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Is Customer Romance ONLINE MARKETING STRATEGY Justifiable?

In recent years retail banking services have universally adopted romance marketing / customer marriage online marketing strategy as their tactical concern; is this justified in the light of experience and current financial service market place.

Chapter 1: Introduction

1. 1: Introduction

Retail Banking can be an evergreen business sector and the prospect of innovation is endless. The increased knowing of the bankers that the clients are the returning bone of any business and the stiff competition in the banking sector through the increased penetration and expansion of money and non-finance organizations venturing into this regions of banking has generated a knowledge that retaining and serving the prevailing customer is more critical than looking for potential clients. This report analyses the degree to which the retail-banking sector is deploying the potential of customer romantic relationship online marketing strategy as a tactical priority to build up their business and serve the clients. The report targets the fact if the extensive use of Customer Romantic relationship Marketing strategy in the retail banking sector business is justifiable or not.

1. 2: Target and Objectives

The aim of this report is to analyse if the increased use of Customer Romance Online marketing strategy by the retails banking sector and finance institutions as a primary strategy is justifiable or not. This is achieved through the next objectives.

  • To analyse the progress of retail bank sector and the criticality of information in the retail-banking sector and the financials companies in general.
  • To analyse the consequences of using Customer Romance Marketing strategy and the advantages of Customer Marriage Marketing in mining information in providing another to none customer service by the finance institutions.

1. 3: Qualifications for the study

The increased use of Internet bank and numerous tools for customer support by the finance institutions in the united kingdom is the principal reason behind the conception of the report. Alongside, the fact that accurate information about the target customers in any business market is the critical factor for the success of a business is the fact that business sector. Obviously, banking sector is among the numerous sectors that faces the public over a day-to-day basis and nearly every specific in the world is associated with a bank in a single form or another which gives the bank a growing potential to develop their business and investment through figuring out prospective customers whilst retaining the prevailing customers.

1. 4: Research

The research is mainly supported by using supplementary data like journals, annual reports, books and white paperwork. The information provided by the publications about the market and the utilization of Customer Romance Marketing strategy by lenders is concrete and the necessity for money to conduct general market trends either through questionnaire or other methods of major data collection 's the reason for choosing the extra data source. It really is worth mentioning that the info contained in the journals and documents are first rate since the academic journals used in their record are from highly respected institutions, which publishes reports and documents that are world renowned and appreciated by numerous academicians.

1. 5: Opportunity of the research

The research is mainly focused on the banking companies in the retails banking sector in the UK. The concentration group is the market for the lenders in the UK and the several needs of the general public like loans, mortgages, debris etc that the lenders try to mine through the Customer Relationship Marketing strategy.

1. 6: Chapter Overview

Chapter 1: Introduction

This is the current chapter that presents the report aims to the reader.

Chapter 2: Customer Romance Marketing in the UK

This chapter reveals an research of the client Relationship Marketing strategy and concepts available focusing on the united kingdom business sector generally. The advantages of Customer Relationship Online marketing strategy in achieving better customer service are discussed. This is followed by a brief analysis of the utilization of Customer Romantic relationship Marketing by the banks in the UK.

Chapter 3: Retail Banking sector in the UK

In this section the progress of retail bank and the importance of information in the Bank sector are analysed. This is accompanied by an examination of the increasing competition and the bank's use of information about customers to improve customer support and identity clients on the market. The concept of Customer Romance Marketing initially offered to the reader in the last chapter on a general perspective is analysed in light of the retail banking and the utilization of Customer Marriage Marketing as a core strategy by the banking institutions in UK. The evaluation is recognized with examples of specific organizations in relevant parts of the section.

Chapter 4: Summary and recommendation

In this chapter, the results achieved up to now are discussed contrary to the objectives and a conclusion is derived from this discourse. Furthermore, a few constructive advice for further research and research in this subject matter are provided to the reader.

Chapter 2: Customer Marriage Marketing in the UK

Customer Marriage Marketing is more and more utilized by many organizations in the united kingdom. The fact that the client is the central aspect of a business is the major reason behind the increased use of Customer Relationship Marketing strategy by organizations to be able to serve their customers efficiently and effectively. The first section offers a general overview of the Customer Relationship Marketing theory to the reader.

1. 2: What's Customer Romance Marketing?

Frances Brassington and Stephen Pettitt (2003) speak about romance marketing as "A kind of marketing that sets particular focus on building a longer-term more romantic bond between an organization and its specific customers". This is due mainly to the never-ending struggle of retaining the prevailing customers and identify new customers for leveraging revenue and attaining competitive advantage. In the current highly competitive environment the businesses are ever more using new technologies and infrastructure to make the long-term relationship identified by Frances Brassington and Stephen Pettitt (2003). This form of romantic relationship marketing is much more processed as Customer Marriage Marketing which is the technique of figuring out and satisfying the client needs through reliable use of the resources and the customer information taken care of by the business in order to establish a strong marriage with the customer and thereby achieving trust among the customers. From the above classification it is visible that the idea of Customer Romantic relationship Marketing treats the customer as the principal element for the business enterprise and directs all its resources both material and human reference to serve the customer thus increasing competitive advantage in the business. The explanation for the increased customer concentration in the business is due to the simple fact that a customer is the finish user of the product developed by the company and above all the source of earnings for the business, that can be generated only through effective sales and service. This is also intensified further because of the increased competition and the option of a variety of products to decide for the customer.

The primary target of Customer Romance Marketing is on the customer information that the company keeps which is analysed for in the light of the company's goals, vision and mission in order to decide how efficiently to provide the mark customer by the company. This is vital for the reason that the accurate information about the mark customer segment is the primary aspect for the success in the company's venture in the business either new or existing.

1. 3: Customer Service

Since the idea of Customer Marriage Marketing embraces customer support, a brief overview of customer service is presented in this section. Philip Kotler (1988) says that the client sorts the backbone of any business. Along with, additionally it is well known that customer service isn't just for selling the merchandise but the after sales service is what that actually matters in the service of the customers. The effective customer support as determined by Philip Kotler (1988) is mainly thorough enhancing timeliness in sales support and also by keeping the assurance that was made to the customer during sales.

Alongside the critical associated with the servicing is costs from the services provided by the company to complies with its customer needs and requirements. Apparently, a corporation cannot spend most of its income to customer service. Thus the need to keep up with the balance between your useful service and costs from the services provided is vital for the company's success.

Frances Brassington and Stephen Pettitt (2003) have determined the next as the three critical factors to be looked at while designing the client service strategy.

Customer needs:

The needs of the customer are the primary element for a business to promote its products to the customer in that target market. The need of the customer is also the primary factor customer to execute search for the products that complies with his/her needs.

Customer situation:

The situation of the customer is another critical factor while designing something, which is vital to recognize the customer's affordability and his/her conception of the creation the market. The matter isn't just to analyse the client situation but also to design the effective charges strategy to meet the customer demands combined with the ideas to diversify the merchandise range in order to reach more than one target segment of the market based on the product quality and price of the merchandise.

Any special requirements for customers

Special requirements for the client vary with the sort of product for sale and the need of the customer with this product. Inside the banking sector for example, a customer applying for an individual loan may like the monthly payments to be priced from his account on a particular date of each month. This level of customisation obviously allows the bank to serve the client better as well as wthhold the customer by giving him/her with the required amount of loan in this situation. The potential of information and knowledge about the customers and the requirements is the main element for customizing the service.

The three factors mentioned previously can be determined only through useful general market trends and knowledge of the client and the target market. This is mainly through treating the information as a essential element for the business enterprise. The idea of Customer Marriage Marketing envisages the customer requirements and potential in new aim for markets through the effective analysis of the info held by the business about its customer and market segments. Alongside, the cost issues associated with the customer support is also considerably reduced with the client Relationship Marketing strategy as a result of fact that the company initially identifies the right customer because of its business and products through the Customer Relationship Marketing concept and thus the customer determined can be served effectively in the beginning itself such that the costs associated with the after sales service that comes up due mainly to problems and problems confronted by the customer due to purchasing the incorrect item from the market is reduced drastically.

1. 4: Market Information and its role in Business

In today's competitive environment market information is critical for the successful promotion of any company's product. This includes the banking sector as well where the marketplace is the personal bankers and people with a number of needs. An organization in order to maintain effective Customer Romance Online marketing strategy must gain information about its customers, their level of spending and other aspects of their purchase that will gain the company by customizing the products a lot more to meet the needs of the customer. The client information is accumulated through various methods or research and also by using Information Technology to acquire customer information. The client information can be effectively gained while conducting the sales and getting payments for the merchandise sold. The usage of Electronic Point of Sale (EPOS) in the retail sector for producing repayments as well concerning communicate the company's new products to the customer is one such are to get information about the marketplace and the customer spending levels in the target market.

Identifying the right customer is primarily through effective market research and identifying the actual markets for the business's products. A bank for example in order to identify its customers must primarily research on where to sell its products and then identify its customers through the information gained in the market research. The fact that Customer Marriage Marketing is principally to promote the merchandise of a business to its target customers by figuring out the customer need and relating it to its products and services makes Customer Romantic relationship Marketing an important element for a successful business. The Customer Marriage Marketing in the bank point of view is analysed at length in the next chapter.

1. 5: Why Customer Romance Marketing?

From these conversations we find that the concept of Customer Relationship Marketing is very beneficial for a company's wealth and also reality the business development in new areas is possible through successful Customer Marriage Marketing in the mark markets. But the question why do we need Customer Romance Marketing is dealt with in this section briefly.

1. 5. 1: Competition

The upsurge in the competition in the UK business markets in the primary reason behind the progress of Customer Romantic relationship Marketing. The competition on the market is nearing the point of saturation due to the increase in number of competition and the increasing consciousness on the list of consumers about products and services. Obviously, a new method of identifying the potential customer in the market and performing business is crucial in the day-to-day business through customisation and quality or service. The financial services sector in the united kingdom together has seen a tremendous upsurge in competition with the enlargement of non-financial organizations like shop chains and other business organizations venturing into banking services through own brand bank cards, personal loans, insurance, etc. The competition in the market can be faced only through the effective work of the information organised by the competition.

1. 5. 2: Development and Growth in Technology

Through continuous creativity, the competitors in the united kingdom business market segments have invaded its customers through new products and services. The advancement level in addition has reached a level of saturation that the rivals are now depending on technology to leverage more potential in getting the client information to be able to present their products in a far more customised manner. Together with, the growth in technology and especially information technology and its growth in numerous areas of business in addition has created the opportunity for the organizations in the more and more competitive environment to leverage the potential of information to identify new business market segments and therefore reach new customers. The consequence of the shoot for the opponents to deploy the info more effectively to be able to make a long term marriage with the customers has led to the conception of the Customer Relationship Marketing concept.

1. 5. 3: Internet and your competition from e-business

The progress of Internet and online shopping portals were the first available to harness the potential of customer information to reach new markets and broaden business. THE WEB has broken the traditional barriers of shopping and business itself thus revolutionizing the complete concept of sales and marketing. A statistical Review conducted by Keynote says that the clients purchasing online have increased immensely since 2001 and the expansion is unlimited. The explanation for the tremendous progress would be that the organizations selling online acquire critical information about the customer's likes and dislikes and send them with regular posts of their products, which suits their needs. The expansion of Amazon especially through promoting their products by delivering the customer with a short list of related products and continuous e mail revisions is the traditional example for the success of the deployment of customer information in today's business market that is highly competitive with target customers creating a volatile mindset in deciding to acquire something or service from confirmed organizations.

In the bank and financial services sector in the UK, the expansion of internet bank and the increase in customers applying online for financial services like insurance, loans, etc. , has created a dependence on the bankers in the united kingdom to practise Customer Relationship Marketing to be able to recognize the needs of the customer as well as attract new customers. Within the next chapter this is handled in greater detail with regards to the retail banking and the financial services market all together.

1. 6: Product customisation:

The increase in competition in business has obligated the competitors in the UK business markets to present more and more customised products to meet their customer needs to be able to retain the existing customer as well as identify potential clients. The customisation of something will be successful only through the reliable collection and deployment of the customer information and market information captured by the company. Again the price issues from the customisation and the success of the custom-made product need the essential information about the client needs and marketplace.

In bank sector for example a custom-made loan offer or any other financial service offer is unveiled only after considerable research on the market in order to successfully meet up with the customer needs in the target market.

1. 7: Conclusion:

From the aforementioned conversations in this section it is evident that for obtaining success and getting competitive gain in a business sector, the rivals are progressively using the potential of customer information and implementing Customer Relationship Online marketing strategy to reach customers with the products as well concerning retain their existing customers. In addition to the competition, the information gained also helps the business to personalize its products and services to its concentrate on customers to be able to successfully promote the services and services and effectively allocate its opportunities for service and development. Within the next chapter the Customer Relationship Marketing concept in the light of banking and financial sector is analysed in order to establish set up increasing use Customer Marriage Online marketing strategy by the retail lenders as a main strategy is justifiable.

Chapter 3: Retail Bank sector in the UK

The retail bank in the UK has seen tremendous growth before few decades. From only a small number of rivals in the 1950s, the bank sector in the UK now consists of many big players like Barclays, HSBC and numerous other finance institutions that are operating at national and international market segments. In the next section a synopsis of the progress in the bank sector especially the upsurge in the potential and the variety of products are shown to the audience.

3. 1: The expansion of retail banking

The banking sector in the UK has a century old traditions for portion its customers and stableness available surviving through the world wars. From your late many years of the twentieth century, the banking sector has seen huge growth in the united kingdom. The original service of loaning and deposits have became customised services and cultivated into many new regions of fund especially in the insurance sector as well as broadened the scope with their existing business through continuous customisation and creativity in their products and services offered. This is apparently due to the increased competition and the growing potential of the UK markets for bank cards and unsecured loans. The tremendous growth of the united kingdom retail-banking sector is evident from its value in the whole European commercial bank market. The UK banking sector alone makes up about 23. 9 % of the Western european commercial bank sector (Data screen industry examination on commercial bank sector of UK, 2003), which demonstrates that the UK banking sector is growing tremendously. The article further says that the competition in the bank retail-banking sector is strong and the primary companies in the sector are Barclays Plc and HSBC Holdings Plc. Some examples of the client Romance Marketing strategies and the well-timed execution of the business enterprise strategy by these companies are discussed in later portions.

The keynote (2003) market statement on personal banking says, "Personal banking is no more a market specifically occupied by banks". This is obviously as a result of access of new opponents from other segments of the financial markets like the insurance companies venturing in to the bank cards and personal loans market. In addition to the competition from other financial organizations there is certainly potential growth in the banking industry with the access of many suppliers getting into the banking sector through insurance and other personalised services. This upsurge in the market potential and the competition on the market proves the remarkable progress of the bank sector in the united kingdom and the penetration of other business areas into the banking sector rendering it clear that the traditional process of bank in the counters is long gone and the current bank industry is invaded by competitors from various sections of business apart from the actual banks themselves.

The procedure for bank itself has altered tremendously from the trivial newspaper based bank that was common in the 1970s and the 1980s into electronic bank operating system with the development of plastic repayment options through debit credit cards and credit cards and the Automated Teller Machines that can vend cash to the members like any other trivial vending machine in the traditional. These areas combined with the tremendous expansion of technology has obligated the traditional banking companies to meet up with the competition through the successful use of Information Technology and other inventions in communications like the satellite tv communications, broadband, etc for the increased service to its customers in order to retain the existing customers as well as attract new customers to the banks.

The growth in the bank process has mostly concentrated in boosting the services wanted to the customers alternatively than just dealing with the customers on the basis of their request over a case-by-case basis, that was the original way of banking system in the united kingdom. Alongside, it will probably be worth mentioning, that the innovation has primarily focused on easing the procedure of bank itself though presenting different programs of payments as well as the plastic repayment option on the internet and at shops which has increased security in deals as well as stops the customer from the risk of carrying large amounts of cash with them for shopping that was the truth a few ages ago.

From the above mentioned quarrels, it is clear that the retail-banking sector has seen tremendous growth before decade but still growing with the upsurge in the number of competitors and the diversity of the competing organizations. In the next section, a brief analysis of your competition in the bank industry is offered to the audience before proceeding to the research of information and its own critical mother nature in the bank sector.

3. 2: competition and opponents in the retail-banking sector

The retail-banking sector of the united kingdom in the twenty-first hundred years consists of not only the bankers but also competition from other financial organizations and non-financial organizations. The increase in the credit abundant market of the united kingdom individuals as well the increased borrowing of the clients has created great potential for personal finance which is the principal reason for the venture of other organizations directly into retail banking.

The types of such competition in the market include the personal financing and loans released by TESCO Plc and Asda Plc (A Wal Mart band of company) who are retail superstore chains by business. Together with, the business of insurance companies such as Norwich Union are more and more fighting with the high street bankers in the personal loans, savings and other financial services.

Apart from your competition on the high street, the competition from the Internet bankers is another potential hurdle for the high street bankers. The upsurge in the web users and the probable of online banking systems eliminating the paper-base trivial banking service eventually increasing the acceleration of the handling as well as providing customised service to the clients is a significant competition to the high-street bankers. Apparently, the web occurrence and online bank facilities provided by the traditional bankers may be a remedy to your competition but nonetheless the probable of the online customers and the ability to retain a customer over the internet banks is very difficult.

3. 3: The probable of information and the client Romantic relationship Marketing strategy

From the quarrels in these parts we see that the bank sector is enormously growing and the probable of the financial services offered is immense along with competition that is increasing in geometric development. Apparently, the opponents in the retail-banking sector rely on the probable of information to be able to compete in the market.

From the conversations in section 2 it is clear that the appropriate information about the target market and the customers is essential for a successful venture in the business. The banking sector with the increasing competition depends seriously on the potential of information to customize its products and services to reach new customers as well as wthhold the existing customers.

The increased use of information to mine the consumer requirements is increasing the banking sector. A classical example is the announcement low rate cash advance offer by HSBC loan provider Plc, in the united kingdom. The bank offered lending options at the lowest possible interest of a higher street bank during the New Year season, which is when a lot of individuals purchase purchasing presents and comprehensive shopping. The strategy of the lender to keep the low rate offer wide open only to existing customers allowed the lender to attract clients who were mainly interested in the low interest rate personal loans.

Another example is that of Barclays Bank Plc which promotes its customers to choose online and mobile phone banking to be able to speed up the handling time as well improve the service to the clients. The lender through pushing its customers for cell phone banking not only leverages market talk about in the digital banking sector but also effectively reduces the expenses involved with the client service because the bank need not employ a lot of men and women at the high street branches to provide its customers as well as reduce the expenses on resources like stationeries etc.

It will probably be worth mentioning that both the afore mentioned lenders have Internet banking facility and provide services for online invoice payments as well as executing several ventures for the clients in an exceedingly anchored and safe manner. A notable feature of the Barclays cell phone bank operating system with the go code is that the automated telephone bank operating system enables the customer to perform the ventures as well pay bills through the telephone without even ready to be served by a consultant over the phone. This eventually reduces the expenses associated with the service because the personnel utilized by the bank continues to be lesser. Together with, the rival HSBC has outsourced its call centres to India and has a massive human tool under its demand to serve the customers in the united kingdom. The bank provides it customers over the telephone quickly and proficiently and the outsourcing of the call centre to India has saved the company a huge part of the costs because the labour costs is less in India in comparison with UK.

The above two illustrations demonstrate that the traditional banks in the UK are progressively more using the Customer Relationship Marketing strategy not and then introduce new products but also to boost customer service. The increased use of Internet bank and the digital services of the banking companies in the traditional is a very good example for this argument.

Apart from the afore brought up facts the clients are offered by the retail bankers on other stations like the local branch bank, web deals and customer service centres that provide efficient customer support.

3. 4: Diverse Selection of products

The idea of customisation and diversity in the merchandise are just successful when they are put in place focusing on on the right segment of customers. The finance institutions both on the traditional and online offer numerous customized products for appealing to the customers as well as enhancing the customer service in order to wthhold the existing customers. The benefits of loans to get more detailed personalised reasons like auto loans, housing lending options, etc on top of the personal loans, mortgage services and other financial services provided by the banking companies both online and at the high avenues justifies the quarrels that the banking companies are significantly customizing and diversifying their products in order to reach clients as well as server the existing customers.

This is achieved only through the successful use of the client information gathered by the client Relationship Online marketing strategy and associated support systems by the competing finance institutions (both traditional and new entrants).

Alongside, the bank services provided by the retailers like TESCO, is primarily based on the information they collected and accumulated over the years of service in the retail industry and identify the potential for the right kind of financial service to the attract its customers to the financial services as well. The actual fact that the thought of branding and the brand loyalty of the UK customers is the major factor for the venture of these organizations into personal finance. TESCO Plc is placed number one among the list of retail superstore chains in the united kingdom thus creating itself as a retail brand among its customers. This brand image of TESCO recognized by the information of its customer and target markets has given the business the necessary information to project into the financial services sector thus learning to be a potential competitor to the traditional high street bankers in the UK.

The above quarrels make it clear that the Customer Relationship Marketing strategy is greatly deployed by the opponents in the retail-banking sector. Together with, it is also obvious that the increased degree of customisation and customer support is achieved though the effective use of the information gathered and deployed by the Customer Relationship Marketing strategy. Within the next chapter, the justification whether of not to have Customer Marriage Online marketing strategy as a main strategy in the banking institutions is discussed followed by the conclusion.

Chapter 4:Summary and Recommendation

The conversations conducted so far in this record is analysed against the aim of the report in order to make a profound understanding among the readers. The targets of the report are

Objective1: To analyse the progress of retail banking sector and the criticality of information in the retail-banking sector and the financials establishments generally.

From the analysis in the section 1 on Customer Romantic relationship Marketing it is apparent that the companies in the UK business industries are increasingly regarding in diversification and customisation of these products and services in order to reach focus on customers and new market segments. This is mainly because of the relationship marketing technique adopted by the firms where the customer is cared for as a primary factor for business and the information about the customer is cared for as vital asset for the business. The companies increasingly deploy the Customer Relationship Online marketing strategy to accomplish competitive advantage. This is definitely through the effective use of information gathered by the firms to build up its business and meet the competition through effective Customer Romantic relationship Online marketing strategy.

Objective 2: To analyse the consequences of using Customer Relationship Online marketing strategy and the benefits of Customer Relationship Marketing in mining information in providing a second to none customer support by the bankers.

The effects of using the client Relationship Marketing strategy by the banking institutions has increased the competition in the retail bank sector with members from various industries of business apart from the traditional bankers. The capability to identify the customer needs through research and by making use of a highly effective Customer Relationship Marketing strategy the competition provide customised and first rate customer service to the customers. This is mostly to retain the existing customers as well as attract new customers. Alongside, the examples of the Barclays and HSBC shows that the client Relationship Marketing strategy is vital for the business enterprise in the retail banking sector and the actual fact that the customer information and effective general market trends leverages the organizations to put into practice an efficient Customer Relationship Online marketing strategy to meet the customer needs and provide effective customer support.

4. 1: Conclusion

From the conversations of the targets it is apparent that the Customer Relationship Marketing strategy is a essential element for achieving competitive edge in the retail-banking sector. Along with, with the upsurge in your competition and the menace from the new entrants into the retail bank industry, the necessity to wthhold the existing customer through effective customer support as well as attract potential customers is vital for surviving available. Thus the extended use of the Customer Relationship Marketing strategy by the retail bank organizations as a primary strategy for leveraging competitive advantages is inevitable. Evidently, the Customer Romantic relationship Marketing strategy takes on a essential role in the business development as well as expands to new market segments, which makes it necessary to have the client Relationship Marketing strategy as a main strategy in the retail-banking sector.

4. 2: Recommendations

The retail bankers in the current UK market are thoroughly using the info technology products that are sold specifically for the goal of achieving Customer Relationship Marketing in the business. Apparently, the companies misunderstand the actual fact that the software and hardware infrastructure so purchased will the process on its own without any strategy designed and deployed by the business. This eventually results poor performance of the merchandise installed and hence the Customer Romantic relationship Marketing strategy will not be efficient. The surge in the bank sector during the IT hurdle period (semester of dot com companies in the past due 1990s) is a classical example for this argument. Furthermore, the info monitor analysis of the bank sector of the UK (2003) reveals that the potential for loans and developments in the united kingdom is enormous and the revenue generated makes up about 54. 2% of the banking sector total earnings.

Apparently, the above mentioned statistics is feasible only through effective Customer Marriage Marketing that the retail bankers are deploying in the present. Thus it is recommended that the client Relationship Marketing strategy must not only be looked at as a central business strategy but also to give attention to the critical dynamics of information and data mining in order to develop the business in new regions of financing as well as gain market talk about in the existing business sections.



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