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Carthage Visits War with Rome

From the middle of the third century for the middle of the second century BC, Carthage was engaged in a number of wars with Rome. These types of wars, known as the Punic Wars, ended in the whole defeat of Carthage simply by Rome. One of the most prominent number of the Punic war t was General Hannibal of Pheonician Carhtage. During these battles, it is likely that the colonizing expeditions of the Carthaginians were supported by many emigrants from the Phoenician homeland.


(b. 247 BC, North Africa-d. c. 183-181, Libyssa, Bithynia), Phoenician Carthaginian basic, one of the superb military leaders of longevity, who commanded the Carthaginian forces against Rome in the Second Punic War (218-201 BC).

Early on life

Hannibal was the child of the superb Carthaginian standard Hamilcar Batel. According to Polybius and Livy, the key Latin resources for his life, Hannibal was delivered to Spain by his father and at a beginning age was made to claim eternal violence to The italian capital. From the fatality of his father in 229/228 right up until his individual death c. 183, Hannibal's life was one of constant struggle resistant to the Roman republic.

His earliest commands were given to him in the Carthaginian province of Spain simply by Hasdrubal, son-in-law and heir of Hamilcar; and it is clear that he emerged being a successful expert, for, around the assassination of Hasdrubal in 221 BC, the military proclaimed him, at the age of 26, its commander in primary, and the Carthaginian government quickly ratified his field session.

Hannibal instantly turned him self to the consolidation of the Punic hold on The country. He committed a Spanish princess, Imilce, then started to conquer different Spanish people. He conducted the Olcades and captured their capital, Althaea; quelled the Vaccaei in the southwest; and in 221, making the seaport Cartagena (Carthage Nova, the capital of Carthaginian Spain) his base, won a powerful victory in the Carpetani around the Tagus River.

In 219 BC Hannibal built an attack on Saguntum, an independent Iberian city south of the Ebro River. Inside the treaty among Rome and Carthage after the 1st Punic War (264-241), the Ebro have been set while the upper limit of Carthaginian influence in the Iberian Peninsula.

Saguntum was without a doubt south of the Ebro, however the Romans acquired "friendship" (though perhaps rather than an actual treaty) with the city and considered the Carthagin...

... arthage unopposed (AD 533). Carthage, after it is capture by the Arabs in 705, was totally eclipsed by the fresh town of Tunis.

Even though Roman Carthage was demolished, much of the remains may be traced, like the outline of many fortifications and an aqueduct. The former Byrsa area was adorned using a large brow dedicated to Juno, Jupiter, and Minerva, and near this stood a temple to Asclepius. As well on the Byrsa site was standing an open-air portico, from where the finest Both roman sculptures at Carthage have survived. Added remains with the Roman city include a great odeum, another theatre created by Hadrian, an amphitheatre modeled for the Roman Colosseum, numerous bath and wats or temples, and a circus.

The Christian complexes within the town, with the exception of some Vandal buildings, are all Byzantine. The largest basilica was rebuilt in the 6th century on the site of an earlier one. Chapels probably persisted during the 3rd and next centuries, nevertheless of these zero traces continue to be.

The historical Phoenician vocabulary survived used as a vernacular in some in the smaller urban centers of North Africa at least until the time of Street Augustine, bishop of Hippo (5th century AD).


Encyclopedia Britannica.

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