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Answering the question, is my essay good

One of the most pertinent questions you will ask yourself whenever you are writing an essay will be “ is my essay good ”. This is the only reason why you should go out and tell your neighbor to come and read your essay and offer corrections and suggestions. This is also the only reason why you should stand out to read your essay aloud so as to pick out errors. This is also the reason why we are telling you not to finish your essay in one draft. It is because of this that we have said that writers of my brother Sam is dead essay should finish their essay, drop it on their desk, move out and come back to read through it again, so as pick out all other errors they would normally not have noticed if they did not move out in the first place. The cardinal point of answering the question “ is my essay good” is to know the ways of ascertaining if you have written a good essay. If you want to know if your essay is good, you have to start by checking on plagiarism. Originality should be the hallmark of every good essay and you must be original if you intend to give a good essay. Though there are many tools with which you can check this online, your best bet is to send your completed essay to us so that we can check and ensure that your essay does not have any atom of plagiarism. Even when you write book reviews where you are expected to use quotes from the book as your major source, you should give the quotations with the proper format. This is the only way you will not be committing plagiarism. All quotations in your essay must be properly cited in the work and adequately referenced at the end of the work, so that the answer to the question “ is my essay plagiarized,” should be a no.

Now, when you want to get a positive answer to the question, is my essay good , you have to employ some strategies. Start by putting your essays away for two days. When you do, come back and read the narrative essays again. When you read you essay again, objectivity will take precedence. You must pay special attention to things like how the essay flows from one paragraph to the other, whether the essay actually holds your interest from the first line to the last line of the work and whether you have answered all parts of the question you set out to answer in the essay. At the end of this second reading, you should be able to say if you like your essay or not. This is the direction to getting a perfect essay. Now, the next way to know whether your mla essay format is good is by reading it aloud as we have said before. Now, during the reading, you should not stumble over words and phrases, if your essay is a good one. If you happen to stumble during the reading, then you have to go back and look at your sentence structure and your choice of words so as to take care of the bumpy areas. When you are through with the revision, try and read the essay again to ensure that it finally flows as you wish. You should also ask yourself if your essay has said everything you have in mind. This is most importantly used when you are writing a personal essay or a personal statement for colleges and job applications. Here, you have to make a list of all the things you want the interviewers to know about you after reading the essay. This includes your qualities, skills and physical attributes, coupled with your achievements and experiences. You should make your essay good by going through it quietly, to ensure that all those things are included in the essay. If you do not see any of them in the body of your essay, come back and include them. What you write in the essay is as good as how you write it. The next method of making your apa paper good is by pretending to be the admissions officer or the employer to read the essay. Now, when you do the reading, you just have to play out a scenario where you have read many essays for the day and are now tired while your own essay is the one to read at the moment. Ask yourself whether your introduction will capture the attention of a tired reader. I normally ask myself whether the story I told in my brother essay is interesting enough. There are some other important questions that will help you in determining whether you have written good English is my second language essay . Is the storyline given in the essay the type that only you can write? This means, is it private enough. Does your personality jump off the page in the essay? Did you include all the interesting details about you? Does the essay say good things about you, and what will the reader think about you after reading the essay. When you answer all these questions, then you can give an answer to the question, is my essay good .

Other ways of answering the is my essay good question

When you want to ascertain the level of goodness of badness of your essay, you have to look at some other things. It is a must that every essay should come with a structure. You have to look in this direction if you must answer this question. Even when we write case study examples for you, we ensure that they comes with the standard acceptable streamlined structure. This means that each must be broken into paragraphs. This is to ensure that your essay is readable to the admission officers or your lecture. Your essay should also have an introduction which comes first and which must be an explanation of what you will be doing in the essay. The body paragraph of each essay must come with an organized structure. Each must start with a statement and an explanation of the statement, coupled with an example to make the statement clearer. It also states the importance of each statement.

  • You must write every essay with an essay plan that corresponds with the standard structure for that particular essay.
  • You must proofread and edit your essay severally if it must be a good one.
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