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Islamic Economics And Funding System

What is economics? Economics studies how specific and societies seek to gratify needs and want through incentives, options, and allocation of scarce resources. Nations use financial system to determine how to work with their limited resources effectively. But what is an economic system? An monetary system is normally defined as collection of institutions setup by culture for the agreement of economic activity; the allocation of resources, creation and exchange of goods and services, and distribution of bringing on income and prosperity. An monetary system is not alone complete; it is a part of the overall system of life which all its aspects (spiritual, ideological, social, politics and moral) are well synchronized. Primary goal of an economic system is to provide people with a minimum standard of living, or quality of life. The machine is functioning to create the outcome which is with regards to the social priorities. These priorities would determine the goals in the effort, for example; what goods and services should be produced - nuclear weapons or item goods? How this goods and services be produced? And what is more important - aggressive economical development or moral preservation?

Fundamental Characteristics

The objective of most economic systems is to achieve the well-being of the modern culture. The efficiency of the correctly competitive capitalist: consumers optimize their total gain and companies also improve their total earnings. . A couple of sufficient amount of firms, consumers and owners of factor of production in each market. Individuals are price takers, somewhat than price setters.

Major economical systems besides Islamic economics system are capitalism and socialism. Capitalism is based on the individual right and requires a free market, competition, and the thought of private possession of the method of production. Decisions are made according to regulation of supply and demand. Socialism views that the central federal should own and control major industries, plus they make decisions about the resources and productions. Alternatively, the basic feature of Islamic financial system is the whole of group of beliefs, values, methods and guidelines should be produced consequently to the Qur'an and Sunnah. Resources of regulation of Islamic economy - Islamic overall economy is based on Shariah (Islamic law). While capitalism and socialism do undoubtedly relate to other areas of life, Islamic monetary system needs to be viewed systematically as a section of a bigger system which is the religion Islam itselt. The principal sources of Islamic financial system are Al-Qur'an and As-Sunnah (the genuine practices of Muhammad, the Prophet of Islam), while the supplementary options are Al-Ijtima (the consensus of judgment), Al-Qiyas (the judgement upon jurist analogy).

The simplest way to describe the relevance of Islamic monetary system is by studying how its differences from Capitalism and Socialism surpassed both and solve problem which comes from or remaining unsolved by capitalism and socialism. For instance, in Capitalism federal does not regulate anything for the good thing about the staff and there is no minimum or good income. Everything is left on the concept of resource and demand in the market. The abundant get richer and the indegent people get poorer. Socialism which is dependant on the idea of centralized government intervention, warrants the authority to determine the wages whatever the effort created by individuals. But Islam involves solve this matter by ruling the equalization in the distribution of income and wealth.

The Concept of Private Property

Socialist thinkers of the Western marketed the ideas of centralized open public possession of the means of production. They visited one extreme and completely rejected the idea of private ownership. Land, labour, capital was all manipulated by their state. The best resources were assigned to the military, space program etc. Under this system, there is little incentive to produce better goods and services for the community, take a good example as past Soviet Union saw a rapid decrease in the development of agricultural goods. This technique faces issue of low quality goods, lack of commodity, and diminishing production. While Capitalism practises the majority of the resources are owned or operated by private possession. They will make the decision on supply and demand and decide how to produce goods. In a very Capitalist system unrestricted liberty and right of ownership for private property is given which includes resulted in the capitalist exploitation of staff.

In Islamic economics, it generally is possessed by Allah; all property, wealth, resources are Allah's possession. Islam do discover the private possession while ask the owner to spend the property in the form of Allah, and the use of wealth should not harm other individuals'. The resources of wealth should be Halal rather than be recognized from Riba, cheating or monopoly. The prosperity should not be used against general population interest, to corrupt the contemporary society or to exhort political vitality. While reaping the great things about private possession, Islamic economical system seamlessly subdue the unwanted effects or capitalism. Islam allows the right of private ownership and freedom of business in limited capitalism. Islamic economical sees in riches as means of individuals satisfaction, and a rise in the capacities of man for a better service and worship to Allah.

Consumption of Wealth

In Capitalism anything can be used particularly when they create needs to profit-makers and your competition is always within the production to have the best products and services. Harmful competition would lead to volatility popular and supply and the purchase price would fluctuate in the market. The wealthy people are easily to utilize the wealth but there exists constraint to the poorer as it pertains to desire for money lending. As for communist population, only consumer goods and services are allowed to be produced in the country. Capital goods (as the means of development) are straight assigned to meet economic requirements so that production is focused towards needs only.

In Islamic system only "HALAL" goods and services are permitted to be produced and used. "HARAM" goods and services aren't allowed to be produced and used. Islam shows the process of balance e. g. moderation and steering clear of extravagance. Despite the fact that spending is lawful, it must be modest rather than overspending. In today's scenario, this might alleviate the household debts problem while maintaining the drive for superiority in development of wealth. The balance is maintained between your interest of the population and the hobbies of the individuals.

[4:29] O you who believe that, do not ingest each others' properties illicitly - only mutually suitable transactions are allowed. You shall not destroy yourselves. GOD is Merciful towards you.

Production of Wealth

Capitalism purpose is profit-oriented as they try to produce goods for only earnings. People have flexibility to produce anything. They have huge gap between your wealthy and the poor. The wealthy tend to forget the needs of very needy people as they only target to production to increase the profit. For example, the production of drugs, gambling, lottery, music and etc. Federal has no tasks in managing the creation. In communist society on the contrary, central power make decision what things to produce and exactly how much to produce. They didn't meet consumer needs and desires. There may be little room for development or change. They also tend to insufficient modern technologies and have low quality lifestyle comparing to free market society. The impact to contemporary society as people will be more likely to smuggle the goods and the living of dark market.

But in Islamic System only have to produce "HALAL" goods and "HARAM" goods like alcohol drink, medication etc are not allowed. In development, Islam recommends the efficiency, proper evaluation of factors of development and proper costing of end result. Islamic current economic climate enforces better usage of natural resources and fixed assets for the benefit (maslahah) of open public interest.

Distribution of Wealth

In Capitalism attentiveness of wealth goes to few hands scheduled to unrestricted right of possession and free competition. Thus you can find big space between wealthy and poor. In communism system the power act as a dictator created due to concept of public property. It'll sacrifice of specific freedoms to go after public goals.

Islamic financial system favour reasonable (not equivalent) circulation of riches in the sense that it will not be restricted to any particular portion of the society. For fair distribution of wealth Islam reduce the disparity of individual income. Zakat is introduced in Islamic system as a significant source of earnings the government within an Islamic state. It really is a "transfer repayment" which is payable to the needy at given rate. Zakat removes issue between different classes and promotes the economic stableness and interpersonal security to the unemployed. Clinics, schools and the city centre can be made for the indegent by using the Zakat finance.

Interest free Economy

The interest made brings unequal between cutting down and investment borrowing to promote capital framework in a capitalist culture. The economy can be influenced easily by interest levels. When interest rates are high, people do not need to take lending options out from the bank since it is more difficult to pay the lending options again with the compounded interest on money lent. Ever sold 1997 Asian financial meltdown because of huge increase in interest which extremely damaged the economy creating more bankruptcies for the societies. In communism, interest will not pay any role for keeping and investment.

In the Islamic system interest centered economical activities are totally banned. Hence interest is not a source of capital formation within an Islamic. Islamic financial is free from this injustice and imbalance in the syndication of riches. The Qur'an counters this guideline in Al-Baqarah, 2:275

"And Allh has allowed trade, and forbidden interest. " (2:275)

In the issue between Capitalism and Socialism, only that way of life can be assured of the secure and glowing future which not only prohibits interest but also makes people abide by this prohibition. In such cases, those people who have money should practice and offer interest-free lending options to those who find themselves in need of money for dealing with the hardships of these life.

Therefore, initiatives for the introduction of Islamic economics and financial executive should be predicated on the objectives (maqasid) of Shariah. The task is to provide new products that could meet current and future needs, the regulatory body, besides to set out a fresh technique for Islamic economics that could involve the whole contemporary society. Islamic economics is a comparatively new discipline that requires more analysis. And understanding of fiqh (jurisprudence) is vital for analysts in the field.

It can be figured Capitalism and Socialism are materialistic in mother nature and they only turn to satisfy the materials wants of people. Capitalism had failed to dwelling address major international monetary issues including poverty, inflation and unemployment. But Islamic economic system offers a fine blend of materialism and spiritualism. Islamic economics must be presented to the world as the best solution to all or any economics problems in a convincing manner. Islamic economical system satisfies the needs of all creatures and promotes the results in the inner self to the individual, and the purification of individual's prosperity and heart.

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