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JP Morgan Dissertation

JP Morgan

John Pierpont Morgan is considered one of the founding fathers of the modern Usa economy. Having been an commercial genius that is accredited with all the founding of several companies including General Electric power and AT&T. However , Pierpont is viewed as a st . and demon the same. This individual received a honorary level from Harvard university that read: "Public citizen, customer of books and fine art, prince between merchants, whom by his skill, intelligence and bravery, has twice in times of tension repelled a national hazard of financial stress. " Yet Robert LaFollette, the Wisconsin progressive, observed him as "a sturdy, red-faced thick-necked financial ansto?, drunk with wealth and power. inches Despite conflicting opinion in the persona, his influence and character shaped the business world more so than any other person with the turn of the century. Morgan was a company, railroad czar, industrialist, financier, philanthropist, yachtsman, and girl's man. Having been king into a handful of millionaire barons whom controlled the country's prosperity in an era of very little government regulation.

The useful the Morgan family would not begin with Pierpont but with his grandfather Frederick Morgan. Joseph prospered being a hotelkeeper in Hartford, Connecticut. He helped to organize a canal firm, steamboat lines and the new railroad that connected Hartford with Springfield. Finally he became one of the founders of the Aetna Open fire Insurance Company. Joseph's first child was Junius Spencer Morgan, also most likely going for lifespan of a businessman. He spent a number of years like a dry-goods vendor before moving to Boston and into the foreign transact business. Junius was invited to join the firm of George Peabody & Co. in 1854. In 1864 Junius overtook the Peabody Company and changed the name to J. S. Morgan & Co.

Ruben Pierpont Morgan was born about April 17, 1837 in Hartford, Connecticut. He was nicknamed "Pip" by his child years friends. The family prospered in Hartford until Junius moved the family to Boston in which Pip began Boston English High. He did well in the prestigious high school then in his second high school in Vevey, Switzerland. The family moved to Greater london and David transferred to the University of Gottingen in Germany. Ruben continued to excel in the studies and majored in mathematics. Started to become enthusiastic about business affairs as he started out and investment club among his friends and...

... l Business, the National Tube Company and the American Bridge Business. One of Morgan's most famous business deals was your formation of the United States Steel Company in 1901. Morgan collaborated with Elbert Whilst gary and David Gates to consolidate different steel businesses to form a "supercombination. " The U. S Steel Corporation was


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