John Steinbeck was born to middle-lower school family inside the farming Essay

John Steinbeck was born to middle-lower course family inside the farming

community of Salinas, California. John's


Imagine… your town is suddenly stricken with poverty. Your loved ones

business will go under since the economy of the local community can no

longer support it. Herds of your closest close friends continually transfer

of the area you grew up in due to a severe shortage of job. The

fundamental necessities of life are so scarce that everyone around you

reverts to their animalistic tendencies to survive. Those who you have

came to trust, betray you and your family intended for selfish causes. This

chaos was typical every day life during the youth of 1 of America's

greatest authors, John Steinbeck. The environment that engulfed John

Stein beck's early your life shaped his literary style to focus on the

economic hardships of country labor and man's each day struggles with

natural tendencies.

John Steinbeck was born to middle-lower category family inside the farming

community of Salinas, California. John's father, who was a

businessman and presidential candidate, experienced great difficulty retaining a

good business in their small city. John observed his father fail

by many endeavors including owning a flour flower and beginning a supply

and materials store in addition to the political data corruption his daddy faced

because County Treasurer (Shillinglaw). No matter how much financial

adversity John's family experienced, his dad always kept a sun-drenched

disposition and took the family in frequent journeys across California.

These little towns and cities Ruben and his friends and family would visit, later

dished up to be the neighborhood of his future novels such as: East of Eden and

The Red Pony(Fontenrose, 2). David even employed his area of Salinas

to function as the environment for the shor...

... mericans as he did in previous works. In

60, John published The Winter of Discontent which will attacked

modern-day American ideals an had a desire for traditional ideals. This kind of

piece, which will did not achieve the notoriety that Steinbeck hoped for

would be his previous novel before his death in 1968(Shillinglaw).

Steinbeck experienced his home town crumble as a result of financial pressure as a

child. He experienced the effects of the poor economy because his dad bounced

via job to job trying to make ends meet. In Steinbeck's early on

adulthood this individual worked strange jobs with the poorest from the poor, staying in

touch with all the injustices these individuals faced everyday and seeing

how individuals react in times of need. The environment that swallowed up John

Stein beck's early life designed his literary style to focus on the

financial hardships of rural labor and man's every day problems with

organic urges.

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