Investigating the Concentration of Water in Potato Cellular material Through Osmosis

Looking into the Attentiveness of Water in Potato Cells Through Osmosis


Osmosis is defined as the movement of water molecules by an area of

high normal water concentration to the area of low water attentiveness, across

a semi-permeable membrane. I will be testing to find the

concentration of drinking water in potato cells through Osmosis.


The aim of this kind of investigation is always to analyze and experiment to be able to

study the concentration of water in potato skin cells through Osmosis.

Osmosis is definitely the passage of water through a semi-permeable membrane layer from

a region of high normal water concentration to a region of lower water

concentration. I will find this kind of out simply by placing pieces of

potato, every single the same size and fat in your five different check tubes with

different concentrations of sweets solution and distilled water. I will

become weighing and measuring how big is the spud pieces after being in

these alternatives for 24 hours.


a a few test pontoons

a your five potato slices (each together with the length of several. 5cm and weighing roughly

1 . 53g)

a Weighing machines

a Ruler

a Scalpel

a 50cm 50cm Tweezers

a Pen & conventional paper

a Platter


Making use of the scalpel and plate to cute a few potato slices that are every the

period of 7. 5cm (measured making use of the ruler) and that each think about 1 . 53g

(measured using the scales).

The potato slices will each be put into a solution of distilled water

and sugars solution, in several test pipes. The amount of drinking water and

sweets solution in each may differ (as displayed in table).

The potato slices will be measured and weighed to assure this check is as

good as possible.

Then this test pontoons are branded correctly to ensure I know the

solution portions in every. The test pipes and alternatives are then simply left

for 24 hours and inspected on following 24 hours period, where they may be

measured and weighed again and the the desired info is recorded make into a

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