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Jose's authentic Mexican restaurant

Synopsis of Circumstance:

Jose's Authentic Mexican Restaurant is a small, 58-seats restaurant that offers a moderately broad range of Mexican food and well prepared and shown in a normal Mexican style. It really is found in New England in a grown-up business region on the border of a huge metropolitan area. The restaurants interior decor helps bring about the Mexican style theme. The atmosphere of Jose's allows for individuals to truly have a real flavor for Mexican food and Mexican background music. The set of choices contains 12 main entrees that are set up from eight basic shares and variety of other elements. The restaurant is fixed in seats and free off-street parking. The Mexican scrumptious foods and Mexican music make up for the wait. The customer is usually immediate except for Friday and Saturday times when waits of so long as 45 minutes can be experienced because space inside for ready is very limited and there is no separate ready area. Another problem is the restaurant does not take advance scheduling.

The usually timeframe needed to complete a meal once it has been ordered is twelve minutes. An excellent portion of this time is for final cooking. According to customer research during hurry time on Fri and Saturday evenings, the most of customer were satisfied with the entire dinning experience. Only sixteen customers said the dinning experience had not been worth the amount of money and other side sixty seven customers said it was worthwhile the cost. Regarding to customer surveys the majority of customer unhappy on the delivery time of their food on the table.

Major Issues Mentioned:

This report concerns the functional facet of Jose's Authentic Mexican Restaurant which is currently operated in the united kingdom market. Currently they are managed their restaurant business with low quality.

This report covers the relevant issues and factors like the food process and associated resource chain and customer sufficient issues. In addition, it looks at the location of the restaurant, staffing as well as the quality conditions that gives the restaurant the competitive gain.

This report shows a number of strategically focused issues include:

Time maintains:

Jose's Authentic Mexican restaurant management is facing problems with food service. And another problem is longing long time. Even though the Jose's authentic Mexican restaurant do not have waiting area from then on Purchasers they do not mind to hold back for seat also they are agree to wait around roughly 45 minutes. On this restaurant circumstance another remarkable problem is preparing food time taking much longer. In this situation make an entire meal taking very long time to serve to customer. Whether regular processing time is 12 minutes, now it is taking 20 minutes. Because of delay from the kitchen, customer support is hampered. Though consumers will not tell anything nonetheless they can be bit unhappy. And end result is recently declining tips.

Quality Issues:

Quality is the word used by the client to describe their general satisfaction with something or product. Customers, internal or external, are satisfied when their targets regarding something or product have been fulfilled or exceeded. (Krajewski et al, 2010, p. 198)

The Quality Management is a philosophy that stresses three ideas for attaining high levels of process performance and quality: client satisfaction, employee involvement and continuous improvement in performance. (Krajewski et al, 2010, p. 198)

Quality management can be considered to get three main components: quality control, quality confidence and quality improvement. Quality management is focused not only one time obtaining quality, but also the means to achieve it for regularly. Quality management therefore uses quality guarantee and control of techniques as well as products to attain more regular quality. To maintain the standard it mainly focuses on the grade of the management and the focal point is customer satisfaction. Here the customers are the people and restaurant must make sure they are satisfied by finding out the problems and fixing them. Finding out problems can be executed by asking customers to complete varieties or marking multiple choice questions or by requesting them for his or her opinion. Once the problem can be find out then your the next thing is to know how this is happening and solve the situation and continually improve them by enhancing standard of the service of the products by team development.

The quality of food is very improtant issues for a success restaursnt business. Jose's has problem about the grade of food the chef gets from the external suppliers. If the food is not good and fresh then your total tastes of the food will never be what the costomer needs. The cook at Jose's is consumed with stress and not pleased with the grade of food that has been getting from the exterior supplier. The meals in the Jose's restaurant should be better quality and fresh. Well prepared the good food to meet customer needs and sent to customers promptly to the stand. One of the rules of director should be check the quality food. Food cleanliness and spotlessness is another essential characteristic of quality in the restaurant. We could use Six Sigma Improvement Model for improve the quality of food in Jose's Authentic Mexican Restaurant on occupied time. We can use it only for Friday and Sunday times. Six Sigma which depends intensely on the key points of total quality management, is a comprehensive and flexible system for getting, sustaining, and making the most of business success by lessening problems and variability in techniques. It is influenced by the close knowledge of customer needs and diligent attention to managing, bettering, and reinventing business techniques. Process variability causes customer dissatisfaction. Six Sigma is a strenuous method of align techniques with the restaurant concentrate on performance steps with low variability. The Six Sigma Improvement Model has five steps process that contributes to advancements in process performance. The next steps comprise the model:

  1. Define - Determine the characteristics of the process's end result that are critical to Joes's customer satisfaction and identify any issue between the customer and the process capabilities.
  2. Measure - Quantify the work the process does that affects the challenge.
  3. Analyze - Use the data on options to execute process analysis and determine where improvements are essential or not.
  4. Improve - Redesign existing methods to apply the changes.
  5. Control - Monitor the procedure to ensure that high standard levels are retained.

Supply chain:

The concept of supply chain reinforces the hyperlink between functions and performance, which includes a restaurant's internal processes as well as those of its external customers and suppliers. In addition, it concentrates attention on the two main types of processes in the source chain, particularly core processes and support processes.

Core techniques:

A key process is a couple of activities that offers value to external customer. Managers of the processes and their employees interact with external customers and build interactions with them, develop new services, interact with exterior suppliers and produce the goods and services for external customers.

    1. Supplier relationship process:

It is most significant to make a good romantic relationship between employee and supplier. Jose's restaurant has problem about the quality of food the chef obtains from the suppliers. . The cook at Jose's is consumed with stress and not happy with the grade of food that is getting from the external supplier. Top quality food come form good suppliers. If the meals is bad then the total flavour of the meals will never be what the external customer needs. The consequence of these complete problems in Jose's Authentic Mexican Restaurant will eventually lose business. Employees in the supplier relationship process select the suppliers of services, materials and information and facilitate the timely and efficient circulation of these items in to the Jose's restaurant. Working effectively with suppliers can truly add significant value to the services or products of the restaurant. For instance: - negotiating for better quality food, arranging on time deliveries and increasing ideas and insights from critical suppliers etc.

    1. Order fulfilment process:

The order fulfilment process includes the actions necessary to produce and deliver the goods and services to the external customer. The customer order fulfilment is also important for a success restaurant business. Time preserves is big offer at Jose's Authentic Mexican Restaurant. The clients are not happy because the make takes additional time for meals on the dinning stand. The exterior customer will be happy if the make hit their twelve minutes focus on.

    1. Customer marriage process:

Customer romantic relationship process sometimes known as customer romantic relationship management. Employees mixed up in customer marriage process identify, entice, and build interactions with external customers and facilitates the placement of purchases by customers. Jose's director could be walk through the restaurant and talk to the customer in order to listen feedback. Also more research could be help so you can get better quality to evaluate the condition at Jose's Authentic Mexican Restaurant.


The Jose's Authentic Mexican restaurant' interior design stimulates the Mexican theme with 58 seats. The wall seem to be manufactured from adobe and are draped with serapes, the furniture is Spanish- Mexican style, and flamenco electric guitar and mariachi alternate as vocals without longing area. This restaurant has very good demand but lack of capacity they dropping more sales. They have got another problem with car parking but nonetheless their demand is high. Booking problem is showing that capacity is main problem and hanging around area also. Due to shortage of capacity customer have their refreshments on stand on bar some are outside the house especially in Fri and Saturday.

Customer Satisfaction:

Quality has multiple dimensions in the mind of customer, which minimize across the nine competitive priorities. Another way customers define quality is through value, or how well the product serves its designed purpose at a cost customers are prepared to pay. The product development process plays a role here, as do the restaurant's competitive priorities relating to top quality versus low cost operations. When the nice quality food approaching to Jose's then your prep time for the meals will be reduce and the make can struck the twelve minute concentrate on. The customer could be more gratify and happy if Jose's is able to manage to the twelve minutes preparation time for the food instead of twenty minutes. Customer satisfaction is another key of success business.

Questions and Answers

Question 1: How should quality be identified as of this restaurant?

The quality is the top and big concern in the restaurant business. Restaurant's quality should contain making customers feel happy. Make sure the restaurant meet the customer standards. The clients should be reception greeted by cheerful encounters and seated in a friendly manner. The surroundings in a good restaurant is vital of the dinning knowledge. Making confident that the restaurants interior decor helps bring about the Mexican style theme. The environment allows for individuals to get an actual taste for Mexican meal and Mexican background music. The staffs and administration in the good restaurant should be well behave and more friendly so the customer will be happy and good dinning experience. Also it is very important to make a good romantic relationship with the valuable customers. The food in the restaurant should be better condition and fresh. Ready the good food to meet customer needs and sent to customers promptly to the stand. Food health and spotlessness is another essential feature of quality in the restaurant.

Question 2: What are the restaurant's costs of poor quality?

The key of a successful restaurant business is continue to keep high standard environment and provide fresh good quality foods. Also make happy and satisfied customer that would want to come back and can tell others of these good dinning experience. Time keeps is vital in a good successful business. Customer won't come back if the prep time and the release time for the meals do not improve at Jose's Authentic Mexican Restaurant. Restaurant will be lost their customers if the stay time to be seated will not reduce. Another important is the grade of food and customers always want fresh and delicious food. If the food is not good then your total flavour of the meals will not be what the exterior customer needs. The consequence of these complete problems in Jose's Authentic Mexican Restaurant will eventually lose business. When the clients are not happy with the food and management then the whole restaurant suffers and perhaps having to turn off. Karetski and other waiters do not get their tips because the indegent quality of food. The client will not give tips well if indeed they have an awful dinning experience and they will not inform others. So the restaurant will be lose their customer and business will be down.

Question 3: Use some of the various tools for bettering quality to evaluate the situation at Jose's.

There are plenty of roads that Jose's Authentic Mexican Restaurant could be enhance their overall Jose's dinning experience for their valuable customers. A number of the equipment for recovering quality to examine the problem at Jose's Authentic Mexican Restaurant below:

  1. The Quality of Food
  2. The Restaurant's Seating Capacity
  3. Take- Way System
  4. The Planning time Reduce

The Quality of Food:

The quality of food is the largest problem at Jose's Authentic Mexican Restaurant. The grade of food is very important for the make at Jose's. He is unhappy and nerve-racking for the food supplier. The administrator at Jose's needs to try to improve the quality of the food and must also contact the distributor according to the problem. The administrator at Jose's can have someone that check the food which includes been coming in from the provider and get them to getting fresh and the best quality possible. When the make meals and the administrator find out that the quality of the food continues to coming in at Jose's in poor situation then Jose's would be need to get a new provider who can provide you with the best value and fresh food. More quality food is more success in their restaurant business.

The Restaurant's Seating Capacity:

Jose's Authentic Mexican Restaurant is a small 58-seats restaurant. The client wait time will be improve and reduce if Jose's could providing more seating. One of the better ideas for bettering the restaurant is to build up on its current size and put in a relaxing longing area so that the customer does not have to wait outside. If Jose's continues to be a success and grow in a more substantial restaurant then your customer waiting range will be slowly and gradually generate big. So Jose's would have to be employing extra employee like make and waiters that the client longing time will be improve and reduce.

Take- Way System:

Take -Way system is the exterior customers can order their food and grab the order at the restaurant. So Jose's could be starting offering take -way to the client that the customer still get flavour Jose's Mexican food without holding out on the queue very long time and without the complete dinning experience. Customer romance is important in an effective business. Jose's director could be walk through the restaurant and speak to the customer to be able to listen responses. Also more surveys could be help for recovering better quality to consider the condition at Jose's Authentic Mexican Restaurant.

The Prep time Reduce:

Time maintains is big deal at Jose's Authentic Mexican Restaurant. The clients are not happy because the make takes more time for foods on the dinning stand. The cook needs more time for meal because the poor quality of food. When the good quality food coming to Jose's then your planning time for the meals will be reduce and the cook should be able to hit the twelve minute aim for. The customer will be more satisfy and happy if Jose's can have the ability to the twelve minutes preparation time for the meals rather than twenty minutes.

If Jose's Authentic Mexican Restaurant in a position to make these changes then your customer will be more pleased and leave better tips for waiters. Karetski and other waiters also will be more comfortable for these changes. When the client will be enjoy the overall Jose's dinning experience and notify others then Jose's will be more success restaurant business in New England. More customers will come in and get style of the Mexican food.

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