Investigation: How does the concentration of acid affect the rate of reaction?

Analysis: How does the concentration of acid affect the rate of reaction?

The essence this investigation is to check how attentiveness affects the

rate of reaction.

My own prediction intended for my investigation is that the bigger the

attentiveness, the quicker the reaction will probably be.

My cause of my prediction is:

The higher the concentration, the more particles you will find which

will certainly collide with enough strength to conquer activation energy, which

is definitely explained because the impact theory.

Collision theory points out how reactions occur and why rates

of effect differ. To get a reaction to arise, particles must collide.

In case the collision triggers a chemical substance change it is called a

successful collision. For a reaction to take place, the reactant particles

must collide. Only a certain cheaper total accident cause

substance change; these are generally called good collisions. The

successful collisions have service energy right now of impact

to break existing bonds and form fresh bonds, leading to the products

in the reaction. Elevating the concentration of the reactants and

increasing the heat bring about even more collisions and for that reason more

powerful collisions, raising the rate of reaction.

If a catalyst goes through collision together with the reactant molecules, less

energy is required to get the chemical change to happen, and hence

even more collisions have got sufficient strength for a reaction to occur

which means reaction charge increases.

The four elements that influence the rate of reaction and therefore the

experiment happen to be:

1 . The temperature. The reason is ,; if the attentiveness is more comfortable

then the effect rate may possibly increase or perhaps decrease depending on


2 . The Catalyst. This is because; if the catalyst features a larger

quantity or size than the focus then it may have an affect on

the concentration and experiment which will differentiate benefits.

3. The concentration. This is a changing that will be utilized because all of us

are trying to discover if the concentration will affect the rate of


5. The surface region. This is because; if the surface parts of the

calcium carbonate bits are different then it will affect the results

also because it can give off even more gas, the more the surface region.

To achieve the many accurate of results conceivable I will use all

enough equipment and data.

Intended for my conjecture, that the bigger the concentration, the more quickly the

reaction rate, Let me use pre-test results to assist with my evaluation

before My spouse and i start my investigation.

Before I started out my research, I did a pre-test experiment that

allowed me to to reach my own prediction.

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