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Issues Related to Cybercrime In Pakistan IT Essay

g networked overall economy, safeguarding cyberspace as well as Information and Communication Technology systems and infrastructure have taken on real urgency. It is essential to instill assurance in online trade, commerce, bank, telemedicine, e-governance and number of other applications. It is also critical for the near future social and financial development of the earth.

Achieving cyber-security will depend after the security practices of each and every networked country, business and citizen.

Cyber legislations is the connection of technology. . , , and law, , . . . Controversy is present for the reason that one approach thinks that the technology shouldn't (or cannot) be regulated.

Cyber law encompasses a wide variety of political and legal issues related to the Internet and other marketing communications technology, including intellectual property, privacy, freedom of appearance, and jurisdiction. Cyber regulation has been a vibrant field where numerous developments took place in the year 2001 on the global level. Cyber law will addresses a far more definitive, regulated and orderly cyberspace and towards evolving the controlled code of carry out for online activities in the context of electric mediums around it.

In order to comprehend the nature of Cybercrime issues we should first observe how the internet or cyberspace gets developed.

For a long time ago, computer sites have become a vital element of society. These networks not only have global reach however they also have effect on virtually every part of individual life. Networkd sysems are participating in the principal role in federal government, protection, business, industry. Major economic areas, including energy, manufacturing, transportation, telecommunications, financial services, defense, healthcare, and education, are depended after a massive sysems of sites which manages on local as well as on global scales. Internet has changed the perceptions of mankind. Internet today presents and embodies the one most significant development in the annals of civilization. Online culture is currently the crucial part of modern era.


In 1820 A. D, the first known cyber-crime has every taken place. THE ANNALS of computation machines is as old as 3500 B. C. However, with the analytical engine motor of Chales Babage, the age of modern computer systems began.

Josef-Mare-Jacuard, a textile maker in France, produced the loom in 1820, . That device permit the repetition of some steps in the weaving of special textiles. Due to which, a dread between his employees that their traditional career and livelihood were being threatened. To be able to discourage Jackuard from the further use of the new technology, they had determined sabotage. That was the first cyber-crime saved!



Crimee is a sociial and economics process and is also old as the individual civilization. Offences are a legal conceptual & gets the permission in regulations. Criminal offense or an offence is "a legal wrong that can be followed by unlawful steps which results into a standardized: is the take action which is prohibited with penalities consequences".


Cyber offense is somewhat complicated in nature. In simple terms we can specify it as a fresh specie of already present genus of conventional Crimes

The general type of cybercrime difination can be "Acts where in fact the computer and technology is employed as an instrument which results in unlawfulness". Hence, in cyber-crimes computer systems and relating solutions are used as a way.


· Financial crimes

Cheating, credit card frauds, money laundering etc.

· Cyber pornography

Porngraphic websites e. t. c

· Deal of illegal

Sale of narcotics, weapons and animals etc. , through website

· Cyber gaming Online gaming, money laundering etc.

· Identification Theft

· Intellectual and Property crimes

Software piracy, copyright infringement, trademarks violation

computer source code etc.

· Email spoofing

Sending e-mails which come into view to originate from one source but has been directed from another source.

· Forgery Counterfeit money notes, postage and income stamps, mark sheet etc.

· Cyber Defamation Posting/distributing defamatory matter about someone.

· Cyber stalking Victimizing someone online.

· Unauthorized Usage of Personal computers Systems Hacking, Breaking, Sniffing etc

· Fraud of information within electronic form

· Email bombing

· Data diddling : Altering data.

· Salami problems: Sending a large number of e-mails crashing email accounts or servers.

· Denial of Service strike (DoS): Flooding systems by sending excessive requirements etc

· Computer virus / worm attacks

· Reasoning bombs: Triggering programs at happenings.

· Trojan attacks

· Internet time theft

· Web jacking

· Theft /damaging of computer system


There are usually three kinds of goals in Pakistan

· Against Person Property

i. Computer vandal

ii. Crimes relaing Intellectual Property iii. Un-authorized-control, , , & access, ,

iv. Transmitting virus

· Sorts Of CYBER-CRIME relating Firm, , ,

i. controling/accessing a pc system widout authorization

ii. Having unauthorized info:-

iii. Terrorism resistant to the government's business in terms of Cyber Technology:-

iv. Distributiing software which is pirated OR etc. . .

· Community Cyber crimes, , :-

i. sexually explicit material

ii. Culminating new era by immoral materials.

iii. Offences of finance

iv. propagating articles which are not legally allowed to distribute

v. betting money over net

vi. copying something illegally

Other Issues of Pakistan in the Cyber World

The Pakistan market has now grown up manifolds with the largest most internet

users in Karachi and then Lahore and Islamabad. These three places jointly provide

over 90% of the customer base and development in activity is also more likely to remain primarily restricted to these towns as a result of concentration of monetary activity in these towns. It is no real surprise that Pakistan is not clear of the cyber space dilemma. The availability of computers and Online connections provides unprecedented opportunities to speak and learn in Pakistan. However, certain individuals do exploit the energy of the web for legal purposes as well.

The essential pre-requisite for e-commerce development the Electronic-Transaction-Ordinance and is termed as "a landmerk desision for the I. T development of the state".

This Ordnance aimed to accomplish:

- Great monetary impact.

- Ecommerce and projecting Pakistan's products such as taxtile, leathar goods,

sports and medical goods what to the earth.

- Increased e-transactions.

- Due to great reduction of the price of transactions by electric press, the major benefits for the tiny and medium businesses.

- Along the way of digital sales, Legal and safe trading to occur as the essential laws for the protectection of the hobbies of the retailers as well as the clients.

purcheses and sales are protected through the dissemination of the Electronic

Transaction Ordinance 2002.

The AUTHORITIES makes rules to carry out the Purposes of the Ordinance. The ordinance has laid down clauses for the following offenses related to electronic transactions:

Provision of phony information

Problem of false certificate

Damage to information system

Furthermore, the Electronic Crime Take action 2004 was prepared by the Ministry of IT, Pakistan with the Electronic Transaction Ordinance 2002 as the basis.

The Action addresses and lays down legislative conditions for the next cyber crimes:

Criminal access

Offender data access

Data damage

System damage

Electronic fraud

Electronic forgery

Misuse of devices

Misuse of encryption

Malicious code

Cyber stalking



Unauthorized interception

Cyber Terrorism

Waging cyber war

Enhanced punishment for offences relating sensitive electric systems

Attempt and aiding or abetting

Other initiatives used by GoP are the formation of an Country wide Response Center

to stop internet misuse and track those involved with cyber offences. The Accreditation

Council, good National IT Insurance plan and the Electronic Transactions Ordinance

2002, was also made for Certificate Specialists by the Ministry of Information


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