate communication and fulfill customers to the expected level and just why there are a few concerns about effective communication in an organization like air travel industry and what are the huge benefits that are there by using effective communication tools and tactical marketing tools.

However before proceeding any more, it must have an overview on communication.


A review of relative books to the study problem discovered that there are a variety of factors effecting communication that can result in either insufficient communication, ineffective communication, or misrepresentation of the subject matter aiming to be delivered and creating barriers in the communication process. Communication skills are the basis for success. The ability to communicate effectively and with impact will determine the success in transmitting the communication (Palazzolo, 2008). Communication is the exchange and circulation of information and ideas from person to another. It includes a sender transmitting an idea to a recipient.

Effective communication occurs only when the receiver knows the precise information or proven fact that he sender designed to transmit. Lots of the problems that happen in an group are the direct result of individuals failing to speak. Market leaders of organizations who keep every thing inside or cannot talk a note leave individuals to their devices to find out what they may, or may not, want. That is failing of control and communication (Baldoni, 2003). Faulty communication causes the most problems. It contributes to misunderstandings and can cause a good plan to fail.

Communication can be defined as "the idea under which an organization carefully combines and coordinates its many communication stations to deliver a definite, consistent meaning".

Communication is a two-way process. And the procedure is a moving and developing a set of experiences that affect our present and future conversation. As an activity, the exchange of information is ongoing and active. Our inside communication and our exchange with others are continuously changing and adapting. Communication interactions appear during specific cultural situations, in various physical environments as well as for a variety reasons and purposes.

Communication in advertising

Advertising is closely related to communication. For an advertisements to be fully recognized, the information being communicated must be received and interpreted by the targeted audience as assumed and conceived by the designers of the advertisements.

According to Lavidge and Steiner (1996), communication is a option with milestones that need to be crossed so as to finally arrive at the end. Heading from one stage of progression to another, there exists enhancing characteristics that is demanded to be present in the note in the communication for it to be effective within the progression between any consecutive two periods. On the other hand, communication can be obstructed by certain factors, which can be mainly human traits that become obstacles to effective communication and may be the reason for regression between any two successive stages within the communication process.

2. 6 The stages in the communication process:

The Unawareness stage

The Understanding stage

The Understanding stage

The Conviction stage

The Action stage

Corporate Communication

Corporate communication will surely be the ultimate way to outline the appearance at the way in which the function is rolling out in companies. Experts had used the word 'public relations' before 1970s to spell it out communication with stakeholders. This 'general public relations' function, which was planned generally in most companies, largely involved of communication with the press. When other stakeholders, interior and exterior to the business, started to demand more info from the business, practitioners afterward started to look at communication as being more than simply 'public relations'. This is when the root base of the new corporate and business communication function started to take carry. The latter then emerged to integrate a whole range of specific disciplines, including commercial design, commercial advertising, internal communication to employees, issues and problems management, media relations, investor relationships, change communication and open public affairs (Grunig, J. E. and Hunt, T. (1984). A significant feature of the new function is the fact it targets the organization all together and on quite job of how a business presents itself to all or any its key stakeholders, both internally and externally.

In other words, commercial communication can be considered as a management function that is in control for supervising and managing the task done by communication practitioners in different professional disciplines, such as advertising relations, open public affairs and inner communication. Van Riel defines corporate communication as 'an tool of management by means of which all intentionally used types of internal and external communication are matched up as effectively and proficiently as possible', with the entire objective of creating 'a beneficial basis for contacts with groups upon that your company is dependent'(Kotler (1989), Grunig, L. A. (1991), ). Defined in this manner, corporate communication clearly includes a whole range of 'managerial' activities, such as planning, coordinating and counselling the CEO and older managers in the organization as well as 'tactical' skills involved with creating and distributing communications to relevant stakeholder categories.

Corporate communication strains a combined solution to interacting communication. Unlike an expert frame of research, corporate communication surpasses the areas of individual communication professionals for example branding, media relations, investor relations, public affairs, internal communication, and crosses these specialist restrictions to join the strategic great things about the organization in particular.

2. 9. 1 Goals of Corporate and business communication

It is normally of experiencing a corporate and business communication strategy is the thought of a corporate personality that is the basic profile an organization would like to project to all or any its important stakeholder groupings.

Secondly how it seeks to be known by these various groupings in conditions of the organization images and reputations that they have of the organization.

To ensure essentially reliable method and also good predictable corporate identification, brochures, topics, visuals, logos and advertising campaigns to websites in shade.

For example: the logo of Air Mauritius (MK) has a fish-eating tropical bird symbol " Le Paille-en-Queue".

The commercial communication is geared towards founding promising corporate and business images and reputations with most of an organization's stakeholder teams. This is merely so, these groups act in a way which ultimately contributes to the success of the organization.

This eventually leads to higher purchase of products and services by customers and target market because of advantageous images and reputations.

Ultimately it creates appreciation by users of the community in its environment.

Investors will grant financial resources and so forth.

2. 9. 2 Key concepts in commercial communication

Concept - Intervening purpose in line with the values or goals of stakeholders.

Vision - Expected future express: the goal of the business which is here MK.

Corporate goals and goals - (Precise) declaration of goals or goal.

Strategies - The ways or means where the corporate objectives are to be achieved and put into effect.

Corporate individuality - The account and values communicated by an organization

Corporate image - The immediate group of associations of a person in response to 1 or more alerts or messages from in regards to a particular firm at an individual time.

Corporate reputation - An individual's collective representation of past images of a business (included through either communication or previous experiences) established over time.

Stakeholder - Any group or person that make a difference or is afflicted by the accomplishment of the organization's objectives.

Public - People who mobilize themselves against the business on the basis of some common concern or matter to them.

Market - A precise group for whom a product is or may maintain demand (as well as for whom an organization creates and sustains products and services).

Issue - An unsettled matter (which is ready for a conclusion) or a spot of conflict between the organization and one or more publics.

Communication - The techniques and multimedia that are used to communicate with internal and external groups.

Integration - The act of coordinating all communication so the corporate individuality is effectively and consistently communication to both inner and external groups.

2. 9. 3 THE ORGANIZATION Communication System

The corporate venture has two principal communication systems that are inter-related. The inner system directs activities of organizing to attain goals that are based on the gathering and interpretation of data on targets and attitudes, and on conditions, from the corporation's relevant environment through exterior stations of communication. Exterior systems of communication are also used to present relevant information about the internal processes of the organization to the relevant exterior environment to try and influence the habit of the many publics. Interior communication procedures are directed towards establishment of composition and steadiness in arranging, while external communication procedures are directed towards advancement by facilitating id of guidelines for commercial development (Kreps, 1990). Professionals and market leaders seek co-operation for a productive balance between balance and creativity.

Stakeholders have different interests according to their unique roles in the organization community. These passions can be reconciled if they are organized to make a more successful business. The purpose of business, therefore, should be to serve the general public welfare of all stakeholders. There are some problems to be settled in putting this into practice, but there are convincing reasons why the transition is occurring (Halal, 1996):

The liberating power of information;

The great things about co-operation;

The rising aspirations of individuals;

Democratic ideals being long into everyday activities; and

The new business model offers increasing production and interpersonal benefits, without clashing with the profit-centered model of business that it's a logical expansion which really helps to deal with the ``cultural contradictions of capitalism'' (Bell, 1974


Marketing and communication play a major role in all respects of an organization work. Generally, we could specify marketing as the action or business of promoting and retailing products. Communication on the other palm, could be thought as the use of all available tools to control the flow of information between an organization and its audiences.

The marketing Master, Dr Philip Kotler (1989) defines marketing as: "the research and fine art of discovering, creating and delivering value to gratify the needs of any marketplace at a profit. Marketing recognizes unfulfilled desires and needs. It defines measures and quantifies how big is the identified market and income potential".

Morrison (1996) also identifies marketing as the "continuous sequential process which management ideas, researches, implements, settings, and evaluates activities made to satisfy both customers' needs and wants and their own organizations' objectives".

All the marketing activities that will achieve the organization's objectives are stipulated in the marketing mixture, which is defined as 'the blend of certain elements and activities that a tourism organization or destination selects to meet the needs and would like of the clients in its focus on marketplaces' (Pearce, Morrison and Rutlege, 1998).

In the marketing theory product is anything which market receives and in the end satisfy human being needs and needs. The marketing combination, also known as the four Ps, contains four components, particularly, product, price, place and campaign. However, Morrison (1996) advised that there should be four additional components for tourism, namely, packaging, development, people and partnership.

Marketing Mix

The marketing mix involves the types and levels of controllable marketing decision variables a company uses over a specific time frame. Commonly make reference to as the "four P's". The variables are:


The right product or service must be developed for the target market.


A price that gives good value to the customer and adequate earnings to the carrier must be arranged for the product.


Personal selling and advertising must be used, both to speak information about the merchandise to the customer and to facilitate sales.


Appropriate stations of distribution must be found to ensure that the product reaches the mark market at the right amount of time in the right place.

These four elements are the controllable marketing factor that should be used to attain the prospective market.

2. 1 Services Marketing

The change of the century has seen deep changes in the global overall economy. Services have played an essential part in these changes, because services have become the way organizations talk with their marketplaces (Irons, 1997:4).

Service marketing is not really a self-enclosed process but is crucial to service. Organization as a whole and the thing of the activities people, who are reactive, not passive as compared with a product, (Irons, 1997:18).

Providing something is a people business. The connection between customers and service employees is vital for the real success of service delivery.

2. 2 Explanation of service

Kotler (1996) defines service as an activity that one party offers another that is vital, intangible and will not result in the ownership of anything. Its creation may or may not tie to a physical product.

2. 3 Characteristics of service

Services has five unique characteristics; namely





Lack of ownership

These above mentioned characteristics differentiate them from goods and create distinctive challenges for service marketers in getting new customer and keeping existing customer.


The key to advertising is communication. The goal of advertising is to catch the attention of consumers. Advertising is described as being truly a paid and non-personal communication. There have been interpretations of the Internet making advertising become of a far more personal character. Rosenfield (1997) state governments, "the Internet is a form of direct marketing somewhat than advertising". Which is actually a correct formulation as marketing communications transmitted utilising the web do not fit any of the above descriptions such that they could be effectively classified to be advertisements.

"Because services are intangibles, they could be more difficult to converse and screen than physical goods" (Rathmell, 1974). Thus it's important to give a substantial explanation of the assistance in your brain of consumers in order to reduce the identified risk they might fear and offer a clear idea of what the service consist of.

Advertising in itself can be decomposed in more specific sub-types. Various kinds of advertising can be produced depending after what the product or service promoter desires to achieve at this particular point in time. Another influencing element in this context relates to the life routine of the product or service.

2. 7 Types of advertising

Kotler (2002) came up with different types of advertising that may be applied to the tourism sector. However, these advertising types can be arguably applied in the framework of the travellin industry as well, on the basis that any industry irrespective of its nature of operation, requires a highly effective advertising to use efficiently. Those advertising types are:

Informative advertising

Persuasive advertising

Reminder advertising

Competitive advertising

Reinforcement advertising

Collective advertising

2. 8 Advertising media

In order to ensure that communication works well a number of factors should be taken into consideration. Numerous advertising advertising are present for businesses to communicate their messages to their targeted audiences and the following media need to be considered:







2. 0. 1 Marketing orientation

Marketing is a two-way mediating process between the customer and the organization. A balance is needed between management, which focuses on stabilizing the corporation's change functions, and leadership, which looks for to innovate by centering attention on the external environment (Kreps, 1990). Therefore, Drucker (1977) has argued that marketing is the business of fabricating customers, while everything else is a cost- much, but not all, of it necessary to enable and facilitate business enterprise to be beneficial. He in addition has revealed the politics mother nature of modern business management (1980), showing that marketing alone cannot package with all problems ( Ehling et al. , 1992). Open public relation is a essential and complementary overhead in a liable venture. The marketing model views the business enterprise as an organized process made to create and keep a customer (Levitt, 1969).

Departments shouldn't be allowed to seek individuality and the matter of professionals is not to be move forward, but how to remove barriers to real co-operative working so that communicating can really add value to company. The model we seek to build and deploy will not promote the engagement of non-specialists in competition to manage traditional communication departments. Somewhat we seek to adoptive greater recognition of corporate dependencies, the necessity for wider participation in building meanings, id, and knowledge (Deetz, 1992), and shared organizational business goals.

Corporate community is the new form of firm governance that shifts emphasis from income to democracy by subscribing to the goals of most parties by concentrating on the needs of the corporation's constituents (Convenient (1995). The old profit-centered model of business is too limited and restricting since it ignores the truth that business is both an monetary and a social organization. Commercial governance can advance toward collaboration among all stakeholders. The switch from revenue to democracy requires the creation of a union of traders, employees, customers, business companions, and the public. Such a commercial community can serve all pursuits better.

In recent years, however, major changes in commercial governance have been happening. Cooperation with stakeholders is now arising as they gain electric power and because managers need their support. Institutional investors have grown to be more mixed up in management of large corporations, including ``ethical buyers''.

The acceptance of strategic management is now prevalent as professionals make an effort to control their environment and reduce question. Strategy is the skill of bringing values and resources together to impact and shape the future (Moore, 1996) is in common consumption in the vocabulary of modern management. Proper marketing is a company-wide that corporate and business strategic management beliefs which guides the way of working (Brown, 1993). A decision-making point of view may be lacking to cope with the present day business and social environment.

Already under obstacle in the 1970s and 1980s, the overall model of marketing premised on consumer choice and satisfaction and operation of the four Ps has been criticized as not reflecting fact (Day and Wensley, 1983). Carman (1980) argued that exchange and related ideas such as business deal costs, information alternatives, and power can also be regarded as central to marketing. Day and Wensley (1983) criticize the generally accepted theory of marketing as basic and unfinished in considering major elements of both practice and the self-control.

2. 2. 1 Customer Retention

The Internet is constantly changing just how companies converse and market to customers. A proven way that organizations deliver customer service is by giving an answer to customer commentary and posts on Facebook, Twitter and other social networking websites. Companies also post communications on websites that alert customers and leads about upcoming product launches, sales deals and new magazines. Other effective communication vehicles that help companies improve their human relationships with customers include regular, monthly and quarterly notifications, as well as online webcasts. News letters and webcasts are common online communication tools for companies that desire to distribute a unified commercial message simultaneously to varied customers, prospects, associates and media personnel.

Chapter 3: Company Background

3. 1 Air Mauritius

3. 1. 1 Background Information

Mauritius is dominated by the tourism industry thus this is where it generates its nationwide income. Just like other countries, to be able to encourage trade, and people to move in one destination to some other, the island also offers its own nationwide carrier specifically Air Mauritius this is the MK airline that includes a fish-eating tropical parrot image "Le Paille-en-Queue".

"The flight industry is a unique and attractive industry that captures the interest of a broad audience due to its glamour, reach and impact on large and growing quantity of traveler worldwide" (Chan, 2000). Air Mauritius was create on 14th June, 1967 twelve months before Mauritius gained independence, out of two men: Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam, the then Prime Minister and Amedee Maingard. They collectively envisioned a vehicle that could bridge our island to the planet in order to get economic and cultural emancipation. Forty-five years after freedom, it is assumed that the business has honored their legacy and accompanied Mauritius in its development rewarding our status as national airline.

Therefore, it started its operation in August 1972. In those days, the air travel company lacked financial support to use further, the federal government thus bought 51% and other shares were sold to other organizations and customers as well. The business's main base is available at the SSR International Airport, while its main head office is in the capital city of the island which is Port-Louis. In addition, the carrier's main lovers are: Uk Airways and the Emirates Airlines. The airline now flies 26 spots worldwide.

From unassuming beginnings in the early 70's, both the airline and the united states grew to become pushes to be counted with in your community. Regardless of the small size of Mauritius, development has been impressive and its own remoteness from the global and international financial centers. Air Mauritius has already established a significant role to try out in the country's potential to triumph over this geographical drawback.

Five years later after working with a Piper Navajo in August 1972, that was leased from Air Madagascar on the flight between Mauritius and Rodrigues Island, Air Mauritius used a wet leased Boeing 707 to get started on international businesses. Boeing 767s were unveiled in 1988, while ATR 42 airplane had started out its service with Air Mauritius twelve months earlier. In 1988, one Air Mauritius Boeing 767-200ER established a new distance record for commercial twin jets with a journey from Halifax, Nova Scotia, to Mauritius. The period of the journey was 16 time and 27 minutes, during which the plane covered a minimum of 8, 727 statute kilometers (14, 042 kilometres).

In December, 2006, Air Mauritius received the last Airbus A340-300 ever before built and launched its regular service to London Heathrow and Hong Kong. Air Mauritius is mostly of the airlines offering blended airplane and helicopter services. In later 2007, the Boeing 767-200ER planes were replaced by two Airbus A330-200s. No fatal happenings affecting Air Mauritius aeroplanes have been saved so far.

Air Mauritius has faced many stressful situations, and was going to close its doors. One of the key problems is the get around for instance. The business made plenty of damage. It thus changes its complete strategy and restructures it completely. In the entire year July 2011, its route's network includes Africa, Asia, Europe, Oceania and Shanghai. A few of them were non-profitable routes. Thus, through the crisis it experienced it then halted to journey of these non-profitable routes and began with Milan, Melbourne and Sydney lately on, may 2012.

More than simply an flight, Air Mauritius serves as an ambassador for Mauritius. It brings to the general public, the spirit of the country and its own people on each of your fights with the special attention that the Mauritian team provides, as well as a selection of high-quality services. Air Mauritius has received several international honours recognizing the grade of its service on the floor and in trip. Air Mauritius personnel is proud to own been voted the primary airline in the Indian Sea at the planet Travel Awards going back seven years.

As an IOSA-certified (IATA Operational Security Audit) air travel, for Air Mauritius the safety and security of their customers is their priority. The fleet is composed generally of Airbus aircraft with state-of-the-art equipment. Furthermore, the company, approved by the EASA (Western Aviation Safety Company), is capable of doing maintenance on plane of European operators.

They are a strategic spouse in the tourism industry and are investing to help achieve the industry's expansion aims. With 36, 000 tons of cargo carried yearly, Air Mauritius also plays a key role in the financial development of Mauritius. The air travel holds 1. 3 million travellers annually, representing 50 percent of the traveler traffic to and from Mauritius. Keeping alive the sociable and cultural bond that our plural contemporary society has with the rest of the world, Air Mauritius attaches our island and through it, the Republic's other territories such as Rodrigues, to the five continents (Islander; June 2013)

Accomplishing its role of corporate and business citizenship, Air Mauritius facilitates our country in a variety of areas of its community life facilitating the travel of sports athletes, patients who are needy for treatment overseas or students who wish to pursue their further studies.

Air Mauritius was initially to dock at the new international airport with the K053 airline flight on 11th of March 2013, the eve of National Day party. It made a brief history to dock at the brand new terminal building of Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam international airport. Airbus A340 - Le Flamboyant, via London arrived at Plaisance with about 200 travellers and crew customers. These were greeted by Air Mauritius Chief Executive Officer Andre Viljoen who indicated his feeling by declaring that air Mauritius was privileged to be the first flight to make use of the new facilities. He has also underlined the long-standing romance between the air port authorities, International airports of Mauritius Ltd (AML) and Air Mauritius.

Three parking spots of the new terminal building are now in procedure and the new airport will be completely operational throughout this season. With the capability to welcome more than 4 million individuals, the new terminal has already been being described as leading international airport of the spot. Its theory, development, building and management are guaranteed by ATOL (Airport Terminal Operations Limited).

3. 1. 2 Mission and Perspective of Air Mauritius

The objective of Air Mauritius is to combine and operate its company with integrity, commitment and professionalism and reliability while its long-term vision is to create area of the leading airlines.

3. 1. 3 Structure of Air Mauritius

Other Shareholders


Air Mauritius

Holding Ltd 51%


Figure 1 - Organizational Structure of Air Mauritius

3. 1. 4 Some services and accomplishment by Air Mauritius.

Air Mauritius is functioning two direct-weekly flights in Shanghai with the Airbus A340 since January 2013. The flights remove from Mauritius for Shanghai on Thursdays and Sundays and the come back flights from Shanghai land in Mauritius on Saturdays and Tuesdays. The number of chairs on Shanghai is currently of five hundred and nighty six (596) weekly.

With this new service, there are now seven air travel options to China as follows:

Two direct flights to Shanghai on Thursdays and Sundays.

Two direct flights to Hong Kong on Thursdays and Sundays.

Three weekly plane tickets- Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays- via Kuala Lumpur hub, from where passengers may connect directly to Shanghai, Hong Kong and Beijing on code share flights (with the spouse Malaysia Airlines).

This initiative is in line with our technique to rebalance towards producing markets. Because the first airline flight to Shanghai in July 2011, visitor arrivals from China have become by thirty eight percent (38%). AIR Mauritius website is one of the five finalists for the Travel d'Or Honours, which rewards the preferred French tourism websites in the category "Air Transport". Among both hundred and seventy five contending websites, www. airmauritius. com received more than one hundred and 12 thousand (123, 000) votes.

The new Air Mauritius website, launched in June 2012, intends to market direct sales programs even further. Using a bold and innovative appear and feel the web site was design to be user-friendly and also to represent the Mauritian personality, whilst preserving all the functionalities of a normal airline website (Islander; June 2013).

Moreover, air Mauritius banners were very visible at the Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon. The complete Mumbai team got part in the Corporate Concern category for the 5th consecutive 12 months. The Marathon is nominated among the Top Ten marathon races on earth. The function was a great chance to promote Mauritius. The team dressed up in trendy and brilliant outfits, offered a good demonstration of the neighborhood party of Mauritius which is the 'Sega'- in the Mumbai style.

In addition, discussing the Kestrel flyer Privilege Card which really is a fulfilling family design, is the fact no subject when someone is travelling, they are really connected with mls that are gathered over 3 years, allowing them to share awards with five people of their choice (inclusive of nominees). Miles have an eternity of 3 years basis and expire on a moving basis. It is determined by the decision of the customer, that he or she may choose to add either the name of the spouse/children or daddy/mother as the nominees on each travelled sector.

Subsequently, on a purchase of the business enterprise Class ticket, consistent flyers are allowed to upgrade one accompanying nominee or beneficiary from Current economic climate Class to Business Category by redeeming only 75%( seventy-five) of the a long way normally required.

3. 2 Strategic Marketing

3. 2. 1 Marketing Communication - Advertising

In conditions of advertising effected by Air Mauritius, it must be mentioned that although the business disposes of its own marketing departments, there is absolutely no inside advertising sub section within the venture. Nor is it affiliated to any advertising company, local or overseas by means of a partnership or any other contractual romance. However, it once was contracted with Maurice Publicit.

Thus when it must establish an ad it bears out a pitch. This implies that Air Mauritius chooses three advertising agencies and draw out a platform to them in what it experts. Then, the companies appear each with a proposal and Air Mauritius selects the best proposal that a lot of suit its needs by get together its specifications and reaching its financial requirements. Due to confidentiality reasons the names of the advertising organizations can be detailed.

When undergoing advertising campaigns outside Mauritius, Air Mauritius employs the service of advertising companies in the foreign countries by building a platform of the required results expected.

Air Mauritius makes use of the different mass media to advertise its products and services. It advertise through magazines; posters that are viewed at different places, for instance, at travel agents; newspapers such as Islander, billboards, sponsorship such as races, Zee Honors; the Internet; and television and radio on the rare basis.

3. 2. 3 Customer Research

Through a customer research process, Air Mauritius identifies the users of its product and knows the needs and personal preferences of every market segment. In addition, it assesses customer satisfaction through research on different degrees of current product on surface and in the air and highlight region of improvement. Moreover, it carries out a competitive benchmarking to assess the performance of Air Mauritius product as compared to competition. Thus it can craft marketing strategies based on the company's aims.

3. 2. 4 Devotion Programme

There is a membership scheme at Air Mauritius known as the 'Kestrel Flyer' Program which was release on 01 April 2002. It really is a loyalty programme that rewards travellers for being loyal and soaring with the flight. Three types of credit cards issued to travellers with respect to the factors obtained through traveling with Air Mauritius.

The 'Kestrel Flyer' red cards is obtained from the first airfare with Air Mauritius. Things are gathered with every purchase effected at Air Mauritius. The 'Kestelflyer Plus' or silver precious metal card is obtained after accumulating 20 000 tips in 24 months. Finally the 'Kestrel flyer Elite' or gold card is obtained after accumulating 100 000 items in 24 months.

Depending on the type of cards the holders have, they can benefit from newsletters, family things, extra baggage allowance, priority waitlist, helicopter services discount, free solution and use of Air Mauritius selected lounge worldwide.

3. 1. 4. 4 Service Recovery

The service recovery is aimed at turning mishandlings into opportunities, meet customer's expectations and therefore customer retention, bring satisfaction and value with reference to the service offered, foster lost trustworthiness and confidence and thus earning back the customer, and improve customer and worker relationship.

3. 2. 5 Product Design

Here Air Mauritius is aimed at showing a competitive offering in conditions of airline gentle and hard products. Which keep Air Mauritius to the expectation of the passengers in every classes of travel, support total branding strategy of the business, reflect the airline brand values and deliver the brand's offers, provides a basis for differentiation with competitor airlines, build satisfaction and commitment and ensure coherence in product and devotion and ensure coherence in product. After the product implementation there may be regular follow-up.

3. 2. 6 Overview of the primary competitors

Having used a benchmarking strategy, it became necessary to have the relevant home elevators the benchmarked companies, in a way that this process of benchmarking could be effectively streamlined, hence discovering right results.

British Airways

British Airways was founded in 1974 under the name of Imperial Airways and it is among Europe's leading international airlines. The airline's major procedure is the vehicles of international and home tourists.

British Airways (BA) flies to about 220 locations in over 90 countries. Its main hubs are Heathrow and Gatwick. British Airways functions with about 310 aircrafts comprising of Boeing 747s, Boeing 777s, Boeing 767s, Boeing 757s and Airbus A319/320s. It is also one of the largest fleets in European countries.

British Airways acquired appointed M&C Saatchi's as its advertising organization until November 15, 2005 when the agreement came to an end. As from that night out the flight appointed the Bartle Bogle Hegarty (BBH) as its worldwide creative advertising agency. This organization was chosen because of its excellent insight, creative skill and founded history of delivering effective advertising.

In addition to promotional promotional initiatives, the company has established an "Executive Club scheme". This is aimed at offering clients of Uk Airways the opportunity to accumulate items known as 'BA Kilometers' that will allow them to several awards such as free seat tickets.

Air France

Air France was founded in 1993 and was the nationwide flight of France until it merged with the Royal Dutch Airlines-Koninklijke Luchtvaart Maatschappij (KLM), the national airline of holland, and is currently a subsidiary of the "Air France-KLM" company.

Air France flies to about 187 spots round the world. The main hub of Air France-KLM is the "Charles de Gaulle AIRPORT TERMINAL" and supplementary hubs are "Orly Airport" and "Saint-Exupery AIRPORT TERMINAL".

The French aviation company gets rid of a fleet of 373 aircrafts consisting of the Airbus A318, 319, A320, A321, A330-200 and Boeing 737-500, 747-300, 747-400, 777-200EF, and 777-200ER. Certain aircrafts are being used for short-distance flights while some for longer flights.

The French concentrates enormously upon advertising as a way of attracting and keeping customers. Promotional initiatives conducted by air travel are extremely regular. The image of any blue sky is always used in advertising to stress the slogan "Making the sky where on earth".

Air France's adverts Centre on connecting the company's functions at benefiting and better portion its individuals. The airline is a holder of the SGS (Societe Generale de Surveillance) Qualicert Qualification.

In their latest marketing campaign, Air France developed a print media consisting of six visuals representing the passenger's interest as assured by the air travel. This campaign targeted at demonstrating the physical and mental well-being; and the grade of service that the traveller will obtain by going by Air France. Furthermore, two motives were also created based on the same notion.

Emirates Airlines

Emirate Airlines, also called Emirates, was founded in May 1985 and started operating as a commercial passenger flight as from the 25th of October 1985. Based on Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates, Emirate Airlines is the propriety of the Emirates Group.

The airline flies to about 80 vacation spots with a fleet size of 92. Its main hub is the Dubai International Airport.

Emirates are one of the airlines on the planet that replies upon its communication process to assist in making the brand one of the latter's major resources.

This calendar year, Emirates advertising campaigns have been involved with communicating a variety of the main products, new destinations and added services.

Emirates advertising initiatives are communicated through print media, electronic mass media, and internet and mass media relations. For instance, when Emirates launches new aircrafts the marketing campaign is performed through a number of print advertisements, websites, immediate mailing, radio advertising and many others.

Also, Emirates' in-flight publications were changed to suit the needs of its individuals and were renamed 'Open Skies'. To meet the needs of potential travellers of different nationalities advertising via the Internet has been designed in several dialects such as British, People from france, Russian, German, Italian, Japan and China.

Emirates has boosted its brand awareness through sponsorships and marketing promotions such as major equine racing events in different part of the world particularly the Dubai World Glass, Melbourne cup Carnival, Australian Jockey Carnival in Sydney and the FEI Western european Endurance Tournament. Emirates also connect itself in other major sports activities incidents such as golf and rugby.

Through media relations Emirates promotes positive multimedia coverage and reputation of the flight via its band of thirty 'General public Relations Firms'. These three airlines, that is, English Airways, Air France and Emirates were also chosen not only because they are the main rivals of Air Mauritius, but also, because they're long haul flights.

3. 3 Air Mauritius SWOT Analysis


Pricing Power - Customers typically rebel against price raises by switching to competing products, but if a business has pricing electricity, customers will continue using Air Mauritius's products and services. Air Mauritius gets the capability to bill customers higher prices.

Innovative Culture - An impressive culture helps Air Mauritius to create unique products and services that meet their customer's need. "Innovative Culture (Air Mauritius)" has a major impact, so an analyst should put more weight into it.

Financial Leverage - This enables Air Mauritius to make use of their balance sheet to expand their business and increase their income.

Economies of Scale - Economies of range is the cost advantages that Air Mauritius obtains anticipated to size. The higher the volume, the higher advantages.

Asset Leverage - Property leverage allows Air Mauritius to make use of their best operational assets to develop their business and enhance their market share.

Cost Advantages - Lower costs lead to raised earnings for Air Mauritius. A low cost head can weaken rivals on price.

Unique Product - Unique products help recognize Air Mauritius from competitors. Air Mauritius may charge higher charges for their products, because consumers can't get those products elsewhere.

Technology - Superior technology allows Air Mauritius to better meet the needs of the customers in ways that opponents can't imitate.


High Debit Burden - A high debt load increases the risk that Air Mauritius moves bankrupt if they make an unhealthy business decision. Increasing dangers can increase Air Mauritius's credit debt interest obligations.

High Personnel Turnover - High personnel turnover can injure Air Mauritius's capability to compete, because updating valuable staff is bills.

Online Existence - The online market is essential for showing information and selling products. A weak online presence can bring about lost opportunities for Air Mauritius.


International Development - International market segments offer Air Mauritius new opportunities to broaden the business and increase sales.

Financial Leverage - Leveraging the total amount sheet allows Air Mauritius to quickly increase into other marketplaces and products, especially in fragmented sectors.

Acquisition Synergies -

Online Market - The online market offers Air Mauritius the ability to greatly expand their business. Air Mauritius can market to a much wider audience for relatively little expense.

Innovation - Greater invention can help Air Mauritius to create unique products and services that meet customer's needs.

New Services - New services help Air Mauritius to better meet their customer's needs. These services can grow Air Mauritius's business and diversify their customer platform.

New Technology - New technology helps Air Mauritius to raised meet their customer's needs with new and improved products and services. Technology also builds competitive obstacles against competitors.

Loosening Regulations - Looser legislation allow Air Mauritius to perform in a manner that is most advantages for them and their customers.

Emerging Market segments - Emerging markets are fast growing parts of the planet that permit Air Mauritius to quickly develop.

New Products - New products can help Air Mauritius to increase their business and variety their customer foundation.

New Marketplaces - New markets allow Air Mauritius to broaden their business and diversify their profile of products and services.


Bad Economy - Having an awful economy, potential customers may lose interest and may not decided Air Mauritius as their airfare or chosen company.

Volatile Currencies - Volatile currencies make Air Mauritius's opportunities difficult, because costs and earnings change so speedily.

International Competition - International rivals are numerous and difficult to beat, because they can have many competitive advantages that provide them an advantage over Air Mauritius.

Intense Competition - Intense conclusion can lower Air Mauritius's profits, because competitors can lure consumers away with superior products.

Government Legislation - Air Mauritius can be damaged by the changes designed to the guidelines and rules of the state's rules and legislation.

Change in Likes - Consumers can transform their tastes very quickly. Air Mauritius depends upon knowing which goods and services consumers want.

Political Risk - Politics can increase Air Mauritius's risk factors, because governments can therefore quickly change business legislation which will then negatively influence Air Mauritius's business. "Political Risk (Air Mauritius)" will have a long-term negative effect on this entity, which subtracts from the entity's value. "Political Risk" is a fairly easy qualitative factor to get over, therefore the investment won't have to spend much time trying to conquer this problem.

Volatile Costs - Volatile costs indicate Air Mauritius has to plan for scenarios where costs skyrocket. Cautious planning leads to development delays that can adversely influence Air Mauritius.

Volatile Revenue - Volatile earnings makes planning difficult, that could delay key purchases in Air Mauritius's business.

Substitutes Products - The availability of alternative products hurts Air Mauritius's potential to improve prices, because customers may easily switch to another service or product.

Chapter 4: Research Methodology

4. 1-Introduction

This section depicts the technique used for examining Air Mauritius's (MK) success of conversing its products and services to its customers and also about the organization communication of the organization alongside the views of the stakeholders. This method used aim to collect an in-depth knowledge of human tendencies thus investigating the why and how of the study. Hence smaller and targeted sample are more regularly needed than large examples. Therefore, Air Mauritius being truly a prestigious organization, had to be focused on the qualitative research method.

4. 2-Research Design

The goal of the analysis was to evaluate MK's effectiveness of promoting its products and services to its customers and knowing about the corporate communication of the organization. Many aspects were considered in the study design.

4. 3-Research Type: Qualitative Research

This survey gathered qualitative research only as the method used was an interview which had to be conducted with targeted test size. The main methods found in this research are observation, interviews and documentary examination and for this review, interview was opted as best as watching the targeted sample was a little difficult.

4. 4-Questionnaire Design

Questionnaires are not normally the prominent method in qualitative research as they commonly require topics to respond stimulus and therefore sometimes they may not act naturally but however, they have got their uses. Generally, when they act as a means of collecting information from a wider test that may be come to by an interview. The questions were occur order to accomplish the interview as the things dedicate their valuable time and therefore the questions that need to be asked were ready well beforehand. It consisted the covering letter and the questions of just one 1 page.

4. 5-Sampling Techniques

For this study, and as considerably this is a qualitative research, where it looks for to simplify the overall issues, the representative or sensible is suitable. This part covers persons, time and places. The test is developed through personal contact and suggestion as the study proceeds.

4. 6-Ethics

For this research, a qualitative method has been used. Each questionnaire consisted of a resume cover letter, which states the purpose of the study. The interview was carried out in confidentiality and anonymity. The honest aspect was considered with great importance through the survey. The members were ensured that in information obtained or any views will remain confidential and anonymous that is certainly will be totally used limited to academic purpose only.

4. 7-Test Size

The target examples were the environment Mauritius head office, a travel agent and an MK customer. They were all above 18 years of age. And they were thus chosen because they could give appropriate information and sometimes are exact on what they are answering.

4. 8-Data Collection

The interview was carried out in different times in the month of Apr 2013 and each group of questions were helped bring along for the interview. And through the interview, my pal and 1 took records and mostly the notes were used by my pal and I was the one requesting those questions. Thus data was accumulated through intensive records taking and no recording were done as it was from the participant's determination.

4. 9-Data Analysis

For analyzing the data, the answers were interpreted according to the questions of each participant and so referred to the views of the author's in the literature review and additional argued where necessary and exactly how each of them vary in their point of views.

4. 0. 1-Restriction of the study

This research has accessed the effectiveness of MK's campaign about the merchandise and services to its customers. Future research may use a much larger test size and perform the interview. There need to be more intensive research, which targets the corporate communication and they promotion of MK.

As with any data collection instrument, there are strengths and weaknesses associated with every approach. Several key constraints of the review carry mentioning, most obvious are the small sample size. While this research was designed to be limited in scope, due to time, a more substantial sample could have had benefits.

4. 0. 2-Summary

This section shows the strategy that is adopted for the study. Information has been obtained on the Mk's success of promoting its product and services to its customers.

Chapter 5-Evaluation and Findings

5. 0-Introduction

This chapter provides an in-depth evaluation of the study which had been completed at Port-Louis, travel firm, hq and a customer of MK flight. The respondents have been interviewed in line with the questionnaire in order to assess their perceptions in regards to to the potency of MK's advertising of its products and services to its customers.

5. 1-Demographic

There were five respondents in every from which there were three men and two women. Therefore, its shows that more men than women who've responded to the interview.

5. 2-Members' views

This section has an answer on how the participants agreed or disagreed on the organization communication strategies used in their organization and exactly how they have responded to the questions asked through the interview. Referring to the question 10 in Appendix B and question 7 in Appendix C and finally question 9 in Appendix D, the answers were different because for the staff of Air Mauritius the organization communication strategies used were experienced to him as he knew what exactly are they meant and for that reason, explained that there surely is a mother board of getting together with which is carried out on a regular basis and information are offered to the other associates plus they also choose the Management Steering Committee to ensure that the directors are created fully alert to the different issues and hazards affecting the company's image and reputation. Whereas the travel agent is the only real proprietor and for her there was no corporate communication strategies adopted so, as she's a secretary and the communication is performed effectively via phone, mail and face-to-face communication.

In addition, discussing the customer, the person was really content with the service of Air Mauritius and he was prepared to travel by Mk whenever visiting in foreign countries. For him, commercial communication means little or nothing as he will not know about it and so far he's getting what he wants he is happy, but he performed say that the food quality have to be better and he emerged to learn about Air Mauritius on radios, tv set, internet and word of mouth.

As pointed out in the Appendix B question 3 and 4, Appendix C question 6 and Appendix D question 4, which was on the marketing strategies of MK used and used and the answers were that for the staff he was reluctant to uncover the marketing strategies followed by MK as it was a private subject and because of competition the business can not uncover such information and moving to the travel agent, she said, she helps bring about her organization through internet, brochures and word of mouth and concerning the marketing for MK it was again demonstrated confidential. And the customer got acquainted to MK through the radio, word of mouth and internet.

Moreover, discussing the question 7 in Appendix B, question 3 in Appendix C and question 7 in Appendix D which illustrates the client complaints and what exactly are the complaints they have encounter professionally as customer and stakeholder. MK staff reveal that there surely is no complaints registered which is may be that may be against the policy of the organization to show such information and he does not want to reveal anything which can ultimately tarnish or damage the trustworthiness of the organization. Plus the travel agent talked about that dealing with Air Mauritius is effective as many folks opt this airline as it's the nationwide carrier and it includes opened up to large locations and the disadvantages are that we now have now competitions around and so MK is somehow sacrificing customers. And professionally for the client, the problem was on the food quality of the air travel, matching to him, it ought to be improved.

5. 3-Efficiency of corporate communication at MK

Corporate communication at MK is implemented as there is a great need of good communication between departments and among stakeholders. It's the key to success and there is a team at Air Mauritius head office based on commercial communication so that it therefore, reflects the value and the effort of the business towards implementing the organization strategies for the betterment of the work environment and also the well-being of the stakeholders and customers.

5. 4-Conclusion

The conclusions for the survey are presented in this section. As for the results of the survey, it's been found that there is corporate and business communication strategies used by Air Mauritius but nonetheless it needs to improve a few of its services and therefore, it is necessary for the business to generate new marketing principles in order to entice customers as there exists competition. Air Mauritius may be the national carrier but nonetheless The Ministry needs to take more necessary Emirates (EK) prevails because of its quality service and food quality. The Panel of Directors and along with the aid of the Government who's the 51% shareholder of the Air Mauritius flight company, need to take actions to be able to enhance the quality of the surroundings at Air Mauritius and also to educate the staff and team of Air Mauritius on the importance of the retention of customers and on how to improve service quality.

Chapter 6- Suggestion and Conclusion

6. 0-Introduction


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