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Issues of Confidentiality


Confidentiality is a significant matter in the medical field. Health professionals, nurses, assistants, as well as all other workers must keep all information that the individual discloses private. With progress in the technology field, privacy is becoming more challenging. A breach of confidentiality is when information is advised in regards to a patient to some other person with no patient's consent. A patient needs to know they can disclose all information when it comes to their situation and it will be placed private. The medical professional/patient relationship is dependant on trust. With this trust, the individual may disclose more information and the medical doctor can better diagnosis the condition. A breach of confidentiality happened in the case of Dr. Orbit's patient, Katrina Katt. Katrina was a popular tv anchor, who possessed a sexual sent disease (STD). Sabrina, a medical assistant, asked Dr. Orbit's nurse about Katrina's visit. She also investigated Katrina medical data file to see most of Katrina's information. Sabrina had no reason to look at the file aside from curiosity of what was occurring with the anchorwoman. As a medical professional you are not granted full access to any file you intend to view. Sabrina shouldn't have let her interest block the way of her honest responsibilities. She even went further and emailed her husband the info who in turn instructs others. Dr. Orbit's nurse should not have disclosed any information to Sabrina. She must have let Sabrina know she'd not violate her patient's rights. But by her allowing this to occur, the nurse was responsible for the breach of confidentiality also


The Patient's Monthly bill of Rights claims that a patient's details will be kept confidential. In case the medical personnel at Dr. Orbit's office acquired used the AAMA Code of Ethics this situation would not have occurred. All information must be stored private unless the patient has given consent to disclose. Congress passed medical Insurance Portability and Accountability Take action (HIPAA) in 1996. This is passed to make a standard way of safeguarding patient's health data. Civil and legal penalties can result in HIPAA violations. Even though Dr. Orbit possessed no knowledge of the breach of confidentiality in his office, he can be held liable for it. Sabrina, the nurse and Dr. Orbit can be sued for violation of HIPAA laws. They are able to face fines and even prison time. Katrina's popularity might make the information continue steadily to spread. Together with the diagnosis being a STD, which really is a very sensitive concern, this might cause unnecessary humility. More people will want to know about it since she is in the public's eyes. This may cause her a great deal of embarrassment and may even cause her to lose her employment credited to humility. The medical personnel showed no admiration to the patient and her medical needs. This situation might have been avoided by carrying out a standard group of guidelines regarding privacy that the office should have in place. Having a standard procedure to check out helps eliminate some human errors. Co-workers need to keep one another accountable for their actions. The procedures need to be updated as needed and examined frequently by all personnel. The patient's privacy should come first above any attention of their own.


Medical professionals offer an honest and legal responsibility to keep up the patient's privacy. They can be respected with information from the patient. The physician/patient romance is a connection which should not be broken. The patient must know that any information that they disclose will be placed private. The patient could withhold important information if indeed they do not feel that it'll be held confidential. This may cause misdiagnosis in many situations. If there is a breach of confidentiality, the person included can have civil and even unlawful charges brought against them.

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