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Kettle Foods Marketing Plan

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Potato chips as a product is a major snack being consumed throughout the world but most predominantly in is consumed British speaking countries plus some Western world African countries as well. Potato crisps were first developed in New York, Saratoga Springs in the year 1853 to be specific. It slowly but surely became popular as time went on. The industry has encountered several challenges over the years especially in the UK because of the economic challenges (recession) encountered by the country and individuals are also now alert to the health issues that arise scheduled to excess consumption of such treats which decreased the level sales degree of such products. However, the industry still stands and continues to be leading among snack industries. There are many reasons and factors in industry still remained important and one of such is medical aspect. Many manufacturers and companies through the years have been attempting to create a remedy to the response of consumers to potato crisps as a treat product that contains a high level of excessive fat and sodium which can lead to a high blood pressure or blood sugar levels and tooth erosion if used excessively.

As mentioned above, one of the firms which have decided to think of a solution to the condition that affects poker chips health-wise is Kettle. Kettle has been in the business enterprise of manufacturing poker chips naturally without the utilization of GMO ingredients. Our analysis as will be reviewed will give attention to the potato chips industry using Kettle Potato chips as a research study.

Kettle was originally founded in 1978 in Salem by Cameron Healy. In 1987 combined with his son, Cameron continued a 6 week street motorcycle adventure which led them to discover how much the Uk really liked chips. A branch was later set up in the UK, Norwich (1988). Kettle foods today are one of the primary poker chips manufacturers and have retained their originality in flavor and natural ingredients till day. The Kettle Brand potato chips was perfected in 1982 and have been enhancing and even extended their line of production to include Baked Potato Chips, Kettle Brand, Tortilla Chips and Kettle Brand in order to meet varying tastes with their costumers (Kettle Foods Inc. , 2009).


British Inhabitants is the biggest snack eaters in Europe amid growing health issues about savory snacks. Like a country it uses around 6 billion packets per year, that exact carbon copy of almost 100 packets of crisps per person. From the national obsession with crisps and nuts, meaning they spent 55 per person about them last year, more than twin the 22. 50 of nearest competitor, Germany. This is projected to climb to more than 80 in 2014.

Overall, they munched through 300 tons of the snacks this year 2010, worthwhile 2. 47billion and a quarter of all sales in Europe. Report author Adam Manley, of leading market analyst Mintel, said: 'The UK is king in the European crisps and salty treats market. Eating events are endless and snacking is rife during the day. '

Though medical qualifications of crisps are questioned, it still contains 48 per cent of sales in UK. Other goodies, including tortilla potato chips, snacks and pork scratching make up the rest of the 52 per cent. UK Potato Crisps & Treats Market going to 2. 61bn by 2014 Says New Article.

As per history records and research, in 2006 the united kingdom market value of crisps, salty snacks and nut products was around 2500 million pounds. It's been noticed that the intake of the potato chips is continuously increasing that too at a constant pace. As per current data i. e. 2011, the market value is 3176 million pounds. In Fig1. 1 diagram, there's a forecast given for four years that is from 2012 to 2016. According to Mintel forecast it is estimated that UK market show for 2012 will be around 3300 million pounds and further increasing to 3500 million pounds in 2013 etc. The end of 2016 quotes the full total UK market value for this to be 4183 million pounds. By taking all the provisions it could be figured in the best circumstance circumstance maximum UK market value can go up to 4627 and in the most detrimental case scenario it can decrease to 3853 in 2016, remember all the various self-confidence level.

Thus, analyzing all days gone by data and future forecast of UK retail deal of crisps, salty goodies and nuts it can be figured UK market has got huge prospect of the consumption of the crisps and all which is taken as a chance for the prevailing market players of crisps and they can all increase their own market show by implementing several strategies. Most of the market share is captured by walkers so this is definitely an opportunity for kettle potato chips to snatch walkers customers by putting all the marketing initiatives or kettle can put such technique to get new different groups of customers.


Marketing can easily and simply be thought as the process of making a product or service open to the buyer at the right place, price, and time (James and Carlson, 1996-2012). This usually will involve the careful analysis of the product or service in four different aspects known as the 4Ps (McCarthy, 1960) before proceeding. You as a professional must consider what the consumer would like or what their needs are, the environment or location of your business, if the price of the product or service you will be offering will be too much or too low and finally but not minimal, how to promote the product or service.

Now we will be taking a look at Kettle Chips and exactly how they market their products adding the 4Ps, that happen to be Product (Service), Place, Price and Advertising under consideration. Before we go into the full evaluation, it is good to know the dimensions and aim and target of the business's (Kettle Potato chips) product which is to provide for the consumer the best healthy, wholesome and tasty poker chips to allow them to enjoy and today we will see that they have managed to achieve this up to now.

Marketing Mix

An effective marketing combination must match consumer need, commercial resources also to produce a competitive advantage. A market-oriented organization always will keep an eye on its environment. The surroundings is split into the microenvironment and macro environment. In microenvironment, the main element actors are suppliers, management of the business i. e. the business itself, customers and competitors. Micro environment are inside to the organization and the business has sufficient handles over it. Macro environment includes economic, sociable, legal, physical and technology causes. Macro-environments are usually from the company's control. (Jobber and Fahy, 2003)

Four P's of marketing mixture:

3. 1 Product

This part of marketing blend mainly focuses on just what consumer wishes. Under product, we have to consider what the buyer needs are and just what consumers would like. For developing marketing mix of Kettle Chips we need to consider the part of the market being targeted by Kettle. Kettle Brand targets health conscious customers, which imply that their product needs to be health inclined to be able to charm to the consumers and to fulfill its customers.

Secondly, Kettle, since 1978 produce their chips using only natural ingredients (Non-GMO products) in order to give their consumers extra reassurance of steps they try ensure materials with integrity (Kettle Foods Inc. , 2009). Studies from research, (Mintel, 2009) provides us with information exhibiting a noticable difference in the sales of crisps because of the fact they are more healthy in conditions of calories and unwanted fat than they were before.

The Non-GMO project stated Kettle Brand Potato chips as the first poker chips being produced without the utilization of GMOs in 2009 2009. Their chips are gluten free and they use expeller pressed petrol for his or her products to be able to provide their consumers a safe product to take pleasure from. Kettle Potato chips aren't just bent on the health facet of their products and ignoring how appetizing their potato chips should be. They offer different seasonings of potato chips such as Special Onion, Tortilla Potato chips, Gently Salted Sea Sodium and Vinegar, Spicy Thai, Unsalted, Jalapeno, Red Chili etc. All of these are produced effortlessly to meet different tastes of consumers.

Product Life Cycle

This is simply a principle that suggests that every product has different stages that this must pass through before it is eventually pushed from the market.

Introduction: This is when the merchandise is first introduced into the market and because of this of that, a huge number of the buyer market are unaware of the product so its gains are low at this time. Normally in this stage the business or manufacturer will try to repay its high cost of production, which will result in the product becoming less affordable for the common consumer. (Vernon, 1966)

According to product life pattern theory, the Kettle Chips products in this section are Jalapeno chili, Mexican Potato Bake, New Kettle Ridge Potato chips, Sour Cream, Corn, Tomato, Avocado and lime dip, Peach and Coriander Salsa. (Kettle Foods Ltd. , 2012)

Growth: This is the stage that always determines if the product will make it through or not. The manufacturers at this stage will attempt to lower the expense of the product as to make it more affordable for the average consumer by discovering ways to decrease the costs of production and present better offers. "In addition to this, the company must make use of a strong approach in advertisement and campaign strategies to be able to catch the attention and interests of their customers. "(Vernon, 1966)

Under this section, Kettle Chips have products such as Mature Cheddar Multipacks, Ridge Chips, Tortilla Chip. (Kettle foods Ltd. , 2012)

Maturity: The 3rd stage is only attained assuming the product has survived the prior stage (Growth Stage). At this stage, the price must have fallen to a far more affordable level for more customers to acquire credited to standardized production. Here, creation and technology may also be exported to underdeveloped and expanding countries where development costs will be lower and developed countries can focus on innovation to make the product better. (Vernon, 1966)

Examples of kettle chips products that are currently in this level are Sea Salt and Balsamic Vinegar and Lightly Salted. These are being among the most demanded Kettle Potato chips seasonings. (Kettle Foods Ltd. , 2012)

Decline: This is the last stage. The merchandise begins to diminish from the market, demand, and development and of course, profits commence to crash as well due to new technologies and new products coming up. It usually still survives for a while in the underdeveloped and growing countries but is eventually completely pushed out as time passes. (Vernon, 1966)

The Boston Consulting Group Theory (BCG)

Bruce Henderson founded this in the early 1970s. Initially, it was designed as tool to be used for financial management but was then put to raised use in marketing. ''Boston Matrix considers products in two proportions: comparative market share and market growth rate''. (Cranfield Institution of Management, 2000)

Boston Matrix categorizes products in four bins, which are Celebrity, Cash Cow, Problem Child/ Question Make, and Dog.

Star: Building market stocks as sales improve. Products here are cash natural. They generate cash as quantity and income builds rapidly, nevertheless they usually require special attention in financing because they're new products. Usually, intense marketing is required for such products.

Cash Cow: The products in this field have high a higher market show but low market progress, which implies that they are older products. These generate cash that is required to support other aspects of the business enterprise.

Problem Child/ Question Draw: These are products that not maintain a dominant market talk about but are saturated in market growth. These are often newly unveiled products which may have a high trend of failing on the market. They often require large amounts of cash to fund their development.

Dog: These are products that were once at the top but have declined and now generating low cashflow and perhaps, even become liabilities to the business. Henderson advises that such products should be discarded. (Cranfield Institution of Management, 2000)

In the next diagram some of the Kettle Chips products are classified based on the Boston Consulting Group Theory.


Fig. 1. 2

3. 2 Place

When considering place, one have to consider the positioning of the business enterprise, how accessible it will be to the clients and probably the distribution route or channels that'll be used. Kettle Chips products are located almost everywhere about the world but mainly in European and Western world African countries.

The Kettle Foods office in UK helps a network of impartial distributors which will make their products available in the Middle East and European countries outside UK such as Denmark, Belgium, Greece, Austria, France, Germany, Finland, Ireland, Glaciers land, Spain, Switzerland, Norway, Singapore, Sweden, Italy, Malaysia, Malta and Luxembourg (Kettle Foods LTD, 2012).

Distribution Channel

Kettle chips are found in various supermarkets and retail shops round the world so that it is easy for their consumers to gain access to their products. There are various distribution channels that may be used by any business that produces consumer goods such as:

Producer Consumer

Producer Retailer Consumer

Producer Wholesaler Store Consumer

Producer Agent Wholesaler Store Consumer

Source: Amount 9. 8. Advantages to marketing theory and practice (Palmer 2004:357)

Kettle Potato chips use wholesalers as well as suppliers but do not use agencies in their distribution channel. They sell directly to their wholesalers. Their circulation channel seems like this for example:

Kettle Chips Tesco Off-license outlets Consumers (Kettle Foods Ltd. , 2012)

3. 3 Price

Under price, there must be awareness of if the price of your service or product will be too high for your consumers or too low for the business to turn in gains. Kettle as a company usually build their facilities after locations with good vegetation and natural resources that supports their business including the Green building mentioned above under place and their facility in Salem, Oregon which is located next to a almost 2-acre wetland (Kettle Foods LTD, 2012). These in turn enables them to avoid extra expenditures that would have been spent on purchasing some recycleables and gives them the capability to keep an inexpensive on the products while making sufficient earnings to grow the business.

Kettle Potato chips products aren't the least expensive and can still set up more effort in taking their prices to less level. The very least degree of price should be looked after with a good quality in creation because the lower the price, the higher the demand. This will give an organization an advantage over its rivals that give a higher price for the same quality or even smaller quality. (Kettle Foods LTD, 2012)

Kettle Chips Prices Strategy

Kettle Chips arrived to the market in 1978 to be specific and at this period, these were not many companies manufacturing chips, especially in the UK and so, they decided to penetrate the market with their naturally made potato chips and were offering them at a high price. Kettle Chips had hardly any competition as of this period so these were able to sell their products to high income gaining consumers at high prices while having a low campaign. Quite simply, they used the Sluggish Penetration technique to penetrate the market. This was easy for them because their kettle style preparing was unique as of this period.

Presently, Kettle Potato chips have a solid brand, so they maintain a Poor Skimming strategy because they have got a strong brand. Being already set up, they are laid back about promotion which is one of why newer companies such as Walkers have an increased market share. Consumers are more alert to companies that spend a great deal on promotion.

3. 4 Promotion

Kettle advertises their products by using e advertising (internet), Television set and radio broadcasts, and public relations such as their community supplying. Kettle makes donations of money, product and the perfect time to local organizations. They donate potato chips for fundraising events at local universities and present more than 175, 000 pounds of potatoes to local food cravings relief agencies every year. They also hand out their brand products to organizations and schools.

"Kettle Chips successfully created a significant uplift in sales from existing, lapsed and new buyers through the brand campaign in papers". They are actually looking well informed than ever before, their market share has increased consequently of this (Kettle Chips: THE STORYPLOT, 2012).

The consequence of the campaign is really as follows:

Newspapers immediately supercharge sales by over 20%

During the paper campaign, Kettle Potato chips sales of presented products were 20. 5% higher among people in the public who observed the adverts, weighed against a matched unexposed test and taken care of sales impact In the 12 weeks post marketing campaign, newspaper advertising continuing to boost the sales by 19. 5% (Kettle Chips: The Story, 2012).

Newspapers engage all types of buyers

"KETTLE Potato chips advertising successfully increased penetration and occurrence of purchase as well as reengaging lapsed users. " (Kettle Chips: THE STORYPLOT, 2012)

Newspapers are brilliant for making big bold brand statements

"Kettle Chips' simple but self-confident campaign captured readers' attention and increased their mental brand participation". This is very beneficial in the sense it offered their customers a feeling of affiliation with the product and of cause; this encourages devotion to the brand as well. (Kettle Potato chips: THE STORYPLOT, 2012)


Fig 1. 3 The Marketing Environment.

Source: Jobber, D and Fahy, J. (2003), NY: Mc Graw Hill Education UK LTD

Micro Economics


Creating customer value and satisfaction is the main key to build interactions with customers. It isn't a one man task. so are there many actors playing role to generate micro environment. Marketing success requires building romantic relationships with other company departments such as challengers, suppliers, customers, various publics and marketing intermediaries'. Each one of these are mixed to process effective delivery network.

Components of micro environment

4. 1 Competitors

Marketing concept is based on thinking better customer value and satisfaction than its rivals. Thus the company should choose itself to the needs of consumers. one of the key aspects of attaining strategic benefits is by placing their offerings highly against competitors offering in the heads of customers. All companies have their different marketing strategy predicated on their size and industry setting.

In the framework of kettle potato chips, the three most powerful opponents for kettle potato chips are Walkers (PepsiCo), Pringles (P&G), and McCoy's (UB). The following table describes the main brands value stocks in crisps and salty snacks from 2009 to 2011. In the stand it is plainly obvious that Kettle Potato chips stands in the 5th position in the market of crisps and salty snack foods.

Fig 1. 4

4. 2 Customers

Customers are the main element in the company's microenvironment. The main aim of the whole delivery system is to provide customers and build strong relationship. There are five kind of customer market and the business may target any or all of them. To start with the client market, first type is consumer market, which contains individual and homes that purchases product for personal ingestion. Business market contains purchasing the goods for even more handling or in the production process whereas reseller market buys goods with the objective to market them at income. Government markets contain government businesses that buy goods for public service or to transfer these to others who need them. International market comprises of buyers far away who may be consumers, providers, resellers or federal.

Kettle chips has established itself as a premium brand for potato chips and so these chips are mainly for a specific targeted customers whose income level are little high than others because as compared to walkers kettle chips are just a bit costlier and kettle potato chips believes in delivering good quality crisps and consumers who are actually health mindful go for kettle potato chips.

Consumption of crisps, salty goodies and nuts within the last six months, by type, by demographics, November 2011

Fig 1. 5* small sub-sample (75-100)

SOURCE: Toluna/Mintel

4. 3 Suppliers

Suppliers are essential link in the company's overall delivery system. They will be the way to obtain resources needed by the business to produce its goods and services. Source lack can cost sales in the brief run but it can hamper client satisfaction over time. Most marketers today treat suppliers as their partners for creating customer value.

The people who make Kettle Potato chips have always believed that the easy approach to good food is most beneficial. So the finest quality potatoes are sourced locally, no artificial shades, flavours, preservatives or MSG are put into the procedure. Only the best potatoes are used to provide the distinctive fantastic coloring, crunch and flavour of your Kettle chip. Kettle Potato chips source 75% of the brand's potatoes from its home region of Norfolk, and 90% from East Anglia. Kettle Chips are created in the Kettle Foods Ltd factory in Norwich, where in fact the company has been ever since it was first launched in the united kingdom.

Nelson Region Potatoes is a unique growers group to Kettle Foods Ltd- designers of the famous hand-cooked KETTLE Chips, a premium quality product made using the best possible potatoes. Its Norfolk-based growers produces more than 65000 tonnes of potatoes each year, a large proportion of which go in to kettle potato chips at the kettle foods limited base in Norwich. From this part about 100 million totes of kettle potato chips are produced each year and distributed in the united states to all the major supermarkets and other food store.

4. 4 The company

For planning the marketing ideas, the company has to interrelate and organize with all the current departments within the company like top management, money, research and development purchase, functions and accounting. The work of the most notable management is to create the company's quest, objective, strategies and ideas. Marketing managers work strongly with other departments.

Kettle chips needs pride to be a well-known and growing business using its roots located in the neighborhood community. it's got wide diversity of people from all backgrounds, working side by hand to 1 common goal of earning better chips. The business provides great working conditions and friendly management and this helps company wthhold the employees.

Currently the managing director of kettle Foods at Gemstone Foods, Inc. is Dominic Lowe, the Cadbury man who became Green & Black's managing director this past year, moving from a 1bn-a-year business to a 40m-a-year one, believes the public is more concerned about the deeds of your moral company than its ownership



The macro environment consists of forces that not immediately have an impact on the business but it may have effect over time, in the future. As these environmental changes happen, macro-environment influences the micro connections of the business as well. "The micro environment is complicated and interdependent. " (Palmer, 2004)

Components of macro environment

4. 5 Political/Legal factors

In UK, foods including the 'Treats' are seriously influenced and manipulated by legislation associated with structure and labeling requirements, in a way that consumers can be assured of the wholesomeness and affordability that they signify (Van Horn, 2002). On a global perspective, the option of safe food can be an increasing problem in fast-growing metropolitan populations. Get together this need by the provision of new food product is a significant chance for UK as these marketplaces develop.

These refer to government polices including the degree of involvement throughout the market. What goods and services does a federal government provides, To what extent does it subsidized firms, What are its priorities in terms of health of the individuals, Political decisions can effect on many essential areas for business such as the education of the workforce, the health of the nation and the grade of the infrastructure of the economy like the highway and rail system. In developed economies, federal government intervention is inevitable to be able to uphold the consumer's trust and faith in the government's systems.

Over the years, consumers' lifestyles have grown to be eclectic and the culture of ready meals and snacks has become popular. It has lead to several lifestyle diseases. Children learning in most important and secondary classes are the largest buyers of sugary and savory appetizers. It's been detected that such treats formed a fundamental element of their lunch bins. Due to the adverse influences of snack food on children's health, the federal government, through its Better Regulation Commission, has suggested certain benchmarks for school food. The criteria restrict the sale of confectionery, savory snacks except nuts and seed products, and deep fried appetizers like crisps and burgers. (Better Legislation Commission, 2007).

The government in the United Kingdom has become proactive to advertise healthy eating and balanced diet habits to the individuals. The federal government, along with several other organizations like the NHS, initiated several consciousness campaigns to deal with the growing problem of obesity. The promotions promote the reduction of fat, sodium and sugar the consumer's daily food diet. This move by the federal government can lead to a projected decrease of 4. 1% in the nice snack foods market and 3. 4% in the savory snacks market over a period of five years (Just Food, 2009).

4. 6 Economic factors

These include interest levels, taxation changes, financial development, inflation and exchange rates. Change in these factors can lead to a major effect on a firm's behavior. Like

Higher interest rates since it costs more to borrow.

A strong money could make exporting more challenging since it may improve the price in forex.

Inflation may provoke higher wage needs from employees and increase costs.

Higher GDP development may boost demand for a firm's products.

The market value of 'Snacks' companies in the united kingdom represents an additional contribution to prosperity, both in the holdings by private shareholders and in those placed by institutions. The balance of trade arising from Kettle products is positive because the major materials are already found and created in UK plants. Also, the type of the merchandise cost constructions is not ruling out significant inter-country delivery of such low price-dense, high bulk packs. The United Kingdom was confronted with two unfortunate financial crises in the second 1 / 2 of 2007. The tumult in the financial market segments along with steep upsurge in the petrol and food prices severely affected the business and business, as well as consumer self-confidence. The consumers have grown to be relatively conventional in their approach to shelling out for consumer goods.

The sugary and savory market has however shown a steady growth in sales. This reason could be attributed to the nature of these products. Snacks are particularly viewed as indulgent and impulsive products with a low unit price. Treats are also low involvement products unlike other consumer goods. In the United Kingdom, the marketplace for crisps and treats grew by 5% since 2007. This is due to the fact the snack foods companies have responded well to the consumer's needs in this fragile economical environment. (Mintel, 2009)

In spite of positive progress symptoms, the manufacturers still have to struggle due to the existing market meltdown, coupled with the increasing costs of whole wheat, flour, maize and potatoes, and instability in crude engine oil prices. Each one of these factors put a strain on the manufacturers

profit margins. (Research and Market segments, 2008)

4. 7 Public factors / Cultural

Changes in cultural trends can effect on the demand for a firm's products and the supply and willingness of individuals to work. In the UK, for example, the population has been ageing. This has increased the expenses for companies who are focused on pension payments for his or her employees because their employees is living much longer. It also means some businesses such as Asda have started to recruit more mature employees to tap into this growing labor pool. The ageing society also has effect on demand: for example, demand for sheltered accommodation and medications have increased whereas demand for toys is falling.

There is now a wealth of evidence showing that consuming a high salt diet brings with it increasing health issues. High salt consumption is associated with increasing blood pressure, which in turn causes strokes and heart disease, with other less well-known results including stomach cancer and osteoporosis. Basically, these issues are gain for Walkers since majority of their products are potatoes. Potatoes are low calorie and excellent for folks that are health conscious.

The sales of lovely and savory appetizers thrives on consumption patterns of more youthful consumers aged between 15-34 years. Because of persistent initiatives by the government to encourage consumers to look at healthier lifestyles and eating habits, the demographics of main consumers of appetizers has evolved. Fewer children are drawn to crisps and snack. The Government polices as mentioned above have also been a cause in making crisps and other nice and savory treats unpopular among children.

4. 8 Technological factors

Technology can reduce costs, improve quality and lead to technology. These developments will benefit consumers as well as the organizations providing the products. Online shopping, bar coding and computer aided design are all improvements to just how we conduct business because of this of better technology.

In the procedure of building this successful brand Kettle Chips, the business discovered that it experienced developed a reporting problem in lower management. The company system consisted of 70 to 80 spreadsheets, that have been constantly being modified and repaid and forth between departments. The reporting process got at least eight weeks, of course, if any modifications needed to be made, it got a minimum of two times.

Employees also experienced difficulty creating their own accounts, and would need to rely by using an IT software developer to get the job done for the kids. This ended up taking almost all of the developer's time, which would in any other case have been spent on other pressing It requires.

After a long search for a solution, Kettle Foods Ltd selected IBM Cognos Express, along with Logicalis UK as their IBM Business Spouse. Kettle chips picked IBM Cognos Exhibit since it combines the look and modeling advantages of IBM Cognos TM1 and the confirming advantages of IBM Cognos Business Intellect in a value-for-money offering; providing a complete planning, confirming and scenario-modeling toolset. "

4. 9 Environmental factors

Environmental factors include the weather and weather change. Changes in temp can impact on many sectors including farming, creation cost and Product life. With major local climate changes occurring scheduled to global warming and with higher environmental awareness this exterior factor is now a significant concern for companies to consider.

The standard move towards more environmentally friendly products and processes has effects on demand habits and creating work at home opportunities.

Kettle Foods not only produce quality products but it also commit to lasting business tactics. Green building, green energy, habitat recovery, recycling and reuse constitute the pillars of Kettle Foods environmental initiative.

Some Key Initiatives by Kettle Foods

The new Kettle Foods factory in Beloit, Wis. is the first food manufacturing unit in the U. S. to receive Authority in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Gold-level qualification for renewable building.

The Kettle Foods head office in Salem, Ore. is home to one of the major commercial solar powered energy arrays in the Pacific Northwest. As a producer of alternative energy, Kettle Foods' 616 solar panels make 120, 000 kWh of electricity annually - enough to make 250, 000 carriers of Kettle Brand POKER CHIPS every year. Installed in 2003 by making use of Energy Trust of Oregon and Portland Standard Electric (PGE), the solar array reduces Kettle Foods' twelve-monthly CO2 emissions by 65 lots.

None of Kettle Food's agricultural misuse enters the waste products stream. Everything from uncooked corn and uncooked potatoes to finished potato chips that don't make the level goes to companies that utilize it either for composting or for canine feed.


Porter's five makes model helps in accessing where in fact the power is based on a small business situation. Porter's Model is actually a business strategy tool that helps in inspecting the attractiveness within an industry framework. It enable you to access current durability of your competitive position and the strength of the position that you will be likely to attain.

Porters Model is known as an important part of planning tool place. When you're clear about where in fact the power sits, you can take advantage of your strengths and can enhance the weaknesses and can be competitive proficiently and effectively.

Porter's model of competitive pushes assumes that we now have five competitive makes that identify the competitive power in an enterprise situation. These five competitive causes identified by the Michael Porter are:

5. 1 Risk of substitute products

Threat of alternative products means how easily your customers can switch to your competitors product. Threat of swap is high when:

There are numerous substitute products available in the snack industry that tend to be more healthier than potato chips such as cashew nuts, asparagus chips, vegetable chips, plantain chips, kale chips, sweet potato chips.

Kettle customers may easily find the product or service that you're offering at the same or reduced price as new flavour comes out, so kettle must be innovative.

As Kettle chips cater to high income communities they have to deliver high quality product and keep maintaining it constantly one fault and make them loose their market share to a competition who has similar or better quality product.

Companies producing swap products and earning high revenue such as Intersnack and Kellogs can reduce their prices to the lowest level, which can create danger among existing players like Kettle Potato chips.

In the aforementioned discussed situations, Customer can simply switch to replace products. So substitutes are a threat to your enterprise. Whenever there are genuine and potential alternative products available then segment is unattractive. Gains and prices are damaged by substitutes so, there is need to tightly monitor price tendencies. In substitute establishments, if competition increases or technology modernizes then prices and income decline.

5. 2 Risk of new entrants

A new access of a competition into your market also weakens your electric power. Risk of new entry relies upon accessibility and exit barriers. Risk of new entry is high when:

Capital requirements to get started on the business enterprise in Potato chips industry is less. Because the business is more profitable and has huge customer foundation there is always risk of new Entrants.

Few economies of level are in place

As Customers has huge variety of products in large price range he may easily activate other products at the mercy of availability and flavour.

Manufacturing Technology in this industry is has reached its saturation, it could be adopted by any new entrant, as market is available to all.

Kettle foods markets the same product as other players potato chips, it could offers some different taste and brand positioning but the product continues to be the same which really is a threat it might not exactly provide a lot of product differentiation to meet future requirements of the client.

There is variation in appeal of portion depending upon admittance and exit obstacles. That segment is more appealing which includes high entry barriers and low leave barriers.

Some new organizations enter into industry and low undertaking companies leave the market easily. When both admittance and exit barriers are high then profit margin is also high but companies face more risk because poor performance companies stay static in and battle it out. When these barriers are low then organizations easily enter and leave the industry, revenue is low. The worst condition is when entry barriers are low and exit barriers are high then in good times firms get into and it becomes very difficult to exit in bad time. Kettle Potato chips is an proven brand and sustains an acceptable market share with a distinctive kettle cooking style, which is performed all obviously.

5. 3 Industry Rivalry

Industry rivalry means the depth of competition among the prevailing competitors on the market such as Walkers of Frito Lays, Pringles of Procter and Gamble, Mcoy's of United Biscuits regarding Kettle Chips. Level of rivalry depends on the amount of opponents and their capacities. Industry rivalry is high when:

There are number of small or identical competition and less when there's a clear market innovator.

Since there are many players with almost similar product cost there the Customers have an good thing about low switching costs between products.

As the UK Treat industry is huge its admittance hurdle are low and exit barriers are high because customer has more option at a low turning rate and since rivals like Frito Lay down who have more than 50 pc of market talk about they can quickly outran any new entrant and easily compete with players like Kettle.

Since the Snack industry is huge and its variety and use is enormous the business's has high fixed costs are high resulting huge development and reduction in prices.

These situations make the reasons for advertising wars, price wars, alterations, ultimately costs increase which is difficult to remain competitive.

5. 4 Bargaining vitality of suppliers

Bargaining Electricity of supplier means how strong the position of a seller is i. e. how much control your company has on the increase of price. Suppliers are more powerful when

Suppliers are focused and well organized

Few substitutes open to supplies

Their product is most reliable or unique

Switching cost, from one supplier to another is high

You aren't an important customer to Suppliers when suppliers have significantly more control over materials and its own prices that section are less attractive. It's best way to make win-win connection with suppliers. It's good notion to have multi-sources of source. Kettle Potato chips have a higher bargaining power because they have got crops in sites with good vegetation and get their own recycleables as well.

5. 5 Bargaining vitality of Buyers

Bargaining Vitality of Purchasers means, how much control the customers have to drive down your product's price. Can they work together in purchasing large volumes? Purchasers have significantly more bargaining ability when:

The buyer purchases in bulk volumes scheduled to cheaper cost

All the merchandise of the Kettle Foods are almost similar which is not differentiated much except their branding.

As the pricing of the merchandise of Kettle foods is high its clients are less price sensitive but more quality sensitive.

Credible Risk of integration

Buyer's bargaining ability may be decreased down by offering differentiated product. If you're portion a few but huge volume ordering buyers, they have the energy to dictate you. Kettle Chips have a minimal bargaining power pertaining to their potential buyers because the price of the switching to another brand is low and they're also price sensitive so they can certainly switch to cheaper products made available by companies like Walkers and Procter and Gamble for example.

Michael Porters five forces model provides useful source for SWOT Evaluation and is considered as a solid tool for industry competitive examination.


Kettle foods are the manufacturer of poker chips and other savory snack foods. The company is working in UK, and US but it hasn't came into Asia - pacific market effectively enough, that includes a good opportunity for growth.


Fig 1. 6

6. 1 Strength

Reputed and established brand -

Kettle food is a well-established brand, functioning searching for more than 25 years. The business's leading products have also been around for some time and have possessed chance to mature on the marketplace place. After setting up the kettle foods business the creator of the business, Healy developed the company's leading product, the kettle potato chips brand. Thus, it's got gain over other challengers, which are just lately founded or less well known

International trade and operations-

Kettle foods have got established procedures in European countries as well as United States. The company has got processing sites in Salem, Oregon, Norwich and Springfield Ohio. Its products are located in US, Canada, Japan, Guam and Western Europe.

Product differentiation-

The company highly thinks in product differentiation. The company manufactures potato chips, which differ somewhat than other brands of poker chips on the market. Kettle poker chips are thicker and darker than other potato chips as it uses different kind of potato particularly russet potatoes, which is made up of high levels of naturally occurring sugar. The company market segments this to be high quality and for that reason they are a lttle bit expensive than other conventional chips.

6. 2 Weakness

Lack of Asian-pacific operations

The company has more developed US and Western european businesses, but it hasn't able to capture Asia-Pacific market effectively. The Asia-Pacific market has good potential for growth. The business is therefore passing up on a high growth area by disregarding this region.

Weak product diversity

The company mainly concentrates its business on the make of potato chips, with very smaller functions concerned with nut products. It therefore loses out to its rivals by devoid of a more varied portfolio.

Private entity

The company is an exclusive entity, which intern is a bad position to its public competitors. General public companies have more financial resources, which helps them in effective product diversification and global growth.

6. 3 Opportunities

Growth in European market

The company is more developed in UK however in other European market it is less developed and this can be considered as an opportunity for kettle potato chips to expand in areas where it has small market talk about. It's been analyzed that European countries offers high prospect of growth within the savory appetizers market in countries like Bulgaria, which happens to be the next smallest market in Europe.

Increase product diversity

The company may easily benefit from product diversity. Currently company offers limited products. Kettle chips are mainly known for Potato Chips. Other products include Crisps Baked Potato Chips, Roaster Fresh Nut Butters, Quality Handcrafted Nut products and 100% Organic and natural Tortilla Chips. Thus diversifying may lead increasing an advantage over challengers.

Exploit probable of healthy/organic products

Exploiting the potential of healthy products is recognized as one of the main opportunity Kettle chips got. The consumers are getting health conscious daily and this has an chance of Kettle potato chips to capitalize on by focusing their attention on organic and natural products to fulfill these consumer needs.

6. 4 Threats

Declining US market

The company has majority of its operations in america market. Since 1997, the marketplace for savory appetizers in the US is growth oriented, but now the marketplace is experiencing some structural changes. There's a switch in consumer likes that has become apparent in recent years; with the other savory goodies sector (including pretzels, meats goodies and assorted other styles) are overtaking potato chips.

Competitive market

US and UK market are intensely competitive market and the business has its main businesses in UK and US.

In the united states market, kettle is facing strong competition from Frito-Lay, that includes a variety of products across all sectors and overall market talk about of Frito-Lay is just about 46%. Kettle potato chips has also received competition at local and local levels from small to large makers.

In the united kingdom market, kettle potato chips encounters competition from the best retailer brand i. e. Walkers. There are other rivalry organizations also from which kettle potato chips is facing strong competition like Procter & Gamble. Kettle therefore has quite a distance to go to beat the marketplace leaders.

Negative publicity about snacking

As the individuals are getting more aware about caring for health, kettle may lose revenue as snacks are synonymous with negative issues like weight problems. It therefore needs to focus on developing low fat runs of snacks to maintain and expand its market share


After studying UK snack industry data and extensive marketing report we conclude that kettle chips is reduced brand and look forwards to certain category of customers. It provides high quality of product keeping all the several culture and societies in UK. Along with providing chips it also fulfills its communal responsibility. Kettle Chip is highly ethical as it pertains to preserve mother nature and to decrease harm to the surroundings. Although in UK snack industry it generally does not hold a huge amount of market show as compare to Walkers but considering the market progress we see a lot of chance for kettle chips to increase. Keeping health of the customers at heart Kettle Foods Ltd has been cutting down the sodium levels in its products since 2005, a policy that will be continued under the duty Package. Kettle Foods possessed both good and bad activities while innovating their products and at last these were successful in creating a premium brand. Kettle foods have used marketing mix strategically which help them to enhance their financial and economical resources.

As Kettle potato chips provides good quality product to high income group people, it certainly maintain its quality and also by using innovating technology it boosts it internal management. By causing good profits it provides benefits to the shareholders and on the other palm it also fulfills its public responsibility by contributing to the society. Despite having many opponents and threats into the industry Kettle Potato chips still keep much durability and look for new opportunities into the market.


From the aforementioned detailed marketing research we can understand there is huge potential of growth into the UK snack industry but it we can also understand due to significant changes in the regulations of the government and health consciousness among the customers there is small room for all the existing poker chips manufacturers, Where Kettle chips holds a solid market positioning and comes into the premium potato chips sector in UK. Increase of products like introducing much healthier products than potato chip like Kale Potato chips, Apple Cinnamon Chips, and Eggplant Chips with Cilantro Pesto, Baked Zucchini Potato chips, Baked Asparagus Fries, and Wasabi Peas.

We also recommend producing another type of brand other than kettle chips to get into lower portion price. It can help to develop their brand more highly which will increase their customer bottom part. It will increase production and profitability.

UK Potato chips has reached to its equilibrium stage for Kettle Potato chips, so it should extend to European and Asian Marketplaces. Kettle food should do joint endeavors with local players to be able to understand local tastes and enter the marketplace. With all the above advice we assume that Kettle Foods would in a position to achieve it financial goal, increase its market show and can attain stronger brand positioning.

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