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Issues in Community and Consumer Health

Shannon Cogar

Definition of Terms

Governmental Agencies

Governmental agencies are intended to administer and deal with certain functions or specific responsibilities. Agencies are specific from both governmental departments and ministries. Governmental organizations can be created throughout local (status), local or national government authorities within a federal system. Government authorities have numerous firms which have their own functions and purposes.


Quasi-governments are manufactured and funded by authorities but have operational and political freedom. These can be started off as a government organization that becomes another entity. This usually means that the employees do not work for the government but for the private sector and are appointed by the federal government to execute certain obligations.

Non-government agencies

Non-governmental agencies are not for revenue organizations run by ordinary people. These organizations perform a wide range of duties and occurrences. Some of these duties and happenings and are targeted issues such as individual rights, environment or health.

Difference between open public health and medical services

Public Health includes community health. Open public health is "the technology and fine art of protecting against disease, prolonging life and promoting health through the structured efforts and educated choices of modern culture, organizations, general public and private, neighborhoods and people". (http://sph. rutgers. edu/about/open public_health. html). General public health is associated with threats to health predicated on the population health analysis. Open public health combines the interdisciplinary methods of epidemiology, biostatistics and health services, environmental health, community health, behavioral health, health economics, general population policy, insurance drugs and occupational health are other key subfields. Community health is the fitness of several individuals, including the syndication of health levels within the targeted group. The goal of community health is to enhance the health of confirmed population. Community health will involve doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals.

Community Health Worksheet

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Health Concern


Quasi Government


Why this issue is a substantial community/general public health matter?

Premature Infants

https://www. cdc. gov/reproductivehealth/

maternalinfanthealth/pretermbirth. htm

https://medlineplus. gov/prematurebabies. html

http://www. gatesfoundation. org/What-We-Do/Global-Development/Maternal-Newborn-and-Child-Health

Preterm or premature beginning is when a baby is born before 37 weeks of pregnancy. 1 out of 10 births cause premature infants. And, while it's too early to really know what caused this increase or if this is the start of trend, we do know that racial and ethnic disparities persist. In 2015, the pace of preterm birth among African-American women (13%) was about 50 percent higher than the rate of preterm labor and birth among white women (9%). (www. cdc. gov/reproductivehealth/maternalinfanthealth/pretermbirth. htm)


Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

(http://www. cdc. gov/obesity/)

http://www. candoonline. org/fort-collins. html)

http://www. obesityaction. org

"Excess weight is a intricate disorder involving an excessive amount of body fat. Weight problems isn't just a cosmetic concern. It increases your risk of diseases and health issues, such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes and high blood circulation pressure. " (MayoClinic. org/diseases-condition /over weight/basics/definition/con-20014834. Obesity can mean a person will probably have weight-related health issues.


Centers for Disease Control and Protection (CDC) (http://www. cdc. gov/diabetes/home/)

American Diabetes Association (http://www. diabetes. org/)

International Diabetes Federation

http://www. idf. org/

Diabetes is a global danger disease, costing countries billions of dollars every year. Nations are coming collectively to share strategies to avoid world-wide scourge of diabetes especially in the 21st century (Barrett, 2004)


Centers for Disease Control and Elimination (CDC) (http://www. cdc. gov/tobacco/data_


Substance Maltreatment and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) (http://store. samhsa. gov/home)

https://therealcost. betobaccofree. hhs. gov

Smoking and the use of other tobacco-related products or worsen numerous diseases and conditions. Secondhand smoke is dangerous to nearby people. "Smoking is the leading cause of preventable fatality in the U. S. , leading to over 438, 000 deaths per calendar year.

Secondhand smoke is a significant health hazard for individuals of all age groups, leading to more than 41, 000 deaths each year.

Marijuana smoke includes many of the same waste, irritants and carcinogens as cigarette smoke cigars. "(lung. org)


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Retrieved from: MayoClinic. org/diseases-condition /over weight/basics/definition/con- 20014834

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